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7 Thoughts to Experience More of the Soul


Higher thought engages the inner self. Self-observation moves us out of the inner dialog. Reflecting on the heart invokes a state of love. Seeing life differently can bring freedom, insight, and alter the direction of the energies around us.

  1. When experiencing thoughts or feelings of a lower nature, it’s helpful to ask if they come from your self. If not, ask if they come from others or mass consciousness at large. As your intuitive gifts grow, you pick up more from others. In either case, it’s helpful to focus on light and ask your inner self for the right visual of the situation. (Notice the day and time to see if it is repetitive.)
  2. Emotions are not always real. The highest emotions are aligned with love and the inner self. Lower emotions such as pain, anger, or depression may relate to events or cyclical patterns in life. (It’s helpful to pull into the heart space where emotions are smooth and peaceful.)
  3. Focus on your innate ability to alter events in your life. Imagine your life expanding with new events and feeling a new sense of happiness. How do you feel when you are connected? Repeat the question like a mantra. Notice how answers appear in this state
  4. Think about your connection with everyone else in the light. At any given moment, many other people are meditating, feeling their heart space, or thinking good thoughts. You can connect with them and increase the light.
  5. Increased light changes everything. It’s how you raise your vibration, see new realities, become more powerful, and alter the flow of energy in the world. If you focus on the presence of light, it appears through other people, messages, nature, and other people. It animates life. (A higher frequency causes particles to vibrate in a different way. Alignment with a higher frequency often breaks the laws of the physical world and causes physical matter to regroup in amazing ways. (People change their behavior. Opportunities come. Doors open. Life changes in an incredible way.)
  6. Your inner self leads you into answers. They may come as an alteration of how you see life, a softer response in place of anger (or a stronger boundary if you tend to be too nice), or an entirely different mindscape. The inner self may bring the feeling of calm, the right intuition for the next action, or simply peace. The process of alignment with these small, inner answers brings big changes over time. They change the direction of your thoughts, leading you into greater consciousness.
  7. Trust the universe and embrace the mystery. When life alters, it moves up and down. But it also responds to higher thoughts, emotions, and dreams—if we stay consistent in our practice of meditation. (The universe often works things out in an unexpected manner, which can beautifully exceed our expectations.)


Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants, and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and creating alignment with their inner path.

Feeling the Shift, Self-Observation and Expansion



We are all feeling the shift–the motion of photons into new patterns, the alteration of life on the planet, and subtle changes within our perception of life. Sometimes, it’s helpful to recognize aspects of the shift. By simply observing, we become more aware.

1)  Energy moves differently. Time moves quickly, then slows. Life can feel incredibly tense and dramatically beautiful. Our energy level ebbs and flows. Our emotions, thoughts, and perceptions of life change with the energetic flow. The interesting part of the shift is understanding our inner power to alter the placement of our vibrations. We can focus on pink light or imagine ourselves in a higher state of being.  This process can take minutes, hours, or days.

2) Nature can provide amazing energy. The natural world holds a slighter higher vibration than we do. By connecting with the earth and enjoying the beauty, we can heal our body, manifest more quickly, and move into a softer state of consciousness. It’s particularly effective to absorb energy through the soles of feet and through the tips of the fingers.

3)  Our ability to create is expanding; it’s also changing. It can take longer to manifest a desire, which can require a great deal of visualization and meditation. Or we may entertain a thought and experience almost instant manifestation.  We’re learning more about the process of creating together and the power of aligning with the inner self. Some of the biggest questions about creating involve time, consistent factors, and state of mind. We’re beginning to understand more in this new age.

4)  As we clear timelines (relationships, karma/trauma, and events from the past), our perception of ourselves alters. We may have compassion where we lacked understanding, create boundaries where we had none in the past, or feel greater love for the self. We may also find greater courage and trust. (This can involve dropping old friends and connections while finding new ones.)

5)  Our inner vision—intuition—is becoming stronger. We suddenly know why our energy rises or our energy falls. We know it comes from another person, place, or event. We may also have inner knowing about the cause of events and/or a clear read of another person’s motives. We may know what other people are thinking or feel strongly affected by their energy field. It’s helpful to note when our intuition is correct. We can note the difference in our state of mind, which develops our skills.

6)  There is a desire to relinquish control and let the universe do its thing. A Bigger Force is at play, and it wants the best for us. There is a deep realization of the power of letting go while tuning into this beautiful energy of love and light. We may experience a reawakening of hope. We continue working with all of our heart but surrender to the universe in the very, same moment.

7)  On the light worker level, there is an understanding that we share our light best by aligning with our true presence. It doesn’t matter if we work from 9-5 and/or where we work. Wherever we are, we lift up the world by aligning with our inner presence. It’s the very best way of sharing love and light. (We often find our dharma from this placement of consciousness.) It’s a new level of self-acceptance!


Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants, and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and creating alignment with their inner path.

Planetary Forecast: Magical New Moon




Dare to dream and to do. Be bold and courageous, but look before leaping. (New Moon appears on April 7.)

It’s an exciting, magical chart with Sun (life, outer self) and Moon (inner self, emotions) closely placed to one another—and Uranus (sudden, spiritual change.) Uranus in Aries brought in the energies of the New Age. When Uranian energies align with the sun and moon, our personal yin and yang, we experience the impetus of spiritual energy coursing through our lives. (The Sabian symbol for the sun and moon is a “Magic Carpet.”)

Spring incites new beginnings as does the sign of Aries. It’s the beginning of the astrological wheel, symbolizing the power to make changes, new patterns in life, and alter the physical with the use of light. This sign can attract and shape change—particularly the motion into the spiritual nature.

