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10 Reasons to Send Light



  1. When we send light to a situation or worry, we no longer think about it. We must focus on light as well as the sensation of sending it. In general, light holds a higher frequency than a problem, so the sensation of the light lifts us into a higher place. (We also refrain from sending negativity to a negative situation, which expands it.) Over time, we learn the habit of switching the focus of the mind from a lower to a higher vibration.
  2. Light is love. It leads to unity, connection, and oneness. It’s said we’re at the end of Kali Yuga, the darkest time on the Earth, and it will be followed by a great Golden Age. The Golden Age will likely appear when we learn to join together and create through a place of love and light.
  3. Choosing light means the preference of a higher frequency. It drives away lower thoughts and emotions; it nurtures compassion. It aligns us with others who feel the same light, and it mitigates karma—the repetition of negative thoughts and feelings.
  4. Particles of matter respond to light. It brings healing, growth, and insight. (Light is the fabric that underlies particles of matter; it is the invisible force, which inhabits every form of life.)
  5. Light is one of the highest frequencies on the planet. Higher frequencies are uplifting, invigorating, and healing. Light holds the opposite frequency of fear, pain, anger, and doubt.
  6. Light is the only thing that leads out of the dark wilderness of difficulties. Life may not change immediately, but our attitude alters. Through light, we find strength to overcome obstacles.
  7. Sending light to the self clears karma, stills the mind, and opens the heart to love, which allows true universal communion.
  8. Repeated meditation on light leads to truth about the self. It may not be the truth that we want to see, but it is freeing—and it takes us to new fields of opportunity and exploration. (Light finds solutions where there are none.) It also brings truth about other people, relationships, and the unseen world. When we understand why and how events take place, we have many more alternatives–or the courage to take action–at least.
  9. Light awakens our gifts, leading to the expression of our talents. It gives courage to step into our calling and power of expression.
  10. For those who truly want change, there is no alternative. Each time we step into the light, we illuminate the world with a higher vibration. (It doesn’t mean that we don’t move back and forth as we master our thoughts and feelings. It involves learning how to return to light and love, the natural state of our inner being.)






Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants, and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and creating alignment with their inner path.


The Lightness of Being


Article Reprint/Courtesy of Spirit of Maat


It was a great joy and privilege to speak with Lama Surya Das, one of the West’s foremost teachers of Buddhist meditation and one who is uniquely qualified by his own inner convictions to speak about Lightness of Being.

As a long-time friend and student of the Dalai Lama, Surya Das tells the story of how he received his first teaching about Being Light from this great spiritual leader:

In the early 1970s, I was fortunate enough to be present when the Dalai Lama was teaching at Bodh Gaya, the town in northern India where the Buddha became enlightened. Tens of thousands of people came to hear the Dalai Lama speak. … When the Dalai Lama was finished, he asked if there were any questions, and one long-haired American guy stood to ask the Dalai Lama the following question: “What is the meaning of life?”

The Dalai Lama answered, “To be happy and to make others happy.”

At first, Surya Das admits, this seemed a superficial answer. Today, he appreciates the wisdom of those simple words.

“Think of what it would mean,” he says, “if we were always able to be happy and to make others happy — truly happy and fulfilled, not just paying lip service to happiness and wearing a facile smile. … What an amazing goal! What amazing lives we would have! What amazing people we’d be! What amazing spirits we are.”[1]

Julia: For many of us, the spiritual path has been difficult. And yet we know there must be a place where it becomes lighter — where the struggle becomes less arduous and we begin to experience that lightness of spirit we knew as children. Can you speak about this, please?

Lama Surya Das: Part of lightening up is letting go of some of the burden. We take spirituality, religion, identity, and the big questions in life very seriously. And they are serious. But they shouldn’t be too serious. It’s important to wake up to the funny sides of things, and not believe so much in our self-importance, our prejudices, our heavy opinions, perspectives, and beliefs.

Buddhism teaches the eightfold path, the eight steps to enlightenment. I always say that if Buddha were alive today, he would say that the ninth step was good humor (and the tenth step would be good health and exercise). If we take ourselves too seriously, life isn’t much fun.

Julia: I hear you saying that our beliefs and opinions are part of the burden we need to release in order to be Light.

Lama Surya Das: The Buddhists say to cherish the truth, but not to cherish your opinions.

Of course, we all have opinions and preferences. That’s only human. But we don’t have to hold them so heavily. We can wear them more lightly. For example, I’m a Buddhist, but I don’t take it that seriously. I’m sure that Buddhism is not the final word.

