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Overview of Exercises

The exercises are a sampling of the many meditations taught in class and teleseminars.

These exercises will teach you how to create a personal visualization for overcoming difficulties in many areas of life (prosperity, relationships, health and spirituality). You will learn how to experience the true self, which already knows what and how you should create.

Happiness is created by focusing on feelings of well-being and self-observation. Unhappiness is created by dwelling on negative memories and experiences. Your true power lies in which choice you make, by focusing on the positive or negative.

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  1. Print out the specific exercise that is of most interest to you. Note: It is important to focus on one exercise at a time. It can be too overwhelming to do all of them at once. Master one, and then move onto the next.
  2. Find a quiet location without distractions. Sit comfortably and read the exercise several times.
  3. Read step #1 and visualize. When you have visualized as much as possible with step #1, you can progress to step #2. Follow this process throughout all of the steps of the exercise. Whenever possible, read the exercise 5 or 6 times in one sitting so that you can process the information more fully.
  4. It takes time and practice to ‘get’ the visualization and to understand its components. In time, all of the aspects of your visualization will form a complete picture. For example, try this visualization. Imagine in your mind’s eye the front of your body, see the sides of your body, see your back and now make this into a 3D picture. You are familiar with your body’s appearance, but it is difficult to put the images together. The same is true with visualization.
  5. It is best to have a dedicated practice of 15 minutes of meditation after waking or just before bed, but even 5 minutes of visualization or reading the exercise 5 or 6 times will facilitate a rapid change in your reality. Every time you repeat the exercise, it will count.
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