Everything about alchemy, including tens of thousands of pages of text, over 2500 images, over 240 complete alchemical texts, extensive bibliographical material on the printed books and manuscripts, numerous articles, reference material on alchemy.


Little Reps

The Little Reps

The Representatives are wonderful toys with a message that is about creating good for children all over the world.


Amazing resource for astrological studies. Refer to “Everything about Astrology”.  Free charts.

Bead Shop


Kathy Benson’s beading shop. One of the best beading shops in northeast Georgia, supplying all of your craft or jewelry needs. Check out our high vibes…


Franz Bardon

Franz Bardon is best known for his three volumes on hermetic magic, source reference for much of the alchemical information in Julia’s work.
See Merkur Publishing.

Book Writing


Book writing and publishing coach Lisa Tener. Services includes book proposal coaching, award winning book writing courses and editing. Her clients have been published by Simon and Schuster, Random House, Beyond Words and many others, as well as self-published.

Sculptural paintings by Chery Cratty

Chery Cratty brings handmade paper and colorful images to life.


Love and Creation

Creation is Love. Articles & thoughts as a celebration of creation and all its facets, growing into the ascension together as one, where all things are possibilities

Detox Advisor


Elicia Woodford is a world expert on holistic detoxification. She creates and supports highly-personalized detox programs to heal your body and life. Sign up for Detox 101 eBook for FREE

Enhanced Healing


Dr. Harry Henshaw is a licensed psychotherapist who has developed therapeutic relaxation music primarily for stress reduction and enhancing self esteem.

Dragon Gate Feng Shui

Master Denise Liotta Dennis is nationally acclaimed for her professional and personal consultations, classes and more. For interesting articles on Dragon-Gate Feng-Shui, go to

Gobel Design The designer of One True Self’s website. Please see additional Gobel sites at

Holistic Care


Holistic care approach is offered for humans and our animal companions including Reiki sessions and use of essential oils as well as herbs for health care as a natural approach. Jami H. McMillan, Usui and Karuna Reiki® Master

Dr. Gene Clerkin


Gene Clerkin is a Chiropractor and Wellness Coach and the Director of the Monadnock Natural Health Center in Keene, NH.  The center offers meditation, breathing techniques, reflexology and traditional Chinese medicine. Clerkin is a chiropractor specializing in Network chiropractic alignment to clear trauma and past events and heal the spine.

Nutritional Consultant


Deana Brooksher is a nutritional consultant and body work practitioner who uses Network chiropractic, non-force technique to realign the spine and activate the healing wisdom of the body.

Inner Speak 

Jean Adrienne

Inner Speak Soul Adventures will clear your past, present or future to create the life that you deserve. Jean Adrienne applies several quantum techniques to provide profound, practical insights with rapid result

Magical Alphabet is a colorful set of cards created by Barbara Mazzeo, with beautiful images of the Magical Letters on one side and the letter attributes described on the other side. These cards help us to learn the letters, to visualize them in color, and to focus on their meanings in spiritual meditations.
Her website is at Magical Alphabet.

Organic Food & Gardening

This “shopper’s guide to healthy foods” was created by Kerry McLeod to educate shoppers on how to find the healthiest and best-tasting foods. Researched by experts, including detailed label analysis. Subscribers receive a free weekly newsletter.
Go to

georgia organics

A guide for finding local organic foods and sustainable farms.


Non-profit, eco-gastronomic member-supported organization founded to counteract fast food and fast life.

Organic Seed-Excellent Sources

Eden Organic Nursery service –

Botanical Interests –

Nichols Nursery –

Reiki Initiation & Services


My teacher, the best at Reiki initiation. Healing sessions available, remote or in person. Email:

Douglas Gobel is an artist and graphic designer. His optimistic paintings range from the expression of distilling a landscape to its essence to nurturing the aliveness of a rose. Through color and its associated energy, he communicates on subtle levels to that which unites us.

Cynthia Rose Young is a spiritual intuitive, artist, and author. Her book titled Divine Sky: The Angel Messages, compiling angelic teachings for each of the 360 degrees of the Zodiac, may be purchased at Spiritus Santus. oil-on-linen paintings and giclée prints are available at is the most complete guide to information about Self Improvement on the Internet.

Sound Energy Concerts

Sound healing practitioners, Marcey and Brian Hickey, use Tibetan bowls, tingshaws, and gongs to create sound healing frequencies that affect the bioelectric field of the body and meridians.


The Spirit of Ma’at is an online spiritual magazine to which Julia has contributed many articles over the years. Originally created by Susan Barber with Drunvalo Melchizedek, the magazine continues today under the editorship of Cal Garrison, co-author of Slim Spurling’s Universe.

The Truth Contest

A project run by college students dedicated to seeking, defining, and spreading the truth of life.