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7 Tips on Manifestation


Manifestation becomes increasingly important as we move into the New Age. Everyone is already manifesting their life, and life opens and expands when we consciously create by focusing on the images of our heart and inner self—as opposed to reflecting and amplifying the imagery of the people around us, the media, and mass consciousness. (Additionally, karma is mitigated as we “erase” old patterns and move into a higher space of being.)

  1. Manifestation responds to our light level. When we connect with all of our heart and from a place of love and light, the universe answers. It requires a commitment of the self to create a dream. (All dreams and desires should aid ourselves and the world by raising the frequency of the world around us.)
  2. Desiring greater abundance, happiness, peace, and success come for the soul. The inner self longs for expansion and expression; it thrives on positive change. By understanding the placement of the desire as an expression of the inner self, it can be easier to commit to the practical aspects of the work, which include meditation, visualization, and devotion—and many small changes in physical world.
  3. Awakening heightens the desire to manifest. It opens awareness to the negative inner dialog and conflicting emotions, which repress all deep desires. It gives access to the heart where love and dreams abide. The heart opens and flourishes, expressing greater love as the process ensues.
  4. The process is quickened by “experiencing” the desire. We substitute the domain of the desire for the current experiences of life. For example, we might see ourselves in a large, beautiful home while washing dishes or looking in our closet. We might imagine perfect health when it’s difficult to complete specific exercises or complete a long walk. We can see great abundance when viewing our bank account.
  5. Our overall frequency is heightened by the “work”. If we turn to the universe for help, open our hearts, and see a better reality, we tune into a higher broadcast of energy that eventually supersedes our current experience of life.
  6. Believe in the power of the universe to amplify and create desires. Communicate and cooperate by seeing the manifestation in great detail, accompanied by happy, calm emotions. (Everything in the physical world has a specific appearance, weight/height, density, and sensation. Add this to the overall equation.)
  7. Keep the silence. Desires manifest more quickly when we remain quiet. Other people affect our desires with their emotions and thoughts, which can limit their manifestation. (This practice teaches thinking before speaking, which is an important “human” lesson.)

Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants, and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and creating alignment with their inner path.

Paradigm Shift: Higher Consciousness in a Changing World



The world is changing. The energy is currently low, and it can feel difficult to lift into higher consciousness when it’s a bit murky around us. It’s helpful to recall that we’re passing through a paradigm shift while moving into the Aquarian Age. Energy works differently, and the rules constantly change.

Below are a few of my observations.

  1. In the Piscean Age, spiritual love involved giving away all of the self—as a sacrifice—to help others. It was Divine, and the universe immediately replenished our energy. In the Aquarian Age, it’s important to fill our own cup before transmitting energy and/or love to others. When we are in a place of “pure” love, it’s easily sent. (It’s helpful to think of it as “my cup runneth over.” When we’re filled with light and love, we can share with others.)
  2. The Aquarian Age is increasing our intuitive ability on a group (and astral) level. We feel the thoughts and emotions of other people in crowded places. We may hear others’ thoughts and think they are our own. It’s very important to separate from this and learn which energies are own. (It takes strength to hold tightly to our emotions, thoughts, and dreams without being influenced by others, but it does teach about finding the right people in our lives.)
  3. The rules of energy work alter on a regular basis. Old techniques may work perfectly one day and fail on the next. It’s because the energy alternates on a regular basis. The solution lies in trying several techniques and staying disciplined with meditation and spiritual work. (Our light level, the planet’s light level, and other factors can affect our work, but remaining consistent with work relating to the heart will eventually provide the answer.)
  4. Loving and taking care of the self is important work. When we put self-care and spiritual work first, life often changes. When we love ourselves, we love life. When we love life, everything changes and takes on the spin of a higher motion.
  5. One of the most helpful actions is learning to recognize love and light in others. If we can feel, sense, or see light, it helps a great deal. If we base our relationships on a person’s ability to love, it opens the way for positive work.

