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Inner Reflection

The fall equinox (Sept 23) brings an equal balance of day and night; it marks the time of moving inward into the self and the yin season of winter. A burst of energy often accompanies the equinox when the magical doorway opens between the spiritual and physical worlds.
It’s a wonderful time for soul reflection. Below are a few of my thoughts.
  1. Meditation brings stillness and alignment with the inner self. When we are aligned with the inner self, the “universe” comes near. It gives direction and connection with the “All.” It also opens the heart to love.
  2. Moving into the inner self is the most important thing we can ever do because that’s where all of magic and answers live, It’s impossible to discover the part of the “true” self without finding this space. Otherwise, we can’t listen to our heart.
  3. Everything ebbs and flows.  Sometimes, the inner connection lifts us above our problems. Other times, it gives direction—or eases pain. But it’s always there, waiting for us to find it.
  4. We all make mistakes. It’s best to look at them clearly, make corrections, and return to our practice. Through positive acts and thoughts, life changes. The “good” returns. (There are cycles of light and darkness in every life.)
  5. We have the answers. The inner self and the universe provide them through meditation and reflection. They come as unexpected beauty, a light heart, or joy. Or the lovely sensation of an overwhelming wave of peace or harmony. These sensations come and go, but we learn to seek them for their eternal nature.

A Few Tips:

  • What is seen in the mind’s eye becomes part of “reality.” Words strengthen the imagery. The heart knows a way to the light. Its words and images are much stronger than “normal” thought or speech.
  • A perfection underlies the universe. It is possible to align with it, which stops the motion of thoughts—and all but the purest of feelings. By reflecting on this truth, we can feel this alignment.
  • Opening the heart changes everything. When we release resentment, fear, and pain, we open a space to receive joy, abundance, and love. (It doesn’t mean we only feel love. We just feel more of it.)
  • Noticing energy is important. Every place, person, object, and action carries a wave of energy. Does it decrease or increase our overall energy? Knowing this, it’s easier to know what to do and where to go.
  • It takes courage to follow the light and the soul. We often feel afraid before we step into the inner self. When we overcome the fear, we become more of who we truly are.


Julia Griffin, Intutiive Healer and Coach

Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.

Astrological Forecast: September’s Blue Skies



It’s an exciting, difficult, magical time when the planets, stars, and forces of light bring surprises each month. The planetary energy affects a small group of humanity, anchored in light, which brings a different understanding from the straightforward read of aspects. It works to aid in clearing our karma and bringing balance into our lives. As we progress in understanding light, we become more proficient in creating our lives. Our thoughts and feelings become stronger and have a more profound punch in directing our lives. In short, we act as more efficient creators; our lives match our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs more closely.

The universe uses the spin of planets, time, space, and events to bring us more deeply into the light. When energy is high, there is a dispensation of light. Everyone becomes tired. We give up diversions and move into exercise, collecting light, and meditation. We limit our work to have more energy. Recently, we’ve felt the rather harsh and sometimes heavy aspect of Mars conjunct Saturn. (Saturn feels heavy, and it’s easy to feel insecure or to move into self-doubt when its influence is strong. Compare this week and last week.) The aspect is weaker, which is a direct reference to September’s blue sky.

September is lovely in the deep South with thousands of intricate colors and ornate shapes. The sky is often bright blue, and it’s exquisitely beautiful. September 2014 is an excellent month for visualizing, planning, and taking action. (October, November, and December will feel confusing.) Life will feel relatively normal for a few weeks! It will feel easier and lighter, too.

A trine between Jupiter and Uranus will lift our spirits throughout much of September. With the planets placed  in fiery Leo and Aries, we’ll feel the need for expansion and the desire to move forward in new directions.  In mid-September, Mars moves into Sagittarius and forms a Grand Trine with Jupiter and Uranus. On the highest level, we have overall energy (Mars), Jupiter (expansion), and Uranus (spiritual growth/quantum field) expressed in a positive way. It should make for a lovely feeling; it’s such a wonderful change.

The forecast isn’t perfect. The Full Moon on September 8 falls in Pisces and will bring up old emotions and negative feelings. Life may feel unstable or shaky. It’s important to learn how to pull our emotions and thoughts back “in” to become centered. It’s also helpful if we remember it’s about clearing karma and old beliefs. Feelings are not always real–no matter how they feel.


1) Plan to enjoy a happier month without the emotional insecurity and self-doubt of August.

