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Listening to the Earth


As a child, I learned the patterns of clouds, seasons, the motion of the moon, and meaning of dew on the grass. Nature spoke in an immutable language of signs, which never changed—and spoke of the future in a thousand ways. But the earth is changing, and the signs no longer hold their former wealth of information.

The sun and moon rise in different locations. There are unseasonable patterns. Fall comes early, perennial plants bloom in fall rather than spring, and storms and fires fill the continent. Globally, we’re experiencing solar flares, rising oceans, and a fluctuating magnetic field. The planet is taking on the matrix of a new pattern.

The wolf population is growing throughout the United States. (When I first met the wolves, their numbers were smaller. They said the resurgence of their population was associated with a positive change as well as the turning of the planet and stars.) The four-leggeds and the creatures of the ocean also send waves of songs to support us.

In alchemical writings, there are notes indicating the elementals (the creatures ruling the kingdoms of fire, air, water, and earth) respond to the moods and thoughts of awakening human beings. As we awaken our energy level soars, and the acceleration of consciousness amplifies any imbalance in the emotional, mental, or physical realm of humans. As our energy increases and expands, nature acts as a balancing force by releasing emotion through storms and flames.

With many people awakening at this particular time, the planet’s reaction is not surprising. Earth is likely reflecting the oscillation of emotions and thoughts of many people at one time. As we increase our consciousness and light, our feelings and emotions often become more intense.

I’m sharing my thoughts below, which are simply based on observation.

  1. Storms and rain can reflect our inner condition; they can also clear our inner and outer condition. (Think of the garden in mid-summer after a wonderful rain.) From my experience, it is possible to calm a storm or experience it in a less intense manner.
  2. Fire purifies and changes a landscape. With the many fires in the United States, it could be helpful to imagine the landscape after days of rain–or to see new life in the place of the flames. (Note: it’s more helpful to see and imagine rain than to wish for it.)
  3. Some of our weather may be manufactured by others. We could imagine gentle, balanced weather–or devices that don’t work.
  4. We hasten the seasons and the feeling of an accelerated year by sending children to school in early August. Advertisements such as Halloween in August make time seem to move more quickly. When we buy and prepare months ahead, we actually visualize cooler weather and other events such as Christmas and snow! It’s always a wonderful time to slow and become present.
  5. Mass beliefs such as associating harsh winter with global warming increase the likelihood of the experience. If many people believe this, we’ll certainly experience it. Obviously, it’s also possible to visualize and create a milder winter. On another topic, pollution obviously exists, and we have to see this truth. But we can also imagine a planet without pollution, including clear skies, clean water, and solutions for current problems.

If Nature is reflecting our beliefs, thoughts, and emotions, there is a possibility of creating a better reality. As far as I know, few people, with the exception of indigenous people, experiment with this. Please share your thoughts and insights.







Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.If you would like to seek additional spiritual change and insight into your life, please contact me for information about an intuitive session.


An Intuitive Glance at 2011

Dreaming up 2011

When the world was based on indigenous feminine cultures, which were based on the cyclic rhythms of the Earth, the New Year arrived on February 2, a date that lies between the winter solstice and spring equinox. Known as “ Imbolc” in pagan cultures,  the life force began to rise from its yin cycle deep in the frozen ground  to the surface and enlivened the earth. Imboldt played an important part in co-creation; it was the moment of focusing on dreams and desires so that the procession of life bestowed physical form to one’s matrix of spiritual imagery. Before embarking on the manifestation of dreams for an annual experience, it is helpful to glance at the astrological weather and numerological sequences.

The year is 2011. Eleven is a master number, and when the sum of its digits are two, often denoting the balance or reconciliation of duality in the physical world.  The sum of year is four, the representation of an expression in the material world. But let’s return to 11. As a double Sagittarius, I know a lot about eleven because Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of benevolence, which often sends help at the eleventh hour.