Venus is also placed in Aries, suggesting the importance of listening to the heart. All signs and planets are somewhat dualistic. Venus can represent the beauty and adornment of the physical world, but the planet can also illuminate true love, which comes from connection. (Aries can represent the immaturity and egoism of a new soul as the beginning of a cycle. Ruled by Mars, symbolizing energy and assertion, Aries can push life into a higher sphere.)

Mercury sits in Taurus, which is ruled by Venus. It’s a powerful earth sign, which helps with physical grounding, connecting with nature, and practical, pragmatic thoughts. Mercury rules communications, so it gives a balanced way of speaking and thinking about our dreams—and our spiritual life. (Tapping into the frequency of abundance is a spiritual gift, and Mercury in Taurus urges reflection on the relationship between abundance and spirituality—as well as practical thoughts.

Mars in Sagittarius encourages the pursuit of quests, spiritual knowledge, and travel. The goal is seeking wisdom and keeping our eye on the target of inner and outer growth. Mars is conjunct (close) to Saturn, which represents time, karma, and limitation. With both planets placed in the same sign, it’s possible to move through karma and limitation very quickly—if we make the effort.

Mars is conjunct (close) to Saturn, which represents time, karma, and limitation. With both planets placed in the same sign, it’s possible to move through karma and limitation very quickly to transmute the past into a beautiful, new life. It will require meditation and personal insight, but it is wonderful when the planets are so helpful.

Additionally, the sun and moon form a harmonious trine with Saturn, which should give clear vision when we contemplate the present and future of our thoughts, feelings, and the energies that comprise our lives. Sun, moon and Venus also trine Mars, giving an energetic boost to our efforts.

The Challenges

All charts contain challenges. While the planets lend positive support, the square (tension) between Neptune (illusion, idealism) and Jupiter (good fortune) remains. It is the part of the long process of seeing through what we believe and feel (illusion) to find the “truth.” We may feel disillusioned or uplifted. Neptune also rules the imagination, and part of moving through obstacles involves this part of the mind. It’s essential to see life differently when we want to experience a change. It’s helpful to meditate on the fabric of our ideal life—and see it in detail frequently. (Otherwise, the past repeats.)

Pluto is almost exactly square Sun, Moon, and Uranus, suggesting we’ll continue to experience the dredging up of old subconscious material—which might we prefer to forget. The positive side of the square is the presence of the Sun, Moon, and Uranus, who want to transmute into a brand, new (and probably unfamiliar) new life.


  1. Wherever Uranus sits in an individual charts, we’ll have surprises. Our interpretation of the new feelings and changes depends on the placement of our consciousness and willingness to step into the flow. (it’s important to remember how powerful we truly are. Hold the best possible vision of all the components of life.)
  2. Pluto can reveal subconscious patterns in surprising ways. Stabilize, center, and see success. Stay willing to release patterns and perceptions.
  3. It’s possible to dream up a new, brighter life–and find the best way to create it. Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, and Uranus (a lot of planets) will support personal expansion. It’s also a wonderful time to work on abundance with Mercury in Taurus.
  4. Use the imagination to see a better world and life. Express willingness and keep your heart open to change. The world changes through us and with us. We influence one another. Stay tuned for big messages, and feel the capacity for growth.
  5. In multiple ways, the chart represents the new energy descending into our physical world. The magical carpet and beauty of a new life feel wonderful, but taking the “ride” surrendering our image of how life should be—and may involve accepting another universal plan.  (Sometimes, the plan is harmony with our construct of the world. Other times, it’s not. In metaphysics, this is called going with the flow. Letting go, trusting, and seeing where the universe leads us.)

Sabian Symbols

Sun and Moon are on Aries 19, “A Magic Carpet Hovers Over the Depressing Reality of Everyday Life.” A magic carpet gives exactly the right energy for seeing life from a heightened perspective. A magic carpet can take us anywhere. Where does our soul want to go?

We can also view other, beautiful realities before making a decision about where to land. Take time to dream up a wonderful life–and imagine several scenarios.

Mercury is placed on Taurus 3, “Natural Steps up to Lawn Blooming with Clover.” It’s another, lovely symbol, reminding us that rewards appear when we step up to our own higher nature—and the possibilities of life. Clover is magical; it grants wishes. It is also green, indicating fertility and growth. And number four (four leaved clover) represents balance and harmony in all spheres, including the physical world.

Venus sits on Aries 3, “A Cameo Shows the Profile of a Man that Suggests the Outline of His Country.” Our individual lives affect the outcome of the whole. There is a special and specific alignment between the inner and outer self. When we find this through spiritual alignment, our lives harmoniously affect the whole. (Dharma or our purpose in life is part of this.)

Mars is placed in Sagittarius 9, “A Mother Leads Her Small Child Step by Step Up the Stairs.” Parents—and those who are responsible for others—use patience and caring to urge the development of skills in youngsters. The same is true on the spiritual path. It’s important to help when we can. (On another level, feminine energy has emerged during the Age of Aquarius. As it grows in strength, it’s important to ask how we can use our energy to nurture, strengthen, and help others to develop their inner gifts.)

Jupiter (retrograde) sits on Virgo 15, “A Fine, Lace, Ornamental Handkerchief”.  It’s interesting symbol because Jupiter rules good luck and beneficence, and the degree is symbolized by keepsakes, which represent emotion. Fine handkerchiefs are kept and used for special occasions, usually those evoking emotion. There is also a feeling of beauty, security, and joy—the value of lovely things, which remain untouched by time.



Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and coach

Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.

Happy New Moon!



The New Moon appears tonight (2/18.) New and full moons typically tell us about the next fourteen days which follow their appearance. Tonight’s new moon portrays the continuing message of clearing the past while keeping an eye on the future. Its message is slightly different from the full moon with more emphasis with an eye on change.

