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Zero Point or The Void



A space exists between every heartbeat; it makes an appearance between the inhale and exhale of the breath. It is also the space between human consciousness and divine consciousness. In simple terms, it is known as the void. Greg Braden refers to it as zero point, and it is called the Great Mystery in the Tao te Ching.

It is a point of reception with the quantum field or the light. In one moment, our meditation or visualization takes on a new flavor. Or the light suddenly illuminates the woods on a drive or walk. Sometimes, we feel it as a response, a feeling of certain knowing, or a strong indication to travel in a direction.  Native Americans felt it as a response from the Great Spirit. Many have referred to it as “being in the light”—a state of grace, relaxation, and peace.

Others refer to it as the sacred space in the heart, the point lying behind/within the heart chakra.  In this place, duality lies in perfect balance—a resolution occurring from being at one while embracing “the mystery.” Part of the quest of spirituality is merging with the pivotal balance of the hidden heart space because impossible answers and endless possibilities are found in this realm.

The importance of the void lies in the element of transformation.  Modern numerology refers to the void as the number 13, the feminine completion of a cycle following twelve steps of transformation and accomplishment in the physical/spiritual realm. The thirteenth step involves moving into the nothingness (which is also a “something”) to find an ending to the last of a cycle and a new beginning simultaneously.

I mention it because we recently passed through 2013 with a strange mixture of ending and beginning energies. The Chinese interpretation of the Wood/Horse year refers to movement and change. Yet, change is best orchestrated by the inner self when connected to the Divine.

An intention to move into the void or to stay connected to the heart space is helpful—but finding and creating in the void is an entirely different experience. Change usually comes quite rapidly and is rarely exactly what we envision. It can be better, strange, or even pull in another life or reality in a matter of hours, days, or weeks.

The mystical state is somehow closest to quantum physics when everything changes its pattern according to our input, beliefs, and energy. It involves surrendering to light by letting go and feeling into the divine blueprint. Perhaps, we feel it or absorb it, but it ignites an entirely distinct, original flow of energy.

No one can tell anyone how to find the void or the flow of energy, issuing from it. We can tell of our own experiences, describe the feeling, or how we get there. We can hint and share clues. But it is the place of incredible change and manifestation for those who truly want to “get there.”

Here are a few clues:

1)      Meditate on the heart space. If you take classes, every class includes instructions for feeling the space behind the heart during the manifestation exercise. Listen and feel into it.

2)      Lie still and listen to your heart beats. Feel the space between them.  Or try it with your breath. Feel the universe breath into you.

3)      After visualization, feel where you project your imagery and thoughts. (You’ll probably notice sending a few thoughts or images to other people, the physical space around you, and to yourself. This is bigger.)

4)      Where does energy come from? What is the force or space behind it?

5)      What is the Great Mystery? What is the union of yin and yang? What is the source of light and darkness?

6)      Dawn and dusk separate day and night. They both contain an enormous amount of energy. Meditate during these times and watch the changing energy.


Julia Griffin, Intuitive Healer and Coach




Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. The
wolves  taught her that true energetic motion is based on the soul and patterns of nature. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.

Tuning into Change


Have you noticed the strange feeling of opening to light, the uplifting of your spirit when sensing nature, seeing loved ones or suddenly perceiving life from a different perspective? There’s also a strong downward draft when sensing the thoughts of others, a descent of spirit when sensing lower energies, such as negative news or uneasy emotion from others.  Sometimes you feel energized or exhausted and wish that life would resume its pattern in a briefly comfortable way.

These are the symptoms of receiving more light, the broadcast of messages that live in your heart and being. It’s a worldwide trend for light workers and those who desire a higher vibration. At another time in the past, a strong delineation between two worlds existed. It was believed that spiritual and material were somewhat separate unless a student received spiritual awakening.