Many times the angel of the eleventh hour has graced my life with its presence, so sharing this experience seems important now. The miracle does come but usually only after hard work, repetition, and devotion. The angel comes most often when we are on our knees, when meditation, prayer and every technique that we’ve ever practiced has failed. It is – in that moment – of relinquishment of one’s personal powers and beliefs, of surrender to a greater power – that the Holy Angel with the Flame of the Soul charges in with an impossibly, unexpected answer.

Why is this important? Duality, as the problem itself and the desired solution, is lifted to a divine answer that sometimes completely obscures the original problem or desired solution. When our consciousness is lifted to the Source of the One or All, we receive immense light or illumination. In this light, the answer to life’s difficulties becomes quite different.

For example, when I began my work as a healer and herbalist, my son fell ill with a mysterious fever. Neither doctor nor prescription helped, and his illness was termed “fever of a non-specific cause”, probably due to hereditary factors. As the days ensued, the fever continued, and I watched its course and its effect on his body.

I channeled energy through my hands into his body. Calling on my practical knowledge, I used herbs, baths, and special teas. At one point, I knew that I could do no more, nor could science. Always I will remember the moment of surrender – of saying, “Universe, you take this. I can do no more.”  The Universe answered and he was healed.

Another time when I was newly divorced, I had no money for groceries, and it was the beginning of the month. I didn’t know how to feed my children. In my mind, I had followed every intuition, meditated daily and tried whole-heartedly. I simply didn’t have resources left. I remember then asking the Universe for help, but expecting nothing. I knew that I had to “turn it over.” I promised to try my best to improve my life if the Universe could just give a sign. And I’ll never forget the golden wave of love that encompassed me in that moment. Life didn’t change suddenly, but I had the strength to continue. I didn’t doubt anymore. I knew that light would carry me. And it did – many positive changes came in the following months, but none as profound as the appearance of light in that moment.

Surrender is not an answer to all of the world problems, but it is the right response after trying our best.  My understanding is that grace and mercy are bestowed when our inner work allows access to the next highest level of consciousness. When a decision is made to continue our quest, the Universe sends grace and mercy that lift us from our karmic position.  It is then that we see the “light.”

Collective Consciousness

The number eleven also refers to Aquarius, the eleventh house and the current Age, a time of recognition of our ability to create as individuals and through collective consciousness In the eleventh hour, on the cusp before it turns to midnight, everything falls apart or comes together as numeral eleven’s expression of duality.  (When or “if” many join together in uplifted consciousness, solutions to impossible problems are found.)The current weather trends and instability of natural patterns also indicate a turning point or certainly the beginning of the end of this time.

The planets continue to aspect the Aries point. Aries point is the beginning, the start of the year, and the end of the old.  Aries is a fire sign, and Franz Bardon defines Aries at one degree as:  the use of the spiritual element (fire) as applied through memory and intuitive ability.  The Sabian Symbols (Dane Rudhyar) states, in part: “To be individually conscious means to emerge out of the sea of generic and collective consciousness — which to the emerged mind appears to be unconsciousness.”

The alchemical view of “emerging out of the sea of generic and collective unconsciousness” refers to the individuation process of separating from mass consciousness. Wherever we are have not awakened, we subconsciously merge with the energy of the sea of collective consciousness. It is through holding images in our mind that we take action. Yet, we are unaware of this power until we awaken from the dream of flowing along with the minds of others. Ironically we separate from collective consciousness when the mind awakens through the flow of spiritual connection.  The movement toward Oneness separates us from the lower negative vibrations of humanity by aligning us with the higher vibrations of a more cosmic consciousness. The word “sea” also points toward emotions, the pivotal point between mind and physicality.

We are all feeling mass consciousness on a global scale. We’ve noticed how one or two negative thoughts can quickly lead to anger or depression. .  In the past, it was said, “Time is a good thing because it gives us time to decide if we really want to manifest a certain thought or idea.”  Now it seems that it takes less time to manifest a thought, and it is easier for others to intuit our thoughts. Collective consciousness, at this juncture, holds a sea of negativity, and it’s necessary to vibrate above it or to be pulled down by its frequency.