2) Deeply devote to meditation. Meditation works well when life is easier, but it’s important to make the time to practice. (Sometimes, it doesn’t feel as important when life is less challenging.) Choose a few desires for meditation. Practice visualization and see it clearly.

3) Take action whenever you can. Take steps to move toward goals. October will bring Mercury retrograde, delaying plans.

4) There are periods of instability in September. Fortunately, they are a bit easier than last month. Use your ability to center, focus on the light, and move into a higher vibration. When one person centers, it helps many.

Simple Centering Exercise:

1) When thoughts or emotions are overwhelming or strong, pull the thought or feeling back into the center of your body. Try pulling the energy into the heart or solar plexus chakra–or the center line of the front of the body.

2) Focus on light in the heart space. Feel a burst of sunlight or star. Hold the imagery until the mind is blank, and emotions become calm.

3) Choose a task or devotion, which requires intense focus. (Return to the exercise above if the feeling returns.)


Julia Griffin, Intuitive Healer and Coach






Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.





Light Effects


We’re in the middle of an influx of light. We’re walking in the time between the ages of the Piscean to Aquarian Age, which offers light to the planet. In the last turning of the ages, Buddha and Christ walked on the planet. Regular infusions of light come from solar flares and cometsRegular infusions of light come from solar flares and comets, bringing a higher light level. This increased level of light is associated with gestalt realizations in science and art as well as philosophical changes associated with spirituality.

Light is also energy. When we cultivate light through meditation or inner reflection, we bring in light as energy.  Light amplifies everything in life, including the good and the bad. It’s impossible to experience awakening without an increase of light and the amplification of energy. This is part of enlightened consciousness—growth through realization. Part of the growth comes from the motion of the mind and feelings between higher and lower reality; it’s called oscillation. When we can “hold” a higher state, the lower thoughts evaporate, and reality changes.

As we become more conscious, much of life changes. Negative thoughts or feelings happen more quickly because the light is drawing our attention to our habitual pattern of creating what we don’t want. Sometimes, this is known as “sleeping” and points to the less awakened areas of our consciousness. It can appear more energy is required to make positive manifestations, but this state is only temporary. It passes in time as we move through tests. Sometimes, the test involves devotion, insight into habits, awakening of the subconscious, or placement of the mind, but it usually bestows gifts and insights.

Several energetic areas are emphasized during evolution:

1) Happiness requires energy and effort. Happiness comes by deciding to think about good memories and pleasant thoughts. It consists of a thousand small gestures and actions. It means smiling instead of frowning and seeing the good in place of negativity. It also involves dreaming up your life constantly so it takes a nice route. And it’s really about higher vibrations. Happiness is more than pleasantness; it implies peace, joy, and inner quiet–the result of alignment with the inner self.

2) Everyone is tested in a specific area of life. It may be prosperity, relationships, or health. The challenge lies in remembering to delete negative thoughts and feelings, take positive action, and project an image of the opposite state. For money, it’s helpful to see more prosperity flowing in. In relationships, it’s helpful to have strong boundaries, learn what we really want, express it, and see the good in the other person. With health, it’s good to imagine the state of fitness possible and feeling it. The reason for the visualization and effort relate to karma. Karma implies misplaced energy, and visualization through connection with light replaces the energy with a higher vibration.

3) Emotions are challenging as we move into more of the new energy. Awakening means finding the parts of the self that are sleeping, subconscious patterns, and internal dialog (what we say to ourselves.) Heightened emotions come as part of the big shift of changing from a lower to a higher vibration, and there are also hundreds, if not thousands, of people experiencing awakening at one time. Be patient and honest. Admit it–we’ve felt the same negative emotions for most of our lives. People and situations act as catalysts for the motion of intertwined feelings and thoughts. We can’t clear the emotion unless we admit to feeling it and take responsibility for it.

4) ) It’s necessary to live in duality to experience a physical body and spirituality simultaneously, but there are many levels of polarity. Certainly, a Golden Age would be preferable. In other words, we can refine our experience somewhat by seeing our lives and the world in a more pleasant frequency or a higher duality. It’s fun to think of instantaneous positive manifestations in the near future as well as a better world altogether. 