We need to realize that we will lose some of our opinions as we travel the path. We need reality and truth, not just opinions. And truth has to be personal experience. Whether or not we decide to believe or join or sign on to some outside system, we have to find reality and truth within ourselves.

Julia: And what about the opinion we have of who we are?
Lama Surya Das: We need to let go of that. The lightness of being or joy begins with authenticity, and this means letting go of who we think we are, leaving more room in present time to find out who we really are — and letting that new identity emerge.

The extra baggage from the past is something we have to pay for, just as we have to pay for every extra kilo of baggage on a flight. Living in the moment is really the ultimate, and when we can get into the moment we can free ourselves from the burdens of the past.

In Eastern mysticism, there is a lot of thought about returning home — coming back to who we really are, finding something outside of ourselves, or even within the next life after we die. But it is important to realize the joy or buoyancy of being right now, here in this world. There is an updraft of joy and buoyancy to the spirit of Being Here Now.

This awareness of the moment frees us from our karma. It actually frees us from our karmic conditioning, and then we can let go of who we used to be. This is the subject of my book, Letting Go of the Person You Used to Be. By doing this, we make room for authenticity, for who we are in the present. We are actually free from the voices of the past and past conditioning.

How do we live more in the Now? This is the question. Of course, the Now is where we are. But we need to be aware of this, and for that we need practices — like meditation or exercise (see Four Meditations near the end of this article). We need a place in which we are aware of the time and space we are in now, but simultaneously aware of the timeless Now.

We have to connect the eternal Now with the present now — not the spaced-out presence of watching television, or mindlessly completing tasks like parking our car and not remembering afterward where we parked it.

We need to be connected in a sane, healthy way to the timeless Now — the moment — as well as the past, present, and future. I’m talking here about clarity and balance, and not going over the deep end.

In this place, we are free. We are of the world and living in it. We don’t have to negate the world, we don’t push anything away — but we are also not overly vested in it, either. We become One with it. This is the Buddhist teaching of the Middle Way.

There is a balance, a freedom, a lightness, a joy in this place. Spirit is joy, Spirit is freedom, and Spirit is bliss. It is not a chore, a dogma, or a mental belief. It is like rest, because it is born every minute.

And there is joy in the transparent quality of Light, not just in its degree of brightness. Instead of just seeing things “out there,” we begin to see through things. And when we reach this point, we start to see that everything — not just human beings, but all beings, all parts of creation in every moment, every molecule of the Universe — takes on the appearance of Light.

Lightness is joy. Life is a delight. Life is a joy.

Julia: I think for me the greatest heaviness comes when I focus on the need to change someone else in order to be happy. Can you give us some advice about this habit of thinking?

Lama Surya Das: There is something that we never learn in school, an incredible secret teaching: Whenever we change, everything changes.

Just realize that when we fight with reality as if we are going to change it, all we do is stir up more dust. The situation wouldn’t be there if we weren’t supposed to see the Divine in it. If we can’t see the Divine — or the joke — in it, we have to keep living through it and be reborn until we get it.

We always want to change our mates, change our present circumstances, change our child or colleague. But when we change ourselves, the world looks different.

Moreover, the more we love and accept ourselves, the more others will love and accept us. And when we accept our mate, for example, this creates a transformational magic that completely changes our relationship.

It’s counter-intuitive, but we should accept this as a great spiritual magic.

Julia: Why is it so difficult to hold on to our profound realizations? Sometimes we “see” in a way that makes us believe everything is going to be Light from now on — and the next thing we know, we are back in duality.

Lama Surya Das: The problem with profound realizations is that they are not enough to overcome the conditioning around us. That’s the problem. We may have a real epiphany or awakening or satori, but our habits, conditioning, and the world around are so strong that we cannot be changed by it. We fall back into our ordinary way of thinking.

We have to develop our realizations into a spiritual life, a mystical life, on a day-to-day basis — just the experience itself is not enough. So we obtain spiritual guidance from outside teachers and texts. But we also can obtain spiritual guidance intuitively from our inner guru, guides, and allies, and through prayer and introspection.

Julia: My own feeling is that we cannot really accomplish this lightness of being until we change our habits.

Lama Surya Das: That’s absolutely correct. Spiritual practices come into play here, because they help us ultimately detach ourselves from our conditioned responses. Starting new spiritual practices and better eating, exercise, and work patterns definitely makes us more joyful and brings wonder and lightness into our lives. This is the way we connect to the Divine on a daily basis.