The new moon is a super moon, which causes high tides. A strong pull on the water indicates a pull on emotion. This is reinforced with Moon in Pisces–and Mars (energy), Venus (beauty, love, feminine energy), Neptune (idealism), and Chiron (wounded healer) in Pisces.

The Sun is placed in the last degree of Aquarius, and Mercury is also in Aquarius, encouraging us to think about the future of the coming Age. We might think about miracles, light, quantum healing, and angels–all of these things are associated with Aquarius. (How would you live if you were more spiritual or had super-natural gifts?)

Pisces is associated with the past age, and Aquarius is the present age–and the future. Clearly, we are examining the past with one foot already in the future. Much of the Piscean Age involved passionate, sacrificial love along with the impetus to see the “light” or “god” presence in everyone–and to love it equally with the self. The passionate love often wobbled between love and hate, leaving drama in its wake.

The Aquarian Age involves thought. It’s great to love everyone unconditionally, but it’s also important to think about where our love leads us–and how much energy it expends. If it interferes with our quest, it can negate self-love and inner progress. There’s an entirely new and different equation in the New Age. The value of thought lies in its effectiveness when many people gather together in unconditional, objective love and focus on a high energy thought. Thought has power when coupled with love and balance.

These are only a few of the equations worth balancing as we contemplate stepping into the New Age. It’s interesting to see the more obvious questions reflected by the planetary positions. Fortunately, pull of the past (and its accompanying emotion) will lessen over the weekend when Mars and April move into Aries.

Fire signs help to push us along on our quest, and Mars rules overall energy. We need the push for dedication–and to stay consistent with our spiritual devotion. More fire comes with Jupiter and Saturn trine Uranus (Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries, respectively.) , They will bring an idealistic calling, invoking our interest in self-expression and creativity as well as discovering methods of sharing one’s personal insights.

Neptune and Chiron remain in Pisces, referring to spiritual idealism and healing the wounds of the past. Idealism is lovely; its concepts and visuals lead us to a higher perspective. We heal wounds when we are ready to see what truly happened, release the past, and move into a more elevated state of consciousness. Part of healing comes from the determination to do so.

Sabian Symbols

 The Sabian Symbols are based on a chart reading for Atlanta, GA. I love how they echo the resonance of the planets through their symbolism.

Sun in Aquarius 30 Moonlight Fields, Once Babylon, Are Blooming White.   This degree refers to Age of Aquarius blooming out of the last energies of the Piscean Age. The structures and old energies of the past Age will take on new life from the energy of the turning Age. It speaks of connection with the true self and following the inner path of spiritual knowledge. From this place, we are supported by the flow of the universe.

Moon in Pisces 1 – A Crowded Public Marketplace. Perhaps, this refers to the combined consciousness through the internet, eBay, Facebook, and other interactions. It takes discernment to know the true value of an offer, quote (is it the real author), or philosophical offering. It is the place where everyone’s consciousness meets at once. How do we discern between higher and lower thought as well as intrinsic values. (Since the moon, which rules emotions, is placed in this degree, it may be important to keep distance between mass and personal beliefs.)

Mercury in Aquarius 4 – A Hindu Healer Glows with a Mystic Healing Power – Mercury rules the mind, and this can refer to the substance of the higher mind. Cleansing spiritually and staying with our inclinations can lead to an enlightened state. Light and illumination can heal the substance of the physical body. This degree can aid in commitment with a daily spiritual practice.

Venus in Pisces 29 Light Breaking into Many Colors as It Passes Through a Prism – A prism breaks white light into colors, which we see on this level of human existence. By looking a color spiritually, we can know a great deal about the energy of a person through chakras, aura, or the general state of their being. We can also alter aspects of life through the use of color. This degree suggests breaking the big picture down into manageable pieces. With Venus in Pisces, it may point to understanding the energies of the past so we raise them into a higher frequency—and transmute them.

Mars in Pisces 27 A Harvest Moon – This placement is somewhat backward with a new moon before the equinox. Again, it’s about moving through the energies of another age, it may refer to surrendering the beauty and harvests of the past so we can create a new harvest in this new time of a New Age.

Jupiter Leo 16 – Brilliant Sunshine Just After A Storm. Optimistically, this placement could refer to the renewal that will come after clearing the Piscean energies and passing through the equinox.

Saturn Sag 4 – A Little Child Learning to Walk with the Encouragement of Parents – It refers to a new phase of learning after many struggles, which will finally bring results. This likely refers to the series of five Uranus/Pluto squares—or the progress made during the last four. (I’m sure everyone is ready for this after the past few years!)


Julia Griffin, Intuitive Teacher and Coach


Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.

More Emotion!




Everyone is experiencing more emotion. It’s an important part of awakening, and there are many reasons for it. Dealing with emotion is challenging; yet, mastering emotion is essential to achieving a higher frequency. Understanding and following our feelings comprises a significant aspect of the spiritual quest.

Before exploring solutions, it’s important to understand why we are feeling emotion with greater intensity. In our society, we’re encouraged to push away emotion. Often, we don’t learn proper expression of our negative emotions. (Outbursts of any lower emotion deepen the emotion. It’s not conducive to a higher level of being.) But awakening brings our emotions to the surface. We must have awareness and acceptance of emotions to raise ourselves to a higher level of being.

Why are we experiencing more emotion?

Mercury retrograde separated us from left brain thinking, making us more aware of feelings. It also changed our perception of time and events. Actually, our awareness should stay in feelings—not the mind. We should develop the ability to distinguish intuitively between expansion/contraction or light/heavy feelings, but we are developing this ability—not relying on it—at this point in time.

Everyone is surrendering patterns, karma, personal darkness, and identity with their lower nature. When we are in this process, it’s normal to feel irritable or confused. We’re not accustomed to changing our identity so quickly. The big surrender comes from the influx of light.

