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Mastering the Shift

One of the challenges of the current shift is oscillation, the periodic sensations of high and low. It occurs as the inner self develops, and we move through karma. (Karma can simply mean habits, repetitive patterns, or a negative response – as small as refusing to recognize or speak our personal truth.) Oscillation can cause strong emotions. Although we are steadily moving into a higher place, we continue to experience the old vibrations of the lower self.
We master oscillation over a period of time – not instantly. But we can observe, think about the inner self, and center for a few moments, which is the essence of mastery.
Here are a few tips:
1)      When life moves easily, it’s good to expand the energy outwardly into the present and the near future. It’s also helpful to “see” good things for others and project a better, happier world. (Scientific experiments prove “seeing” good for others brings healing and positive energy into our lives.)
2)      When the emotional/mental waves are low, it’s helpful to know they pass more quickly when we take time to tap into the spiritual self. We can replace lower thoughts with positive thoughts; we can substitute a positive emotion for a lower one. (We do this by meditating on peace, harmony, joy, or the feeling of a higher vibration.) We can send pink light (love) to the lower self, which feels the emotion.
3)      When we observe a thought or emotion, it becomes quieter. The inner self generates positive emotions and thoughts. It delivers peaceful answers. By putting our consciousness in this place, life changes.
4)      Many teachings speak of “low” and “high” points as storms and rainbows. We think storms are difficult, and rainbows signal a time of abundance. Both are illusions on the path on life. Beyond the illusion is the path of light. If we remain on the journey, we find (and become) the light.
5)       When we change how we see life, “reality” changes. It takes on the shape and form of our thoughts. If we know we are passing through a wave, it’s unlikely that all of our thoughts are true and real. Simply knowing this is very helpful!
6)      Within the universe, there are thousands of secrets. Study and meditation reveal some of the secrets. We also perceive some of the secrets of the inner self by mastering oscillation, the interplay between the lower and higher self. (In difficult moments, call on angels, teachers, and guides. Someone or something – a book, recorded meditation, or a post on FB – will always help.)

Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants, and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and creating alignment with their inner path.

Planetary Change: Winter Solstice



In the darkness, the light always shines, and it’s more apparent than usual with the chart for the winter solstice. Everyone needs a bit of “light” while resting and reflecting, and, today, we’ll experience it.

The winter solstice occurs at 5:44 am ET, but we’ll feel the energy for the next few weeks. Sun and Saturn are conjunct (close together) in Sagittarius, and the Moon is harmoniously placed in Libra. It bestows a focus on philosophical truth along with beauty, balance, and grace.

The Sun sextiles Mars in Pisces and trines Uranus in Aries, the sign of new beginnings. With this placement, it links our everyday life (Sun) to the miracles and possibilities of the quantum field. (If we believe and see a reality with all of our hearts, it may come to pass.) Sun sextile Mars (assertion, overall energy) helps with expression of emotions (Pisces=water sign, emotions) in life.

Mercury (communication, thought) is retrograde in Capricorn, making thoughts circulate in an inefficient way. Mercury also squares Jupiter (good fortune) and Uranus (quantum field, sudden change), meaning it can feel difficult to find solutions aligned with our higher self and desire to change. (Capricorn is an earth sign, and it slows thought. Stay patient with creating changes; review and rest before putting into action.)

Venus sits in Aquarius, and it trines Jupiter and sextiles Saturn and Uranus, hinting at the positive outcome of learning to move into unconditional love while overcoming the limitations of thought (Mercury retrograde) and the karmic pulse of Saturn. Venus in Aquarius is about unconditional, impersonal love—universal love. It’s not about how we feel about others; it’s about radiating an universal quality.

Mars begins its cycle through the sign of Pisces, which rules water, emotions, and love from the past age. Pisces is also about karma from the past age and learning to express emotion—rather than radiating negative emotion to others. At its highest point, Mars conjuncts (close placement) to Neptune, which rules the sea of illusion and mysticism. (The challenge is seeing through emotion to tap into mysticism.)

Jupiter remains in Libra, a placement which prefers harmony, balance, and beauty. Jupiter is opposite Uranus, creating polar views of life. Jupiter wants the continuation of all that is good and pleasant; Uranus loves sudden, odd changes, which tend to blast us into quantum realizations about the new world. (With this placement, it’s helpful to contemplate change from the perspective of personal/group “good” and the desire to feel comfortable while staying aligned with the old reality.) Additionally, Jupiter opposes Pluto, meaning it prefers not to see the truth that the universe is revealing.

