Loving Your Body Class

A few years ago, I made a discovery. I created a short exercise for a class called, “I love myself.” The exercise stayed in my mind. I practiced it and used it in classes. Everyone felt and looked better after we worked with it. I repeated the words often, either verbally or mentally. To my surprise, I looked better in a few weeks and even better a few months later.

I realized we almost never express love for our bodies. Before the “I love me” exercise, I focused on what I didn’t like about myself.  When I looked in the mirror, I saw circles under my eyes or a tired look on my face when I didn’t have enough sleep or worked too much. But when I started loving myself, my face looked different. I liked myself and how I looked.

A few years later, I made another exciting discovery. While writing about a time in my life when I devoted much of my  time to physical conditioning, my body changed. As I focused on memories of climbing mountains, running, or other physical practices, my body changed even more. My waistline became smaller, and I suddenly had more muscles.

Thinking about exercising was inspiring so I added thirty minutes of running and more yoga to my schedule, but I was exercising just over one hour each day. My body looked the way it had years ago—when I thought nothing of exercising all day. I felt great again.

What happened? What caused the transformation?

I had to think about it. Surely, we all feel better when we’re loved—particularly when we feel someone’s love for us. Sending love to yourself must work along the same line of reasoning (or energy.)  There had to be more to it.

My theory was tested when Liz asked for help. She’d had a baby a year ago. She exercised one or two hours each day. She was on a diet. She was exhausted.  Nothing worked.

I made a few simple suggestions. (You’ll hear them on the first MP3)  In two or three weeks, my friend’s body changed. Her waistline came back. She looked beautiful. It worked.

Here’s what she has to say:

I wasn’t sure if it would work, but I’d tried everything so I figured, “Why not?” I fed myself on the positive thoughts she suggested. I sent love to the problem areas of my body and visualized them in a better way. No matter how I looked, I saw myself looking good. My overall appearance improved in a few days. Eight weeks later, I’ve lost nine pounds, and I almost have my pre-baby body back! ~Liz L.

I wanted to know more about my theory, and we tested it in class. It’s true. You become how you see yourself, but it’s more than perception. It’s also about energy, love, and a few special laws of the universe. To my knowledge, no one has ever put this material into form or offered it to the public. These ideas are unique. You won’t read about them anywhere.

You can learn about it by listening to Loving Your Body Class. I also created an eBook  (40 pages) for those who want to do more or want to record their thoughts and feelings. The eBook lists many important points and shares meaningful tips.

Loving Your Body


What will you learn in class?

  • How energy lies behind appearance
  • Learning to substitute LOVE in place of critical thoughts/feelings
  • Turning back the clock
  • Telling myself I look great ~ reaffirming how wonderful I look
  • Telling my body where to put energy
  • Learning to send light
  • Paying attention to the words my body responds to
  • Listening to when my body wants to eat, exercise or go outside
  • Asking my body what it wants to do
  • Learning the mirror exercise
  • Opening up to a higher vibration to create change.

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Read the Testimonials from Class:

I look better and people are noticing the difference

The Love Your Body Class was fantastic. Not only do I feel better, I look better and people are noticing the difference since taking this class. It has helped on so many levels I cannot say thank you enough. I will continue using what we learned and continue on my way to a more healthy beautiful body, thanks to you. ~Laura Lacy

My waistline is smaller and the skin is tighter. I look more youthful. 

I participated in Julia’s amazing body class.  I know this class would help anyone willing to do the work.  I not only like myself but I truly love myself.  (I don’t think I could have meant it before taking the class.)  I feel better about myself and look better.  My waistline is smaller and the skin is tighter. I look more youthful.   Men are also flirting with me more.  This happened in only 4 weeks. Thank you Julia. ~Donna E

I was able to reverse that (negative) image and love my body fully.

Julia Griffin’s Body Class is transformational.  Before taking this class I struggled with a negative image of my body.  After the exercise and lessons included in the classes,  I was able to reverse that image and love my body fully.  I also received the benefit of a huge healing, an experience of profound letting go of prior relationship issues.  I loved the class, the exercises and Julia’s lessons, and feel they would benefit anyone wanting to love their body more. ~Karen Stewart

I lost several pounds over the course of the class, and without really trying

This class has helped me notice and begin to shift some deep habits of negative thought that have kept me stuck in a pattern most of my life. I feel like I will be integrating the exercises and visualizations for a long time, and answering/catching myself when negative habits show up with clear, cogent strategies I plan to keep implementing daily.

I lost several pounds over the course of the class, and without really trying I found myself exercising the way I have been meaning to, and following through with some bodywork that always improves my way of being in the world. I’ve also been kinder and kinder to myself, and driving myself less. Perhaps most importantly, when a mini health crisis came up for me mid-month, I chose to take a day off to just be with myself, and found a totally new way of handling it, and watched my body heal at an amazing pace. I feel very, very grateful for all of this.~Jennifer Lynch, Acupuncturist

Concrete, Specific Methods
I am so grateful for the opportunity and gift of being in these classes. I learned  and benefited a great deal. While I knew it was important to listen to my self talk and that visualization works, these classes provided me with concrete  and specific ways in which to move and do it. 
~Leah Mason
by the end of the series I LOVE my body!
Julia’s “Loving Your Body” class was so subtlety powerful! Half-way through the series I developed the practice of filling my light body throughout the day and started to talk to and see myself differently and by the end of the series I LOVE my body! I feel and look sexy and more slim then I have in a long time and many different people started to tell me how beautiful I look.  Julia’s work is easy and effective in changing “reality”. ~Elicia Woodford


By learning how to love ourselves, we soften our projection and view ourselves with greater respect and even reverence. Over time, we become more conscious of how we talk to our body and how our body talks to us. Communication and observation are part of any loving relationship. Additionally, the class teaches about gaining, losing, or storing energy (important for anyone on the spiritual path.)

The class tells us how to let go of our images of aging and resume a vital and youthful appearance through sixty second meditations. Many of the participants in this class discovered a flow of success with their exercise and eating habits, as well as substantial changes in appearance.


“in the flow” vs. trying to diet or force something

I truly am LOVING my body and treating my body with love and it’s EASY! It feels “in the flow” vs. trying to diet or force something. The Body Class started me on a path to understanding my body better and finding an eating plan that makes me feel great! I am being so GOOD to myself and my body. So a big thank you~Lisa Tener, Book Writing Coach
the weight come off like I haven’t seen a long time
I wanted to tell you about some effects I’ve had from your Body Class.  I kept up with the verbal affirmations of my body, not letting myself fall into negativity about it.  I have struggled with this issue for years. It has become a serious issue for me.  Recently I have tried many different methods to spur change and nothing has worked.  Nothing.  My weight would actually go UP.   I had an idea of a simple plan that might work for me, and I tried it.  It’s only been a couple of weeks. but I’ve seen the weight come off like I haven’t seen a long time.  It hasn’t even been difficult.  I enjoy it for the most part. Let people know of the residual benefits that will come from taking the class! ~Karen Stewart