In the past, traveling into the spiritual world involved initiation, and this process opened the perception of the unseen world. Initiation is no longer necessary. A strong desire to experience positive change, open the heart or receive more light is all that’s needed today. The veil between the worlds was said to lift in increments after initiation.

The term “veil” refers to the boundary between the spiritual and physical worlds, and the word, apocalypse, which is associated with end times, simply means the revelation of the hidden so it’s easy to see how the words interlace. (The door between the worlds opened every year at Halloween and All Soul’s Day, Oct 31 and Nov 1, when the energies of the astral world were permitted to roam at large. Many of the costumes represented creatures from the astral. On All Soul’s Day, the ability to communicate with the departed increased significantly.)

Let’s take a look at the signs of heightened awareness:

1)      As your light level increases, you become more sensitive to others. Easily identified as thoughts of other people or strong emotion with no provocation, this reaction is associated with receiving energy from other people. You may also feel heightened or lowered energy when running errands, depending on your response from other people.

2)      Your body suddenly feels very tired. It   feels overwhelming. The same work, completed easily in the past, causes a total wipe-out.  It’s not necessarily related to work or errands.  You may also experience strange aches or pains.

3)      You’re attracted to new books, ideas or people. Sometimes there is a very blissful feeling. You may know an answer internally and quickly. You know that you’re right. You know when someone thinks of you or when they will call.

4)      While the day-to-day feelings are good, you may feel confusion when dealing with issues or after interacting with emotional people. You’re not quite sure how to get back on the path or keep your vibration up. It may feel unbearable to interact with low energy or negative people.

5)      There’s a feeling of a big ending and beginning, but it doesn’t actually make sense in context with your life.

Understanding More

The fifth element or the akasha holds special importance at this time. The term, akasha, refers to the god-energy in every cell, the quantum field and the place of miracles. (You can easily see how this can relate to the special properties of DNA.) On a higher spiritual level, everyone communicates through love and spiritual guidance. As you quicken in consciousness or frequency, you receive more of the god-energy – but it amplifies everything in our lives.

The akasha is the invisible world, containing the astral world, the higher spiritual world and records of all energy including unspoken thoughts, feelings and desires. When your energy heightens or you move into the light (higher thoughts, light, love), you begin to perceive more of the unseen world. You hear the thoughts of others. Your intuitions become more on point. You may see colors or shapes with peripheral vision. These experiences involve lifting the veil of ordinary perception.

The boundaries are thinning. The new normal involves hearing or feeling other people’s thoughts, as well as the feeling of universal change. It’s best to ask how to find your inner self, the sound and voice of your heart. You can also tap into higher frequencies, which are just as available as lower frequencies. Everyone is making a choice about the rhythm, direction and influences in their life, and the strange phenomena once associated with special times, such as solar eclipses or Halloween, are becoming a way of life.


This brings a specific challenge to mind – the desire to rise to a higher level of consciousness almost always involves clearing a past hurt, wound or limitation. We feel the emotion, thought or physical pain as the limitation clears – this brings to mind the problem of remaining on a high level of consciousness while briefly experiencing pain or the problem. It’s important to know that the physical body needs time to adjust to higher levels of light. You can feel tired or ache because you are gaining awareness of a pattern, experiencing or clearing blocked energy or learning about your body’s needs.

To navigate through the old twists and turns of time while tuning to the New Age, it’s helpful to add new tools.

Here are a few tips:

1)      You can start the day by meditating on your desires for a better life so they stay foremost in your mind.  When you feel more from other people, it’s easy to get lost in the flow of the day.

2)      Make short lists of the most important parts of your day. Start by asking what needs to be done spiritually (exercise, meditate, send love) and then add the must-do’s. Be sure to add something special for you as self-love is incredibly important.

3)      Ask for understanding about other people. Should you tune them out, say something, create a boundary or let it go?  Keep asking to see the situation clearly and for the feeling of a clear answer. This process takes refinement and time.

4)      Do something different and new. Try to incorporate this on a monthly basis.

