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Creating Abundance


As I said last week, every desire has a specific frequency and technique. Abundance requires a laser focus with a consistent, forceful technique. The picture of increasing abundance should be held at all times with an unwavering decisiveness. It’s best to focus several times each day and choose imagery that works well with your job or specific income.

Abundance and money come from your mind and a connection with the Divine — not the outer world. The outer world responds to your projection of imagery and your expected outcome. Like all manifestation, it depends on your energy level, your depth of divine connection, determination and imagination. If you persist with your practice, you will create it.

It’s helpful to begin by thinking of the Universe as the source of infinite abundance. If you connect with the concept of abundance, you will establish a feeling of unlimited light and flow. It’s a vast energy, waiting to put into form. The form is derived from your visualization and feeling of abundance, an inner expectation that already exists. By creating a positive expectation with your inner vision, you establish a format for the flow.

For example, you may want to see checks or deposits, emails or phone calls increasing whenever you sit at the computer or think about picking up the mail. You could also decide to see contacts giving referrals or gifts from friends (or loved ones.) It’s best not to specify the source as a particular person or business. Allow the universe to bestow the gift as a result of your altered consciousness.

See the money in your hand in your current reality today, not tomorrow or next week. See it happening now as a visceral real sensation accompanied by a sharp visual image. The image should feel real, and you should experience it in the present. (You could imagine depositing it or seeing it in your account.) Be sure to add a feeling of excitement and happiness with the flow of prosperity.

Whenever there is a doubt or fear, return to the practiced imagery and hold it for a few minutes until it feels real. Regard these feelings as information about your method of pushing away prosperity n the past. Another powerful technique is imagining your feelings after the money arrives. How would you spend it? How would you reward yourself? Identify and stay with the feeling. Notice the lack of anxiety and need. This state is necessary to manifest a desire.

Success stories  are often helpful when working with manifestation.  Jane wanted a house but couldn’t find one to fit into her budget. Her money and the possibility of finding a house made the project almost impossible. We decided to see her desired house at an affordable price. This month, she purchased a house for about 1/3 of its value. The house was twice as large as the one used in visualization. Another student doubled her income by seeing her paycheck as the twice the amount on the printed check. She was offered another job soon after this, and her income increased again.

NOTE: I worked closely with these two students for one year, but they did the work. Each of them visualized regularly, wrote angel letters and worked on developing faith in their vision. In both cases, we never asked “how.” We simply stayed with the visualization, developed positive feelings about the project and believed in the process. It’s interesting to note that we actually asked for more money for the second student. She found it easy to see her paycheck doubled so we worked with this imagery (although we could have used another format.) The “how” for both students came in a mysterious and surprising way. (Both students participated in classes regularly and worked in session at least every other month, sometimes more.)

The Value of Happiness and Joy

Imagine happiness and joy as a result of your manifestation. Most people associate money with hard work instead of enjoyment, pleasure and a positive outcome. If you radiate love with your work (whatever it is), stay connected to the Divine and religiously hold your hologram (visual + emotion), then you will succeed. You can also send love or pink light to your work, hologram or money.

These practices work with all forms of manifestation. So please use them wisely and intelligently as you co-create your life. Try to remember: the universe wants you to manifest abundance in all forms.

A few tips:

1)    The current energies actually make it easier to manifest money. There’s less resistance to creating abundance, and the energies support co-creation if you dedicate to your dream.

2)    When you feel fear, it’s probably not you. Likely, it’s other people around you or mass consciousness. It’s wise to ask for a higher vibration and the feeling of your desired manifestation. Keep asking until your energy rate increases and fear or anxiety decreases.

3)    Check in often. Hold the manifestation several times each day with a strong, confident focus. Believe in your power to create through your imagination and will.

4)    Don’t tell others about your success. It slows down the process.

5)    Understand: every effort contributes to the outcome. It’s working even if you don’t believe it. Stay with it.

6)    YOU have a specific frequency associated with abundance. No one else has the same frequency. When you find it, you can replicate it (again and again.)

7)    Enjoy your money. Share it with others.  Save some money (it’s magnetic and pulls in more.) Use some of it for spiritual growth and gift yourself with small presents for each small success.

