Message from the Wolves: The Importance of Dreaming


Behind the beauty of the great silver moon, we are here. We travel through forests to secret hidden places, we sing the songs of the earth, and we convey our message. As the soul awakens, these songs and messages come to you, and you will unravel them at the right time and place.

There are great dreams hidden in your heart, which you have not yet discovered. They have to do with your gifts and powers, which are beneath the surface—but like the sun shining on hidden objects in ice, they will soon be released. Power comes when you want to explore your potential, to grow and expand like a flower or a plant by opening your life to the great spirit, the animating force of life.

There is great beauty and skill within you, but you must seek it. This beauty and set of skills are found within you during times of stillness and connection when the universe flows through it. It may come when you glance at the sky, the sun, or changing colors of leaves as they move with the wind.

Awareness of dreams and the inner self also comes in moments of pure love for yourself, the universe, and those with whom you are close. In these moments, life opens, and it changes if you step into it because change is one of the largest opportunities in life.

Mystical moments come because you pursue and want them. The flow of events in your life relates to your likes and dislikes, passionate moments, and lower frequency. Lower frequencies can be rewritten by stepping through them and choosing to see life from a new perspective with all of your heart. In other words, it is a desire, which is embraced by faith and belief in the universe.

Without this, there is only a confusion of dreams, fears, and lack of action. Like the waves in the ocean, which can move in many directions, so you are the same with your thoughts, dreams, and ruminations on life.

Yet, you can decide to direct the waves—to free yourself of the waves that are disturbing and limiting. You do this by deciding that you can direct the waves. (Many people can do this with one area of life, but all are needed.) You can move into beauty, stillness, and the direction of your heart through a simple decision to do so.

True decisions ignite intent. When intent is strong, the waves change their course, and this is true of the waves of your mind, body, and sensations. Power comes from following your intent and learning not to waiver from it.

The universe amplifies intention when you are aligned with the universe, and the earth shapes it into form as it does with rocks, flowers, trees, and mountains. Both are needed.

It also requires the development of faith.

How do you develop faith?

It begins by speaking with the universe, by noticing the harmony of nature, and believing in the beauty of your heart. If your intention comes from the heart, then the universe will support you. If you talk to the universe through meditation, it will know you are there. This is quite different from your normal mixture of positive/negative thoughts–or only meditating for what you want. (Wanting and intending from the heart are very different.)

You develop faith by asking the universe to help and by remaining in quiet contemplation with your desire. Quiet contemplation means eliminating conflicting thoughts by remaining in a quiet, centered state while seeing the outcome of your desire. Then, you believe in your desire.

If you’re honest, you’ll notice how the old, conflicting thoughts may flow back into your consciousness. You can use this energy to do new things and see life differently. You can also ask the universe to help and meditate on your heart—the door to beauty and truth.

By staying in this state, you find that life alters. As you connect with the universe daily, you will find it speaks and responds to you more quickly. It becomes aware of you, and, as a result, it becomes responsive to your visualizations, thoughts, and requests. The universe wants to help you.

What is the importance of dreams?

For every situation or possible outcome, there are several possible dreams. The earth dreams of harmony between kingdoms and ways of living with man, which bring union and understanding—and a way of using her resources that creates more energy for all. Wolves dream of walking at man’s side and the understanding of stories, which have been shared for so long. Whales dream of clean oceans and the laughter of waves—with beautiful things washing up on the shore.

Our higher dreams, which offer growth and fulfillment, come from the universe. Every day, we choose between higher and lower dreams. Do you want the same old dream, which is never fulfilling, or do you put your trust in the universe and move into the higher one?

It’s a choice. You cannot do both. Much of the state of the world results from dreaming wrong dreams, but it could be changing in a few months or years. It is about allowing the messages of the universe and earth to run through—and to let go of distractions.

How do we release distractions?

By choosing the actions (both passive and active), which lead to the soul or inner self. Each time, you interrupt the flow of a “normal” day, it leaves room for new dreams, intentions, and hope to flow through you. What if many people dreamed of beauty and harmony for the earth for just one day?

You would flow into the old dreams of the universe and nature, the perfect dreams, which focus on your power and ability to step into abundance and fulfillment.







Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.If you would like to seek additional spiritual change and insight into your life, please contact me for information about an intuitive session.


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