Having More Energy in a Low Energy Time

  1. An universal connection gives more energy than anything else on this planet. The universe supports the planet with love and love, and the inner self is the point of connection. (All answers come from the inner self.)
  2. Visualize wonderful events in life. (It’s not selfish.) When we visualize wonderful things, we actually broadcast them out for others. When we create them, we create a path for others to follow.
  3. Send love as often as possible. It helps everyone and everything. When we send light, it’s important NOT to have outcome but to simply send light (pink light=love.)
  4. Exercise outdoors. Fresh air, plants, and nature refresh the spirit and open our eyes to endless beauty. We can open to the wonders of the planet and listen to the wind, the trees, and watch the clouds as they move through the sky.
  5. We can see ourselves as having more energy and moving easily through life. There’s a tendency to repeat the energy of the day on the following day unless we interrupt its flow with a positive visualization. Why not see tomorrow as an incredible, magnificent day?

Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants, and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and creating alignment with their inner path.


The Toltec Art of Dreaming with Don Jose Luis



Don Miguel Ruiz, best-selling author of The Four Agreements, is a nagual of the Eagle Knight lineage who has passed his knowledge on to his son, Don José Luis. Here, Don José Luis speaks about the three basic skills — awareness, stalking, and intent — that a warrior develops in order to transcend the realm of the ordinary, and their esoteric application to dreaming.

Julia: What is the difference between Toltec dreaming and some of the Western teachings regarding lucid dreaming?

Don José: Dreaming is a big Being, and we are married to Dreaming. All of life is a dream. We are a walking mirror.

God is a mirror — everything we think, feel, or believe is reflected back to us through this great mirror that is life. The world is a mirror that reflects back to us all that we believe. The world does not create what we are experiencing. We do that.

We create our beliefs, and the mirror of God reflects them back to us. God can send us only love and beauty. We create the distortions in this mirror of our life that is so short — and so beautiful.

There is an exercise I like to use with mirror work:

Put a candle in front of a mirror and look at yourself in the mirror. Look at the image as though it is a person you have never seen, and think about this person. It is the only person who is completely loyal to you and who totally loves you. When you think about your image in this way, it will help you to pull out of the lies and move into love.

Julia: A shaman uses stalking in dreaming to find the weaknesses in his consciousness. How is the art of stalking used in Toltec dreaming?

Don José: Stalking is used in dreaming to find the mental and emotional images that prevent us from being free. When we dream, we must learn to discover in our dreams the forms or energies that limit us. They may repeatedly take the same form, or they may take different forms. They may appear in many different dreams, or just one dream that reoccurs.

We must dream with the purpose of stalking, to try to stalk who is within ourselves and see what our beliefs are. We primarily stalk two things in dreaming: thinking (what is in the head) and heartbreak.

By heartbreak, I mean the incredible pain we feel from the terrible things that have happened to us. When we feel the pain of heartbreak, we close off parts of ourselves. In some way, we stop living. If the same situation comes up again, we say, “Oh, no, I won’t let myself be hurt again!”
But this is no way to live.

Life is so short and so incredibly beautiful. It is such a gift. You must forgive yourself for experiencing heartbreak. You must love the heartbreak in your life, because it is part of living. Most importantly, you must create a better dream.

We also stalk to find the thoughts that keep us chained in “reality.” These thoughts that we think so many times limit us. If we can identify these limiting thoughts, we can pull the energy back from their mental patterns and create anew.

It is so important to take back these lost energies and share with the world the gifts given to us from the angels and God. Heartbreak and limiting thoughts are like a cage. They keep us caged, imprisoned, in the three-dimensional world. The cage is created from the fear of being the Self, of being authentic.

Lies and fears about our Self are the forces that keep us in the cage—and they are not real. We must reclaim the key to our cage by pulling the energy back from our thoughts and our heartbreak. In this way, we become free.

Stalking in dreaming can be compared to opening gates. If a state of mind or heartbreak has been identified in dreaming, then we find the opening point of the wound, or the judgment, and we go in our memory to the point just before it occurred. When we remember the time before the memory occurred, we find a closing point for the wound — and then we go a little further back in time, so we can avoid returning to the wound.

Now we can see an entirely different world, or movie. We have created a better dream. It is possible to use this technique to open a gate and see a different view.

Julia: Can you explain a little more about using stalking to create a better dream?

Don José: Again, until we are free, heartbreak and thinking will always appear in our dreams. This is because life is nothing but a reflection of ourselves and our memories.

One way of using stalking with heartbreak is to relive all the heartbreak in your life. Take one incident at a time and imagine that you are pulling all of the energy out of that terrible experience. Imagine it over and over until you can feel nothing when you watch images in your mind.

Then take the experience and “dream” a whole different reality. See your life moving in a different direction, a wonderful dream, with a happy experience in place of the heartbreak.