Julia Griffin, Intutiive Healer and Coach





Julia Griffin, Intuitive Healer and Coach, is known nationally for her ability to enlighten others to find their True Self and become conscious co-creators through practical application of Universal Law.


More Cosmic Weather


The Cosmic Weather changes weekly with strong influences, currently denoted by planets clustered together in one sign. When planets group together, there’s an emphasis on a specific portion of life (depending on your personal chart.) Earlier in the month, the planets grouped in Capricorn, which rules success and prestige in the outer world and spiritual structure in the inner world. The next grouping concerns Pisces (the old world) and its strengths and weaknesses. On the higher level, Pisces refers to unity and unconditional love. On a lower level, the watery sign brings self-sacrifice, enabling and resentment. (When we give too much, we resent the energy loss.)

The planets are stationed as “direct”, which can make it easier to move forward with plans in the outer world. On the positive side, it’s a good week for finishing details of waylaid plans. It’s also very important to check in with the soul before moving too far ahead. The soul’s course slowed our pace earlier, giving valuable time to look inside.

Currently, we’re engaged in a dance between the old world and the new one. It takes a great deal of energy to move forward in the new one because the light is brighter, the rules are different, and it’s unfamiliar. The ease of the old world returns somewhat with planets aligned in Pisces so I think it’s important to look at the shifting paradigms before moving forward (or backward, depending on the inclination.)

Shifting Paradigms:

  • Loving ourselves is the most important thing. When we work on our inner manifestations by creating a beautiful outer world, we change the structure of the outer world. As we move into inner love and peace, we create it for the outer world.
  • Giving up enabling and self-sacrifice means speaking our truth and moving into balance. How do we really feel? Can we learn to express a few of your feelings while moving into a vision of a higher reality? (And what’s the higher reality? How does it look and feel?)
  • Abundance is our birth right. Light workers are good at pushing it away, but prosperity follows our thoughts and desires. Desiring prosperity and happiness is a good start. When money lies in the hands of light workers, it receives the benefit of a higher vibration. It’s a good place for money to reside and changes how it flows through the world. Why not ask for it to benefit the world?

More Planetary Particulars:

Mercury, Mars, Neptune and Chiron will soon sit in Pisces, and Venus joins the line-up in a few weeks. Pisces can bring great creativity through connection with Divine, supplying the exact details for a manifestation. With Mercury and Mars aligned in Pisces, we’re learning to distinguish the patterns of the higher mind before taking action. We should ask if the action benefits the overall direction of our soul. If it does, we should ask about the time table. Should we do now or wait? What’s best for our inner growth?

 With the influence of Pisces, dreams can seem very real. It can be difficult to distinguish between the voice of the soul and the part of the self in transition, which prefers to hold on to this current reality – no matter what! Since most of us fabricated our dreams into vivid visualizations in the past few weeks, it’s important to continue. In other words, don’t rewrite dreams (unless an epiphany is experienced.)

Neptune continues to increase the odd link between this reality and the astral. We feel the presence of others, their thoughts and needs almost as loudly as we hear our inner voice. It’s important to continue to disconnect from mass consciousness on a regular basis. (It’s important to note that lower emotions often come from others – and are not necessarily yours.)

 In the big picture, we’re moving through another phase of the New World. This transit can bring confusion and intense emotion, but we’ve had a great deal of practice in the past twelve months. We’ve learned to stay connected with our inner light, which illuminates the path of our hearts. The planetary energies comprise another opportunity to practice with a different energy, a step on the way to self-mastery.

Julia Griffin, Intuitive Healer and Coach





Julia Griffin, Intuitive Healer and Coach, is known nationally for her ability to enlighten others to find their True Self and become conscious co-creators through practical application of Universal Law.


Opening the Heart

Heart Chakra

Opening the heart is a part of creating a new reality. It means seeing life in a new way, expanding sensation and creating an open feeling about projected change, while engaging the soul. The soul is limitless. It always desires new excitement and expression with a sense of play. In co-creation, we actually ask light particles or photons to coalesce in a new pattern, which creates a better reality if we call on the Light.