The bad news is that we really are heavily conditioned with the old habits, patterns, or karma. But the good news is that these habits, patterns, and karma are just ruts we are in, and new, lighter ruts can be made through spiritual practice and discipline. So we can recondition ourselves through better habits and thus detach from our old conditioning.

There is a great deal of freedom and joy in changing our habits and doing spiritual practice, a lot of wonder and joy in freeing ourselves from our old patterns. There is re-invigoration and refreshment from this. It is actually like having a second or third youth!

Four Meditations

  1. One of the shortest and most effective meditations is to take a short breath and smile. This only takes five seconds, but it can be repeated for one minute. This can be done either sitting or standing, eyes open or closed. This is one of my favorite American meditations. It’s short, easy, and you can do it anywhere.
  2. Another traditional Tibetan exercise that I like is called “sky gazing.” You simply lie on the grass and look at the sky. We all did this as children. As children we may have tripped out looking at the clouds and finding faces or shapes, but we don’t want to do this in our meditation, because that’s more like daydreaming. There is a real difference between daydreaming and meditation.
  3. A third easy meditation consists of the last pose of Hatha yoga, the corpse pose or sivasana. This is a natural meditation we all know how to do. You lie flat with your legs slightly apart, hands at the side slightly away from the body, with natural breath and energy. Believe it or not, this pose is a great natural meditation. You can do this and the “sky gazing” meditation at the same time.
  4. More formally, if you want the yoga or Buddhist style, you sit up with crossed legs and relax the breath, energy, body, and mind, breathing in the physical sensation and coming into the present moment. You observe the breath while inhaling, and observe breathing out while exhaling. You notice the physical sensations as an anchor to the present moment. You let everything be as it is, without reaction. This is mindfulness, rather than mindlessly sleepwalking through life. When we can observe our state without reaction, this is meditation.

Mindfulness means attentiveness, vigilant alertness. Awareness becomes like a mirror.

Julia: Thank you. That’s great. One more question. I know that at some point on the path, everyone realizes that the Universe is One. But we move back and forth in and out of polarity. How can we stay grounded in Oneness?

Lama Surya Das: The whole question of duality and non-duality is a very deep metaphysical, mystical question. It is addressed in many religions and philosophies. We have to move from the mere knowledge of it to some kind of experience and, ultimately, a realization about it.

Just talking about it is not enough. But generally, our human nature is the tip of the iceberg of the Buddha nature. Our mind, our neuroses even, our body, are just reflections in the Cosmic Mind of God. So reality appears to be two, although it is not really two. We appear to ourselves to be separate from our Buddha nature, just as a rainbow appears to be separate from the sky. The rainbow is part of the sky. It is not separate.

So our thoughts and our mind seem separate from our Buddha nature, but they are not. We have to be able to see the unity in the diversity, the One or the Divine in everything in order to realize Oneness in everything. Yet we still must use discernment, discerning right from wrong and left from right. That’s seeing the One in the many. That’s the secret of non-duality.

There really is non-duality. Everything is God or Buddha nature. Everything is as it is. Everything is radiance. It takes different forms. There is a whole spectrum of color, but all the colors are in white light, and the spectrum of light has not changed — it is merely contained in the whole. We see the many shapes of the vessels made of clay, but they are all clay. The creation is not separate from the creator.

Everything takes different forms, like the colors in the rainbow, transparent and luminous, yet all contained in the One light.

The true source of Light, the true nature of Light, is not changed in its diversity or separation. It is One and more than One. It is about seeing the One in the Many.

There is no fall from Grace. There may be a change in the state, just as water may be ice, fluid, or steam, but they are all H20. There are different levels of vibration, but they are all the same essence.

This is really a dance of the universe. All of the movement of the universe is the undulation or dance of the universe. Everything is One with the dance.

Lama Surya Das says that he was “born Jewish” as Jeffrey Miller before studying with Tibetan gurus in the Himalayas, including the Dalai Lama, and with the great masters of Asia. His parents now call him the “Jolly Lama.”

Today, he lectures and teaches around the world. With the Dalai Lama, he founded the Western Buddhist Teachers Network, and is the founder of the Dzogchen Center and Foundation in Massachusetts and California.

A prolific writer, in addition to his new Letting Go of the Person You Used to Be: Lessons on Change, Loss, and Spiritual Transformation, Surya Das is the author of the “Awakening Trilogy” (Awakening the Buddha Within: Eight Steps to Enlightenment; Awakening to the Sacred: Building a Spiritual Life from Scratch; and Awakening the Buddhist Heart: Integrating Love, Meaning and Connection into Every Part of Your Life) and The Snow Lion’s Turquoise Mane: 155 Wisdom Tales from Tibet, and is coauthor of Natural Great Perfection: Vajra Songs and Dzogchen Teaching.