See the way that you want to live, as opposed to how you have been living. It is possible to do this with all of your life.

For example, let’s say there is a teenage girl who has a beautiful voice. She goes about singing with this exquisite voice, and the birds answer her. Everyone pauses to hear her. Then one day her mother tells her, “Stop singing. You have an ugly voice.”The girl stops singing, and the world is deprived of the beauty of her gift.

She could imagine, in place of her heartbreak, that the experience with her mother never occurred — or that she told her mother that she was wrong. Then she must see herself singing during those lost years, and in the present and the future.

It is so ironic. We listen the most to the ones we think love us the most, and so often they do not know us at all. These people that we think love us don’t even know themselves, so they cannot possibly know us. And yet we lose our gifts and powers to these people.

An exercise I use with group dreaming is called “Mirror Mitote.” You imagine that the voices in your mind are like the sounds in a supermarket, where we can hear other people talking very loudly and we have trouble focusing.

The mind reflects this kind of environment. We hear the voices and opinions of others when we don’t believe in ourselves. The voices become very loud. We have to learn to look at our beauty, and see the opinions as lies.

Julia: I remember reading about recapitulation in Castaneda’s books. How does that relate to dreaming?

Don José: Recapitulation is more like daydreaming. We use recapitulation during our waking hours to review our limitations, our fears and heartbreak. We review experiences that keep us in limitation until those experiences become like a ghost town, until visiting them is like going to a village that used to be alive and is now gray and old with no one in it.

Before recapitulation, the memory may have been vivid — you could hear all the characters speak, and you reacted to them. But now the memory, or the town, is empty. There is no emotional or mental response. You have recaptured all energy from that moment, from that time in your life. It doesn’t have the same flavor or taste. It is flat.

Detachment is a principle point to achieve. Whenever we are living in our opinions, we are in judgment of our Self or other people. We are seeing only our own expectations or limitations. Doubt is also a lie that inhibits intent.

Even our names are a lie. Have you ever thought of that? All of our lies, opinions, and judgments keep us caged inside the body. All limitations come from fear. We must detach from our fears.

When we achieve detachment, we pull the energy out of the lies in our lives, and it goes back into the assemblage point.

Julia: What is the assemblage point? How does it affect dreaming?

Don José: The assemblage point is our point of focus. It is one of the keys to dreaming. It is exactly like a television with many channels. You can choose any channel, and anything might be on that channel — wrestling, a sad love story, the news… Our assemblage point is like a vortex of perception, an altar that opens us to experience. We can expand or reduce that perception.

Everyone thinks of something as they fall asleep. I do not care what people say — everyone thinks of some incident, person, or place. And as they fix their minds, they are focusing their assemblage point. People do this in real life when they go into a theater to watch a sad movie. What happens when they come out? They are sad or crying. Why? The emotional state changes because they have shifted their assemblage point to experience sadness.

When we can pull all of the energies of our life back into the assemblage point, we begin to become free.

We can focus the assemblage point on any channel. But we are accustomed to focusing on the channels we have learned through our life’s memories and the channels that are familiar to the mass consciousness.

We have to learn to change our perceptions from our reason, which is composed of our objective thoughts, to our Will. When we will the dream, our personal power changes from the mental construct to spiritual perception. When we are free from the cage of the mind, our energy increases dramatically, and we can discover our true identity.

It takes faith, strength, and tenacity to learn to change the focus of the assemblage point through intent. It also takes patience. Intent is faith — it is believing in our magic more than we believe what we think we see in the mirror called life.

The Buddha turned arrows into flowers. He understood the dream. Intent is a silent knowing that we are the creator of the dream.

A true master knows that anything is possible. He no longer doubts. And everyone can be a master. Everyone can create an incredible life through the magical part of the Self, and dreaming is a vehicle to do so.

Julia: When we begin to dream with intent, how does this change our lives?

Don José: We become free of expectation and limitation. We are no longer bothered by the opinions of the mass consciousness. Our desire or intent for freedom becomes so strong that we dream it and live it.

When heartbreak occurs, we begin to see that it is illusion. We are able to say, “That was a good one, that illusion almost tricked me. But I won’t fall for it.”

We realize that all of the “bad” things that have happened in our lives are just that — stories that we tell to ourselves and to whomever will listen. We stop letting our stories hurt us. We learn to take the energy back from the story and end it in a different way.

