New Moon Forecast: Finding Our Light


The New Moon is the time of the void. It’s a wonderful time to rest, collect light through meditation, and visualize. Nothing grows during this three day phase (following the New Moon), as evidenced by gardening work, and the energy is quiet and dormant. (There is a growth of intensity around the New and Full Moons, which is likely related to our growing sensitivity to nature and phases of light.)

The New Moon on October 19 brings light and lovely energy on the surface with Sun, Moon, and Venus in lovely Libra, the air sign that brings beauty, justice, and a lightness of being. (The world looks particularly beautiful when the Sun is placed in Libra and Taurus, the two signs, which are ruled by Venus.)

Sun/Moon in Libra extends a feeling of detachment, a desire to float above the mundane aspects of life. In this chart, their symbol is “An Airplane Sails High in the Bright Sky.” Likely, we’re ready to soar above the troubles of the world. But Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Jupiter are in opposition to Uranus (change and awakening). Sun, Moon, and Uranus also square (tension) Pluto (underworld), creating a cauldron of repressed emotion/thought mixed with a desire for change. (We can totally handle it!)

The symbol for Uranus is “Through Imagination, A Lost Opportunity is regained.” Much of metaphysics presents interpretations about the power of using the imagination. Perhaps, we can use our imagination to see a “whole” new world and/or solve personal problems by seeing and feeling the opposite. At any rate, Uranus urges us to steer away from detachment, look at negative aspects of our consciousness (how we see life), and make changes accordingly. (There are many good aspects along with the challenges.)

Mercury (communications, mind) is placed in Scorpio, which sharpens intuition. It conjuncts (close to) Jupiter, heightening the possibility of thoughts that will lead to success and good in the world. Mercury trines (harmonious) Neptune in Pisces, which can create a wonderful flow between thoughts and emotions, particularly in a spiritual sense.

Venus (feminine, beauty, material possessions) is placed in Libra. It’s a lovely placement for Venus, which expands social opportunities and beauty in general. Venus and Mars remain conjunct (close), bringing harmony to the male and female aspects of the self.

Mars sits in Virgo, which can elicit critical feelings about the world, work, and many other aspects of life. (It’s probably best to let them go.) Mars squares (tension) Saturn in Sagittarius. Mars is concerned with action, and it wants organization and plans when placed in Virgo.  Saturn (time, karma) focuses on spiritual studies, the meaning of life, and finding bigger answers. The square creates the desire for both organization and answers that come from contemplating life through devotion and meditation.

Jupiter (good fortune) trines (harmonious) Neptune (mysticism, illusion.) It’s a wonderful aspect, which can help in balancing our vision of life through clarity about illusion and truth. It can also aid with finding the best path for self-development and success from a mystical point of view.


As stated earlier, there are four oppositions with Uranus. There are also three squares with Pluto, including the old Uranus/Pluto square, experienced many times since 2012. Sun, Moon, and Uranus form hard squares (tension) with Pluto, the ruler of the underground, so life may briefly seem strange.

Sun and Moon respectively represent our outer life and inner life, including emotions. Their squares with Pluto ask for a deeper look at our beliefs about ourselves, our lives, and our moods. Much of our presentation to the outer world can relate to conditioning and our beliefs about society. Pluto asks us to cut away the surface beliefs and find (and live) our inner truth in outer form.

It’s important to remember Uranus’ message of using the imagination to create a better world. When we “see” positive things happening in the world (and in our lives), they often come into being.  Such projection involves disciplined focus, creativity, and projection from the heart. (It’s what we’ve worked on for such a long time!)

Sabian Symbols (based on the work of Lynda Hill)

Sun and Moon are on Libra 27, “An Airplane Sails High in the Bright Sky.” The image depicts flight, escape, and detachment from the world below as well as a lovely feeling of gliding through the air. On the other hand, it’s important to examine and “feel” specific issues in life if we want an answer. (Sun and Moon square Uranus, which focusing on using the imagination, so it’s important to notice what’s wrong and imagine it in a new way.)

Mercury sits on Scorpio 4, “A Youth Holding a Lighted Candle in a Devotional Ritual Gains a Sense of the Great Other World.” One of the basic premises of metaphysics concerns the value of simple exercises, a childlike faith in the value of their repetitions, and a belief in the power of the positive unknown. The symbol points to the value of simple, heartfelt practices and the practice of devotion.

Venus is placed on Libra 7, “A Woman Feeding Chickens and Protecting Them from Hawks.” Venus is pleasure, material goods, and beauty. In this scenario, she is protecting and nourishing her domestic responsibilities. In another sense, it could refer to the need to nourish and support individuals who need our love and care.

Mars is on Virgo 29, “A Man Gaining Secret Knowledge from a Scroll He is Reading.” The oracle speaks of learning from the past and gaining wisdom from teachings. Many light workers come from the light of the heart with true universal love but never study the basis of the teachings. In this way, they fail to encounter the great mysteries of ancient teachings, which are relevant today—and provide a key to true enlightenment.

Jupiter sits on Scorpio 3, “Neighbors Help in a House Raising Party in a Small Village.” Jupiter is the planet of benevolence and good fortune. This symbol depicts many people working together to make changes for small groups of people in a particular area. It could refer to recent efforts with hurricanes and fires when many people reached out to help—or the power of the individual to contribute to positive change on a small level.

Saturn is placed on Sagittarius, “A Bluebird, a symbol of good luck and happiness, is standing at the Door of the House.”  This symbol points to positive outcomes and energies if we stay the course of discipline (Saturn) in our personal lives. Saturn in Sagittarius emphasizes spiritual learning, right use of time, and focusing the mind. While it can act as the reaper, taking whatever is not needed, it can also move in a benevolent fashion by gifts and a new form of happiness.

Uranus is placed on Aries 27, “Through Imagination, A Lost Opportunity is regained.” Uranus is sudden change or an encounter with the quantum field. It amplifies and moves what we think and feel on an intense level. With imagination as the key to this degree, the symbol points to understanding how our imagination exaggerates whatever we think or feel, then spins it into action like a giant wheel. (It’s useful to stay focused on positive visions of the new world.)


Julia Griffin, Intuitive Teacher and Coach





Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.



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