5) Boundaries comprise a good bit of spiritual work. How much energy do we take from others? How much do we give? When does a phone conversation start to go downhill? Do our friends listen or vent? Do they improve? Duality brings shadows and light to play in every individual. The question is: are they growing toward their light? It’s also important to note when we’re tired or energized and keep a good balance. When the light level changes often, it’s important to rest. Notice who and what take or give energy in your life. When we think about life as energy, it’s easier to make good choices. (We can’t help anyone when we’re overly tired.) What’s necessary to be true to you in relationships?

6) Mass consciousness exerts a heavy weight. As our light grows, we carry more of mass consciousness. This means the weight of other people’s thoughts and emotions weigh on us. It’s helpful to ask for separation from mass consciousness. I also think it goes a little deeper as we’re breaking free of our culture’s more negative myths and stories. It’s part of reaching a higher level of duality.

One of the challenges of the group experience is learning to send love to problems instead of worry, fear, or frustration. Positive change in the world is created through high vibrations like love and light. Send light to the part of the self that experiences fear and love to any problems in the world.

7) Seeing the good. Is it so hard? Yes, sometimes it is! It’s constant and consistent work. It means reprogramming ourselves through visualization, meditation, and continual vigilance, but the alternative is worse. We don’t want to experience more of old patterns or negativity. Perhaps, we should think of ourselves as pioneers—people who came here to radiate light when the world was so, so dark. And we’re the ones who can see the beauty and love when almost no one else could. (Did anyone tell you that you’re a hero? Maybe not yet, but the time will come.)


Julia Griffin, Intuitive Healer and Coach




Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. The wolves taught her that true energetic motion is based on the soul and patterns of nature. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.

Subtle Signs of Awakening


Awakening brings special signals of its own. They’re easy to miss because “internal noise” typically becomes louder before you learn to hold a higher vibration. Acknowledging yourself for small improvements helps with self-growth. Growing in love, kindness, compassion, or self-observation equals positive change. Until you experience a big “shift”, it’s important to stay aware of the process.

Here are few signs of success:

1) Occasionally, you have a flash of everything working out well. It’s like seeing through the illusion into a more beautiful world. The flash comes and goes from time to time. You’re catching the wave of a higher (frequency) reality.

1)      You begin to think more positive thoughts about other people. (You notice the negative images, feelings, or thoughts you have about others. You want to shift them. You feel compassion for other people’s efforts.) You realize positive visualizations for other people help you and the world.

2)      You want better boundaries. This thought runs opposite to the first one. You don’t want to give away your energy inappropriately. You realize enabling anyone means losing energy and creating bad karma on both sides of the equation. Your awareness of the energy equation with you and other people increases. (Losing energy can make you feel briefly energized like caffeine or totally exhausted.)

3)      You notice how your mood is always the same when you’re upset.  Regardless of the event or upset, you have three or four feelings of a certain mood. In metaphysics, this is how you color your life. If the mood is always the same, you have something to do with it – at least 1%.

4)      You realize unresolved issues come up periodically. They revolve around the same issues.  With the acceleration in daily life, they come up more quickly than in the past. The realization indicates awakening. Think about it — you can’t see the pattern unless you’re awakening.

5) You want to meditate and practice spiritual work. You realize the happiness of the Path is unlike anything else in life. It gives lasting satisfaction and joy that nothing can take away.

6) You crave balance. You want to have balance in relationships, moods, work and life. You notice how and when you use your energy. You rest when you’re tired and work when you’re energized.

7) You are tired of the cycles. You want something besides the old patterns of blaming, becoming angry, sad or saving the situation. This means you are moving beyond drama (at least the present drama), and you want different, exciting and more in alignment with your “light.”

8) Everyone is becoming more intuitive, particularly light workers. You’ve probably noticed how bad moods feel exaggerated, and lightness brings more joy. This comes from a greater connection between ourselves and others. Everyone holds light, and the light connects our fields. As we grow in light, we feel others more succinctly. The connection to everyone can be positive or negative, but you’re developing new skills to deal with it. (It’s helpful to delete the weight of mass consciousness and ask for the good of any creation to be amplified and shared throughout the world.

9) You know the process of manifestation, prayer and persistence works. You don’t care how hard you have to work or what you want to do. You know that you came here at a special time to change the world, and your efforts count.

Any or all of these shifts are indications of change – the deep process of soul work – leading to awakening. Be patient with glimpses of the outer self. It’s time of big change, and we’re all learning how to find our True Self.


Julia Griffin, Intuitive Teacher and Coach





Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. The wolves taught her that true energetic motion is based on the soul and patterns of nature. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.