You see, we are always doing one of two things: We are either creating, or we are living lies. When we are creating, we start to have faith, love, and gratitude. We say “thank you” to the Earth and God for everything.

We learn to speak in the true language of feelings or emotions, rather than opinions and words. We begin to create our dream through the good feelings and happy thoughts that we have. This leads us to God. Through the clear channel of the Self that is created, many miracles happen, like the flowers that the Buddha created. This makes us fall in love with living.

Love of life is contagious. When we are not affected by illusions, we can create, and we can help other people find love in living.

A good analogy is to look at both dreams and life as a vacation or a movie. It is best to plan our vacation, to drive the correct vehicle, to make reservations, to choose the right geography. Or we can make a great movie if we plan or create it. If we don’t create or plan, then obstacles occur. The obstacles could be compared to the illusions of the mind. But if we have created carefully, we make the most beautiful movie imaginable.

This is how it is to live on Earth. We can travel blindly through the obstacles of our thoughts and emotions, or we can gather back the energy and create the dream. It is a catwalk between illusion and creating, but we must do our best to enjoy the gift of living. When we are capable of creating the dream, all of living becomes a Paradise on Earth.

It is all about spirituality and love. The angels are taking over the planet, little by little. We are all angels, and we have forgotten. We must let the flow of life within us live. We must remember that all of life is a dream, a movie — we can choose to watch a beautiful movie.

It is all beautiful if we can only remember.

Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants, and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and creating alignment with their inner path.

Soul Lessons


We are all learning soul lessons. It’s helpful to review them from time to time.

  1. Everyone is constantly creating. Co-creation can come from subconscious patterns, or it can flow from connection with the inner self. Since we’re always creating, it’s helpful to work at manifesting the desires of the inner self by envisioning happy, peaceful outcomes. (Positive outcomes are typically win/win.)
  2. Part of the motion of the current energy is a bit like a roller coaster. It moves up and down. Our job involves monitoring the energy by understanding it’s possible to raise the energy level (and the accompanying events) by moving out of fear, doubt, or anger (or other emotions.) When we focus on a higher vibration, “reality” must change by matching the inner vibration.
  3. Eventually, we learn to attract our inner self. There’s actually nothing else that can bring happiness besides alignment with the inner self. The strongest, best desires always align with this part of the self. (We also learn to recognize the feeling of the lower self and move beyond it. Both motions—aligning and moving away–are part of inner evolution.)
  4. We are learning what we intuitively “read” from others on a deeper level. As we become more positive, we may judge someone less or find their energy unbearable. It’s a bit of a paradox. When we gain light, we become more sensitive and change our perceptions. Our perceptions alter with the placement of our consciousness.
  5. As our consciousness becomes higher, patterns repeat more quickly. There is less space between the events and reactions associated with lower energy cycles. We’re experiencing this because the universe is pushing us through patterns, so we can evolve. Observe, reflect, and send love to the pattern.
  6. Every desirable state such as health, wealth, abundance, loving relationships, or spiritual connection is associated with a particular frequency. Basically, we’re learning to attract and align with the frequency, which is needed to manifest the desire. (Other people also benefit from our work.) We can ask for the feeling or sensation of the frequency to bring it into our lives.
  7. Our perception of the future is often associated with the placement of our consciousness. When we are connected and happy, it’s easy to envision a positive future. We may feel discouraged when we’re at a lower point of consciousness. (The point is that everything in our personal reality is changing to reflect us, so we can evolve out of our patterns and move into love and light.) It’s important to believe in the value of meditation and visualization–and to stay focused. The work yields results.

Julia Griffin, Intutiive Healer and Coach


Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.

5 Tips for Visualization



1) Everyone has dreams in their heart. Make your big dream part of your visualization along with practical, easier-to-achieve goals. Your big dream has a feeling. Stay with it while you visualize and meditate. Eventually, the universe will lead you there.

2) Commit to your visualization. Committing to your visualization is truly about committing to you. You’re working on finding a bigger part of you, which is capable of creating more joy, better relationships, a healthier body, and a greater connection. The new you is a reflection of who you really are. (Don’t give up on it. You have the power!)

3) At some point, you’ll feel resistance. You may have images or thoughts, which travel in the opposite direction. It’s natural, and it actually means your visualization is working. You’re encountering the part of the self that created the current reality. It will dissolve in time.

