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More on Manifesting

You are a creator, and you came here to create. It’s how you learn to master the flow of your energy and transform lower emotions and thoughts into a higher form. It’s how you create possibility, beauty, and wonderful solutions out of darkness and chaos.

It’s how you create harmony in a world, which is out of alignment. It’s the way you transform a negative situation into a positive one. It’s how you awaken the creativity of the heart. The process brings awakening and connection with the inner self.

  1. The first step lies in possibility—and believing that your experience of the world can become better. It requires a new dimension of thought as to what is possible—and opening to what is amazing. Your consciousness must move from limitation to expansion.
  2. Change can be as simple as more harmony in life and moving above lower vibrations, which cause stress or anxiety. It can be as complex as a whole new life, which opens gifts and fulfills the heart.
  3. Manifestation begins with lack—an unfulfilled desire, an inner longing, or a need to experience the opposite of a problem. By visualizing and “feeling” the desired state, your consciousness learns to move in a different, higher direction. This practice leads to perception of possibilities, a subtle change in how you see the world and (ultimately) an understanding of how to change your energy to experience more “goodness” in life.
  4. It’s best to begin with a few minutes of meditation and find the light. Follow the practice with an image and feeling of your desire as already fulfilled. Live in the image as often as you like. Imagine it has already occurred, and you live in a new level of happiness and harmony.
  5. When your practice becomes strong, you will receive insights and intuitions. You will become more aware of your inner self—as well as the part of the self who has been limited by the lack of change.
  6. Your thoughts and feelings will change. There will be moments of illumination when change seems likely; there will be moments when it feels that life will never change. In the dark moments, it’s necessary to hold the visuals and return to the feelings. It’s part of the process of overcoming doubt and fear. It also means you’re closer to your desire.
  7. You will become aware of your inner self as you work in the direction of a desire. incredible moments of connection, realization of beauty, and amazing wonder will come as you progress with your work. You will begin to perceive the energy that lies beneath the material world, and the energetic forces will work with you. (There’s a tendency to believe the world is against you when confronting subconscious patterns. It’s the opposite with manifestation.)
  8. With every desire, there is an obstacle or block. You learn how to move through the obstacle with creative thoughts, calming your emotions, and visualization to find the root cause of the problem. This leads to right action, which is usually prompted through meditation and by suggestions received through intuition.
  9. This process is also called awakening. It’s a subtle realization of knowing you can use your energy (thoughts, emotions, actions) to create a shift in life. After repeating the process several times, you can see good things for others, and they will occur. Life will continue to create challenges, but you’ll have more, new tools every time. More importantly, you’ll have the key to your inner self, know how to listen to the universe, and use the experience to move into deeper awakening. (Between the challenges, you’ll encounter adventures and joyful moments!)

Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.If you would like to seek additional spiritual change and insight into your life, please contact me for information about an intuitive session.

When Manifestation Doesn’t Work

The steps involved in manifestation are simple, but failure can come for many reasons. Often, lack of persistence is the first cause. Meditation should take place every day, with no exception — and the image must be very clear. Lacking an image, then one projects into a feeling. (Only a high frequency feeling like love or happiness will do.) Eventually, opportunity comes, and then action is required.

Between the first step and the last, a quality known as resistance appears. We want the desirable change, but often lack the force to push through the negative field. No (large) desire ever comes up for fulfillment unless we have energy flowing in the other direction — so we find the block, to clear it over time. (The amount of time needed in manifestation relates directly to the significance of the desire and the depth/weight of the “block.”)

Each visualization and every action toward fulfillment increase the energy of the desire, but the feeling of contentment, serenity and happiness from the spiritual connection comprise a great deal of the work. The underlying objective of all manifestation is reception of love, light, abundance and joy — the higher frequencies in life.

To truly accomplish a desire, we live as though the desire is already present in our world today. On the other hand, realism is important — we must budget our pennies, even while imagining a great sum. We exercise while holding an image of a lovely body or develop social skills while seeing friends.

Eventually, we clear the fear, which is the real reason for any blockage, and we learn to live in a higher frequency, in which life forms itself into more pleasing materiality. So, it is the movement through the lower self toward the higher or True Self, which brings manifestation into being.

Having said this, here are a few stumbling blocks often encountered on the way:

1) Desire of a manifestation for fulfillment of the ego, as opposed to spiritual gain. Believing fulfillment brings approval or status. One can also believe s/he is not worthy or deserving — or fail to see inner worthiness.
2) Lack of devotion. A hit and miss practice. Using emotional states or activities as an excuse to avoid practice.
3) Not understanding the value of a higher frequency in meditation. (For example, feeling desperate while meditating on a goal.)
4) Lack of willingness to work with fear, resistance or blocks. Blaming others. Not working with the inner dialog. Movement into anger instead of understanding that one creates his/her reality.
5) Not making substantial changes. If you want a new house, then look for one. If you want a new job, then apply for it. Change your diet if you want a new body. Manifestation helps with goals, but you have to work with it — not just “at it.” (Working slowly is fine!)
6) “Hurry up/slow down” syndrome. Sometimes, it’s frightening when our world begins to change very quickly. We begin to think that it’s all too much for us and want the changes to slow down. Then, everything moves back into the lower reality, and we start over again.
7) Fear of “losing.” Often, fear of loss is experienced — as losing our loved ones, our place in life or our “current reality.” The real fear is about letting go of our old concept of the self.
8) Self-love. Loving the self is one of the most challenging steps on the road to mastery. Patterns are conquered by learning to love the negative and positive self equally.
9) Not understanding the value of co-creation. When you change by learning to love yourself, you change the light-level of the world. It is not an act of selfishness, but a great act of love.