Every few weeks, more light comes into our planetary sphere. Light alters the body, thoughts, and emotions. It’s not always easy to move into a higher sphere; it takes work and commitment.

Mass consciousness, the lower group energy of the planet, radiates fear, confusion, anger, etc. When we move into a lower emotion, mass consciousness immediately amplifies it. It’s why we move from a flash of anger into a rage-or how worry can move into total anxiety.
What do we do with the emotion?

Let’s start by remembering how love and light are the highest frequencies on the planet. Everything responds to love and light. (People have a choice, but events, outcomes, and emotion must yield to love and light.)

Step 1:

1)      Accept the emotion. For example, I feel overwhelmed (or afraid, angry, frustrated.”) Admit it to yourself.

2)      Notice when or why you feel this way. Example: I feel overwhelmed when I have too much work. (Other examples, I feel tired when I don’t sleep enough. Or I feel discouraged when I’m tired. You get the drift.)

3)      Remember how the feeling/emotion passes when your physical or mental state changes.

4)      Ask for disconnection with mass consciousness. Your feelings are amplified strongly by mass consciousness—everyone else who feels the same way. (We are connected in group consciousness and “pick up” on everyone’s thoughts. As you become more intuitive and awakened, you become more susceptible to other people’s thoughts-which develops awareness.)

5)      Ask for a higher frequency and the feeling of your true self. Recall when you last felt this way. Pull the vibrations into your energy field.

6)      Send pink light to you, your situation, and everything around you.

7)      Meditate on the heart space and ask to see a solution.

NOTE: You can alter, minimize, or change the steps above.

Step 2:

1)      Imagine a change in the situation. Imagine yourself in a different state.

2)      If the emotions involve another person, imagine how you would feel in a calm state and could communicate in a detached way.

3)      Ask: what does my true self really want? This leads us into self-realization and love.

4)      Refrain from discussing problems or telling stories about negative emotions whenever possible. Express gratitude for the good parts of life. (It’s different to discuss this with someone who can help with energetic changes.)

Why Is Emotion Important?

Emotion travels in waves, just as energy does. We can project, receive, or store emotion. (We can also clear it.) When we want to calm ourselves or others, we can actually send a wave on an energetic level. Waves of emotion can lift us into bliss or bring us to our knees. Learning to understand emotion is part of the growth involved with the higher self.

The highest emotion is love. Lower emotions teach us how we lose energy, including the situations and people. They also teach us how we project lower emotion, judgment, and have limited thoughts.

In the big picture, it’s about finding and expressing love.  It’s also how the planet is moving into love.
Julia Griffin, Intuitive Teacher and Coach




Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. The wolves taught her that true energetic motion is based on the soul and patterns of nature. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.

Creating a New Identity


The progression of co- creation of causes a revision of our personal identity. It’s impossible to remain the person who sought the resolution of personal awakening. Awakening takes place on the cellular level as light flows through all particles of the being. We no longer see life through the auspices of the person who began by seeking the cause of chaos or mis-creation in life.

No one can create a different body without changing their thoughts, diet and exercise habits nor understand the intersection of the influence of spiritual awakening without altering the focus of the mind, heart and consciousness.  If we learn to see ourselves as loving and profiting from our work, then we usually change our minds about the dullness or difficulty of work. (We typically associate anxiety, boredom and overwhelm with work when in the lower self.) We understand the interweaving of love and result.

 As we create positive images about the issues in our lives – and see them as stepping stones –then  the old image of the self (as helpless, needy or frightened) is transformed. The transformation is an integral part of the process and is often characterized as a dance of taking two steps forward and one step back or forgetting and remembering.

 Inner imagery, the feelings and sensations of emotion, actions and reactions compose frequencies or songs in physical reality. We leave incorrect choices and part of the ego’s mental dialog, such as thinking nothing will ever change or we don’t know what to do.

Every act of co-creation or remarkable desire represents a specific frequency – like a musical tone. When we vibrate consistently with a tone through practice, then our lives alter in the physical world. (Like the soprano breaking the glass – material reality alters from sustained frequency.) All co-creation involves the use of self-love to create a new identity that resonates at a higher frequency and sees life from a higher, more beautiful perspective.


Julia Griffin, Intuitive Life Coach and HealerJulia Griffin is an intuitive life coach and teaches tools, techniques and insights for a spiritually aligned life.



Angels Among Us

We are moving toward unio mystica, or the cosmic union with the Divine– as increasing waves of light strike the planet in the ascension process. We are learning how the world responds to our collective consciousness. As always, I am positive about the future. It is my privilege as a human being to choose this alternative. Despite my happy choice, I am also a realist.

No manifestation ever appears without offering the choice of opposites.  Logically, manifestation begins by clearly looking at the choices or scenarios. One scenario is death by earth disaster, political plots or basically a dictatorial scheme, which eliminates any creativity or outcome from humanity at large. The other possible scenario is “heaven on earth”, a transformative vibration that erases all difficulty from the earth.

As humanity matures, the inclination is to blame world events for our happiness, prosperity and state of affairs in the world. Traditional alchemy offers a different view – the outer world is a reflection of our collective inner vision. As spiritual energy increases, the challenge is seeing “reality” differently, while gaining understanding –the fear, anger and pain in the world are reflections of the self, which must be surrendered to create a positive shift.

Either of the polar opposites is unlikely to appear as a final manifestation. (After all, co-creation occurs as the marriage of opposites – not as the eradication of an opposite form.) Rather, manifestation is a process. At its best, it teaches soul evolution and internal change. Humanity is becoming more intuitive and perceptive on each wave of the Maya calendar. The challenge is to alter our perceptions into higher truth. (For example, I may correctly assess that a client is very ill, but I alter my perception by seeing the person in perfect health each time I think of them. In other words, I don’t deepen the negative state with my perception.)