For more information about Lama Surya Das, or about his workshops, books, and classes, please visit his website at


Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants, and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and creating alignment with their inner path.


  1. See Awakening to the Sacred, Part IV.




The Toltec Art of Dreaming with Don Jose Luis



Don Miguel Ruiz, best-selling author of The Four Agreements, is a nagual of the Eagle Knight lineage who has passed his knowledge on to his son, Don José Luis. Here, Don José Luis speaks about the three basic skills — awareness, stalking, and intent — that a warrior develops in order to transcend the realm of the ordinary, and their esoteric application to dreaming.

Julia: What is the difference between Toltec dreaming and some of the Western teachings regarding lucid dreaming?

Don José: Dreaming is a big Being, and we are married to Dreaming. All of life is a dream. We are a walking mirror.

God is a mirror — everything we think, feel, or believe is reflected back to us through this great mirror that is life. The world is a mirror that reflects back to us all that we believe. The world does not create what we are experiencing. We do that.

We create our beliefs, and the mirror of God reflects them back to us. God can send us only love and beauty. We create the distortions in this mirror of our life that is so short — and so beautiful.

There is an exercise I like to use with mirror work:

Put a candle in front of a mirror and look at yourself in the mirror. Look at the image as though it is a person you have never seen, and think about this person. It is the only person who is completely loyal to you and who totally loves you. When you think about your image in this way, it will help you to pull out of the lies and move into love.

Julia: A shaman uses stalking in dreaming to find the weaknesses in his consciousness. How is the art of stalking used in Toltec dreaming?

Don José: Stalking is used in dreaming to find the mental and emotional images that prevent us from being free. When we dream, we must learn to discover in our dreams the forms or energies that limit us. They may repeatedly take the same form, or they may take different forms. They may appear in many different dreams, or just one dream that reoccurs.

We must dream with the purpose of stalking, to try to stalk who is within ourselves and see what our beliefs are. We primarily stalk two things in dreaming: thinking (what is in the head) and heartbreak.

By heartbreak, I mean the incredible pain we feel from the terrible things that have happened to us. When we feel the pain of heartbreak, we close off parts of ourselves. In some way, we stop living. If the same situation comes up again, we say, “Oh, no, I won’t let myself be hurt again!”
But this is no way to live.

Life is so short and so incredibly beautiful. It is such a gift. You must forgive yourself for experiencing heartbreak. You must love the heartbreak in your life, because it is part of living. Most importantly, you must create a better dream.

We also stalk to find the thoughts that keep us chained in “reality.” These thoughts that we think so many times limit us. If we can identify these limiting thoughts, we can pull the energy back from their mental patterns and create anew.

It is so important to take back these lost energies and share with the world the gifts given to us from the angels and God. Heartbreak and limiting thoughts are like a cage. They keep us caged, imprisoned, in the three-dimensional world. The cage is created from the fear of being the Self, of being authentic.

Lies and fears about our Self are the forces that keep us in the cage—and they are not real. We must reclaim the key to our cage by pulling the energy back from our thoughts and our heartbreak. In this way, we become free.

Stalking in dreaming can be compared to opening gates. If a state of mind or heartbreak has been identified in dreaming, then we find the opening point of the wound, or the judgment, and we go in our memory to the point just before it occurred. When we remember the time before the memory occurred, we find a closing point for the wound — and then we go a little further back in time, so we can avoid returning to the wound.

Now we can see an entirely different world, or movie. We have created a better dream. It is possible to use this technique to open a gate and see a different view.

Julia: Can you explain a little more about using stalking to create a better dream?

Don José: Again, until we are free, heartbreak and thinking will always appear in our dreams. This is because life is nothing but a reflection of ourselves and our memories.

One way of using stalking with heartbreak is to relive all the heartbreak in your life. Take one incident at a time and imagine that you are pulling all of the energy out of that terrible experience. Imagine it over and over until you can feel nothing when you watch images in your mind.

Then take the experience and “dream” a whole different reality. See your life moving in a different direction, a wonderful dream, with a happy experience in place of the heartbreak.

See the way that you want to live, as opposed to how you have been living. It is possible to do this with all of your life.