5)      Rest often. Take breaks and appreciate your body.

6)      When confused, you can ask for clarity or ask for a clear picture or a higher frequency. (Find the words that suit you best.)  The universe always hears you.

7)      Remain with a sharp strong image of a happy future. You’ll create it in time.

8)      The feeling of a beginning and ending is related to this point in time. You don’t have to know what it means, just stay with the awareness. Everyone with a higher frequency is getting the message. Answers come in time.

 For more details on the changes or tips listed in blog posts, you can listen to Julia’s classes, available under automatic downloads in the One True Self Store. (

Julia Griffin, Intuitive Healer and Coach





Julia Griffin, Intuitive Healer and Coach, is known nationally for her ability to enlighten others to find their True Self and become conscious co-creators through practical application of Universal Law.



Manifestation and the Inner Plane

In alchemy, the term inner plane refers to the akasha. The fifth element, known as aether by the Greeks, pertains to the god particle, the underlying light in every object. The akasha refers to an invisible field (the quantum field) which holds the impressions of time and interactions. It acts as instant messenger, communicating thoughts, emotions, actions and visualizations through space. The field also relates to the zone and the flow. It includes miracles and angels, the place of connection with higher spiritual forces.

On Earth, the akasha works in this way:  our thoughts and feelings collect on the inner plane. The collection of thoughts and emotions is measured by quantity and intensity. When intense images gather in sufficient quantity, they take form and shape in matter.  The attractor factor operates on this premise. (The law of attraction fails to take two factors into account. Conflicting beliefs must clear before manifesting a desire, and desires should be weighed in accordance with the soul. Wanting something does not mean that it is in our highest good.)

On the highest level of vibration, we work with love and light. We substitute one image for another with a loving heart. A loving heart means expressing our personal truth in a way that opens dialog without judgment. Change comes through finding our negative thoughts and transforming through positive visuals and feelings.

As we grow in self-mastery and spirituality, we begin to understand the importance of our unspoken thoughts and feelings. A moment of rage or resentment may be identified as a passing thought or feeling, particularly if we refrain from expressing it, but it does a great deal of damage when glimpsed intuitively on the inner plane. When angry or sad, we project our thoughts and feelings toward friends, c and events in life. Other people constantly respond to our positive and negative thoughts. (I’m not pointing a finger. I’ve learned this by delving into my intuitive gifts while learning more about the inner plane.)

The same formula holds true on a broader plane. The energy of our collective imagery imprints and affects global reality.  Our group agreements affect the course of global affairs. For example, we could mindfully (or mindlessly) read an article about the population of honey bees or deforestation in South America. Without noticing, we visualize fewer bees and trees. Is this what we want? Isn’t it better to envision the return of amphibians, song birds and honeybees, populating the near-by forests?

It’s very easy to turn thoughts around, but it does mean creating new habits. In the early days of discovery of the power of thought and emotion, it’s important to consider our inner dialog as an effective prayer.  I believe we’ll discover the positive nature and power of our collective energy in the coming years. Simply reflecting on the God particle – the element of light in fiber of life – may help to lead us there. We can also become more adept at using our minds as filters, not receptors of all and any energies.

In the meanwhile, here’s one of my favorite affirmations. Please pass it on.

Affirmative statement: It’s not true in my world. I choose to see ___. For example, I see a world with financial prosperity for everyone, happy loving relationships, free energy, less competition and more cooperation and an abundance of nature and wildlife. I see everyone finding their creative voice. The joy of their voices rises into a song, which captures and changes the world. I am at peace as I visualize a beautiful world without suffering.

Additional affirmations: Lack is an illusion. There is no lack in the universe. I choose to see prosperity at all times. My desired prosperity flows to me now. All difficulties with this relationship are an illusion. I choose to experience a loving relationship at all times.

Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and counselor





Julia Griffin, Intuitive Healer and Coach.