Julia wrote many of these articles during a process of self-discovery, a time of seeing the light in the world and of learning to express the beauty that she experienced in words. Most recent articles reflect her personal life experiences and philosophy.

Exercises and meditations are found in the articles. It is Julia’s joy to share her work and discovery with you.

Most Recent Articles

Interview with Falcon Books Publishing on Cosmic Letters
The Flower of Life as a Model of Co-Creation
The Alchemy of the Age of Aquarius
Experiencing the Heart Chakra
Thoughts about the Heart Space
Creating Prosperity
Manifesting Exercise
Conscious Creation 1
Conscious Creation 2
Angel Meditations
Dreaming with Wolves
Journey into the Great Mystery
More Manifestation

Article Archive

These articles consist of interviews that demonstrate how others, through their own highly individual expression of the inner self, share their knowledge as a way of benefiting the world. Through this process, I was privileged to speak with Wayne Dyer, Lama Surya Das and many other people about their lives, beliefs and contributions.


Angelic Guide to Ascension
Speaking with the Angels

Dream Time

Toltec Dreaming with Don Luis
The Gifts of Dreaming with Robert Moss
The Four Gateways of Dreaming

Feminine Power & the Goddess

Bringing Back the Goddess
The New Female Energy
Women of Wisdom


Natural and Modern Gardening with John Jeavons
Getting Off the GMO Bandwagon & Heirloom Seeds

Higher Consciousness

Alchemy in the 21st Century
Climbing the ladder to Ascension
Creating Heaven on Earth
Crystalline Changes and the Higher Self
Defusing Anger and Rage
Getting in the Gap with Wayne Dyer
Lightness of Being with Lama Surya Das
Laughter as a Path to Enlightenment
A Pacifist’s View of Revenge
The Christ Grid
The Shadow as an Ally

Mantras and Meditations

Ancient Mystery School Meditation
Inner Power of Mantras

Sacred Geometry and Feng Shui

Clearing Geopathic Lines
Earth Meridians and the Coming Changes
Sacred Geometry, Forms of the Soul
Feng Shui and Health
Feng Shui Schools