Angelic intervention is one of the most powerful tools in altering perception. Carlos Castaneda states, in The Power from Within, that evolution is partially attained through the help of inorganic beings. “Inorganic being” refers to a being with a spiritual, but not physical, form.  It is not uncommon for the spiritual traveler to contact guides, ascended beings or angels on the journey. Of all of these “helpers”, I found the angels to be incredibly effective guides in altering my perception of reality.

On the spiritual journey, seekers usually decide or devote their lives to helping others. There is an exchange of energy with every encounter on this planet –perhaps all relationships are symbiotic to some degree.  When a teacher takes a student, energy is transmitted to the student. For those who’ve had the experience, it’s well known –energy pours in when the student seeks a higher level of consciousness. (This is how your teacher magically knows if you are working or not.) And the energy is lost or wasted if the other person stays the same. Perhaps, this rule of exchange will alter in time, but for the moment, this is how energy works.

But I’ve found one of the most pleasant and helpful energetic exchanges to occur with angels. The angels hold the blueprints of the soul and the right application of every aspect of personality. Their energy is soft and loving – they don’t intrude or speak in loud voices. Their guidance is gentle and leads to happiness. More importantly, the angels lead us toward love for self and others.

In this article, I offer several methods of contacting your angels. The simplest method is writing one’s angels. Anyone can do this with very little thought.  I offer a few experiences and prayers for beginners. On the more complex level, I write of the angels of the spheres. This work is detailed and takes practice, but can elicit amazing results.

Angel Story

I suppose that I always felt angels, now that I know them. But angels did not play a profound part in my life until I committed to my spiritual work. My psychic skills had been honed by the time spent reading the highly detailed thoughts of wolves, which was followed by hearing plants and then hearing the thoughts of people in less than one year.  While I gained a great deal of discipline from my work, I lacked spiritual commitment.

In the beginning of a spiritual quest, the light bestowed by heaven is heady and delicious.   Wonderful results –glimpses of the future, happier feelings, people from past lives, synchronicities—can flow into one’s life during the earlier stages of spiritual discipline. In the beginning, I admit my quest aligned with the “feel good” side of the work.

The polar scheme of life brings darkness next, as the ego’s construction of life shatters, like a house of cards. Many people return to their earlier life, as the work turns intense and difficult. But when my life shattered, there was no longer a choice, at least not for me.

I wanted The Light.  I didn’t care how hard I had to work or what would might be sacrificed. I desired “the light” more than anything else. After my foray through personal darkness, my life stabilized. I worked for a library, then a college. The stabilization brings a razor-like edge—with a temptation to stay in the same place, ignoring the shadows at play.

For several years, my job served as an entrapment. I loved the people and service, but found it impossible to raise my consciousness to the next level. Somehow, the light spoke to me, and I became aware of the need for a higher frequency. I chanted and learned Jonathon Goldman’s frequencies. Any additional monies were spent on spiritual workshops. I studied, meditated, and walked in every free moment.

I committed to the light, yet again. I gained awareness of my limitations in perceiving life. Apparently, I perceived life as a boring repetition, accurately producing the same circumstances day after day. It was necessary to create of a new vision of life.

Fear is the greatest obstacle to creation. In the moment of holding a new vision, the shadow world begins to present itself. The fears about money, health and relationships gain force, as the ego struggles to reassert its will—through the repetition of thoughts and feelings that created the painful reality.

So the fear struck very hard at night. Sleep was impossible, and I lay in my bed, holding my wolf and trying to breathe through my limited mind. Help came in the form of many creative, spiritual friends who shared the “feeling” of a different, better reality and sent love to me every day.

It was then that the angels obviously appeared—though I’ve felt their presence throughout my life—I experienced the first inkling of knowing. A soft, loving sensation of warmth appeared when I was most racked and besieged by doubt. I felt as though I was embraced by warmth, and then I saw light. The light led me into deep sleep. When I trusted this feeling, my life moved toward greater ease. I felt more optimistic and moved more quickly into creative visions for my life.

Soon after this, an influential friend noticed that I always “read” her pet whenever I visited her. She arranged many pet readings for me, which soon developed into intuitive readings for humans. While I probably could have begun my work then, it took some time for adjustment. In all honesty, I had to commit again to this process.

When I committed to my spiritual work, I wanted to help others through intuitive readings, and I wanted to write about the spiritual world. It’s fair to say that my mind stayed on these thoughts almost every moment. I wanted to serve, to change my life and move in this direction. I meditated on the idea of this constantly, in every spare moment of the day. It was then that the angels came to stay as a constant presence in my life.

Elana, the Angel Lady

The angels were first brought to the forefront of my consciousness when my friend Donna and I attended a meditation group. The evening began with a brief prayer spoken by the group’s leader, an attractive woman in her fifties named Elana. During this prayer, I could feel the room becoming filled with angelic presence. The room’s vibration seemed to speed up, and I could even detect a faint scent of roses.

And as a result of this prayer, it seemed that all the people in the room had changed. A light played on their faces, and they spoke differently. I found that I was no longer aware of their personalities, of their shortcomings or strengths. Everything was happening in a dimension where those things did not matter.

I dreamed that night of a Violet Light that transformed my life. Donna phoned me the next day and asked, “What did Elana do? The whole room changed after she said that prayer.” And I realized I knew the answer. “Elana called in the angels.”

Later, Elana taught me specific techniques and prayers that changed my life. Within six months, I began working as an intuitive counselor, and “quit my day job.” When I began doing readings and listened to my clients’ problems, I received insights as meditations that focused on sound, imagery, and physical sensation. I was surprised at how quickly these techniques worked until I learned that they were truly given to me by the angels.

