Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse



A strong, cosmic energy is at play; it will grow and expand by the light of the full moon and lunar eclipse. This lunar eclipse coincides with the super moon for the first time in thirty-three years. (A super moon simply means it is closer to the earth than usual.) Obviously, the energy will be powerful. A strong, cosmic energy is at play; it will grow and expand by the light of the full moon and solar eclipse.

Changes are currently taking place on the esoteric plane. The inner world is rearranging itself—and creating a higher pattern. The energies are very strong, and it can feel like a roller coaster with a wonderful, calm feeling beneath the highs and lows.

It’s a revolutionary love energy with the potential to anchor in a new world. I suspect we’re moving through the process of seeing our lower patterns while experiencing the sensations of the beauty and calm of a new dimension of life. It simply means that we’re experiencing a higher dimension as we oscillate between our lower patterns and more connection with the higher self.

The full moon chart is strong with many powerful aspects. Sun in (life, yang energy) in Libra (balance, scales) is opposite the Moon (emotions, yin energy, the mother) in Aries, which represents passion and new beginnings. The chart demonstrates the necessity of balance (material/spiritual life) as we continue our passage into a world where everything works differently and changes every few months.

All of those with an open heart will move into a new beginning. The energy has accumulated throughout the year; it will pour down on the days between the equinox and full moon/lunar eclipse. (As usual, those who are attuned will feel it most.) It’s an interesting, tense chart with a great deal of push and pull.

The opposition between Sun (life, outer self) and Mercury (communication, thought) and the Moon (mother, feminine energy) in Aries could describe much of the overall chart. In this case, the planets are speaking two different languages or transmitting opposite energies. (Sometimes, it means we have to find the “good” in the opposites symbolized by each of the two planets and read between the lines.) For example, Moon in Aries asks for bold action while Sun and Mercury focus on pondering a situation—finding the balance (answer) through slow reflection. But if we only reflect, we can’t move forward (Libra); we need to energy supplied by Aries to take action. Mercury also represents the higher mind, so the solution might involve looking the two sides of an equation, tapping into the higher mind for direction, and planning or taking action.

Venus rises in Leo and conjuncts Mars. Venus and Mars conjunct can represent good communications with the opposite sex—or simply understanding the interplay between the male/female side of the personality. Venus also squares Saturn, which means Venus urges play while Saturn (time, limitation, karma)  pushes us into work. Venus trines Uranus and urges creativity in a spiritual, non-traditional way.

Multiple squares and oppositions play through this chart along with mitigating influences. Mercury (communication), Venus (pleasure, beauty, attraction), and Jupiter (good fortune) are square Saturn. Mars and Jupiter make an opposition to Neptune. Sun, Moon, and Mercury are opposite Pluto. In short, there is a great deal of tension (squares) and variation of feeling (opposition=two opposite feelings at one time or intermittently.)

Moving through this jigsaw puzzle of pieces, which seemingly don’t match, is part of the process of finding the inner self. By sliding all of the aspects of the self together, we may find alchemical gold—or deep alignment with the inner self.


  1. Don’t allow people on a lower vibration to move into your field. If they are on a lower vibration, they will definitely attach to your energy field by sharing their angst. Set boundaries. (Their problems can wait.) Stay in the light and ask for guidance.
  2. Observe patterns when they appear. With several oppositions, personal patterns will appear and disappear during this time period. Use it as an opportunity to move into the higher self or observe.
  3. Move more deeply into the light when things are good. It’s a wonderful opportunity for experiencing more of the inner self. Sit outdoors under the beautiful moon and stars.
  4. Venus can represent love on a higher level. It trines Uranus (the “field”, spirituality), which can inspire wonderful thoughts, creativity, and brilliance through the expression of inner gifts.
  5. Many of the squares and oppositions will last for only a few days. Life will become quieter before we pass through another intense period. The lesson involves learning to find the stillness within the inner self. (We don’t feel the storms within this place–at least not as much.)

Sabian Symbols

The Sabian Symbols speak loudly on the Full Moon. By reflecting on their message, we can receive insights about the overall chart.

Sun is on Libra 5, “A Man Teaching the True Inner Knowledge of the New World to His Students.”  It’s a lovely symbol, radiating the feeling of truth and love in a new age. Everyone holds this essential knowledge within the inner self. It can become awakened by teachers and/or personal insights.