4) Do feel encouraged by positive happenings. Build yourself up by noticing the result, but keep the silence. Sharing results of visualization slows down the process. (People tend to feel jealous or not believe in your work.)

5) Whenever you feel wonderful or positive, note it as a result of your work—and stay realistic. Visualization and manifestation take time. (A year is not a long time to change a large aspect of your life.) Nevertheless, you will experience many small positive changes as you stay with the work.

NOTE: Creating through your spiritual connection is one of the most positive things you can do for the work. The time spent in meditation and visualization raises your vibration. You receive intuitional guidance from the universe. Everyone benefits from the higher vibration in your field, which radiates out into the world.


Julia Griffin, Intuitive healer and coach





Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.

The Challenge of “Other People”



It’s a big question from many readers, and it’s not easy. Everyone has negative people in their life. There is a definite influence from co-workers, family, friends–and sometimes the people who float into your life. They can enter your life through karmic events, or you can cultivate them (by mistake.) But everyone deals with negativity from someone.

On the positive side, their influence teaches a great deal about your own energy such as when you give away too much, how you respond to others’ weaknesses, and how other people can affect your energy in general. Also, the most positive people are negative in certain instances (and wonderful in others); it’s part of learning discernment.

Here are a few basic groups:

  •  The energy takers – No matter what, they take your energy. You feel tired and depressed when you’re around them. If it’s impossible to avoid a person, you can imagine a light blue or ultramarine blue bubble to keep your energy. Take time to notice if there is a particular type of energy taker in your life. (They often feel or look the same. It’s a message from the universe to find a new group of more energized people in general.) If you’re always tired around a particular person, they are taking your energy. It’s helpful to plan time away from them, avoid engaging deeply in their conversations, and disagree quietly while allowing their opinion. (Many energy takers are talkers. If you listen, you lose energy.)
  • Family and similar situations – Your family can punch your buttons in a way that no one else can. Stay aware of the inner dialog and what you think about yourself. Wait to respond. Understand how everyone has a personal agenda, and they often project it on you. (It doesn’t mean it’s true.) It can take time to separate truth and fiction. It is useful to note if you react differently around your family. Family often reacts if you change your behavior or decide to go to a higher level. If this is the case, give them time to adjust.
  • Co-workers and colleagues – Choose to spend the most time with colleagues and coworkers, who are more positive and upbeat. Limit time and discussion with others. Again, use a blue circle or screen. On an energetic level, ask the more offensive people to stay out of your space. Practice seeing yourself as surrounded by people who genuinely care and make an effort to act in a helpful way. (When you move deeply into a negative situation and accept it as a reality, it becomes more “real.” Take a moment to visualize a better and happier reality.)
  • Jealous or competitive friends – It’s useful to consider the level of friendship with people who are consistently jealous or competitive. Jealousy comes from wanting what another person has—without doing the work. Everyone feels jealousy occasionally. The question remains: does it take them into soul realization (the inner knowing of the ability to create for the self) or into separation—an incorrect assessment of thinking they should take what others have. From here, you have to decide if it’s worth pursuing the friendship. Competition is the opposite of cooperation, a desire to have success for everyone in your life.
  • Loved ones who can’t hear you – Everyone has them. Sometimes, you can’t change the relationship or speak in words they can hear. At this point, you simply have to say, “I love you exactly as you are” and send the message with all of your heart. You do this on the unseen plane, and you believe it works. You can also send light and refuse to see anything but the best scenario for the person.

Better Relationships, Period

  • Notice what other people do correctly. Speak a few nice words.
  • Try to find one nice thing about that person. (Shoes and shirts count.)
  • Remember what you’ve learned from this person. (Good or bad, it counts and helps you to evolve.)
  • Have compassion. You’re on a higher frequency than they are.
  • Love the universal light that exists beneath their physical form.
  • Ask: what does your True Self think or feel about this person?


In The Big Picture

In the biggest picture, it’s all about learning, and the learning is about light. Everyone has to learn about avoiding specific people as well as learning who to confide in (and when), who to trust, and who to join together with in spiritual endeavors. Sometimes, we are blessed with amazing people who teach us to fly, and we are equally restricted by people with a more limited agenda. (Much of the time, they don’t recognize their agenda.) After all, we are in the process of learning to protect our light and give in a balanced way.

