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Opening the Heart

Heart Chakra

Opening the heart is a part of creating a new reality. It means seeing life in a new way, expanding sensation and creating an open feeling about projected change, while engaging the soul. The soul is limitless. It always desires new excitement and expression with a sense of play. In co-creation, we actually ask light particles or photons to coalesce in a new pattern, which creates a better reality if we call on the Light.

 The discovery of patterns is not a limitation. It’s part of enlightenment that prods us toward seeing life as an expression of the Divine. It teaches us to discard “right” and “wrong” and learn to read life energetically. Then we see life as energy that aligns (or doesn’t) with the higher course of our inner path.

When we work with undesirable patterns, we actually evolve by learning to distinguish actions, emotions and thoughts as supportive or destructive to our desired path. As we change thoughts and emotions, life alters itself. We learn to love ourselves more and to engage the Soul.

Creating Anything

Before you start, it’s best to engage your inner happiness. How do you feel when life flows happily and your dreams begin to take form? Take a moment to recall memories of a successful, joyous time.  You feel connection with the Divine when dreams come true. You may not have identified it this way, but it’s true.

If you are working with your business, then focus on the busy, prosperous times. How did it feel when money flowed in? How did it feel when there were no worries? How do you feel when the phone or internet bombards you with business? What’s the feeling of success?

In personal relationships, it’s good to start by recalling the best times of connection when you felt loved. There’s a light happy feeling associated with love. You think of another person and the heart lifts and floats. Regardless of your relationship, you can hold the feeling of connection with another person as the joy of the feeling of answering the phone, or the feeling of dressing for a date, or the specialness of opening the door and seeing a person that you love.

With the body, begin with a time of feeling great vitality and physical strength. Make the memory feel real. Increase the feeling of vitality and let it flow through your body. Act on the feelings by exercising or walking. When you look in the mirror, expand the feeling throughout the body. See yourself as you wish to become.

When practicing any of these states, you’ll undoubtedly hear the voice of the un-integrated ego, the part of you that resists.  (One of the odd parts of manifestation is the process of discovering the part of you that created the old reality and doesn’t desire the new one.) Observe when you hear the inner voice. Watch the emotions and see when they come up. (The inner voice and emotions are usually associated with particular times of the day and specific tasks.) Send light to this part of you. On good days, take a step or action toward your desired creation.


Co-creation takes a tremendous amount of imagination. It means feeling, sensing and seeing the desired future now – not as a dream in the future. By sensing and feeling the future as you would have it, you create it over time. It’s important to know that the universe often alters our creation, making it slightly different from our initial perception.

If you find yourself shaping the dream by giving it a specific form and enumerating the steps, you’ve lost the path. The rhythm of the soul is mysterious. It rarely provides the “how”, but you will find an answer by staying with your vision. It’s often a strange and wonderful surprise.

Importance of Dreaming

In this time of big change, your soul dreams contribute to the fabric of a new world, the alteration of the world as you knew it. You can dream up the world in a different form by seeing the opposite of all that offends you. There’s a reason for feeling bothered by world problems, it’s so you can change them in your mind. When you see problems in your life and change your inner vision, they must change.

When many of us see the world in a new form, it must take the shape of our dream. The biggest and best of our dreams are borne from the unity of our soul with the Divine.  This flow of unity comes from opening the heart.

Julia Griffin, Intuitive Healer and Coach





Julia Griffin, Intuitive Healer and Coach, is known nationally for her ability to enlighten others to find their True Self and become conscious co-creators through practical application of Universal Law.

Harmonious Alignment

Monday, December 3 brings beneficial energy as planets, Mercury, Venus and Saturn, align with the pyramids in Giza. In general, the pyramid represents harmony, the uplifting of energy through the four solids (earth, water, air and fire) into a powerful standing position. This is an event that comes every 2,737 years, and the pyramids are said to amplify and hold the beneficent energy for days or weeks.

