Finding Your Inner Connection



Everyone remembers profound moments of connection such as oneness with the beauty of nature, the motion of falling into love, meeting friends who “know” you, or feeling the presence of the universe. They are recognizable, beautiful moments of transcendence that come as an amazing gift. But it’s more difficult to discern while moving through every day “mundane” moments.
On this note, I wanted to share a few thoughts and tips.

1) Your inner self is always anchored in goodness and connection. If you are centered in the inner self, you feel calm, happy, and peaceful. It speaks softly and with encouragement. There is a definite presence of love. (It does not share critical thoughts, and it believes you are wonderful.)

2) Your inner self is calm. It does not hurry, agonize, or feel lower emotions. Anger, hurt, and anxiety come from the lower self. If you pull into center or imagine being surrounded by pink light, the universe will help by expanding the answers you hold within.

3) The inner self brings in a state of unconditional love. You look at your problems with detachment. You observe lower thoughts and know they do not come from the inner self but reflect issues within the self, which require healing, attention, and light. You also understand it is possible to find the answer, receive help, or encounter a shift in consciousness while on the path to the answer. (You also know problems are part of the path. Every solved problem leads to quantum shift in consciousness.)

4) You understand you’ve passed through difficulties in life, but you don’t blame. You understand they are part of your growth, personality, and the person you will become. There is a feeling of acceptance and a longing to become free from the vestiges of the past. You know you can do this, and you look forward to the future. Just as the inner self can free your consciousness in the moment, continued efforts will free you from the past.

5) The inner self always wants to grow. It is interested in energy, health, freedom, and the expression of inner gifts. Sometimes, you may feel this as pressure or a calling, but you are willing to go forward. (It’s helpful to see yourself succeeding with the next step of inner expression.)

6) The inner self leads you into the heart space. You become more aware of unconditional love for yourself and your life. You learn to speak from the heart, which is a different feeling than speaking with the mind.

7) The inner self is connected to the universe. When you connect with the inner self, you learn to expand, so you can feel more of the universe. From there, your consciousness expands, and you perceive more of the energetic, invisible world. (This usually occurs during meditation.)

When you are not in this space, you can think about the inner self, and it will speak with gentle, loving energy. When you want to feel more of the goodness in life, you can surround yourself with pink light. And you can remember the universe is always there, ready to respond with light and love.

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