 The discovery of patterns is not a limitation. It’s part of enlightenment that prods us toward seeing life as an expression of the Divine. It teaches us to discard “right” and “wrong” and learn to read life energetically. Then we see life as energy that aligns (or doesn’t) with the higher course of our inner path.

When we work with undesirable patterns, we actually evolve by learning to distinguish actions, emotions and thoughts as supportive or destructive to our desired path. As we change thoughts and emotions, life alters itself. We learn to love ourselves more and to engage the Soul.

Creating Anything

Before you start, it’s best to engage your inner happiness. How do you feel when life flows happily and your dreams begin to take form? Take a moment to recall memories of a successful, joyous time.  You feel connection with the Divine when dreams come true. You may not have identified it this way, but it’s true.

If you are working with your business, then focus on the busy, prosperous times. How did it feel when money flowed in? How did it feel when there were no worries? How do you feel when the phone or internet bombards you with business? What’s the feeling of success?

In personal relationships, it’s good to start by recalling the best times of connection when you felt loved. There’s a light happy feeling associated with love. You think of another person and the heart lifts and floats. Regardless of your relationship, you can hold the feeling of connection with another person as the joy of the feeling of answering the phone, or the feeling of dressing for a date, or the specialness of opening the door and seeing a person that you love.

With the body, begin with a time of feeling great vitality and physical strength. Make the memory feel real. Increase the feeling of vitality and let it flow through your body. Act on the feelings by exercising or walking. When you look in the mirror, expand the feeling throughout the body. See yourself as you wish to become.

When practicing any of these states, you’ll undoubtedly hear the voice of the un-integrated ego, the part of you that resists.  (One of the odd parts of manifestation is the process of discovering the part of you that created the old reality and doesn’t desire the new one.) Observe when you hear the inner voice. Watch the emotions and see when they come up. (The inner voice and emotions are usually associated with particular times of the day and specific tasks.) Send light to this part of you. On good days, take a step or action toward your desired creation.


Co-creation takes a tremendous amount of imagination. It means feeling, sensing and seeing the desired future now – not as a dream in the future. By sensing and feeling the future as you would have it, you create it over time. It’s important to know that the universe often alters our creation, making it slightly different from our initial perception.

If you find yourself shaping the dream by giving it a specific form and enumerating the steps, you’ve lost the path. The rhythm of the soul is mysterious. It rarely provides the “how”, but you will find an answer by staying with your vision. It’s often a strange and wonderful surprise.

Importance of Dreaming

In this time of big change, your soul dreams contribute to the fabric of a new world, the alteration of the world as you knew it. You can dream up the world in a different form by seeing the opposite of all that offends you. There’s a reason for feeling bothered by world problems, it’s so you can change them in your mind. When you see problems in your life and change your inner vision, they must change.

When many of us see the world in a new form, it must take the shape of our dream. The biggest and best of our dreams are borne from the unity of our soul with the Divine.  This flow of unity comes from opening the heart.

Julia Griffin, Intuitive Healer and Coach





Julia Griffin, Intuitive Healer and Coach, is known nationally for her ability to enlighten others to find their True Self and become conscious co-creators through practical application of Universal Law.

Using Mind and Emotion

With co-creation, we begin with a spiritual connection and a very strong desire or intention. We focus on the intention in the present moment and see it as having already come into being. We visualize it as our current reality.

The act of co-creation, or imagining our future, often causes repressed feelings and thoughts to surface. Learning to deal with thoughts/emotions through self-observation, substitution and love constitutes a significant portion of co-creation. Thoughts that travel in the opposite direction of a manifestation actually compose the negative pattern that created our current reality. It’s normal to initially  doubt the image or think opposing thoughts, but we strive to increase our awareness of this motion. we essentially cancel or erase the hologram or image. 


It’s interesting to note that our passing thoughts and emotions play a tremendous role in the final outcome of accomplishing a desire.On the average, we produce between 12-70,000 thoughts per day. Many of these thoughts are repetitive and tend to represent a pattern consisting of worry, anger or negative thought. In metaphysics, it’s said that one or two new positive thoughts outweigh a hundred or more negative thoughts because of the higher frequency associated with positive vibration.