Let’s look at the symbolism. Based on sacred geometry, the pyramids reflect the numerical value of pi (3.1416), representing the golden mean. The golden mean is a harmonious balance of duality, often used as a measure of beauty. It depicts actual mathematical proportions, which were used by Greek artists and Leonard da Vinci. The particular equation is found in all of nature who demonstrates it consistently. It’s one of the most appealing configurations to the human eye.
Mercury represents the intellect and communication. Venus radiates love and beauty, and Saturn shows the way of discipline to reveal the soul, as well as karma. The alignment of these three planets tends to indicate the real possibility of aligning with the soul to create a new form of communication from the Higher Mind by allowing Love and Mind to coalesce. Saturn dictates the individual path of the union as we are all limited or blessed by our personal karma. (Higher Mind and Love united often hint at the realization of unspoken or intuitive language. It will be interesting to see if this occurs with the alignment.)
During the dark time of the year, metaphysics urges us to go deep into our being to find the hidden powers within the shadow and the earth. The exterior angle of the Great Pyramid lines up with Silbury Hill, a conjunction of hidden power lines. (Silbury Hill aligns with Stonehenge at the same angle it conjoins with the Great Pyramid.)  The reference to power lines or ley lines likely symbolizes the underlying energetic pathways within our selves and the earth. As we discover the network of our hidden energetics, we can enliven our hidden strengths for personal empowerment.
The Application
Alchemy refers to the use of spiritual principles in material form. They are useless unless applied to our personal life or in the actual alchemical laboratory. If we choose to apply the principles in personal life, this means using our lives for inner and outer mastery.
The pyramid has long referred to the lifting of the four heavy platonic solids of earth, water, air and fire, the elements that constitute our physical and spiritual being. (Elements as follows: fire implying spirituality, air meaning mentality, water indicating emotions and earth referring to the body.) When the elements of an individual are balanced through work of the heart and soul, then we are lifted to a higher place of balance.
The pyramids symbolize the uplifting of the human spirit and form. With this aspect, we can merge mind and heart to overcome the form of time, the perceptions of our selves and the world. We do this by staying in our hearts as often as we can.
A Few Things to Know

  1. We don’t have to feel a big change to experience the energies. They’re on the way. We’ll feel them sooner or later.
  2. Stay with your dreams. Beneficial energies empower dreams.
  3. It’s okay not to feel so great during energetic shifts. Sometimes they make you feel tired or wonderful. Neither state is preferable.
  4. It is important to look at your beliefs about the world and yourself. What can you change to feel and visualize either in a more positive sense?

Sustained Change: a gentler way of life


Seeing life from a different perspective is the one of simplest forms of change. Embracing change in a gentle way can bring consistent and positive benefits. Most of these concepts revolve around self-observation, soft methods of creating new habits and responsibility without self-blame. Moving gently into change often brings a sustained and improved sense of self with long-term benefits. Subtle alterations in life bring big changes over time.

We shape the energy flow of our lives by leaning toward familiarity. Everything is energy and it can be shaped in many various forms. It is limited by our projection of reality in a particular form.  By making a plan to spend five minutes in meditation or seeing life differently, we change the flow and form of life, which can bring substantial and sustained change over a period of time.

It’s much easier to plan a program of seeing and feeling life differently than to embark on a radical or tight schedule of creating a new life. The ego is often involved in stringent plans, which allow little opportunity for success. It’s far better to flow in the direction of a goal through imagery, positive thought and small periods of time spent in movement toward the actual goal.

It’s also important to cheer ourselves on by commenting mentally about our achievements rather than failures. If we’re honest, we know what metaphysics tells us. We tend to love the parts of ourselves where insecurity resides rather than our good qualities, true achievements and soul attributes. We move toward real change by valuing our first steps toward a dream.

For example, five or ten minutes spent in exercise or meditation can develop into a real practice so it’s better to focus on the positive than to doubt the stretch of our commitment. There’s also a magical quality in visualization. All geniuses use it.

When we see the desired reality in detail, we are actually creating it. It doesn’t mean that the reality will appear as a perfect mirror image of a desire (although it sometimes does), but it does mean that life will improve. When we focus positive energy into the substance of our lives, they must improve.

Making the Change

Everyone’s life has a certain tone of good qualities, bothersome events and moods. While they vary from day to day, it’s easy to see that they possess the inherent form of our daily life. By beginning with acceptance of these colors of life as the fabric of our personal life, we can change our lives through small habits and subtle choices with our attitude.

It’s easiest to begin in five minute intervals.  In the beginning, we might decide to exercise, meditate or see a problem from a different perspective for only five minutes. (I use a wrist watch or timer.)  It’s amazing but we can alter our reality through a few minutes of perceiving life differently. We truly do have magical powers when we decide to use them.