Saturn conjuncts (close placement) the Sun, which places an emphasis on mitigating our sorrow and difficulties through spiritual practices and a desire to help others. Fortunately, Saturn also trines Uranus, and this gives the opportunity to receive unusual insights and create a new life without the encumbrances of the past. Obviously, this occurs through spiritual insight and reflection on the heart space.

In every transition, Jupiter (good fortune) and Saturn (limitation) play a role. Jupiter encourages optimism and moving forward on the path. Saturn limits our success by insisting on perseverance and practice—and rewriting the substance of our life into a new form. Both planets bring grace, the reward of transmuting a substance into a new form (a reflection of the inner self.)

At this particular time, Uranus exerts a strong influence on our transition. It likes to alter the flow of life, moving it into an unknown form. New beginnings often require seeing life from a different perspective with a new set of wider beliefs. It’s never easy, but it offers both the burden and reward of living in a “new” time.

Overall, the chart weaves a beautiful story like an intricate tapestry. The Sun in Sagittarius is uplifting although it’s limited by Saturn’s conjunction, asking for a review of our life and personal karma. Moon in Libra can help with the review in harmonious sense.

Mercury slows the mind when retrograde in Capricorn, which is perhaps a good—although confusing—result. Mars and Neptune in Pisces ask for a greater understanding of emotion to enhance clearing and new methods of experiencing love. Venus in Aquarius points to unconditional love as the right direction for solving life’s current difficulties and muddled mass energies.

Uranus, the awakening of this New Age, forms a very positive trine with Saturn, which can help in alleviate personal karma while moving into our dharma (life purpose or calling.) It can also add with manifestation and the power to create a bright, new life in alliance with the inner self. Uranus rules Venus, and it helps with centering the heart on universal love.



Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants, and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and creating alignment with their inner path.


Nine Skills for 2016

2016 adds up to nine, a numeral that represents the divine feminine and a specific level of mastery. It’s interesting because the magical numbers are odd, and the even numbers tend to represent physical achievement. Nine symbolizes having fulfilled a task 3 times. (Many planets are placed in earth this year, indicating completion of physical tasks.)
1) Take time to love yourself. Love means sending light to your physical body and making time to meditate as well as contemplating the beauty of existence. This practice brings connection to the soul.
2) Develop your universal connection during  meditation. A good practice leads to hearing the soul speak and receiving intuitions from the universe. Act on the intuitions to develop inner knowing. (Some of our “intuitions” come from the ego; others pour in from the soul. Learn the difference.)
3) Ask the universe to help you in finding the right expression of your inner self. Remember how it takes practice. Notice when you change yourself for the approval of others and when you don’t.


4) Take time to express love to the people in your life. Loving people — or thinking you love them — isn’t enough. Friendships, relationships, and family need nurturing and consistent expressions of love. It’s important to put other people first (some of the time) and to send light and good wishes to others. (Create balance with this exercise. If your tendency is giving too much, notice when you’re tired after spending time with others. If you take too much, spend time giving to others. It must be heartfelt.)

5) Make this the year of tuning into your inner self. Let this practice come first every day, and realize the gift of freedom, peace and unconditional love is waiting. Get help if needed, but move forward and make changes in life.

6) Become willing to make and see your mistakes. Part of spirituality lies in seeing the self clearly – the good and the bad. It’s not about criticizing yourself; it’s about slowly changing habit, feelings, and beliefs. The old, negative energy is transmuted into something more positive over time. It’s how we mitigate karma.

7) Take part of every day to see everything as better for you, the people in your life, and the planet. Life changes much more quickly when we practice sharing our light and love.

8) Relinquish blame, disappointments, grief, and fear. Send them up to the light consistently. Convince yourself of your ability to see and experience life differently. Human beings are creators. You can create a wonderful life through positive beliefs and actions — if you truly tap into the universe.

9) Cherish the gift of life. Spend time outdoors and listen to the trees. Pay attention to the good in life, but admit what bothers you, too. Play with the idea that this is an incredible time to experience life. Imagine how it will feel as more people on the planet move into the space of love.


Julia Griffin, Intuitive Healer and Coach


Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.

Staying Centered in a Challenging Time



It’s challenging to stay centered, peaceful, and balanced when the energies of the world change several times each day. Empaths and healers feel the world turn and surge with global events and strong emotions of mass consciousness. We also feel the people around us.