Sound and color change the speed of our vibratory fields very quickly, and the information and meditations “I” created for my clients were actually techniques to attune to the angels’ vibratory fields. Through experience, I was learning what Elana had taught me all along: “Stay out of the picture. Let the angels do the work.”

Writing Angels

When writing several articles about dreaming (Volume 3, No. 10) for Spirit of Maat, Robert Moss changed the time for our interview to 6 am on the following morning. Robert had specified my reading his book as a requirement—or no interview. Since the planned time for the interview had been several days away, I had no time at all to read. The interview would be in eight hours, and I needed to sleep.

What could I do? I called on my angels. Quickly, I heard to read specific chapters, but when I scanned the table of contents, I didn’t know which ones. “Look through the book.” I heard next. So I thumbed through the book.  Several chapters seemed to feel differently from the rest. The pages seemed thicker and held more energy or light. So I read the chapters and made notes with specific questions.

I’m not a morning person at all. I would prefer to never talk on the phone at 6 am, but the interview went well. Occasionally I would hear myself ask a question about something I hadn’t read, and Robert would affirm the chapter or information in the book. I loved speaking with him and writing the article, but I have to admit it was strange! (I did read the book after the interview. And I know now that the “angel scan” can be used with many sources of information.)

Angel Speeches

I was afraid of teaching my first class. I couldn’t sleep and worked hard to memorize my notes. My friend, Elana, reassured me. She said to ask the angels to help. I had little faith in her suggestion, but I acted on it. When I welcomed everyone to class, the angelic presence came. After the first few words, I simply listened as words flowed through me. A light guided my delivery of the class.

Many members of the class felt and commented on the angelic presence. The angels teach my classes up to this day. I make detailed notes but am often surprised to find myself reading notes that are not visible on the page or speaking about topics that I knew little about before the class.

How It Works

The angelic energies make it possible for us to transcend any condition, lack, or need on the material plane. The angelic field is composed of energies that connect to God or the Divine. It’s important to recognize the feeling of connection—it’s soft and loving. Angels speak or communicate with higher vibrations. Life becomes gentler, more pliable and beautiful when angels are near. More to the point, there is a deep feeling of love. I know when I am connected because life and people seem beautiful to me. I see their inner presence and their heart chakras, whether awakened or not.

The major change created by the angels was my ability to perceive. I noticed my perception of a situation altered, rather rapidly, through these communications. For example, “not having” is a perception. When the perception is changed to abundance, the inner vision and corresponding feelings change. I found the same to be true of people.

Here is a prayer asking the angels for help with perception:

Please clear my internal vision so that I see the underlying perfection in this situation. Please show me the right way of perceiving it. Please allow the light to grow so that I am no longer limited by my memories, perceptions or how I think life to be.  Move me toward expansion, growth, health, abundance and love.

Help with people:

Please allow me to see the underlying light in this person’s form. Please show me the beauty of his/her heart and create a higher resonance or vibration between us. I know my perceptions are based on information – my reading of this person’s field, whether accurate or not. Please allow me to remain unaffected by his or her lower energies and to see the underlying truth and beauty in this human form. Please align me with truth.

(People will either change or fade out of your life as your perception changes. I find it best not to have a preference about his/her action.)

The Details

The angels each have specific qualities, characteristics, and abilities. Just as we perceive light as seven colors and hear sound on the octave (individual notes in each eight-note scale), and just as we perceive the grass to be green or a musical note to be treble or bass, so we perceive the angels, not simply as pure light or vibration or as God, but with specific characteristics.

All energy on Earth has dimension, measurement, and scale. Therefore, when we call upon the angels for transcending, it is important for us to know their characteristics and to commune with these qualities. If the angels are energy, then we can transform our own energy by focusing on their forms and how we each as individuals relate to them. It is important to become familiar with them.

Our understanding of angelic energies is part of our move to the upper dimensions. The angels enable us to understand that the movement of energy from duality to wholeness, as part of this shift in time. It said that the “veil” is thin, giving glimpses of the higher worlds. The angels act as the connecting energies between God and us.


Angel Letters

I find it helpful to write my angels about all aspects of life. I call on my angels of light, of prosperity, relationships and careers. I ask for a vision of my life from a different perspective, as well as the strength to see it in that way. I ask for changes, and I state that I am ready for them. The angels want us to feel happy, so they often postpone changes until we are ready –unless we ask clearly for them NOW. I burn these letters (to mail them) when I’m done.

Angels of the Spheres

Doreen Virtue shares a great deal about archangels, and other sources share excellent and detailed information about the archangels, but there are other important angels and applications.  Franz Bardon’s work, which relates to Kabala, has long captured my interest. He speaks of the astrological angels that surround our planet in our zone and beam 360 messages or energies containing our divine blueprint. Each of the three hundred and sixty degrees of the astrological wheel has an angelic name.

The term “spheres” refers to the kabala’s astrological zones. There are also planetary angels that correspond to the spheres in the Tree of Life. For example, Yesod refers to the moon, so the angelic names would relate to the moon. This article addresses the angels of the zone of the Earth.

In the earthly sphere, each degree of the zodiac is ruled by a high being of the heavenly host in the zone girdling the earth, and there many angels who work with each of these beings. The angelic groups correspond to each of the 360 degrees and lovingly watch over the sphere of the earth. They are available to specifically heal our lives. The being and the angels all share the same name, and this name is a key to their powers and influence.

All of the angelic beings are invoked through meditation on the letters of their names, which interpret into color, sound, qualities, or energy. These angelic names are ancient energetic teachings presented as astrological information, involving meditative material that includes color, virtues or qualities, sound, and parts of the body, and their names are then invoked through letters of the alphabet according to Kabala.