For example, let’s say there is a teenage girl who has a beautiful voice. She goes about singing with this exquisite voice, and the birds answer her. Everyone pauses to hear her. Then one day her mother tells her, “Stop singing. You have an ugly voice.”The girl stops singing, and the world is deprived of the beauty of her gift.

She could imagine, in place of her heartbreak, that the experience with her mother never occurred — or that she told her mother that she was wrong. Then she must see herself singing during those lost years, and in the present and the future.

It is so ironic. We listen the most to the ones we think love us the most, and so often they do not know us at all. These people that we think love us don’t even know themselves, so they cannot possibly know us. And yet we lose our gifts and powers to these people.

An exercise I use with group dreaming is called “Mirror Mitote.” You imagine that the voices in your mind are like the sounds in a supermarket, where we can hear other people talking very loudly and we have trouble focusing.

The mind reflects this kind of environment. We hear the voices and opinions of others when we don’t believe in ourselves. The voices become very loud. We have to learn to look at our beauty, and see the opinions as lies.

Julia: I remember reading about recapitulation in Castaneda’s books. How does that relate to dreaming?

Don José: Recapitulation is more like daydreaming. We use recapitulation during our waking hours to review our limitations, our fears and heartbreak. We review experiences that keep us in limitation until those experiences become like a ghost town, until visiting them is like going to a village that used to be alive and is now gray and old with no one in it.

Before recapitulation, the memory may have been vivid — you could hear all the characters speak, and you reacted to them. But now the memory, or the town, is empty. There is no emotional or mental response. You have recaptured all energy from that moment, from that time in your life. It doesn’t have the same flavor or taste. It is flat.

Detachment is a principle point to achieve. Whenever we are living in our opinions, we are in judgment of our Self or other people. We are seeing only our own expectations or limitations. Doubt is also a lie that inhibits intent.

Even our names are a lie. Have you ever thought of that? All of our lies, opinions, and judgments keep us caged inside the body. All limitations come from fear. We must detach from our fears.

When we achieve detachment, we pull the energy out of the lies in our lives, and it goes back into the assemblage point.

Julia: What is the assemblage point? How does it affect dreaming?

Don José: The assemblage point is our point of focus. It is one of the keys to dreaming. It is exactly like a television with many channels. You can choose any channel, and anything might be on that channel — wrestling, a sad love story, the news… Our assemblage point is like a vortex of perception, an altar that opens us to experience. We can expand or reduce that perception.

Everyone thinks of something as they fall asleep. I do not care what people say — everyone thinks of some incident, person, or place. And as they fix their minds, they are focusing their assemblage point. People do this in real life when they go into a theater to watch a sad movie. What happens when they come out? They are sad or crying. Why? The emotional state changes because they have shifted their assemblage point to experience sadness.

When we can pull all of the energies of our life back into the assemblage point, we begin to become free.

We can focus the assemblage point on any channel. But we are accustomed to focusing on the channels we have learned through our life’s memories and the channels that are familiar to the mass consciousness.

We have to learn to change our perceptions from our reason, which is composed of our objective thoughts, to our Will. When we will the dream, our personal power changes from the mental construct to spiritual perception. When we are free from the cage of the mind, our energy increases dramatically, and we can discover our true identity.

It takes faith, strength, and tenacity to learn to change the focus of the assemblage point through intent. It also takes patience. Intent is faith — it is believing in our magic more than we believe what we think we see in the mirror called life.

The Buddha turned arrows into flowers. He understood the dream. Intent is a silent knowing that we are the creator of the dream.

A true master knows that anything is possible. He no longer doubts. And everyone can be a master. Everyone can create an incredible life through the magical part of the Self, and dreaming is a vehicle to do so.

Julia: When we begin to dream with intent, how does this change our lives?

Don José: We become free of expectation and limitation. We are no longer bothered by the opinions of the mass consciousness. Our desire or intent for freedom becomes so strong that we dream it and live it.

When heartbreak occurs, we begin to see that it is illusion. We are able to say, “That was a good one, that illusion almost tricked me. But I won’t fall for it.”

We realize that all of the “bad” things that have happened in our lives are just that — stories that we tell to ourselves and to whomever will listen. We stop letting our stories hurt us. We learn to take the energy back from the story and end it in a different way.

You see, we are always doing one of two things: We are either creating, or we are living lies. When we are creating, we start to have faith, love, and gratitude. We say “thank you” to the Earth and God for everything.

We learn to speak in the true language of feelings or emotions, rather than opinions and words. We begin to create our dream through the good feelings and happy thoughts that we have. This leads us to God. Through the clear channel of the Self that is created, many miracles happen, like the flowers that the Buddha created. This makes us fall in love with living.

