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Words from the Wolves


Through the passageway of time, I have learned to speak with wolves that know the stories of the universe and the secret pathways of energy. I know the feeling of their souls behind their golden eyes, the meaning of the movement of a paw, and their incredible strength.

On my free afternoons, I travel far into the mountains to meet with them, to experience the wide, wild sensation of these creatures, and to worship in the connection of the spiritual and physical world—and most of all in the great understanding of their consciousness.

When I met the wolves, I learned to see myself in a different way. I was no longer the measure of my hardships, or how life had warped me, taking away my center and clear vision. Through their eyes, I was light and powerful—and worthy of their love. (In all of my missives from the wolves, I speak in their voices so you can find this presence within yourself.)

At my request on this full moon, the wolves share their wisdom to help in moving from the shadows into the light. According to them, we will always have this experience (to some degree) during our earthly sojourn, but we can lessen the time spent there, and we can grow from it.

What is happening energetically? How does this relate to Crossing the Bridge?

Crossing the Bridge is the point in consciousness on the time/space continuum when your abilities will expand, and you will experience manifestation in a new way. It is achieved through alignment with the light or the Universe and the development of intuitive skills.

Points on the time/space continuum are reached by breakthroughs in consciousness—not a point in your linear time although the energies and current time/space point support it.

Whenever an individual puts their intent on moving into awakening, it activates discordant energies on your planet. Many individuals are awakening at once; there is an influx of light. Of course, this disturbs controlling, dark forces who have their own form of collective consciousness.

In other words, the light shines on the hidden darkness and the shadows of life. Particles of dust float to the surface. In this world, they appear as fear, disease, destruction of beauty, and political power. In your personal world, it may mean facing a fear, moving through uncomfortable tasks, or seeing the truth about the self. On a larger collective level, it means learning to alter lower vibrations into higher ones as well as finding ingenious solutions.

NOTE: We are well aware of viruses, destruction of natural resources, misuse of technology, and many other ills, and they are real. We simply say that you change them when you see untouched forests in your mind. Perhaps, you send the energy, which inspires someone to buy and preserve it. Perhaps, you help contribute to a cure when you see no more viruses or cancer. The energy of the higher collective has power and force. Like a prayer, it often works in a non-logical way.

Please explain altering vibrations and finding ingenious solutions.

Higher vibrations involve the placement of consciousness into a place of balance with your heart and inner being. Ingenious solutions are practical, but they come from higher consciousness. For example, you could see your children as continuously happy as opposed to focusing on their problems, you can see flowers growing more quickly, and you can see a consistent amount of money in your bank account.

Also, you can see yourself as well and healthy. You can imagine having more time and feeling less stress. And you can remember that light is the highest vibration on the planet. If you cultivate light through mediation and life – and happy thoughts – it will influence everything around you.  See less of what you don’t want and more of what you want.

Wherever there is chaos, see beautiful flowing order. If there is panic, see yourself and the space around you as calm. Alter the visuals in your mind and change the flow of your emotions.

See the future as something beautiful and precious instead of a series of events that give fear. Imagine every week as better than the one before. See setbacks as temporary distractions of energy that you can overcome and opportunities to find power and strength.

Imagine joining together with others who feel the truth and light that lives on this planet and sharing vibrations to lift up the planet very quickly. Choose NOT to feel the influence of lower energies. Obviously, these are all methods of raising your vibration.

Can you share more about the Higher Collective?

The Collective is currently traveling through a test, which regards placement of consciousness. As you know, it is also part of the spiritual path, but you experience it as a group and as an individual. It is part of realizing a higher frequency in all aspects of life, and you are on the way.

Every broadcast of information or light gives the choice of vision, feelings, and beliefs. Every free hour offers time to align with nature, read a book, meditate, or flow off into television or streaming. The encounters in your life are opportunities to read energy, notice your feelings, and make decisions about yourself. If you don’t feel better or more energized, you are losing energy!

Here are a few tricks.

  • When you imagine good for yourself and others with a generous heart, it comes into being.
  • Many natural laws can be used for good. Imagine expansion of positive events, feelings, and desires. Contract negative ones (see less of them.) Use inertia to rest or stay on task. Use gravity to connect with the earth.
  • Let your point of focus (your desire) pull you into it. See it as colorful, revolving point in your future. Feel its energy pull you into who you are — the person living in the desirable future.
  • Take time to see the beauty and wonder of who you are. Glance at your heart and see how worthy you are.

Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.

If you would like to seek additional spiritual change and insight into your life, please contact me for information about an intuitive session.

January 2011: Astrological Weather

Astrology is like a weather report. It indicates the likelihood of rain, snow or sunshine, but it’s never a sure thing. It’s only an indication of the movement of the forces – like clouds or high and low pressure. That’s the reason for the astrological fiat: “The stars impel; they don’t compel.” We have free will and can make choices. With that in mind, here are a few thoughts about the cosmic weather.

In this year, we have the opportunity to heal wounds that cause miscreant creations in the physical world. Chiron, the wounded healer, and Neptune, that is both the redeemer and the parts of self firmly encased in illusion, are in a water sign, which indicates that we may master the illusion through detachment by realizing that our beliefs rule our emotions. Neptune also rules mass consciousness, and clearly we are beginning to understand how connected we are in the web of life, both globally and personally.