Flowing Through a Time of Change


There is a very real energetic imbalance as the energies increase in volume and intensity. Our feelings alter on a cyclical basis. Our awareness is greatest when we are impacted by lower vibrations (as we tend to happily accept the higher energies.) There’s an odd inconsistency in the energy because we feel the low when another person is feeling the high. If we’re attuned, we can see it all around us. We feel badly – along with some of our friends – and other people feel great or don’t seem to feel it all.  (The alteration in energy is linked to: solar flares, alternating magnetic field, energies brought by the Precession of Ages and planetary changes.)

The oscillation of energy normally occurs for those who seek the light. The low points teach discernment about reaction to the others, our trigger points or buttons – or if we are simply not listening to our soul. The dark moods or insecurity or despair are teachers found by all seekers on the path; however all energetic states are amplified by the great number of awakening souls.

In other words, the frequency goes high as a reflection of love and then lowers as a reflection of the un-evolved people and their actions, known as mass consciousness. There is also a positive collective consciousness. Both reflect our energies as we move toward a decision about our future and the world’s future. We are all on call to make the best of it by acting to lift and raise the world frequencies.

It’s not that hard to shift a frequency. We can smile. We can act kindly. We can speak our truth and act in integrity with our higher self. We can meditate or send light. We can visualize a better future and we can shine up our tool box of loving actions. We can also send love to ourselves when nothing else works. This part of the process of mastery of high frequency – it is well documented in the writings of many teachers on the path of light.

For the next year or so, we will experience days of shining love and high frequency. Other times, we will feel doubt and fear. This continues as we master the higher frequency. It’s not always easy to step ahead and keep going when riding on a sailboat through turbulent waves – but we can do it by remembering our power of altering frequency and moving into love. When we move into love, the waves become smoother.

Here are a few tips:

  • The energies teach about our inner programs. Where do you feel deep emotion? Can you see patterns around blocks or identify the stimuli around darker emotions? How do you lift your spirits?
  • Can you remember when you felt light and optimistic? Project these feelings into the future.
  • Respect your body. Rest when you’re tired. Stay with gentle exercise and walk daily. Drink plenty of water.
  • Who or what drains you? What are you leaving behind? Is it easy or difficult? (Everyone has the opportunity to leave behind the “not-self” and approaching the true self. What are your personal challenges?)
  • Remember to stay grounded by spending lots of time with the earth.
  • Send pink light or love to difficult situations. Love and forgive their presence in your life.
  • Observe to discover inner patterns that affect the flow of life at certain times of the day or with particular people
  • Spend time recalling what it’s like when life feels its best and project the vision and feelings into the future.
  • Hold your vision and stay with meditation. Dreams often manifest when we continue through hard times or when we think we can’t manage one more visualization!

Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and counselor




Julia Griffin, Intuitive Healer and Coach, is known nationally for her ability to enlighten others to find their True Self and become conscious co-creators through practical application of Universal Law.

Astro Report/Early February 2012


 The planets push forward and pull back with equal force, asking what we must surrender to gain the light of the soul. The Sun and Mercury in Aquarius push toward the mental and spiritual realm with original thought and creativity. These two planets together act similarly to the internet – there are lots of ideas, but it can also feel exhausting or overwhelming. It’s rather like channel surfing, and, sometimes, it’s better to contemplate a well-worn book or watch one movie.

Mars sits retrograde for months with a backward movement, encouraging discernment of daily routines and rituals. Discernment, in a spiritual sense, means learning “what” increases or decreases connection with the soul. Venus moves into Aries in a few days when the feminine planet sits opposite Mars, the male planet in Virgo. We’re likely to feel uncomfortable about our traditional roles or aspects of the self – so note the tendency toward incorrect passivity or aggression and make subtle corrections.

Saturn stays in Libra, asking for a review of relationships, partnerships and balance. Where are we imbalanced? What must change while moving toward goals? Uranus is opposite Saturn in Aries – a sign that shouts go forward toward goals, don’t stop or think! Yet, dealing with past karma is necessary to obtain any goal…Can you see the pairs of the opposites – the stress on the inner/outer self, which lines up in this forecast? It’s not an easy month – so make allowances and rest.

Jupiter in Taurus actually encourages manifestation in physical form, but also can cause self-indulgence, overspending or the false feeling or thinking that we can catch up with ourselves and our work later. Rest is needed with this forecast, but not procrastination. The lesson is about balance and focus.