Love of life is contagious. When we are not affected by illusions, we can create, and we can help other people find love in living.

A good analogy is to look at both dreams and life as a vacation or a movie. It is best to plan our vacation, to drive the correct vehicle, to make reservations, to choose the right geography. Or we can make a great movie if we plan or create it. If we don’t create or plan, then obstacles occur. The obstacles could be compared to the illusions of the mind. But if we have created carefully, we make the most beautiful movie imaginable.

This is how it is to live on Earth. We can travel blindly through the obstacles of our thoughts and emotions, or we can gather back the energy and create the dream. It is a catwalk between illusion and creating, but we must do our best to enjoy the gift of living. When we are capable of creating the dream, all of living becomes a Paradise on Earth.

It is all about spirituality and love. The angels are taking over the planet, little by little. We are all angels, and we have forgotten. We must let the flow of life within us live. We must remember that all of life is a dream, a movie — we can choose to watch a beautiful movie.

It is all beautiful if we can only remember.

Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants, and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and creating alignment with their inner path.


Sharing Our Light, A Gentle Way of Creating Change

Part of everyone’s purpose is to share light and love. As we become adept at it, our higher purpose (dharma) is revealed. Wherever we are and whatever we are doing–we can always choose to send light to others–and to the world. When we send light and love, we create positive change within ourselves and the world. We also help ourselves by shifting into a higher frequency. 

Here are a few tips:

  1. Take a few minutes to meditate and find the inner self. Send light to distracting thoughts, small problems, and the state of the world. Feel the energy falling like sunlight on the world. (Over time, the universe and inner consciousness will direct the thoughts.)
  2. We can send love and light to everyone in our life—the good, bad, and indifferent. It’s important NOT to see the person changing and to refrain from a desired outcome. Simply see their higher self and send light to this part of the person. (There is generally a feeling of softness or a click when we connect appropriately. At this point, pull back and send light to another person.)
  3. It’s helpful to see the placement of our consciousness as a directive. What we find bothersome in the outer world is a good target for light. We can send light to pipelines, politics, or poverty, (As light accumulates from many people, the vibrations heighten—eventually, altering the way that matter takes form.)
  4. We can create self-healing by sending light to any tension, pain, or lack of alignment in our body. See golden light filling the place of weakness and pain. Feel the relaxation and let go. (Everything is energy, and energy responds to light.)
  5. On an intuitive level, one of the most harmful human practices is sending anger or disturbed emotion to whatever we don’t like—including other people when they don’t follow our agenda. By sending light, feeling the “good” and returning to the inner self, we create a practice of heightening—not lowering—the vibrations of everything in our life. (Problems with other people often disappear without discussion when we become adept at this technique.)
  6. Send light to environment around you, including nature, people, trees, and buildings. The auric field extends for quite a distance around awakened people. It’s helpful to send love and love to everything within our energy field so that they vibrate with us.
  7. Sending light leads to greater connection. It speeds the vibration of particles in our field. It connects us with our heart and universal love. It’s a wonderful way of loving ourselves and bringing “good” into the world


Sending Light, Easy Exercises

Exercise One

  • Sit in meditation until a feeling of connection occurs. Choose an issue in the world, a part of the self, or a person as a recipient of light. Imagine golden light filling your energy field and bringing a feeling of softness and warmth.
  • Imagine sending the golden light to the chosen “object”. See golden light filling every particle of the situation, person, or place. A happy, relaxed feeling should follow.
  • Pull back and refill the self with golden light.

Exercise Two

  • Imagine a beautiful pink light filling the heart space. Let the light grow until it fills the body. Feel the loveliness of universal love.
  • Send it to a person, place, or situation. Send it as wave—or like the beam of a flashlight. Continue to send for a few seconds. (Some people cannot feel universal love, but it does help them.)
  • Pull back and return to the heart space.


Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants, and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and creating alignment with their inner path.



More About Manifestation


Manifestation is important because it teaches about how we perceive and live life. When we focus on a heart felt desire, we invoke the universe and the inner self.

