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Spirituality is the key, the vortex, and secret to the entire process of recreating your life. The movie, The Secret, obscured the real point of manifestation, which is co-creation with the God Force. It is the feeling of connection that enlivens positive imagery, sensations and emotions. When we learn to visualize and feel our lives moving in a different direction, life changes.

Most people are not aware of the incredible influence of mental imagery and emotion in life. Essentially, we change ourselves by altering the flow of the focus of consciousness. Everyone wants a better life, but many people don’t know how to create it. They lack information in altering the lens of their consciousness.

I’m including tips for positively changing your perception of your reality and raising your frequency. They work best with connection and a state of love. I included ideas for prosperity, relationships and body.  (I recommend choosing one area for change initially.)

Loving Your Prosperity

1) Make a positive practice of always “seeing” your bank balance go up. Set an intention as now or in the near future.

2) See more money in your wallet. Real money (cash) attracts money. It’s even more powerful when you collect or save real money at home.

3) See prices go down whenever you shop. See gasoline, food, or shampoo, etc. lasting longer.

4) Wait a few minutes before responding to a sale – walk out of the store or away from the internet, see what you truly want and ask if you will use it before you buy.

5) See the great light of the universe as providing all that you need, several times each day.

6) Write your angels and ask for funding NOW.

7) When you increase your financial prosperity, it helps everyone to create more of the same.


Loving Relationships

1) When you love yourself, then other people are more loving. It’s easier to find the right relationship or create the right relationship with your current partner.

2) When you think of the other person, send pink light or love. If you don’t have a partner, use an outline and send pink light or love. Imagine the other person is beaming the love back toward you.

3) Note times of day, events and mental wanderings about old relationships or current relationships. Identify the feeling or thoughts. (Often negative thoughts and feelings stem from lack of expression of true feelings and refusal to uphold personal boundaries. If you could do it over, what would you delete (besides the person?) What did you learn?

4) Note recurrences of energy in your personal life. What might need work or resolution? It’s important to note duality” in relationships, as it’s fairly normal to feel a need to enable on one hand or have stricter boundaries on the other. Try to observe and love both parts of yourself. Make small, positive changes.

5) Sometimes, we outgrow relationships (or our relationship shifts) when our frequency becomes higher. Love the central light in each individual, when you cannot love the person.

Loving Your Body

1) See yourself as younger in the mirror (particularly in the morning and at the end of the day.) Send pink light to your reflection.

2) Before exercising, pull in memories relating to the times when you were very fit or pleased with your appearance.

3) Plan to look and feel younger. Stretch out of your age group and into timeless.

4) Eat well and exercise. Practice aerobic and inner exercise (yoga, chi gong daily.) Alkaline foods are helpful in cleansing the body. Measure your water and drink it.

5) Visualize improvements in diet and exercise when you can’t do it and then let go. Don’t worry about the past. Visualize the future improvements.

6) Avoid people who are critical of your appearance or make you feel older.

7) Recall times of feeling wonderful, vital and healthy.

8) Project a feeling of sleeping well and waking rested each night. Imagine a wonderful appearance for the next day.



Julia Griffin, Intuitive Healer and Coach






Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.




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