In a time of many teachers and students, it’s also important to feel the truth within ourselves—and learn with discernment. Conversely, some people have a pure spirit and teach by transmitting their inner light and love.

Moon is exactly opposite Sun in Aries 5. “A White Triangle is Seen; It has Golden Wings” is the symbol of this degree. An upwardly pointing triangle points to the reception of information from the universe, the Divine. White is the color of purity; a triangle represents harmony.

The color, golden, represents the alchemical process of transmuting the ego into the higher self. The image of wings may symbolize angels, the divine beings who aid in lifting our consciousness into a higher place of being. (The moon rules emotions and moods, so this speaks of raising our feelings to a more positive level.)

It’s interesting to note that the symbol for Sun speaks of traditional teachings and awakenings; the moon hints at the value of emotional work to achieve emotional harmony.

Mercury sits on Libra 9, conjunct sun and opposite Moon. Libra 9 is symbolized by “Three Old Masters Hanging in a Special Room in an Art Gallery—Sometimes They Seem to Speak to Each Other.” The paintings of masters transcend time; they speak to our soul through beauty and technique. They exude energy, which is available for the viewers of fine art.

Since Mercury rules communication and thought, the master paintings could refer to the energy exuded by various sources—unspoken content, which is literally transmitted by an object. This symbol encourages unseen and unspoken communication as a part of inner development.

Venus is square Saturn, trine Uranus on Leo 23, “A Bareback Rider Displaying Her Dangerous Skill.” Incredible skills are developed through practice, patience, and balance. Horses represent power in the shamanic tradition. People or a crowd of people are implied through “displays.”

Increasingly, we receive reminders about our inner power. Through the love (Venus) and devotion, we may learn to hone our skills to employ our spiritual power in an amazing way—to share and perform for a large collection of people.

Mars is placed on Virgo 2, square Saturn, “A Large White Cross, Dominating the Landscape, Stands Alone on Top of a High Hill.” This symbol can refer to the need for time alone to develop spiritual beliefs. It can also refer to beliefs, relating to the Piscean Age, such as suffering and sacrificing personal needs to align with religious beliefs.

In the Aquarian Age, there is an emphasis on creating an unified field through spirituality. Perhaps, it is time to create a happier balance between spirituality and the daily rituals of “reality.” We could also choose to see spirituality as the process of creating an abundant, happy life in the spiritual and physical world—or walking in both worlds!

Jupiter is on Virgo 11, “A Boy Molded in His Mother’s Aspirations for Him.” This symbol could speak of the societal and familial expectations placed on everyone. It’s impossible to live up to all of the expectations and dreams of other people. Some of the “molding”  or cultural shaping is important because we learn manners and methods of relating to others. Conversely, the projections and aspirations of others can align–or interfere–with the development of the inner self.

Perhaps, we are discerning between our true nature and the “projected” nature of those who surround us.

Saturn sits on Sagittarius 1, squaring Jupiter and Neptune, “Retired Army Veterans Gather to Reawaken Old Memories.” Gathering together and talking about the past brings up specific memories of shared periods of time. Through greater understanding and discussion, we can see the true reason behind conflicts or causes for world issues. But we can also cling to the past, which eliminates moving forward into a new life.

Saturn rules time, and the message may concern understanding the conglomeration of images, which create an “image” or hologram of the past, to understand a larger truth. When we understand the truth about the past, it’s easier to release old soul contracts, patterns, and habits, which limit our expansion.


Julia Griffin, Intutiive Healer and Coach


Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.



  1. Thank you, once again, Julia! I have been feeling the arrival of this energy for almost a week and it took over my entire being last night as I traversed dimensions! Not poetry….fact! I am still dealing with the physical dynamics of this energy. Not painful or uncomfortable, really…..just profoundly unique! I am talking, “Wow”!

  2. Hi Julia,

    Wow what a time, My ears have been ringing for over a week now and today has been very strange where I’m not sure who I am… also the floating sensation is very strong, and the disconnectedness, when i speak to people I dont feel like I’m all here …everything feels like an echo. And under all of that is still a happy feeling.Very strange indeed.
    I see us all hold hands as we walk foreword into the NEW and smiling …

    Much love to you honey : ) xx

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