  1. Everyone is already manifesting the material of their consciousness  through their experience of “reality.” We are limited by our perceptions and beliefs about life as well as the people in our lives; however, it’s possible to transcend those limits and create big, happy visions. Basically, this involves awakening and rewriting our inner script of beliefs, thoughts, and emotions. When we rewrite our perception of reality, it changes.
  2. Everyone wants financial prosperity, loving relationships, a healthy body, and a deep spiritual connection that provides accurate answers. Meditation and visualization can lead us to the right steps, and the practice completes much of the work on the invisible plane. (In other words, an occurrence or dream takes place much more quickly. We find the right job quickly instead of applying for ten. We visualize meeting the right people, and they appear.)
  3. Action is more effective when accompanied by meditation and visualization. It also requires less effort. Athletes and millionaires use these techniques of visualizing their desired reality in detail. The alteration in overall energy is even more profound when the visualization is prompted by a desire for connection with the inner self. Both practices create results, but universal connection alters everything in our lives.
  4. We meet our resistance within our self. We discover an opposite self, who doesn’t want the manifestation, takes steps in the opposite way, and wants to stay the same. We rewrite the “program” or pattern through visualization, observation, and learning to think and feel new thoughts and emotions. (We also learn to change our personal identity from the person who can’t to one who can.)
  5. Life becomes more exciting through these discoveries. As we learn to change lower patterns into patterns of success, we become enthusiastic about life. We naturally make small adjustments such as altering traffic, wishing good things for others, or seeing more beauty in life. (This changes our world—and the world around us.)
  6. Our vision of our reality and the world changes. We begin to understand how our ‘reality” responds to our thoughts and emotions. We also learn how to change our perception of life because we understand the seeing the “goodness” is part of what brings it into our lives.
  7. We naturally live on a higher vibration as a result of participating in manifestation. We begin to see problems as areas of life, which require a higher frequency, meditation, or inspired action. We also begin to “know” that other people are doing the same thing. It’s how we meet our True Self through meditation–and connect with others who align with the universe in the same beautiful way.

Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants, and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and creating alignment with their inner path.



Feeling the Shift, Self-Observation and Expansion



We are all feeling the shift–the motion of photons into new patterns, the alteration of life on the planet, and subtle changes within our perception of life. Sometimes, it’s helpful to recognize aspects of the shift. By simply observing, we become more aware.

1)  Energy moves differently. Time moves quickly, then slows. Life can feel incredibly tense and dramatically beautiful. Our energy level ebbs and flows. Our emotions, thoughts, and perceptions of life change with the energetic flow. The interesting part of the shift is understanding our inner power to alter the placement of our vibrations. We can focus on pink light or imagine ourselves in a higher state of being.  This process can take minutes, hours, or days.

2) Nature can provide amazing energy. The natural world holds a slighter higher vibration than we do. By connecting with the earth and enjoying the beauty, we can heal our body, manifest more quickly, and move into a softer state of consciousness. It’s particularly effective to absorb energy through the soles of feet and through the tips of the fingers.

3)  Our ability to create is expanding; it’s also changing. It can take longer to manifest a desire, which can require a great deal of visualization and meditation. Or we may entertain a thought and experience almost instant manifestation.  We’re learning more about the process of creating together and the power of aligning with the inner self. Some of the biggest questions about creating involve time, consistent factors, and state of mind. We’re beginning to understand more in this new age.

4)  As we clear timelines (relationships, karma/trauma, and events from the past), our perception of ourselves alters. We may have compassion where we lacked understanding, create boundaries where we had none in the past, or feel greater love for the self. We may also find greater courage and trust. (This can involve dropping old friends and connections while finding new ones.)

5)  Our inner vision—intuition—is becoming stronger. We suddenly know why our energy rises or our energy falls. We know it comes from another person, place, or event. We may also have inner knowing about the cause of events and/or a clear read of another person’s motives. We may know what other people are thinking or feel strongly affected by their energy field. It’s helpful to note when our intuition is correct. We can note the difference in our state of mind, which develops our skills.

6)  There is a desire to relinquish control and let the universe do its thing. A Bigger Force is at play, and it wants the best for us. There is a deep realization of the power of letting go while tuning into this beautiful energy of love and light. We may experience a reawakening of hope. We continue working with all of our heart but surrender to the universe in the very, same moment.

7)  On the light worker level, there is an understanding that we share our light best by aligning with our true presence. It doesn’t matter if we work from 9-5 and/or where we work. Wherever we are, we lift up the world by aligning with our inner presence. It’s the very best way of sharing love and light. (We often find our dharma from this placement of consciousness.) It’s a new level of self-acceptance!


Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants, and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and creating alignment with their inner path.