Neptune is in Pisces, which accounts for part of the muddy feeling with psychic connection and the overall confusion. The water sign Pisces connects us all more deeply, and very few people are totally sure of where the New Age is leading them or the next step in their evolution. On the positive side, Neptune in Pisces can lend the most ecstatic state of spiritual love.

Finally, the north node lies in Sagittarius. This placement encourages movement toward the spiritual life and creation of a more spiritual world. Ruled by the archer, keeping our eye on the target or visualization forms the challenge. With nodes of the moon, spirituality lies in the north and dissolution lies in the south node in the sign of Gemini – which rules short trips, communication and quick, rapid thought. This placement might point to the avoidance of too much internet, meaningless telephone calls and trivial conversation. In other words, keep the mental body aligned with the spiritual nature.

In summary, we won’t experience partial alignments, but we do experience alignment with the opposite sides of the self – at least as shown by the stars. Rest, balance, diligent work and visualization are all needed as we move toward self-realization.

Astrological Update




Note: The stars always support soul work. In alchemy, we look at the stars and planets to derive the best form of action/inaction at a particular time.

Uranus, the impulsive planet of spiritual change in fiery Aries, implies this year is the time of substantial change. It’s time to dream big by writing down our desires. The placement encourages realization of our wildest, best dreams.

For the next four days, the stars support all efforts at manifestation. Then, Mars swings into retrograde, slowing everything down until April 13 — giving needed time for our thoughts and dreams to incubate until spring comes again.

The pace of life slows on January 23 — the frantic pace ceases. The next three months give time to rework plans, rethink our lives and dream up big plans. (Make plans now so that the universe can help with manifestation.) The placement of many planets in earth signs supports “slow down, rest and think” mentality.


The Plan


Planets, when clustered in earth, show preferential patterns of activity and thought. We easily take advantage of their energy by creating a plan that is in alignment with their energy. Read through the descriptions of planetary influence to decide how you want to apply the energy in your life.

Organization, discernment and productive habits in the physical world are encouraged by the planets for the next few months. Jupiter in Taurus brings the possibility of increased prosperity and balance in the material world. Earth signs represent the passive, feminine and receptive side of human nature. So, it’s good time to explore “receiving” by asking: how can we open more to the universe’s gifts, the overall goodness in life?

Mercury rules communications, and Pluto symbolizes mass consciousness. Both planets sit in Capricorn — which rules logical thought, reasoning and order. (Capricorn can also increase the tendency for sharp or cold words — so try for compassionate communications for the next few weeks.)

Mars in Virgo concerns discernment — the lesson of deciding exactly what we want and how we want it to experience it. This position also encourages letting go of critical thoughts about the self or others. When Mars turns retrograde, it’s important to work with our daily physical reality, such as the perfect schedule or refining organizational skills.

Rest and Enjoy


Venus in the sign of Pisces is a blessing — this is her exalted sign. We can feel the expansiveness of beauty and love easily, by focusing and asking for the inner state. Venus in Pisces can also be confusing — we’re not always sure of our direction or who we really love. So wait a few moments before making choices and enjoy the loveliness of this time.

Neptune also sits in Pisces, bringing beauty through spiritual realization, confused emotions and heightened or even mystical inspiration. With Venus and Neptune joined in Pisces, this time supports painting, writing and creative work, such as healing. 

Life moves more quietly and contemplatively for the next sixteen weeks. Explore the down time by resting and learning more about the passive/receptive side of the self.  Enjoy the beauty and wonder of the journey. Take time to commune with the trees and the stars.

The Eye of the Storm

After passing through the end of the Mayan calendar, dark astrological predictions and prophecy with bleak portent, we caress the concept of light through dates like 11-11-11. The internet turns ripe with speculation, bearing rumors of days that bestow enlightenment, with hope of a great dispensation—salvation from travail on earth. In truth, numeric sequences and astrological configurations only offer energetic frequencies as potentiality.

Kali Yuga–which is the last of four periods of time in Hindu religion, referring to a time of great darkness when people are as far removed from God (source-consciousness) as possible–approaches its end. The New Age is also referred to as the “apocalypse”, defined as the lifting of the veil and revelation of the hidden truth. It’s a real possibility that the corner has been turned; yet, we continue to wait for illumination, as a respite from chaos, the upheaval of the Shift of the Ages.