1)      It’s best to begin with the morning. The experience of a lovely morning sets the tone for the day. We awaken to a particular set of familiar sensations, which comprises our first impression of energy of the life force in our field. By changing our “read” of these impressions, we subtly alter the flow of the day because there is a strong tendency to create through repetition of what we believe to be “real.”

2)      Try to spend 10-15 minutes living in the ideal day. We can imagine living in the right house with the right relationship and good health.

3)      Take a moment to visualize positive feelings about work. Send light before sending emails or making phone calls. Visualize a positive response

4)      Observe any negativity.  Our inner conversation stops when we observe it because the true self is the observer. We also cease receiving psychic information from other people when in the observer position. We’re successfully observing when the mind becomes clear.

5)      Later in the day, we can go deeper by sending light to a problem or seeing the resolution. See the solution as having occurred in the recent past.

6)      Decide to have a positive attitude whenever possible. Gratitude, love and sharing can help.

7)      Have faith and patience. Learning the steps and their application usually takes time.  Loving the part of ourselves that wants a bigger life takes courage and strength.


Julia Griffin, Intuitive Healer and Coach





Julia Griffin, Intuitive Healer and Coach, is known nationally for her ability to enlighten others to find their True Self and become conscious co-creators through practical application of Universal Law.





Changing How You Create Prosperity

Want more of anything? Then love and embrace it. People usually think if I had more money, then I’d do ___. The money or prosperity doesn’t prevent having anything; the lack begins in the mental/emotional state.  Wishing for more money pushes it away; seeing money in the hand calls it toward you.

Seeing the desired object or situation at hand pulls it into your field. It’s also good to take work and love every part of it. Resentment, irritation and boredom push money away. Enjoy every second of work and ask the Universe to help you in creating a state of boundless love. (If all you like is the paycheck, then send love to the paycheck and the space around your desk.)

Imagine receiving the desired answers, responses and income in increments. See numbers, graphs and deposits going up – and send love to them. If work gives feelings of hurry or upset – then send light to work and bless the job. (If you want another job, then meditate on this at lunch.)

Break work (and money chores) into increments. Work for 5 or 10 minutes on the most disliked parts of your job and then love yourself for completing the task. (In time, this task will become easy.) Then move to a favored task and fly through it happily. Take time to congratulate yourself for efficiency and efforts.

Bless every response. If someone writes and is not interested in your product or your desire, bless the email. Something – instead of nothing – is happening. See as the Universe is taking note and listening. If this person is not interested, then the next one will be. Learn how to move from disappointment into happy expectation. It’s essential to succeed in Universal Light Work.

Stay patient. Two or three weeks can pass before experiencing a small change, and you must reap results if you stay focused on your visualization and love. It’s a law of the Universe. High frequency (love) + visualization always bring change. Remember to express gratitude and expand your focus (by expanding the desire) when your desire is fulfilled.

Julia Griffin, Intuitive Healer





Julia Griffin is an intuitive teacher who offers classes on self-growth and awakening to create practical positive change in the world.

Manifestation: Universal Law

As above, so below is a universal law. In manifestation, the seeker begins with a connection to the cosmos or light and then envisions a desire. As the connection develops, the inner light  or intuition becomes apparent — new feelings or sensations lead us toward higher consciousness.  

 As we learn to see life through the lens of the heart, our desires are subtly shaped by the insight of the soul. A desire for love and happiness may require hours of visualization — or a career shift can take hours of research and self-reflection.  We may gain insight into personal neediness or demands, while wishing for kindness from others. Over time, we alter ourselves and our inner vision.  

 The self alters in the quest of any desire. The first shift comes with  openness to universal consciousness. We actually send our desire “up” through a higher frequency, which brings illumination to the initial request. The light flows into the “wish” and into our consciousness, and as the heart opens to light, life changes.

The second shift involves perception of life.  By focusing on the new positive vision, we see life from a different angle. For example, the victim mode involves thinking or feeling that someone is the cause of our problems (and this may partially be true.) Nevertheless, it’s better to ask how we block or sabotage our desires. The attachment of the ego or the lower personality diminishes through meditation and inner understanding, as the seeker grasps the reason for the desire and the sabotage simultaneously. Past emotional and mental residue, such as memory or prejudice,  dissipates through the steady practice of spiritual connection and visualization.