Simple Techniques to Alter Your Life


Here are a few, simple techniques to alter your frequency and bring positive change into your life.
1) Spend two or three minutes imagining life as you would like to experience it. Feel the softness, happiness, and the loveliness of connection with the Divine. Imagine others responding positively to you and add happy events in the near future. See yourself living with a feeling of happy anticipation.
2) Identify the feeling of connection with the inner self. Deepen the feeling and imagine experiencing this sensation more often in the future, particularly with the realization of your desire.
3) Life is always better when you live at a higher vibration. A higher vibration includes more light from the inner self, a feeling of love, vitality, energy, and positive thought. A simple way of raising vibration is sending love (pink light) to every molecule of the room around you-and to yourself. (Light raises the frequency of everything. You could also imagine the room as brighter. The appearance of light increases frequency. Loving yourself alters your life.)
4) Reflect on the flow of life when everything moves smoothly with feelings of peace and happiness. By reflecting on the sensation, you pull it into your life. The practice works with any emotion. In our society, there’s a tendency to focus on negativity. Break the pattern and create joy!
5) Practice thinking and speaking positive thoughts. Notice the positive. See the positive when life moves in a negative direction. By placing your attention on the positive, you magnetize it into your life. Attention draws energy to a point of focus. (With thoughts, the focus comes from the placement of the mind.)
6) Learn to alter emotion. Emotions change many times in one day, particularly in response to new information. They also fluctuate with your body, reflecting sleeping and eating patterns as well as habitual reactions. All emotions are not real. (Focusing on pleasant emotions helps in raising vibrations, which can completely change a situation or difficulty. The level of your vibrations often affects how reality manifests.)
7) As strange as the energies are, they do support intuitive, mystical work. Use this time to develop and believe in your dreams. See good things for other people and send waves of peace and love often. (Sending light and seeing good things for others actually raises your frequency and helps with personal manifestations.)

You have a great deal more power than you know. Choose one exercise and practice it several times a day for a few weeks. You may feel surprised at the changes you can create.


Julia Grifin, Intuitive healer and teacher





Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants, and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and creating alignment with their inner path.



Connecting with the Inner Self



There are many methods of moving into a mystical connection. Its value lies in universal support and the discovery of truth and laws, which are larger and more powerful than simple physical rules. The universe is infinite; it offers thousands of solutions (if we are open.)

We tend to accept limitation, smallness, and the constraints of time—mainly because we are programmed to believe in unhappiness and rules that support it. When we actively imagine, express, and experience a different reality from the space of the heart, a new reality embraces us. Sometimes, it brings impossibly beautiful answers.

  1. Seek out the mystical connection between the inner self and the universe on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter if it works or not. Compliment yourself for making the effort. Seeking is part of the answer.
  2. The universe works at a different rhythm from “ordinary” reality. When we think, feel, or hold a visual image, we shape life with its energy. It’s possible to ask to feel the right type of energy to create a desire, calm emotions, or see life differently. It’s also possible to ask for the feeling of an opportunity and to change the energy of the day into a higher frequency. (Creating a habit of seeing and feeling the opposite of a situation helps in altering the flow of events.)
  3. Consider the unknown. When we manifest, it’s much like putting together images, emotions, and thoughts into a visualization or feeling. The universe is much larger; it is filled with undiscovered goodness. It’s possible to ask for the goodness of the unknown—the great mystery—to flow into your life. Contemplating the unknown brings expansion, which is associated with spiritual growth.
  4. Sometimes, situations do not initially bend to visualization. They may involve the development of boundaries, seeing life from a different perspective, or going in a different direction. In this case, there is often a new vision, understanding, or new field of discovery.
  5. Sending light and healing to others develops your capacity to access the inner self. It’s good to practice daily. In time, others will feel it, and we will feel more universal love and light. Giving and receiving are related; it’s good to practice both at different times. (I find it useful to imagine receiving love through the heart chakra.)
  6. Notice how your reality responds to our efforts. The bird songs may change. Our pets may respond, or we may perceive a feeling of harmony. Sometimes, there is an appearance of more light. Notice how life changes when sensing a connection.
  7. Take time to notice your work. It’s easy to become discouraged if we don’t pay attention to the good results of our small intuitions and intentions. When we notice how the universe is works with us, it’s encouraging. We want to move more deeply into the mystical world because your experiences carry us to a higher point.

NOTE: It’s through our mystical connection that we create a new and better life. If we don’t create through the inner self, we either repeat the past or create through the vision of the lower self. When we project the feeling of the inner self, visualize our heart’s desires, and connect with the universe, we have happy results!


Julia Griffin, Intutiive Healer and Coach


Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants, and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and creating alignment with their inner path.