The importance of the work lies in the transference of a blueprint or underlying form of perfection. The seeker cannot know the answer; yet, the feeling or solution eventually comes when calling on these names. A great and beautiful mystery surrounds the successful evocation of these names—it is as though the answer appears through transference—through a perception, which changes the flow of the events of life, as it gives greater understanding of life.[1]

A few examples of names include: CAPIPA, a group of angels who bring the blueprint of wealth; ALAGILL who makes all of life pleasant; and CARONA who stops violent storms. (Much information about the angels, their names, and Franz Bardon is easily found on the web.)

Pulling It All Together

I like to begin with a letter to my angels. The expression of my thoughts, difficulties and desires seem to “open me up” to higher vibrations, thoughts and feelings. I’ve noticed I stop encountering repetitive thoughts and negative emotions soon after a letter is mailed.

The process is even more effective if I ask more deeply for angelic guidance. If I feel discontented or uneasy, I begin by focusing on an archangel like Jophiel, who has powers in this sphere.

Here’s a meditation:

To summon the energy of the Archangel Jophiel, imagine that you are eight, nine, or ten years old. It is the middle of summer and the days flow smoothly into one another, like molasses from a jar. You are lying on the earth, and the sky is incredibly blue with slow-moving white clouds. There is absolutely nothing to do, so you merge with the sky and earth. The dark green trees move with your breath, and the wind speaks through the trees. Move the energy into your being, possibly into the heart chakra, and hold the color of the sky. Imagine how your life could flow with this smoothness, this beauty and grace. Move into the feeling and imagine it flowing through your life.


I follow this by repeating the letters, virtues and sounds of the angels of ALAGILL, who bring comfort, peace and contentment. It is my experience that ALAGILL also makes life much more beautiful.

I project my desire as I practice repetitions. Often, I call on an angel for hours until I feel the relief of new energy in my field.


When It Doesn’t Work


The angels are always there, guiding us. But we don’t always hear them. I know, from experience, that I cannot hear the angels or feel them when I am in emotional pain. I often experience this state of “pain” when a pattern of the ego appears for integration –usually during the process of a particular manifestation. (The emotions represent lower frequencies that require release, clearing and transmutation.)



I’ve learned to meditate, practice yoga, chant and focus on light during these times. I also write angel letters at least once each day. Although it does not feel as though my practices are working, I’ve learned from experience that they do indeed work – in time. In other words, when I raise my frequency, I can receive messages and help. I close the door when in a lower frequency.




Why do I spend so much time on this practice? It takes hours to do this properly, to learn the names, virtues and colors—as well as the qualities of the archangels. The answer is that the angels bring miracles, large and small. I’ve learned to radiate their energy toward others, as well. And in the big picture, I’m only human. I have plenty of negative emotions, like anger and fear, which await transmutation.


As John Lennon said, “Yes is surrender.” If I keep saying “yes” to the Universe, then I must surrender the parts of myself that construe reality from a critical, non-loving point of view. I must surrender my negative emotions and perceptions because they amplify the reality that I choose not to experience. It’s a great pleasure to choose to focus on the beauty, magic and perfection of the underlying life of individuals and the planet.


My work with the angels has taught me that it is possible to change the way I see life, to accept my emotions and clear them. I understand I am a creator. My experiences come from me, but transmuting the underlying negativity has been a challenge throughout most of my life. I’ve found help from the angels to be amazingly effective.


The angels provide this vision of perfection and divinity. They hold the master blueprints of love. When I can’t help myself, the angels provide assistance. I find meditation with the angels to be a more productive practice than expression of negative emotions or talking with friends.  Most importantly, the angels help free me from the creations and permutations of my lower self.


There is a special note of intuitive creativity in an angelic practice. Once learned, you will come to recognize this. It is my heart felt desire that you find the angels, who will stand unfailingly by your side when you call.


[1]Information on letters , the divine virtues, and angels are taken from Practice of Magical Evocation, and The Key to the True Quaballah, ISBN 3-921338-12- 4], by Franz Bardon, Dieter Rüggeberg publisher, Wuppertal/W. Germany. See A Bardon Companion.

An Intuitive Glance at 2011

Dreaming up 2011

When the world was based on indigenous feminine cultures, which were based on the cyclic rhythms of the Earth, the New Year arrived on February 2, a date that lies between the winter solstice and spring equinox. Known as “ Imbolc” in pagan cultures,  the life force began to rise from its yin cycle deep in the frozen ground  to the surface and enlivened the earth. Imboldt played an important part in co-creation; it was the moment of focusing on dreams and desires so that the procession of life bestowed physical form to one’s matrix of spiritual imagery. Before embarking on the manifestation of dreams for an annual experience, it is helpful to glance at the astrological weather and numerological sequences.

The year is 2011. Eleven is a master number, and when the sum of its digits are two, often denoting the balance or reconciliation of duality in the physical world.  The sum of year is four, the representation of an expression in the material world. But let’s return to 11. As a double Sagittarius, I know a lot about eleven because Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of benevolence, which often sends help at the eleventh hour.

Many times the angel of the eleventh hour has graced my life with its presence, so sharing this experience seems important now. The miracle does come but usually only after hard work, repetition, and devotion. The angel comes most often when we are on our knees, when meditation, prayer and every technique that we’ve ever practiced has failed. It is – in that moment – of relinquishment of one’s personal powers and beliefs, of surrender to a greater power – that the Holy Angel with the Flame of the Soul charges in with an impossibly, unexpected answer.

Why is this important? Duality, as the problem itself and the desired solution, is lifted to a divine answer that sometimes completely obscures the original problem or desired solution. When our consciousness is lifted to the Source of the One or All, we receive immense light or illumination. In this light, the answer to life’s difficulties becomes quite different.