Uranus, the spiritual master that brings eccentric and unpredictable change, has pleasant aspects for most of the year, making it easier to move into alignment with our higher spiritual nature. Most of the plants line up pleasantly through end of January (wow, a whole month of ease!)

Jupiter, the planet of benevolence and good luck, makes positive aspects with Uranus through January. So now is the time to take a chance, to put good plans into action. Uranus also tends to destroy anything that isn’t in alignment with its quirky energy. So plan ahead, look at the parts of life that work and don’t work, and think ahead. We’ll feel Uranus’ influences throughout the year. Also Mercury is direct, encouraging heart felt communications. Venus sits pleasantly, adding her beauty and intellectual insights.

Saturn, the taskmaster, will become retrograde later in the year. So it’s important to put ideas and thoughts into action before the retrograde begins later in the year. It’s also helpful to work now to create a routine for spiritual and physical development because it will be more difficult later.

Having spoken briefly about the astrological aspects (I’ll say more another time), I am a double Sagittarius born on the 11th, and this year is an eleven. All Sagittarians know a lot about the 11th hour. Help is said to come at the eleventh hour, and it often does but only after hard work and mastery – then the angel of the flame of the soul comes with an unexpected answer in the hour of surrender.

11 is also about duality. The duality that we work with is the duality of the soul and the ego. The un-integrated ego could be called the part of us that lives in un-awakened patterns. By un-awakened, I mean the physical patterns, the words, thoughts and emotions that hold us bondage to experiences that we no longer want to experience. It is only through holding new images and reinforcing them with emotions, feelings and actions that life changes. New images are not merely the acknowledgment of a desire of the soul. They are about feeling the heart’s desire, connecting with spirit to find the blueprint of the soul.  Many years ago, I began to learn manifestation from wolves. I could hear their voices and they encouraged me to create another reality. Some of the images they taught me to reinforce; others they taught me to discard. When I asked why, they said that real dreams already exist in the soul, like a parallel universe that waits to unfold with a marvelous vision.

This became my gift – an inner knowing of when one is aligned with their soul’s dream and finding the direction to discover it. Now we are living on a planet when everyone is awakening to this opportunity. And we feel the waves of enlightenment, they are actually experienced as instability or mood swings or deep feelings for when we move toward enlightenment, we swing between the duality of emotions until we master it. Mastery takes place in the emotions. Mastery is learning to hold a realization, a higher image of perfection in relationships, body or spirit until it becomes the home of our moment to moment consciousness. When we gain mastery, the miracles of the 11th hour become visible.

Astrologically, the entire world is affected as the planets align with the Aries Point or North Node of the universe. North Node is visible, active realization of one’s personal spiritual guidance in the material world. As we move into spiritual actualization – for those of you who have realized it in one way or another – you know it is about seeing through the illusion by learning that the illusion exists because of our focus on consciousness, because of seeing duality as opposed to unity.

If you remember only one or two thoughts from this post, remember that love is a state of unity. Unity and love are always the solution.

Emotion and Manifestation

This month’s prosperity class was about the power of emotion and its involvement with manifestation. Love is undoubtedly the highest emotion. It is also a great power that comes from connection with the Universe or the Divine.

A personal example with a wolf was used as an illustration. During this time, I lived with my black and white wolf, Maeko. My son was nine or ten years old and arrived home about one hour before I did. He always called but often visited with neighbors while he waited for me. Sometimes, he forgot to leave a message or came home late, which I found worrisome.

One night,  he did not come home or call. I called neighbors and walked through the small town, but I could not find him. As I became frantic, my wolf came and laid her head on my feet. She looked at me intensely with that special “wolf-look.”

I heard her say loudly, “Imagine how feels when he is home.” With Maeko’s help, I created a detailed picture of his white blond hair, slim long body, the smell of his clothes, as well as the touch of his hand. I imagined that he was sitting next to me, and the warmth of his body could be felt next to mine. The house felt lovely then – it became a home, so safe and full of love.

“Now, see your son opening the door,” Maeko said.

With the image and sound of the door opening with his return, I became furious. My mind exploded in an imagery conversation. “Where have you been? Why are you late? Don’t you know how much I worried about you?”

My angry internal words must have been loud to Maeko, for she turned away from me and said, “If you think those words and hold that image, then he will never come home!”

Pacing back and forth, I became truly angry. Even my beloved wolf would not help me, and my son would not come home. As my desperation grew, I said to Maeko, “Okay, then how would you do it?”

She gazed into my eyes, and I saw my son coming through the door. We ran to him. I hugged him. Maeko gently licked his hand, leaning against his legs. “The love will bring him home,” she said.

Maeko and I held this image for possibly three or four minutes, and my son came through the door. Although I had read about this in alchemy, my little wolf taught the power of love and visualization to me. Since that day, I’ve used visualization coupled with love many, many times.

You can use it too. The class gives many exercises on the power of emotion coupled with visualization. I suspect that when many of us “get it” that the world change! In the meanwhile, I give thanks to the wolves for the sharing of their knowledge and vision.

Children and friend with wolf friends