Angel Letters

Angel Letters are among my favorite tools for creating change in my life.  I write my angels and often ask to see my life differently, as well as requesting answers to insolvable problems.  I also ask for material “things” when I need them or am not sure how to take the next step in the life. Sometimes my answers come almost instantly. Other times, I may write many letters before I receive the desired response.  But I always feel relieved about my troubles or conflicts after I write them.

Over the years, angel letters have also worked well for many of my students. I mail my letters by burning them, though some students have torn them into pieces and thrown the bits into the wind. Others chose to bury or save them. In the big picture, I don’t think it matters – I’m simply sharing my preferences.

Sometimes I write angel letters every day for myself or other people. I particularly like to write them on the new and full moons.  As you write angel letters, you’ll receive guidance and learn the best way of writing and sending them.

Here is a short example. You can fill in the blanks and add a lot of requests or just write out your feelings. (No problem is too large or too small for the angels, and they can’t help unless we ask.)

To All of My Angels,

Thank you for listening and gathering around me. I really need your help with ______. I know my perception or vision of the situation needs changing or everything would change. I need help with creating a new vision of this situation (list it.) I need _____ and I don’t know how to do it.

Please help me to see this differently in a marvelously loving way, which brings in the highest and best opportunity for everyone. Please lead me along the path of my soul. I know I have fear or resistance so please help me clear it. You see life from a higher dimension so help me see this problem from your perspective and solve it.

 Please make it absolutely obvious when you help me so I don’t miss it. Please bring this change into my life easily and quickly. I thank you with all of my heart for your help. Love,

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  1. Dear Julia
    Thanks alot for this great article.i already wrote 3 letters to my angles about my life wishes 2 days ago.dear Julia do you think it takes so much time to recieve my answer from angles?i hope it wont take mych time to happen.
    Have a nice day

    • Mary, it can take a very, short or long time to hear from your angels, depending on the placement of your consciousness. Sometimes, I write a letter every day, and it happens instantly. Other times, it’s taken up to one year. I DO know your angels hear you through the letters, and they are changing the energies around you so that your desire can take place in the best possible way. Sending love and light.

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