During the Piscean Age, it was appropriate to give everything without holding back. In the Aquarian Age, it’s quite different. We’re asked to notice the patterns of who takes and gives—and to give appropriately in a way, which doesn’t cause depletion. (When the other person returns the energy, our energy level ascends.) We’re also asked to let go of the people who hold us back. Sometimes, it’s a bit ironic because we love them, or they were perfect for us at the old energy level.

There are other people, who are in our lives and are not going anywhere—regardless of how we feel. With these people, we can pull back any discordant energies (including irritation or resentment.) We can notice when our feelings are more positive and express them. We can withdraw if the other person attaches (to our energy field) or vents. We can also speak the truth clearly without reaction. By simply pulling back from our own energy pattern of reaction, we learn a great deal.

It’s interesting to note how much we tend to want from other people and how we hold a specific image of them, which may or may not be correct. People pick up on our imagery so it’s wise to ask to see their higher self. In the meanwhile, we can seek new and energizing relationships. We can meditate, see life differently, and change our patterns of reaction.

Everything is changing, and our relationships will undoubtedly change in the next few years. In the meanwhile, we are likely working with karmic tendencies and patterns. By changing our feelings, responses, and visualizations, we are changing the future. We are also learning how to change the lens of our perception of life. We are learning to seek new people with higher energy levels, to imagine our future differently, and to speak through the heart.


Julia Griffin, Intutiive Healer and Coach





Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.

October Forecast: Shadows and Light



October is a beautiful month when nature astonishes the world with its magnificent hues. It’s also a month of shadows, eclipses, and the thinning of the veil around the time of Halloween. This month’s forecast matches the weather, but there is more afoot than planetary motion. There is a frequency of change, an increase of light, and the internal weather focuses on evolution and soul consciousness.

While the planets share moments of light and darkness, our real task is finding the light within the self. When we stay centered on this task, we find the resources to move through the challenging, shadowy days. As with the passage of most of the year, this forecast indicates moments of beauty and harmony—and also the darker side of life. On a positive note, the light is growing, and we are supported on our spiritual quest.

The bright colors of October will shine with Venus in Libra, which brings a focus on beauty and harmony in relationships. Pluto is direct, which aids in banishing fears. The lovely strong trine between Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus continues. These energies are positive, and they hold the power of strength and creativity. The sun remains in alignment with galactic center, which opens us to universal light.

Mercury retrogrades in Libra; there are two eclipses, and oppositions between Uranus, Sun, and Venus.  In addition, Jupiter and Saturn form a square. In the big picture, it’s representative of much of the work of the soul. We can create a positive outcome from the mixed energies, but it takes work and discipline.

The lunar eclipse comes on Oct. 8, just after the sun opposes Uranus. It’s specifically a time for weighing and appraising the relationship between the ego and soul.  Venus opposes Uranus on Oct. 11. A partial solar eclipse follows on Oct. 23. It’s an action packed period with intense energy. It’s helpful to observe our feelings during eclipses or oppositions—and wait to take to action. Uranus can represent the soul and/or the quantum field. It’s possible to gain considerable insights into the self during this time period.

Jupiter in Leo square Saturn in Scorpio represents tension between fixed signs. On the lower side, it can bring up resentments (Scorpio) and the need to dramatize (Leo.) Neither sign likes to change its perspective; the placement indicates a need for flexibility. On a higher note, we can realize the truth about situations (Scorpio) and act on it or share it in a positive way (Leo.) On a positive note, Jupiter trine Uranus can give both the strength and insight to move through personal blocks, particularly if we think about the overall picture. (Imagine the infinite smallness of frustration about task in comparison to the action contained in the universe.)

Mercury retrogrades always bring confusion and mix-ups with time and space. There are only two choices. We can laugh or become frustrated. Fortunately, Mercury retrograde in Libra should feel less intense than last retrograde in Gemini. Mercury retro in Libra can indicate the tendency to move away from harmony in relationships and/or partnerships. It can also point to the places we lack grounding and/or decisive action. If we notice the areas of confusion in our lives, we learn a great deal about the workings of our mind. It’s a wonderful time for finishing projects—and not a good time for new beginnings.

In short, it’s intense and demanding–and it’s also lovely. When the universe shares light and darkness in equal measures, it’s an invitation to evolve and grow. Besides, our overall energy plays into the aspects. When we look at situations and observe, they intimate a great deal about life and our interaction with it. When we observe and center by moving into the light, everything alters. That’s how the quantum field works.


