Awakening Classes


Class consists of 9 months of online classes, which you can access via phone call, webcast, or replay. (It’s not necessary to be present to participate.) There are 3 one hour classes each month,  which present my best techniques such as raising your vibrations, manifesting more of your desires, discovering how to work with your inner self, and moving through patterns and blocks. (We focus on a particular skill each month.) Additionally, you learn quick, effective meditation techniques–and much more.

This class is for people who want  to grow and invest time and effort in their spiritual growth.

My Qualifications:

Over the years, I have studied Zen, Buddhism, Shamanism, the Kabala, Alchemy, astrology, herbalism, and  yoga as well as meditating for much of my life. When I met real wolves, I began to hear and perceive the voices of plants, animals, and people. I translated these experiences into techniques and understanding about energy that truly works.

***It’s important that I speak to potential students (unless we worked together in the past) to make sure my work will benefit and support you.

You Also Receive:

  1. Four fifteen minute sessions with me.
  2. Written lessons so you can review and learn the techniques for better practice.
  3. Q & A session at the end of class.
  4. My energetic focus on your desire and/or  problem to facilitate change and growth.

You Will Have A Private Facebook Group so that:

  • You can post questions, ask for help, or specific details on a technique
  • You can communicate about your experience and ask for my help or expertise.
  • You can refine a technique, visualization, or work through an experience or block.
  • You can meet others with similar interests and experiences.
  • You can always access your class materials such as recordings, lessons, or work sheets in one place.