Holding the Vision


It takes courage, commitment and willpower to act on spiritual truths, to create a life based on these truths by doing what you love, what you need to do and to work selflessly to benefit the world through work on the self. These three qualities are also needed to commit to the creation of a joyful life, thus vibrating above the frequency of mass consciousness. In this way, we gain the ability to influence matter so that it evolves into a higher state through altering our perpetual holograms or visual images imbued with emotion and sensation. This is only possible in a positive sense through the connection with the Universe or a higher system of energy.
No matter what happens, we must hold our vision. When life or situations seem to move incorrectly, go back to the vision. See the prosperity, the desired relationship, the peace of mind, the house, the car, the support from the universe.

When we begin our work with a desire, the opposite energy usually intervenes. It’s not a punishment from the universe –it’s the energy contained in our fields. The universe offers a choice for our personal identification. Will we identify with the old energy that says “I can’t” or the new energy that says “I will?” If we say, “I will go forward”, we begin to receive the stored energy and emotions from the past. The best
attitude comes from the realization that we are only receiving stored negative thoughts and emotions – that’s all. They pass in time. Regard them as illusion and continue to hold the vision. (After all, we’re creators. If we created the problem, then the solution can come, too.)

Simple Steps for Creating Anything
1) Begin with a big desire. Please take a moment and choose something that you want more than anything (and you
should have wanted it for some time.) Hold it in your mind and really, really want it.
2) How would it feel to have this? What is one tiny step? Please visualize this and see yourself doing it. Just a flicker of focus will work well. See yourself working on one step for about five to ten minutes.
3) Send light to the step. Love the step. Wrap the whole desire up a like a birthday package. See it beautifully wrapped. See the wrappings as amazingly, incredible love.
4) Imagine taking one small step for five minutes twice each week. You don’t have to get much done –just take a step. When we take a step – whether we fail or succeed – we are saying, “Universe, please I want more energy around this. I want more of this. Part of me loves and wants this.” The entire universe responds to love. Wherever it sees love, it pours out more and more of it.
5) Force yourself to take one small five minute step and keep going. Understand that fear will come up –as double-edged sword. Any desire is accompanied by need and fear. Fear comes in two forms. One part of us doesn’t want the change and the other part is afraid of the greatness of the inner self. It doesn’t matter –it’s just part of manifestation.
6) Now visualize about 20% completion of your desire. This usually feels good and isn’t scary. Hold this image for a moment and come back to the present. You can work through anything in this way. (Use the completely fulfilled outcome in the manifestation exercise at least once each day.)
7) Clear yourself from mass consciousness and the people around you often – as many as 9 or 10 times each day.

Dealing with Others

1) Don’t share your success or your psychic experiences. Other people tend to take joy away. Understand that having joy and awakening is enough –you radiate love, and other folks don’t need to know more.
2) When encountering conflict with others, don’t do anything. Don’t react. Wait 24 hours and then discuss it later when you feel calm. Don’t try to win. Just know your personal truth and state it. (Wherever others are undeveloped, they cannot possibly perceive truth. You’re only stating for yourself – so do it quietly.)
3) Let other people offer to help you. Stay around people who love you and make you feel better.
4) Notice your needs. Whenever you think you “need” anything, ask how you can supply it for yourself. Oddly, people give this when you no longer need it.
5) Don’t beat yourself up when you do something wrong or stupid. It’s all about learning the ways of love – and everyone makes mistakes when they learn. Love the mixed-up part of you as much as possible.
6) Don’t think that you need money. See yourself having it instead.
7) Visualize resolution with others.
8) Radiate out love often. Send it to everything.
Putting Wishes into Form
Creating wishes in physical form means finding the right form for our inner desires. Everyone creates the experience of the flow of life through thoughts and feelings—and we do it continually –but it’s better to work with the universe by connecting our hearts to the light and consciously focusing. It’s important to determine the difference between subconscious and conscious creating because there is a subtle difference in the feeling. With the new energies, it’s particularly important to hold a specific visualization for 9-10 times each day. These
visualizations should be held very briefly, only for a few seconds and then released. In the past, an intense focus for four or five minutes daily would bring any desire into being, but the rules of the universe are changing. We must keep our focus on the intent if we want a quick, clean result. Practice the manifestation exercise to develop a deep connection with the universe. During meditation, you may notice alterations with holograms, which create greater synchronicity with the true self.


Julia Griffin, Intuitive Teacher and Coach




Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. The wolves  taught her that true energetic motion is based on the soul and patterns of nature. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.


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