It’s very difficult to accomplish a positive visualization when accompanied by negative emotion. I recommend meditating on a color or positive mantra when feeling negatively or holding the visual for only a few seconds. When manifestations take form, they typically manifest with the emotion surrounding the visualizations. For example, it may be easy to visualize a partner helping with housework, but the manifestation will bring up the emotion used during visualization. If we resonated with love, the partner responds with love. If we felt anger, the partner may complete the task but express anger. The same hold true with career. If we envision a positive change but feel anxiety, the desired change comes with a feeling of overwhelming anxiety.

Mastery comes with deeper awareness of thoughts and emotions. We learn to stop thoughts  and replace them with new ones. For example, if we seek to have greater abundance, we see the desired amount in a bank account. For a relationship, we would imagine the feeling of great love.


It’s best to move into a place of love or a feeling of spiritual connection before embarking on a deep visualization or meditation. A short walk or time spent outdoors often supplies a feeling of peace and happy expectation. It’s also helpful to remember how we feel when receiving a happy surprise, unexpected abundance, the passion accompanying a happy relationship or the unconditional love of a child.

In short, we always have the tools and memories to create desirable, happy experiences in life. It’s about learning to recall our ability to make a choice and to focus on the reality that we’d most like to experience.

Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and coach





Julia Griffin is an intuitive healer and coach.




Manifestation and the Inner Plane

In alchemy, the term inner plane refers to the akasha. The fifth element, known as aether by the Greeks, pertains to the god particle, the underlying light in every object. The akasha refers to an invisible field (the quantum field) which holds the impressions of time and interactions. It acts as instant messenger, communicating thoughts, emotions, actions and visualizations through space. The field also relates to the zone and the flow. It includes miracles and angels, the place of connection with higher spiritual forces.

On Earth, the akasha works in this way:  our thoughts and feelings collect on the inner plane. The collection of thoughts and emotions is measured by quantity and intensity. When intense images gather in sufficient quantity, they take form and shape in matter.  The attractor factor operates on this premise. (The law of attraction fails to take two factors into account. Conflicting beliefs must clear before manifesting a desire, and desires should be weighed in accordance with the soul. Wanting something does not mean that it is in our highest good.)

On the highest level of vibration, we work with love and light. We substitute one image for another with a loving heart. A loving heart means expressing our personal truth in a way that opens dialog without judgment. Change comes through finding our negative thoughts and transforming through positive visuals and feelings.

As we grow in self-mastery and spirituality, we begin to understand the importance of our unspoken thoughts and feelings. A moment of rage or resentment may be identified as a passing thought or feeling, particularly if we refrain from expressing it, but it does a great deal of damage when glimpsed intuitively on the inner plane. When angry or sad, we project our thoughts and feelings toward friends, c and events in life. Other people constantly respond to our positive and negative thoughts. (I’m not pointing a finger. I’ve learned this by delving into my intuitive gifts while learning more about the inner plane.)

The same formula holds true on a broader plane. The energy of our collective imagery imprints and affects global reality.  Our group agreements affect the course of global affairs. For example, we could mindfully (or mindlessly) read an article about the population of honey bees or deforestation in South America. Without noticing, we visualize fewer bees and trees. Is this what we want? Isn’t it better to envision the return of amphibians, song birds and honeybees, populating the near-by forests?

It’s very easy to turn thoughts around, but it does mean creating new habits. In the early days of discovery of the power of thought and emotion, it’s important to consider our inner dialog as an effective prayer.  I believe we’ll discover the positive nature and power of our collective energy in the coming years. Simply reflecting on the God particle – the element of light in fiber of life – may help to lead us there. We can also become more adept at using our minds as filters, not receptors of all and any energies.

In the meanwhile, here’s one of my favorite affirmations. Please pass it on.

Affirmative statement: It’s not true in my world. I choose to see ___. For example, I see a world with financial prosperity for everyone, happy loving relationships, free energy, less competition and more cooperation and an abundance of nature and wildlife. I see everyone finding their creative voice. The joy of their voices rises into a song, which captures and changes the world. I am at peace as I visualize a beautiful world without suffering.