The “light” energy amplifies everything. The energy is challenging, and it’s important to tap into the inner self on a regular basis to find our way.  Otherwise, we lose touch with the inner self, which acts as a light on the path.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Part of the influx of light is known as the acceleration and amplification. It makes time seem to pass more quickly, and we feel everything more—if we continue our soul work. There is a good reason for it. When we feel ourselves and others more, it amplifies everything in our system—the positive and the negative. When our negative emotions and thoughts feel stronger, we want to change them. When our positive emotions become more intense, we seek this state. In other words, the strong currents of emotions and thought can lead to our higher self.
  2. When we choose the inner self, we automatically move into a higher vibration. Higher vibrations displace lower vibrations. When we focus on love and peace, the emotions flow through every level of our consciousness; they flood body, mind, and soul. (This teaches persistence and devotion because the impact and level of higher emotion increases with significant work.)
  3. Every few hours, there is a surge and ebb of global emotion and thought. If we know the surge or ebb of energy and emotion comes from the outer world, we can seek the solace of the inner self. We can focus on love, forgiveness, or simply see a better world. (Anything with a higher vibration will do.) Becoming conscious of the input of lower consciousness helps in understanding how our emotions and thoughts are influenced by others.
  4. We are touched by everyone’s energy. As we gain awareness of this, we can shield, alter our relationships, or choose to release specific people in life. Ultimately, we have to choose people who help lift our vibrations and/or look at others with compassion.
  5. Freedom comes from moderating our impulses and emotions by becoming incredibly aware of energy. Our true source of energy comes from the inner self and the universe. It’s necessary to cultivate it to have the strength and insight to navigate through life.

NOTE: If you are practicing meditation daily, you’ve probably noticed how moods and emotions alter throughout a given day. The lower moods appear and disappear during the day, so it’s helpful to observe them. You also learn that the inner self brings stability, grounding, and focus—as well as peace and love.

Julia Griffin, Intuitive Healer and Coach

Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.

Inner Reflection

The fall equinox (Sept 23) brings an equal balance of day and night; it marks the time of moving inward into the self and the yin season of winter. A burst of energy often accompanies the equinox when the magical doorway opens between the spiritual and physical worlds.
It’s a wonderful time for soul reflection. Below are a few of my thoughts.
  1. Meditation brings stillness and alignment with the inner self. When we are aligned with the inner self, the “universe” comes near. It gives direction and connection with the “All.” It also opens the heart to love.
  2. Moving into the inner self is the most important thing we can ever do because that’s where all of magic and answers live, It’s impossible to discover the part of the “true” self without finding this space. Otherwise, we can’t listen to our heart.
  3. Everything ebbs and flows.  Sometimes, the inner connection lifts us above our problems. Other times, it gives direction—or eases pain. But it’s always there, waiting for us to find it.
  4. We all make mistakes. It’s best to look at them clearly, make corrections, and return to our practice. Through positive acts and thoughts, life changes. The “good” returns. (There are cycles of light and darkness in every life.)
  5. We have the answers. The inner self and the universe provide them through meditation and reflection. They come as unexpected beauty, a light heart, or joy. Or the lovely sensation of an overwhelming wave of peace or harmony. These sensations come and go, but we learn to seek them for their eternal nature.

A Few Tips:

  • What is seen in the mind’s eye becomes part of “reality.” Words strengthen the imagery. The heart knows a way to the light. Its words and images are much stronger than “normal” thought or speech.
  • A perfection underlies the universe. It is possible to align with it, which stops the motion of thoughts—and all but the purest of feelings. By reflecting on this truth, we can feel this alignment.
  • Opening the heart changes everything. When we release resentment, fear, and pain, we open a space to receive joy, abundance, and love. (It doesn’t mean we only feel love. We just feel more of it.)
  • Noticing energy is important. Every place, person, object, and action carries a wave of energy. Does it decrease or increase our overall energy? Knowing this, it’s easier to know what to do and where to go.
  • It takes courage to follow the light and the soul. We often feel afraid before we step into the inner self. When we overcome the fear, we become more of who we truly are.


Julia Griffin, Intutiive Healer and Coach

Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.

Getting in the Gap: Interview with Wayne Dyer



Julia: Getting in the Gap is about experiencing the space between our thoughts through the use of meditation and Japa or sound. How does this happen? What happens as we move into that space?

Wayne: Everyone experiences approximately 60,000 thoughts each day and tends to have the same patterns of thoughts over and over each day. These repetitive thoughts are projected or created by the ego.