The acceleration brings one advantage – unhappiness is quickly altered by higher consciousness! , it’s more important than ever to stay in a positive state of thought and emotion. (A very simple but effective tool is to simply send pink light to every particle in your field and surrounding area. In other words, raise the level of your spiritual and physical energy.)

Every hour brings news of world events, which connect and vibrate with our emotions, thoughts and feelings constantly. We vibrate together during world events — our frequency is affected by media and the world at large. The challenge is to understand the creative power of our awakening consciousness, not simply solving world problems – although the two states certainly are not mutually exclusive. It’s more practical to think that they are related.

But let’s take a deeper look. If every particle of individual life is a particle with a spiritual and material resonance, then light underlies its form. It’s known as “First Matter” in alchemy; it is the presence of the light and love that underlies the fiber of all Creation.  Quantum Physics says that particles respond to frequency, belief and an observer state.  Evidently, the particles, which comprise our lives, respond to our inner state. Perhaps, the inner fiber of matter responds or corresponds to our state.

The weather, which has been wildly wet, could be said to correspond with energy of water or emotion in alchemy. Waves of enlightenment or higher consciousness are initially experienced as instability, mood swings or deep feelings as we swing between the duality of emotions until they are mastered through a gestalt realization. (Emotion is the testing ground of mastery. Mastering emotion is one of the more difficult tests because emotion becomes unstable when we encounter a “reality” that appears to oppose our direction or goal. Our emotions lower, becoming erratic in the movement between the present and desired future.  It helps sometimes to remember that the highest emotion is LOVE. The matter of the Earth appears to currently reflect our state, but I believe as we move toward unity that earth changes may be resolved.)

Duality is necessary to live in a body that is housed by spirit; the challenge is to see and live in a higher, more enjoyable and balanced reality. Mastery of duality is learning to hold a realization, a higher image of perfection in relationships, body or spirit until it becomes the home of our moment to moment consciousness. When consciousness begins to target “home”, then the higher frequencies of love and surrender begin to create a new reality. Surrender means letting go of the limiting beliefs that separate us from the One/the All.  It is then that love and light are bestowed from the One, and the One alters the view of duality into unity. It is the mastery that makes the miracles of the eleventh hour visible.

Wolf Song

The wolves have a great deal to say about the time between the spring equinox and summer solstice. They envision many changes, including earth changes, following the summer solstice. Astrological details from Cal Garrison’s book, The Astrology of 2012 and Beyond, are included as additional information that supports their missive.

From the Wolves:

In this time, there is much to know and little time left to say. Therefore, visit with us and see what we have to say:

Come into the valleys and canyons of the mesa. It is there that we roamed with you for hundreds of years when your continent was new. Before that time, we traveled with you and shared our great love of you. Through the initiations of your soul, we have been present. In the woods, we watched your spirits evolve. We are in forgiveness for the time that you had forgotten us, when we almost perished for we have walked through time with you.

Our numbers are not yet strong. We are threatened by forces that are larger than we are. They are called politics, and they threaten many parts of the earth. This is not so great a matter to you because there are changes which are much larger than these that will transform the earth. We no longer care if many people listen. We are howling our message at the last minute for those of you who have listened with your heart for many times throughout many ages.

The Earth is transforming, and, yes, we know that everyone says this. Of course, you do not think that it is a surprise, but much will happen that will surprise you. It will be very different from anything that you have known; therefore, remember that the Native Americans called us “The Great Teacher” and learn now for there is only a slice of time.

We howl at the moon every night. The whales sing and the dolphins send sonar waves to awaken the part in you that must become what you call “conscious” very quickly. Between the spring equinox and the summer solstice, there is a ripe period in time. It is a thin slice like the sliver of the moon just after the new moon. It is a time when songs and thoughts and feelings count. This is more serious than you know.

In this sliver of time, you must align with the Earth. If you meditate or sing to hear the Earth, then do this. The Earth must hit a very special frequency to align with the gate in the heavens. It is as though two points of a triangle are merging. Heaven and Earth are merging. They are both very strong powers. If one is stronger than other, then imbalance (destruction) is created through their union.