Additional affirmations: Lack is an illusion. There is no lack in the universe. I choose to see prosperity at all times. My desired prosperity flows to me now. All difficulties with this relationship are an illusion. I choose to experience a loving relationship at all times.

Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and counselor





Julia Griffin, Intuitive Healer and Coach.






Creating Abundance


Everything is energy, and money is energy too.  Our spirituality and inner consciousness play a part in the abundance that we receive in life.  Our energy level and receptiveness to abundance affect it, as well as our expectations and beliefs.  

When we raise our frequency through meditation or a state of love (as opposed to fear or lack), it’s easier to find the steps that lead to the realization of our hopes and desires. Love, hope and faith are qualities that aid in creating higher forms of energy for the realization of dreams.

Manifestation is more than meditating.  When we hold a desire through conscious visualization, we create an image on the level of higher creation, of higher knowing. Our desired future reality is not present. It is invisible on the material plane. Initially it exists only as the particles of our being that have been projected into the future through our conscious focus. Over time the particles of energy coalesce to shape our future reality.

Thoughts, feelings and visualizations affect our experience of reality. By changing our inner visuals, we shape the future. By staying focused on the positive, we can change our present experience very rapidly.

Examples of positive thought/visual forms could include:

  • Review money positively in your mind.  See double the amount of money in checking or savings accounts, or see the balance increase in believable increments.
  • Notice worry and see abundance in their place. Negative energy attracts more of the same. Let go of thinking/feeling that bills take away your money. Imagine always having enough money for bills or money immediately flows in.
  • Use memory. Review times when money flowed in easily. Remember the feeling of ease and happiness.
  • See checks or payments flowing in. Recall the feeling of increasing funds. (With personal business, remember how others value and love your work. See others benefiting and gaining from your work.)
  • Increase awareness of happiness and goodness in your life.
  • Hold this thought: any expense equals the inflow of cash.
  • Imagine a wonderful surprise – money comes in whenever you think about it.
  • Send pink light or love to the money in your wallet, checkbooks and accounts.
  • Express gratitude for any money that comes your way. See small amounts as an indication that more money is already on the way.

The Process

 Each time that we focus on our desired future, we breathe life into it. Meditation clarifies the steps in physical reality and the emotional/mental sphere. It intensifies our ability to see, feel or perceive the steps. The steps involve the awakening of a new use of talents, gifts and soul attributes. Our focus on the manifestation exercise, and its ensuing steps, is part of the movement of co-creation, as the Universe is essentially developing parts of our soul personality that have lain dormant.

We have the power to partially create our desired future through meditation, and we may experience aspects of it during our daily life. When opportunities or encouraging words flow toward us, we may feel our desired future reality and truly believe that it will occur. (It’s also important to hold our vision when life appears to move in the opposite direction.)

As a manifestation comes more closely into being, (and we are all moving in that direction) we must take action. Spiritual work teaches us to take new actions, to express our soul personality in a new form. Expansion of our talents and abilities is the natural outcome of creating abundance through a spiritual focus.

We tend to exclude the most important steps while making for the parts of work and life that are less important. The funny part is that – deep down – we always know the next step to take.

When beginning soul work with prosperity, it’s helpful to meditate for a few minutes, to work with self-confidence and feel positive about our work. If there is confusion or a feeling of a block about the next step, it’s good to work in ten or fifteen minute increments and then put the work away. It’s important to praise ourselves whenever we take a step.

We should treat ourselves lovingly when we move toward change. Everyone lacks confidence, skill and knowledge at first. It’s how we begin. As we let go of self-judgment or negative thoughts, we move toward the mastery of inner skills which can transform our challenges into an exciting adventure.

NOTE: If you would like to go more deeply into the abundance visualization process, you can purchase six months of my prosperity classes at:

Julia Griffin, Intuitive Healer and Coach 




Julia Griffin is an intuitive healer and coach. She helps others to align with their soul and inner purpose.


Changing How You Create Prosperity

Want more of anything? Then love and embrace it. People usually think if I had more money, then I’d do ___. The money or prosperity doesn’t prevent having anything; the lack begins in the mental/emotional state.  Wishing for more money pushes it away; seeing money in the hand calls it toward you.