  • While the creative, fiery trine stays in place, plan to use your gifts. Think about galactic center and pull in the energy. Create by expressing a thought/emotion with many people. Share your form of enlightenment. Expand your circle of friends and acquaintances with your truth. The planets support courage. Take a step forward.
  • Venus in Libra brings energy for improving the appearance. It’s a good time to change your hair, buy clothes, or beautify your home. It’s also a good time for expressing what you respect and admire about others.
  • Mercury retrograde teaches patience and humor. Try not to react when the computer is slow, the date is wrong, or others are confused. Finish old projects and reflect when possible. It’s great for learning about your mental expectations.
  • Release resentments and stubbornness. Neither is useful. The Jupiter/Saturn square will point to the places of “stuck” energy. Everyone hold on to many behaviors, objects, and patterns because they give a feeling of safety. (Think about how safety and fear interrelate.)
  • Uranus will reveal the blocks that limit expansion into the soul. The information is about how you like to live life (sun) and personal preferences (Venus.) Uranus can bring rapid, positive change.
  • Find the beauty in the moment. Move into love and open the heart. Think about living in a higher state of being–and pull it into your field. Ask for a higher vibration (often.)


Julia Griffin, Intuitive Healer and Coach





Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.

Recreating Your Life



Spirituality is the key, the vortex, and secret to the entire process of recreating your life. The movie, The Secret, obscured the real point of manifestation, which is co-creation with the God Force. It is the feeling of connection that enlivens positive imagery, sensations and emotions. When we learn to visualize and feel our lives moving in a different direction, life changes.

Most people are not aware of the incredible influence of mental imagery and emotion in life. Essentially, we change ourselves by altering the flow of the focus of consciousness. Everyone wants a better life, but many people don’t know how to create it. They lack information in altering the lens of their consciousness.

I’m including tips for positively changing your perception of your reality and raising your frequency. They work best with connection and a state of love. I included ideas for prosperity, relationships and body.  (I recommend choosing one area for change initially.)

Loving Your Prosperity

1) Make a positive practice of always “seeing” your bank balance go up. Set an intention as now or in the near future.

2) See more money in your wallet. Real money (cash) attracts money. It’s even more powerful when you collect or save real money at home.

3) See prices go down whenever you shop. See gasoline, food, or shampoo, etc. lasting longer.

4) Wait a few minutes before responding to a sale – walk out of the store or away from the internet, see what you truly want and ask if you will use it before you buy.

5) See the great light of the universe as providing all that you need, several times each day.

6) Write your angels and ask for funding NOW.

7) When you increase your financial prosperity, it helps everyone to create more of the same.


Loving Relationships

1) When you love yourself, then other people are more loving. It’s easier to find the right relationship or create the right relationship with your current partner.

2) When you think of the other person, send pink light or love. If you don’t have a partner, use an outline and send pink light or love. Imagine the other person is beaming the love back toward you.

3) Note times of day, events and mental wanderings about old relationships or current relationships. Identify the feeling or thoughts. (Often negative thoughts and feelings stem from lack of expression of true feelings and refusal to uphold personal boundaries. If you could do it over, what would you delete (besides the person?) What did you learn?

4) Note recurrences of energy in your personal life. What might need work or resolution? It’s important to note duality” in relationships, as it’s fairly normal to feel a need to enable on one hand or have stricter boundaries on the other. Try to observe and love both parts of yourself. Make small, positive changes.

5) Sometimes, we outgrow relationships (or our relationship shifts) when our frequency becomes higher. Love the central light in each individual, when you cannot love the person.

Loving Your Body

1) See yourself as younger in the mirror (particularly in the morning and at the end of the day.) Send pink light to your reflection.

2) Before exercising, pull in memories relating to the times when you were very fit or pleased with your appearance.

3) Plan to look and feel younger. Stretch out of your age group and into timeless.

4) Eat well and exercise. Practice aerobic and inner exercise (yoga, chi gong daily.) Alkaline foods are helpful in cleansing the body. Measure your water and drink it.

5) Visualize improvements in diet and exercise when you can’t do it and then let go. Don’t worry about the past. Visualize the future improvements.

6) Avoid people who are critical of your appearance or make you feel older.

7) Recall times of feeling wonderful, vital and healthy.

8) Project a feeling of sleeping well and waking rested each night. Imagine a wonderful appearance for the next day.



Julia Griffin, Intuitive Healer and Coach






Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.