The New Awakening


The New Awakening of 2012 brings amazing shifts in consciousness, which we could never have guessed. Sometimes, the energy brings wonderful feelings; other times, the world feels chaotic or strange. The weather comes with odd patterns, and there are physical feelings of exhaustion or incredible energy. Everything is different in a barely perceivable way.

Time speeds and slows. Sometimes a day lasts forever, and a month flies by. There’s an odd feeling of wanting to work and rest – often at the same time – and neither state is perfect. People can make us feel happy or depressed, and it’s dependent on their mood, but somehow the energy sticks with you.

The planets change positions every few days or weeks, complicating life with emphasis on emotions, career, finances, or health. The old issues – we thought were resolved – come back strongly with particularly strained situations or through friends’ conversations. It’s an interesting world, and, sometimes it feels like experiencing the insecurities of adolescence with the responsibilities of living as an adult.

What’s happening? It’s the shift of moving into the light. Connection to the light means feeling everything – other people’s thoughts, the tree beside the window, the person passing by the house, the broadcast on the news – or just the strange feeling accompanying the flow of shifting energies.

Many of these problems are well documented in metaphysics. Until we awaken more fully, we are not aware of them. So, awareness of the problem indicates evolution.  Admittedly, we feel these things more when hundreds of people awaken at one time. If we’re evolved enough to carry part of mass consciousness, we may feel them as an “extreme” energy.

Finding the solution means moving more deeply into the light, which often gives insights as to how to view our lives. Here are a few tips for transforming energy into a more pleasing format.

1)      Meditation truly helps. (You can check out my manifesting exercise.) It’s important to see the highest possible reality. When problems appear during meditation or take away your focus, respond by seeing a positive solution. Try it like this: what would you like to experience as opposed to the feelings of your current experience. For example: see vitality in the place of tiredness, abundance in response to bills, and caring people in the place of loneliness.

2)      Other people can affect your life and bring in a lower resonance, so it’s important to develop quick resolution to problems with other people. When other people act negatively, change the subject or leave as quickly as possible. (They are often reflecting some part of mass consciousness, an aspect of yourself, or a karmic issue. Don’t energize it by discussing the problem with people who are incapable of finding a positive solution.)  Forgive the person and spend a few moments focusing on the type of attention and conversation that you enjoy. Imagine it happening in the present moment. See an outcome you’d enjoy.

3)      Issues often flow into more than one area of life. If you’re experiencing this, you’re probably clearing up a karmic issue. Listen to the internal dialog for words like, “always”, “never”, or phrases such as, “I don’t know what to do” or “I feel overwhelmed.” Send love to the problem and spend time calming your emotions and seeing a solution. The solution can look like light or simply feel good. By focusing on it, you increase your frequency. A higher frequency, which is composed of positive thoughts, beliefs and feelings, brings rapid change.)

4)      The easiest and best solution is always a higher frequency. With the frequent changes in energy, I feel many people have become accustomed to the continual effort and strain of staying connected in vacillating energies. It’s true – you rarely know how next week or next month will feel.  It’s okay. You’ll get through it.

5)      It’s easy to forget the power of co-creation, particularly when you’re experiencing life intensely, but you can change the flow of your life by recalling the feeling of “wonderful” and projecting it outwardly. How do you feel before when life flows more easily, and you expect an incredible future? Find the sensation and project outwardly. You may feel amazed at what you can create in a few days. For best results, repeat the feeling and word (“wonderful”)  9 or 10 times each day.

Julia Griffin, Intuitive Healer and Coach




Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. The wolves taught her that true energetic motion is based on the soul and patterns of nature. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.

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