Planetary Movement

An excerpt from Cal Garrison about Uranus Conjunct the Aries Point

… Uranus will move to the Aries Point on May 28, 2010. As soon as he hits that point, his strength will increase and Saturn’s power will diminish…it is entirely possible that humanity will awaken at that point; the potential is there-but because Uranus will move on and off the Aries point for the next two years, my sense is that the matter of us waking and supporting his cause is one of those things that will take time. [1]

The Aries point is zero, the beginning of the zodiac. Aries is fiery, spiritual and the beginning of the astrological wheel. Fierce intelligence, will power and acuity are qualities associated with the sign. Ruling the head, the sign is mentally developed with intuitive skills. This is the energy that is amplified by the conjunction of Uranus.

The channel between the spring equinox and the summer solstice is occurring now. As I write Mercury is retrograde in Taurus and stationed in Taurus 13 through May 11. According to Franz Bardon who believed that every point in the astrological wheel contains a divine blueprint symbolized by an angelic group for each point on the wheel, Taurus 13 means “nature magic”. The divine blueprint contains knowledge on how to set various powers into motion through natural means, how to various causes through nature that border almost on the supernatural. [2]

According to the wolves, it is the magical forces of nature that are necessary to harness the fiery spiritual forces. The fiery spiritual energy that has awakened our souls must be balanced by understanding how to interact and befriend the forces of nature through our physical bodies.

Moving Through the Passage

From the Wolves:

There is no stopping the union. You must do your part when the Earth begins to sing in this harmony. Your part is about being one with Nature.

A great star gate is opening. In your world, this is every 26,000 years, but how can one measure this length of time? It is only a circle, an opportunity, a time for truth. When the great light of the stars pours down upon us, the earth responds. It is only beginning. There are many changes that will come.

In this small slice of time, your body must learn what your spirit has learned in the past few years. There is a frequency that as you say “the planet must feel to ascend”. The frequency is within nature. It is not in the stars, as the star frequency is already here with us.

The changes that you have made with your spirits are powerful. We acknowledge this. The holders of the spirit song have learned to use intuition to talk through your “internet” or sing sounds through your telephones; you have mastered sound and light through technology. You have forgotten that there is more to life than sending messages or sharing light.

It is only one part of an equation. To understand an equation, you must be able to work both parts of it. The other side of the equation is the earth. Many of you have forgotten your bodies. Do you jump, run or play with earth? Do you speak with the trees? Or have you forgotten that they are great beings who breathe for and with you? Many secrets of breathing are known by the trees. The trees are awakening and will share these secrets with you.

You know that you are awakening; yet, you have little understanding of what is really happening. Nature is awakening too. We are aware of your every thought and feeling as we were in the beginning of time. Every part of Nature is reflecting you. Have you wondered at the earthquakes, floods, volcanoes and “disasters”? Do you realize that they are not just happening?

They are reflecting you. You are who and what is imbalanced. As the wolves, the teacher, we will say that it is you. What will you do with your body when more changes come?

Nature loves you, even if you have forgotten. It is awakening to this love that will sing the planet into harmony. Your senses awaken when you find it. Suddenly, the plants look beautiful, or you notice that something smells wonderful.

We ask you to remember to dream with your body. Once you knew how to dream of a plant and how to find it. Once, you sang with the moon as we do, and now it is a miracle if anyone notices the moon or stars. What are the tiny plants that grow between the cracks of the sidewalk or that you think of as grass? Each of these plants has a spirit that sings to your soul. Every rainfall has different message. It sings of the season, the moon, the sea, and, washes the earth with its dreams.

We ask you to simply dream of us, the whales and dolphins. We ask that you walk until your body begins to dream and life becomes delicious. If you cannot walk, then sit outside for a long time. Notice when your body relaxes.

As simple as our message may be, it is important. When your body relaxes and joins with nature, the earth relaxes and connects with you. The trees relax and the wind becomes gentle. The earth’s currents flow through your heart and the hearts of many.

Check for more tips, videos and thoughts from the wolves.