Wild weather rages through the world with tsunamis, droughts and snowstorms. Outer structures crumble, while finances teeter on a dangerous roller coaster ride. New science discovers the value of intention, including the reprogramming of the DNA through positive affirmation, emotion and action. Princeton’s Global Consciousness Experiment monitors global consciousness, proving that group emotions make a measurable impact on the world. “Everything is energy” is the catch phrase of the new century, but the desired enlightenment is often illusive.

We can seek shelter in the storm of polarities, the riot of energy experienced as part of the coursing change, through the simple tenets of hermetic law. By abiding in the safe habitat of these laws, the final product offers “centering”, the practice of balanced thought, spirituality, emotion and body. The spectacle of centering is actually the desired result of all alchemy, represented in the marriage of opposites. Sacred geometry presents the concept of centering through figures such as the dodecahedron and the stellated dodecahedron, which are also depicted in Kabala as the “Tree of Life.”


Shift of the Ages

The current changes of light and earth frequency emphasize the necessity of centered thought and action. Knowledge of the “storm of the shift” brings insight to accelerate understanding of personal and global challenges.

Acknowledgement of the need for centering is important, but comprehension of “The Turning of the Ages” is required for perception of the implications and inherent possibilities, as conferred by a given point in time and space.

“The Turning of the Ages” is loosely defined as the movement of the sun through all of the astrological signs, as a completion of a twenty-six thousand year earth cycle. The sun moves through an astrological sign in about 2,160 years, comprising an “Age.” The turning of the ages bestows additional light for the evolution of the soul. (It’s important to keep in mind that self-mastery is key to soul evolution.)

In each Age, an element predominates and influences mass consciousness, including icons and symbols. The last Age, the Piscean Age, was symbolized by the element water and two fishes swimming in opposite directions. (Previous ages include the ram or Aries during the time of Moses and the bull or Taurus during the Egyptian reigns.)

The Aquarian Age is governed by an air sign, ruled by Uranus, which influences the quantum field or akasha. (Aquarius is symbolized by a man pouring water into the air or akasha, and the highest emanation of water/emotion is love. The akasha is ruled by Uranus.) It’s interesting to note the influences of the Aquarian age or the movement toward the Quantum Field or the akasha. Man or Woman is composed of four bodies: spirit and mind (fire + air=electrical) and emotions and body (water + earth=magnetic), thus we are electro-magnetic beings on an alchemical basis.

The akasha is the substance that links each of us on a psychic basis, operating as a long distance telephone for our thoughts and emotions. (Thus, a person receives your true feelings, regardless of words or expressions. As the akashic element strengthens, the likelihood of transmitting one’s true emotions or thoughts is heightened.) The akashic field also links us to higher emotions, such as love, joy and gratitude. The fifth sense, or intuition, is regulated to the Field or the akaska. The element of the akasha unifies — it is literally the experience of the One in the All.

The change in earth frequency/consciousness has been referred to as the crystalline grid. A grid acts as a planetary blueprint for the organization for all the structures of life. It distributes and aligns the elementary components, including life force and the planetary frequency spectrum. Some speak of the geometric structure as the stellated dodecahedron or Christ grid. They tell us that the Stellated Dodecahedron is about adding conscious awareness — impeccability, self-responsibility, and integrity — as a means to the open heart to create Christ Consciousness realization.

The properties of a crystal include amplification of the reception and projection of frequencies or waves. If we consider the earth’s structure as taking on a more crystalline formation, then it’s easy to speculate that the population’s inner communication (inner dialog) is broadcast at a higher, more rapid frequency. In the past, radios operated on crystals, and the extension of the antenna determined the band of reception. As an analogy, the inner state acts as an antenna, dictating the broadcast received by the senses.

Earth scientist, Greg Braden, identifies the shift of the ages as associated with the loss of magnetism and/or possible polar shift. According to Braden, the earth pulses in a Base Resonant Frequency, which is the heart beat of Earth. It has increased in frequency from 7.8 cycles per second in 1958 (Schumann Frequency) to approximately 9 cycles per second in 1996, with a projection of 13 cycles per second at the time of the actual shift of the ages. This increased frequency also affects the pulse of the physical body.

Metaphysically, magnetism refers to emotion and sensation (water and earth elements) in the human body. If the heart frequency of the earth and population rise, then perhaps we will shed the lower emotions and sensations, which are commonly experienced in life as separation and suffering. When unity consciousness is achieved, even momentarily, there is only perfection and light.



