Moving Out of Fear and Into Love

There are actually good reasons for feeling fear. First of all, we always feel fear when we act on the heart because the world teaches us to go in the opposite direction (away from the inner self.) The outer world of duality resists the motion of wholeness associated with finding the inner self.

Yet, nothing is as fulfilling as connecting with the inner self, and life changes when we live from the heart. We learn to identify the energy associated with our soul. We gain awareness of energy as a whole and learn how it resonates with us. We learn how to create our inner desires, find our gifts, and share them with others.

There are also other reasons for feeling fear. They involve mass consciousness, taking a leap in faith, listening to the heart (when it doesn’t make sense), trusting the universe, and resistance.

1) When we step into the light, it involves a leap. It means letting go of our current life and believing whatever appears will work. It’s not easy, and the ego often feels resistance (or fear) about taking a big step.

Take the first step and continue by repeating until it works or morphs into another form. You will find help; the universe will not abandon you.

2)  The outer world does not encourage the huge wave of awakening. When we expand into our inner self, we can receive a wave of fear from mass consciousness (the lower emotions of the world at large.)

If you focus on the inner self as often as possible, you will find a way to move through the resistance. (It’s not easy, but you can move through it by using your will and determination.)

3) Mass consciousness resists personal change. Mass consciousness is a compilation–or cloud of energy–based on the lowest emotions and thoughts on the planet. When we feel a lower emotion such as fear and/or anxiety, mass consciousness increases the lower feeling. It’s helpful to ask the universe to delete the connection with lower energies and align us with the inner self.

The universe responds when we ask for help. It hears us more easily if we ask often and meditate.

4)  When we step into love and the inner self, it means letting go of our current life and believing whatever appears will work. It’s not easy, and the ego often feels resistance (or fear) about taking a big step. It’s normal to feel afraid, uneasy, or agitated before taking a step, and we have to trust the universe. The universe always has a bigger, better plan.

Let go and trust. If you feel the light, it is leading you. Go forward!

5) It’s easier to feel fear about our destiny than it is to take a step. “Destiny’ is simply the soul’s path—the universe’s way of choosing experiences of teaching us to move into a higher place of being. It’s easiest to begin with a desire of the heart. Manifestation is the expression of an expanded vision of the beautiful and good aspects of self that originate in the heart.

Learn how to use tools such as visualization, positive thoughts, and the power of love.  Study angels, read books, and practice changing how you see your life. (There is a great network of “love”, which will support you.)

6) The pressure and feelings of fear will lessen when you decide to move in the direction of the soul. The pressure lessens as you listen and commit to your inner self. The relief is often immediate!

7) Moving into awakening can also bring feelings of uncertainty to the surface. While we may feel unhappy in our experience of “reality”, relinquishing control can feel difficult. We have expectations of how life should look and feel. 

Control comes from the ego. Allow your “reality” to rearrange itself in a new manner. It’s okay. The new reality will be much better.

8) When we step into intuition, it can take time to distinguish between the soul and ego—and to have a consistent feeling of direction. (This can feel frightening.) The inner self asks us to listen with the heart. It means following intuition or inner guidance as opposed to the voice of the outer world. This may feel strange or uncomfortable in the beginning. Often, the directions don’t make sense.

9) Over time, we learn to trust the inner voice and distinguish feelings and direction.After every leap, we trust the inner voice more. But it’s only in the area of the jump. There’s still more ground to cover.  We often feel the resistance of the lower self and the world, but it passes. Part of this occurs from learning to believe in the inner self, the true part of the self. (We also learn to believe in the universe’s ability to support us—or faith.)


Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.

If you would like to seek additional spiritual change and insight into your life, please contact me for information about an intuitive session.


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