Seeing the desired object or situation at hand pulls it into your field. It’s also good to take work and love every part of it. Resentment, irritation and boredom push money away. Enjoy every second of work and ask the Universe to help you in creating a state of boundless love. (If all you like is the paycheck, then send love to the paycheck and the space around your desk.)

Imagine receiving the desired answers, responses and income in increments. See numbers, graphs and deposits going up – and send love to them. If work gives feelings of hurry or upset – then send light to work and bless the job. (If you want another job, then meditate on this at lunch.)

Break work (and money chores) into increments. Work for 5 or 10 minutes on the most disliked parts of your job and then love yourself for completing the task. (In time, this task will become easy.) Then move to a favored task and fly through it happily. Take time to congratulate yourself for efficiency and efforts.

Bless every response. If someone writes and is not interested in your product or your desire, bless the email. Something – instead of nothing – is happening. See as the Universe is taking note and listening. If this person is not interested, then the next one will be. Learn how to move from disappointment into happy expectation. It’s essential to succeed in Universal Light Work.

Stay patient. Two or three weeks can pass before experiencing a small change, and you must reap results if you stay focused on your visualization and love. It’s a law of the Universe. High frequency (love) + visualization always bring change. Remember to express gratitude and expand your focus (by expanding the desire) when your desire is fulfilled.

Julia Griffin, Intuitive Healer





Julia Griffin is an intuitive teacher who offers classes on self-growth and awakening to create practical positive change in the world.

Principles of Prosperity

In Prosperity Manifestation Classes, we address several basic principles. The application of techniques differs slightly for each main topic (prosperity/career, relationships and health.) This post briefly outlines the applications.

If you are interested in learning more or purchasing recordings of classes, please click here.

  • Recognition of ability as co-creator.We currently co-create our current reality and prosperity through the lens of our consciousness. We work playfully and seriously to expand our abilities, by visualizing small changes, gifts and increased prosperity on a daily, weekly and long-term basis. We visualize delicious things in manifestation, so we can learn what resonates and doesn’t (through our experience) with our true self .
  • True abundance. True abundance includes far more than "money" — happiness, health, a sense of well-being, loving relationships and spiritual connection are essential components of true prosperity.
  • Correct visualization and projection of a desired future.Our conscious visualization or projection might include: funds in the bank, increased cash, vacations, lucrative endeavors, even a new car or house. (A hologram is a composite image, containing a precise visual of one’s desires with a positive emotional feeling and accompanying physical sensations.)
  • Altering present circumstances. We change our current visual/sensory perception of life from moment to moment. If our checking account balance is low, then a visual of a higher balance becomes the new perception. If a new wardrobe is desirable, then new clothes are visualized in the closet. The creation of a new car is partially achieved by experiencing the sensation of driving a new one, while driving the older car.
  • Self-observation. We learn about our identity by observing our negative perceptions of life. We send light and love to the negative parts of ourselves. We also move out of a victim state by allowing the perception that we ultimately are the creators of our own reality, while clearing limiting beliefs.
  • Universal Law. We apply universal concepts, such as “wherever attention goes, energy goes.” High frequency states of consciousness attract positive energy. We learn how to use physical laws, such as expansion and contraction by expanding our current income and contracting the rate of usage of material goods (gasoline, groceries and bills.) We also learn to believe in our power to alter inner/outer reality.
  • High frequency thoughts and emotions. We practice the development of high frequency thoughts and emotions by relinquishing judgment of others, focusing on the positive energies in situations, trusting in the overall goodness of the universe and learning to love ourselves. We visualize abundance for ourselves and everyone in the world.
  •  Practical action. Practical actions are based on self-knowledge. We save money while planning a vacation or funds for a class, wardrobe or major expenditure. We collect money (and never spend the entire balance) because physical money attracts more money. The Universal Law states “like attracts like.” In other words, if you desire a new, wonderful job, then it’s wise to find a job, even if it doesn’t meet your criteria. You can visualize the most desirable job while at the present job. If you want more money, then it’s wise to save and increase income. You always use the non-spending time to visualize double or triple your present income (along with the trips, new clothes and activities.)
  • Celebration. Dance, laugh and celebrate when a desire – even a small one – is fulfilled.