Listening to the Earth


As a child, I learned the patterns of clouds, seasons, the motion of the moon, and meaning of dew on the grass. Nature spoke in an immutable language of signs, which never changed—and spoke of the future in a thousand ways. But the earth is changing, and the signs no longer hold their former wealth of information.

The sun and moon rise in different locations. There are unseasonable patterns. Fall comes early, perennial plants bloom in fall rather than spring, and storms and fires fill the continent. Globally, we’re experiencing solar flares, rising oceans, and a fluctuating magnetic field. The planet is taking on the matrix of a new pattern.

The wolf population is growing throughout the United States. (When I first met the wolves, their numbers were smaller. They said the resurgence of their population was associated with a positive change as well as the turning of the planet and stars.) The four-leggeds and the creatures of the ocean also send waves of songs to support us.

In alchemical writings, there are notes indicating the elementals (the creatures ruling the kingdoms of fire, air, water, and earth) respond to the moods and thoughts of awakening human beings. As we awaken our energy level soars, and the acceleration of consciousness amplifies any imbalance in the emotional, mental, or physical realm of humans. As our energy increases and expands, nature acts as a balancing force by releasing emotion through storms and flames.

With many people awakening at this particular time, the planet’s reaction is not surprising. Earth is likely reflecting the oscillation of emotions and thoughts of many people at one time. As we increase our consciousness and light, our feelings and emotions often become more intense.

I’m sharing my thoughts below, which are simply based on observation.

  1. Storms and rain can reflect our inner condition; they can also clear our inner and outer condition. (Think of the garden in mid-summer after a wonderful rain.) From my experience, it is possible to calm a storm or experience it in a less intense manner.
  2. Fire purifies and changes a landscape. With the many fires in the United States, it could be helpful to imagine the landscape after days of rain–or to see new life in the place of the flames. (Note: it’s more helpful to see and imagine rain than to wish for it.)
  3. Some of our weather may be manufactured by others. We could imagine gentle, balanced weather–or devices that don’t work.
  4. We hasten the seasons and the feeling of an accelerated year by sending children to school in early August. Advertisements such as Halloween in August make time seem to move more quickly. When we buy and prepare months ahead, we actually visualize cooler weather and other events such as Christmas and snow! It’s always a wonderful time to slow and become present.
  5. Mass beliefs such as associating harsh winter with global warming increase the likelihood of the experience. If many people believe this, we’ll certainly experience it. Obviously, it’s also possible to visualize and create a milder winter. On another topic, pollution obviously exists, and we have to see this truth. But we can also imagine a planet without pollution, including clear skies, clean water, and solutions for current problems.

If Nature is reflecting our beliefs, thoughts, and emotions, there is a possibility of creating a better reality. As far as I know, few people, with the exception of indigenous people, experiment with this. Please share your thoughts and insights.







Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.If you would like to seek additional spiritual change and insight into your life, please contact me for information about an intuitive session.



  1. I want to thank you Julia for your work and sharing information! I love your emails and your messages resonate with me. Once again, thank you so much!

  2. Hello once again Julia! I’ve lots to write about what’s going on in the U.S.A. right now & actually since 01/14, when there was a series of tornados that mo.; ever since, U.S.’rs. ( I lived 7 good yrs. in my youth in the States, actually until the slaughter of J. F. K. & now live in CDA.) have experienced at least 1 weather phenomena every wk.! & now that’s accompanied w/ 1 mass shooting / wk. As far as I’m concerned, your “bad spell” started when the U. S. military dropped the 2nd bomb on Japan, which was definitely OVER-KILL, & now the U.S.A. has earned the title of WORLD BULLY for having gotten involved in 1 war after the other around the world & twice in Iraq! As far as I’m concerned. the U.S.A. is paying for its “SINS”

    Julia, you’re right about the 4-leggeds, which I respect more than most people & the indigenous peoples! I’ve plenty to say on that matter also, but I’m running short on time & I’ll only say that the Europeans accumulated tons of bad karma for what they put them through for generations & generations & now are only starting to make meager amends.

    • Raymond, thank you for sharing your opinion, and I see your point. However, there are many light workers in the United States, and we’re doing our best to stay positive, see the best possible outcome, and share our love and light.

      (To me, most karmic situations are a bit like an algebraic equation with light on one side and darkness on the other. So, I try to take an honest look at the bad and focus on the good possibility.)

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