The ego creates patterns of concepts in the material world that simulate the idea of safety and love, but we are really trapped by the ego. Usually we stay with one thought until the next thought takes over. This process limits us and keeps from experiencing the Source that is in the Gap between these strands or patterns of thought.

To create, we need a pause or gap between the thoughts. The gap or this space is the place that allows us to build, create, and manifest. We can all experience the gap through meditation.

In Getting in the Gap, I use the Lord’s Prayer and the sound ‘ah’ or one of the names of God. The sound of ‘ah’ is not only within the name of God; it is also in the sound of Allah, Krishna, Jehovah, and Ra.

When repeated in a mantra while in the Gap, it keeps us in a prolonged state of consciousness with our Source. Staying in the Gap helps us to experience the benefits of less stress, more peace, less fatigue, more energy. We also look younger and happier.

We move into a creative place in which we can use Japa to attract what we want into our lives. Most significantly, we make conscious contact with God, the source of all energy.

Julia: In Yoga, one lies in sivasana (or corpse pose), a receptive pose at the end of practice to balance activity. Is the place that you describe as the Gap similar to this and other states experienced in esotericism?

Wayne: Yes, it is the same type of practice, the point of which is to merge with the Source, the highest consciousness level where we realign our inner intention to the creative force of which we are all a part.

Julia: Japa is similar to intentional languages, such as Sanskrit, in which the vibrations of the sounds can actually manifest as shapes in sand or salt (yantras). How do the intentional sounds used in the Gap affect the meditation?

Wayne: Sound accesses the dimension between the spiritual and the physical. The Source of Energy can be accessed through the use of sound. Everything vibrates at a certain frequency – this is a law of physics. These frequencies are not good or bad, right or wrong, but the vibratory rate of the frequency can be said to be high or low.

The sounds used in Japa bring about high energy that vibrates at a rapid speed. When our energy vibrates rapidly, we feel good, peaceful, receptive, and creative. Japa is a way of magnetizing the vibration of love and manifesting with this wave. Japa can act as a shield for the lower emotions of others. It deflects the negativity of those around you. We can go into meditation and be free of any response to negative emotion.

Negativity is eliminated from our energy field, and we not only feel good, but we become capable of transmuting the negative energy fields of others. Scientific studies based on the measurement of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that indicates the level of peace and harmony, have shown that exposure to the energy field of those who meditate raises the serotonin levels of the people around them. High energy actually changes hatred, anger, and sadness by elevating it into love.

 Julia: The ego creates projections on its need to feel safe and loved. We experience these projections in 3D or physical reality. I have noticed that many people feel their lives are falling apart when they begin to meditate and manifest. What advice would you give to them?

Wayne: There is no question that many people experience what I call a ‘somersault’ into an inconceivable reality and face the possibility that what you thought wasn’t possible, now is possible. The ego has difficulty letting go of its concept that you can focus on all things that are good, or that you can truly become a magician with real magic.

The ego starts to say that none of this can really happen – you aren’t intended to be this way. Some of the thoughts of the ego are, “It will never happen. It’s too hard. I can’t do it.” If you can continue to go to a higher vibration, then you can move through this resistance by becoming in harmony or one with the Source. In this state, you experience the least amount of resistance to all things.

Another issue for many people is worthiness. Learning to feel worthy and deserving of abundance is one of the steps of manifestation. You also need to realize that good and God are synonymous. The five most important words that you can repeat or say to yourself are, “I want to feel good.” People ask, “How can you focus on good–and feeling good–with the war in Iraq or all of the other things that are happening in the world today?”

My answer is that it is still essential to focus on the Source, the feeling that the world within and without is good. When your focus is on that thought, you project it to everyone, and the energy of peace, goodness, and wholeness is transmitted to the world through the antenna of your mind.

Julia: In the book, there is a list of guidelines for those who have not practiced meditation previously. I think that they are important to have a sense of success when utilizing Japa. Would you tell us about them?

Wayne: There is no such thing as a bad meditation. Even if your inner voice is persistent or loud, the time spent in silence is important. Just observe the inner voice and use it as a reminder to go back into the gap. With time, the inner dialogue ceases. Meditation is like all disciplines in that it requires practice.