For example, when I began my work as a healer and herbalist, my son fell ill with a mysterious fever. Neither doctor nor prescription helped, and his illness was termed “fever of a non-specific cause”, probably due to hereditary factors. As the days ensued, the fever continued, and I watched its course and its effect on his body.

I channeled energy through my hands into his body. Calling on my practical knowledge, I used herbs, baths, and special teas. At one point, I knew that I could do no more, nor could science. Always I will remember the moment of surrender – of saying, “Universe, you take this. I can do no more.”  The Universe answered and he was healed.

Another time when I was newly divorced, I had no money for groceries, and it was the beginning of the month. I didn’t know how to feed my children. In my mind, I had followed every intuition, meditated daily and tried whole-heartedly. I simply didn’t have resources left. I remember then asking the Universe for help, but expecting nothing. I knew that I had to “turn it over.” I promised to try my best to improve my life if the Universe could just give a sign. And I’ll never forget the golden wave of love that encompassed me in that moment. Life didn’t change suddenly, but I had the strength to continue. I didn’t doubt anymore. I knew that light would carry me. And it did – many positive changes came in the following months, but none as profound as the appearance of light in that moment.

Surrender is not an answer to all of the world problems, but it is the right response after trying our best.  My understanding is that grace and mercy are bestowed when our inner work allows access to the next highest level of consciousness. When a decision is made to continue our quest, the Universe sends grace and mercy that lift us from our karmic position.  It is then that we see the “light.”

Collective Consciousness

The number eleven also refers to Aquarius, the eleventh house and the current Age, a time of recognition of our ability to create as individuals and through collective consciousness In the eleventh hour, on the cusp before it turns to midnight, everything falls apart or comes together as numeral eleven’s expression of duality.  (When or “if” many join together in uplifted consciousness, solutions to impossible problems are found.)The current weather trends and instability of natural patterns also indicate a turning point or certainly the beginning of the end of this time.

The planets continue to aspect the Aries point. Aries point is the beginning, the start of the year, and the end of the old.  Aries is a fire sign, and Franz Bardon defines Aries at one degree as:  the use of the spiritual element (fire) as applied through memory and intuitive ability.  The Sabian Symbols (Dane Rudhyar) states, in part: “To be individually conscious means to emerge out of the sea of generic and collective consciousness — which to the emerged mind appears to be unconsciousness.”

The alchemical view of “emerging out of the sea of generic and collective unconsciousness” refers to the individuation process of separating from mass consciousness. Wherever we are have not awakened, we subconsciously merge with the energy of the sea of collective consciousness. It is through holding images in our mind that we take action. Yet, we are unaware of this power until we awaken from the dream of flowing along with the minds of others. Ironically we separate from collective consciousness when the mind awakens through the flow of spiritual connection.  The movement toward Oneness separates us from the lower negative vibrations of humanity by aligning us with the higher vibrations of a more cosmic consciousness. The word “sea” also points toward emotions, the pivotal point between mind and physicality.

We are all feeling mass consciousness on a global scale. We’ve noticed how one or two negative thoughts can quickly lead to anger or depression. .  In the past, it was said, “Time is a good thing because it gives us time to decide if we really want to manifest a certain thought or idea.”  Now it seems that it takes less time to manifest a thought, and it is easier for others to intuit our thoughts. Collective consciousness, at this juncture, holds a sea of negativity, and it’s necessary to vibrate above it or to be pulled down by its frequency.

The acceleration brings one advantage – unhappiness is quickly altered by higher consciousness! , it’s more important than ever to stay in a positive state of thought and emotion. (A very simple but effective tool is to simply send pink light to every particle in your field and surrounding area. In other words, raise the level of your spiritual and physical energy.)

Every hour brings news of world events, which connect and vibrate with our emotions, thoughts and feelings constantly. We vibrate together during world events — our frequency is affected by media and the world at large. The challenge is to understand the creative power of our awakening consciousness, not simply solving world problems – although the two states certainly are not mutually exclusive. It’s more practical to think that they are related.

But let’s take a deeper look. If every particle of individual life is a particle with a spiritual and material resonance, then light underlies its form. It’s known as “First Matter” in alchemy; it is the presence of the light and love that underlies the fiber of all Creation.  Quantum Physics says that particles respond to frequency, belief and an observer state.  Evidently, the particles, which comprise our lives, respond to our inner state. Perhaps, the inner fiber of matter responds or corresponds to our state.

The weather, which has been wildly wet, could be said to correspond with energy of water or emotion in alchemy. Waves of enlightenment or higher consciousness are initially experienced as instability, mood swings or deep feelings as we swing between the duality of emotions until they are mastered through a gestalt realization. (Emotion is the testing ground of mastery. Mastering emotion is one of the more difficult tests because emotion becomes unstable when we encounter a “reality” that appears to oppose our direction or goal. Our emotions lower, becoming erratic in the movement between the present and desired future.  It helps sometimes to remember that the highest emotion is LOVE. The matter of the Earth appears to currently reflect our state, but I believe as we move toward unity that earth changes may be resolved.)

Duality is necessary to live in a body that is housed by spirit; the challenge is to see and live in a higher, more enjoyable and balanced reality. Mastery of duality is learning to hold a realization, a higher image of perfection in relationships, body or spirit until it becomes the home of our moment to moment consciousness. When consciousness begins to target “home”, then the higher frequencies of love and surrender begin to create a new reality. Surrender means letting go of the limiting beliefs that separate us from the One/the All.  It is then that love and light are bestowed from the One, and the One alters the view of duality into unity. It is the mastery that makes the miracles of the eleventh hour visible.