Unity consciousness is the sensation of experiencing “reality” as an individual in union with the “all.” Alchemically known as the realization of First Matter, it is a glimpse of the underlying fabric of the universe through an open heart chakra. Centering is part of this experience, but the practice has many applications, which exist in many philosophical systems –ranging from Hindu, Tibetan and Chinese physical/meditative practices to those described in Hermetics.

At its height, the practice aspires to the achievement of alchemical balance within the chakras and/or elements of the body—and the more esoteric details are revealed through symbolism. Regardless of the system or complexity of practice, centering refers to the balancing of the elements—fire, air, water, earth and akasha, of the human form (including meridians and chakras.) The value of centering lies in the cultivation of a higher state, so that the seeker is lifted above momentary problems and sights the divine order of the universe.

Whenever the true order of the universe reveals itself, order is regulated in the material world. Whether through a feeling of calm, composure in the mind, vitality of the physical body, or inspirational movement of the soul, centering offers a different perspective of the world. It lifts us above our troubles and into the safe hands of the divine, where all good abides.

Centering begins in the heart by seeking a spiritual connection with the Divine. It is most effective when the seeker concentrates on the heart area by breathing in and out, while imagining balance between the upper and lower three chakras. The practice of similar exercises develops awareness of the inner truth of the heart chakra. The heart becomes the guidepost, and the axiom states, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is.”

The concept behind the meditation is detecting the directive of the heart space at all times. This state comes through continually living in a state of prayer, which leads toward love. A state of love, or high frequency state, is needed to transcend the illusion of separation. The illusion of separation relates to the concept of suffering—and only connection with divine can supersede this human condition or provide protection from storms in the inner or outer world.


Practical Notes and Tips

Many forms of centering are mentioned extensively in spiritual teachings. The simplest exercises consist breathing in light; breathing in pain and breathing out light; imagining a state of centeredness between the planet and the heights of the universe; and observation of the self.

– The shift of the ages brings a great dispensation of light; however, the new energies can be disconcerting—often causing imbalance from the influx of new energy. It’s helpful to realize that the emotional states and thoughts may last for a few days or weeks. One of the lessons on the soul journey is discarding preferences—just because we feel one way on one day doesn’t mean that we won’t feel differently on the following day. Work for acceptance of both states and remember — in the big picture, we live in an exciting time.

– Metaphysics theorizes that all problems result from vibrating at a lower frequency. Through identification with a problem, we typically “think” or review the problem at regular intervals. This process is known as resonance. Answers to difficult problems are rarely found in the logical mind, so it’s helpful to work for a “jump” or leap in consciousness.

– Staying with a meditation practice can be a life saver, and the endorphins generated by exercise help incredibly. These two practices balance mind, body and emotion.

– Energy from other people can impact your field. As consciousness grows, many people discover that they “feel” the person next door or read the thoughts of a co-worker on a psychic level. Intuitive readers are emphatically aware of the presence of “other people” when reading the field of an individual. For example, everyone has experienced a sudden emotional plummet when visiting with an unhappy person. Our energy fields over-lap and affect one another, particularly when encountering truth about world conspiracy or earth changes. (Global Conciousness)

– Observation is one key in the shift. Observe phone calls, trips, errands and note energy level before and after encounters. Change communication accordingly. Ask often to be cleared from other people’s energy or mass consciousness, particularly after visits or interaction with media, such as television or even you tube.

– Physicist Werner Heisenberg postulated that observation causes an electron to exist. It doesn’t exist prior to observation or measurement. He stated, “Atoms form a world of potentiality or possibility rather than one of things or facts.”(Werner Heisenberg) Stay focused on your personal, positive vision of the world, and don’t allow the media’s take on world events to rock your inner world.

– The identification of any troubled state as part of our personal consciousness can be freeing. Whether or not we actively participate, some part of our psyche is attached to the overall scheme of events. Often, the best solution lies in patience. Clear guidance can come from objective observation, acceptance of a state and meditative awareness.

Ultimately, human beings, who quest for enlightenment, work for the accomplishment of balance in the physical and spiritual worlds. Mastery is earned through work. When in a centered state, we no longer move between the illusory and real, for it is possible to perceive the fabric of the invisible spiritual world, as well as its direction. We are also open to the voice of the higher self, which directs our motions and advises us well. It is in this state of consciousness that we perceive the beauty and flaws of the physical world with compassion and gratitude, so that love and light meet with us, as companions on the path of enlightenment.