Mastery occurs through time, and the practice of meditation eventually becomes joyful. There is no right or wrong time. It is important to create your own schedule that fits best for you, as well as using the time at a traffic light or a pause in a meeting. There is no correct meditation length. Approximately 20 minutes on a twice-daily basis works best for me, but I do meditate a lot. As I said before, even a two-minute meditation is useful. There is no correct posture or place for meditation. Find what is best for you and trust your inner knowledge. Sitting, lying down, or kneeling are all correct postures. Any place is fine. I’m not particular about location, but some people prefer the same posture, chair, and location each day.

Julia: You also list spiritual principles that are used as a focus of awareness during meditation. What are the principles?

Wayne: 1) Become aware of your highest self. This awareness helps you know that you are more than merely a physical creation. 2) Trust yourself so that you trust the wisdom that created you. This principle establishes you as one and the same with the God-force. 3) Realize that you are more than an organism in an environment. You are an environorganism. This principle establishes your power to attract that which you are already connected to. 4) Know that you can attract to yourself what you desire. This principle establishes your power to attract that which you are already connected to. 5) Honor your worthiness to receive. This principle affirms that you are worthy of all that is attracted to your life. 6) Connect to the divine Source with unconditional love. This principle creates an awareness of the significance of accepting your manifestations with absolute love. 7) Meditate to the sound of creation. This principle gives you the tools for vibrating to the sounds that are in the world of creation. 8) Patiently detach from the outcome. This principle emphasizes the need to remove demands and become infinitely patient. 9) Receive your manifestations with gratitude and generosity. This principle teaches you the value of taming the ego while being thankful and serving others with your manifestations.

Julia: To practice achieving the gap, your instructions focus on feeling centered in God, then placing one’s inner attention on what is desired, detaching, having faith and saying the name of God. There are many different ways of focusing the inner attention. Do you mean to do this by visualizing what one wants in detail or simply on the feeling of the desire?

Wayne: You shouldn’t hold a visual image. Focus instead on the feeling of wellbeing that you will have when you achieve what you are intending. In other words, how would you feel if what you wanted manifested? Take that feeling and combine it with the intention. The key to Japa and manifesting is repeating the sound of ‘ah’ or name of the sound of God while holding the intention. The energy should be felt so strongly that you negotiate the presence of your desire by being at one with the same force that you perceive is missing from your life. The first secret of success is to have a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing. In other words, you may think you want to live in Georgia, but the best place for you to live may be in Texas. Your happiness or success can’t be dependent on an attachment to a person, place, or thing. Intention is not something that you do, but it is an energy of which you are a part. It is a force in the Universe that allows the act of creation to take place. In The Power of Intention, I write about intention as a force in the universe that allows the act of creation to take place. Intention is actually a field that can be accessed for co-creation.

Julia: There are some remarkable testimonials from your readers related in Getting in the Gap about their manifestations. I assume the changes in their lives occurred from the change from a place of ego to the place of the Source?

Wayne: The ego creates all of the impairments and blocks to the divine plan of the Source. Problems exist as beliefs of the ego, which cannot conceptualize the spiritual mind. Our belief in separation from God creates the attitudes that we label a problem. When we can let go of attachments and blocks, the Source creates whatever is needed in our lives. It is also important to create a state of self-worthiness, to know that you are deserving of whatever you ask.

Julia: Why is it important not to tell others what we hope to attract?

Wayne: We disconnect from the Source energy when we begin to tell others about what we desire. The energy frequency diminishes during discussion because the ego becomes involved. The attraction and manifestation should come through spirit, and it is easy to lose the connection through discussion.

Julia: In conclusion, I wanted to ask about a quote in your book, “We can choose the ego when needed and can choose the power of our Source.” What exactly do you mean by this?

Wayne: We can be in the ego state, and that state is finite. The ego state is one of limitation, of hatred, bitterness, sadness. When we die, all of the elements in our body return to the earth. The water in our body returns to the oceans, the minerals return to the earth. What is created in a night perishes within a night. What is finite is limited, and our ego reflects the physical state. The Source is infinite.

We can make a choice to be connected to the Source, and, in that space or Gap, we can encounter all Creation. The Source created not one but millions of Universes. It does not stop with one creation or one manifestation, and its energy is infinite.

When we tap into the Source through the void or the gap, we can become an antenna or a focus point for the infinite. We immediately become receptive, open, loving, and free. There is peace and patience in that space. We immediately know that there is no conflict; everything is in divine order. It seems that these are the only two choices that we can truly make. We can choose the ego with its hatred, bitterness, and fear, or the Source of all creation that lies in the gap between the thoughts and assertions of the ego.

2 Beautiful Women & the Soul


Two beautiful and powerful women, Allana Pratt and Jennifer Hoffman, talk about the soul today, May 8 and 9, on the telesummit, The Power of Inner Connection. (Go to: or click on summit link above.)

Allana Pratt photo 2015

Allana speaks about the relationship of the soul and physical pleasure as well as the nature of the heart. She relates how the heart can respond to pain and joy to become more whole and loving–if we allow it. She also tells us how the lower chakras are a place of power, which charge the body with physical energy, when we learn how to tap into their frequency. Allana presents a charged interview filled with the nuances of duality, including laughter, pain, joy, and interpretation of memory and experience.


Jennifer Hoffman is wonderfully cosmic and practical in the same instant. She explains the prevalent roles of humanity, how to discard them, and take on the image of the inner self. Always crystal clear and grounded, Jennifer explains the importance of taking action in the physical world and why we must act on our intuitions and spiritual leads. She also shares her insights about the “energy” of the summer, telling us how to grow with the light of a gentler time. (Jennifer also recorded and prepared a special gift for our listeners, which goes live today.)

Plan to make time to listen to Allana and Jennifer. You can learn so much more!



Astrological Update



The Sun is in Aries, a male fire sign. Aries symbolizes the energy of the ram, which includes intelligence, the area of head, moving forward, and passionate endeavors. When the sun is in Aries, it’s a good time to fall in love with your work or express a heart felt idea. (The planets are supportive this week.)

The Sun is also conjunct Uranus, the planet of sudden and spiritual change. It’s a marvelous time to think about magic–the magic of the soul and the quantum field. If life suddenly changed to reflect your soul, who would you become? What can you do to make it happen now? (Questions invoke the input of the universe.)

Pisces, the sign of the last Age, continues to play a part in the overall chart. Mercury is conjunct Chiron, the wounded healer, which asks us to look at our patterns and consider what or who we might become without them. Neptune remains in Pisces, lending a beautiful dream-like quality to life.

One of the highlights of this week’s chart is the Grand Trine between the Sun, Saturn, and the asteroid Juno. Juno rules flowers, beauty, fairness, relationships, denial, and commitment. This trine aids in seeing through the illusion in our lives. The addition of feminine energy softens the male energy of the sun and Saturn.

Venus is in Taurus. This placement is one of the best for planting crops (and crops or seeds can refer to our dreams.) Venus in an earth sign makes daily life look and feel lovely—if we slow our pace and take time to appreciate it.  This position also helps with grounding and increases physical vitality.

Mars sits in Aries, increasing the pressure to step into life. Pressure is useful; it launches our project or endeavor in a particular direction. The important thing about pressure is its response to intent. Our intent has a great deal to do with outcome in the invisible realm. For example, success is wonderful when it aligns with the soul. (The same is true of prosperity and love.) But it’s not useful unless we’re moving in the direction of the soul.

Our inner direction comes from listening to the heart. Otherwise, the energy is wasted because the endeavor is not valuable to the infinite part of the self. If we know what we want (the inner self), the planets support our quest. Trines can bring harmony, insight, and help from heaven, and this week’s chart bestows many trines.

There are so many trines! They are listed below.

The Sun in Aries trines Jupiter. Mars in Aries (energy) trines Jupiter (good fortune) in Leo. Mars trines Uranus, giving positive impetus to move into the future. Jupiter in Leo (good fortune) trines Saturn (limitation, time, karma) in Sagittarius. (This trine is a blessing because it takes the edge off the self-deprecation, which can come with Saturn in Sagittarius.) Jupiter and Saturn trine Uranus; this can aid in adjusting to the new energies and ideas, which relate to the quantum field. There is also a Grand Trine between Sun, Juno, and Saturn. Venus (earthly beauty) in Taurus trines Pluto (underworld.)


1) Mercury and Chiron work together in seeing the wounds of the past, giving the relevant information needed for change.

2) Many planets are placed in fire, encouraging navigation into the inner self. Trines balance the equation of fire, giving harmony and direction (if we look inside.)

3) Venus trine Pluto suggests how focusing on earthly beauty (Venus) can lift us out of the underworld (Pluto.) Use the senses, focus on the goodness in the moment, and take time to smell the earth or focus on the stars.

4) The Grand Trine tells us to navigate through life and karma by connecting with the Earth and committing to the beauty of our soul quest.

5) Likely, we all feel tired, discouraged, or emotional from time to time, but the number of trines shows support from divinity.

In conclusion, it’s a lovely forecast. The planets are lighting our way.