A strong desire contains both the passion of the heart and the resistance of fear. As resistance clears, the desire moves toward fulfillment. Over time, the fulfillment of the desire comes – or something better than the original dream – but usually the real gift is the change in consciousness. We learn to commune with the inner (intuition) and outer (spiritual) light.  As we learn to maintain this frequency, our energy field impacts “reality” and everything around us changes.

From above, we gather light insight by moving attention toward high consciousness.  As higher consciousness answers, we see life differently and change our perception. Below refers to our  personal reality — and as we move forward, the higher frequency of the new reality filters into our energy field. The realized desire brings a positive change in consciousness, which affects the life forms and people around us.


Planetary Alignments Sept/Oct 2011


We’re moving toward another planetary alignment, with particularly tight orbs in late September. The comet, energy is accentuated by the fall equinox on September 23rd. The “veil” between the outer and inner world thins on the equinox, so we can access “more” spiritual energy on these days. The equinox also heightens the acceleration, the motion of the planet toward love or heightened frequency. Energies run high through September 29 and linger through mid-October.

The planetary alignments are challenging because we are accustomed to the darkness of illusion, with our habituation of perceiving life as difficult or troublesome. The preference of the mind is repetition, the constant perception of holograms or images of the past as a continued experience of reality. Many of the planets fall in Virgo for this alignment, and this earth sign rules discrimination.

Each of us has twenty-four hours each day for inner illumination, meditation, exercise, work, eating/drinking and communication. How do we spend our time? Which activities lead us toward light and love? The movement toward light and love is sometimes difficult, for we are unfamiliar with the terrain or rapid change demanded by higher frequency. As human beings, we often surrender hope, alternate solutions for our problems or the magical nature of the universe, but the alignments open the door for new possibilities related to our infinite nature. Virgo demands this discrimination on a moment-by-moment level.

During this alignment, Uranus and Saturn are in opposition. Uranus, the planet of spiritual opportunity, is in opposition to Saturn, the old world order. The stand-off is obvious in the outer world, as finances and government become unstable—and we glimpse the delicate balance of the earth. With an opposition, the gain of balance is the aim. Our spiritual gifts can be utilized in creating a vision of new world (Uranus), while we rely on powerful discipline gained in the past.

Discipline is also needed when traversing into a new plane. All thoughts/emotions of the past, with lower frequencies, are discarded as the eye remains on the vision. A higher frequency is one of love, a path beaten through unifying thoughts, actions and emotion.

There is one force on the planet that is always victorious, triumphant and beautiful. The force is love. It whispers and calls to us, and love points the way to unknown solutions, impossible answers and infinite possibility. Every human holds love in his/her heart. We only have to ask to open the door.

De-toxing through the One True Self

I was asked by my friend, Elicia Woodford (she is an expert in this field:, to explain the detoxification process of linking with the One True Self, which is the name of my website and process. The One True Self refers to the “true self” spoken of by Plato, Socrates, Pythagoras and other philosophers on the journey of the soul. The One True Self also refers to the soft voice of the inner self.  We hear many voices within ourselves, but only one voice that consistently speaks with truth, guiding us toward a sequence of life changing events through the evolution of the soul.

The True Self leads us toward bliss, the attainment of the heart’s desires. It heightens our love of self and others, by linking us to higher consciousness, allowing expression of emotion and thought on an entirely new plane. The impossible often becomes possible when the limits of the mind reach toward expansion and enlightenment. There is no adequate expression of the “true self” –it is only through experience that it becomes known.

Typically, I begin by teaching a manifestation technique. The student learns to heighten his or her vibrations through meditation techniques and then contacts the heart chakra. By focusing on this chakra, the student learns to project his or her heart felt desires into reality. Additional techniques teach substituting one state for another; altering reality through light and sound work; visualizing the opposite of one’s experience (for example: visualizing money or a relationship in place of dwelling on “not having”); and learning to tap into the cosmos through several alchemical techniques.

When student is dedicated, results follow. The process, though, is fascinating and addresses Elicia’s topic. Every human being appears to have a certain amount of negative energy. Karma is the word that is generally applied to this state. The individual, repetitive experience of negativity is highly personal; yet it is similar in expression. Almost everyone has difficulties with the same coloring and feel—and they repeat at intervals. Many people learn to ignore or live with repetitive karma, accepting it as part of life.

The visualization process of a desired life brings karmic patterns to the surface for clearing. The first test is the inner dialog, a negative and silent monologue –the conversation within the self. When the negative dialog is observed, it’s fascinating to note that there is a continual negative conversation about the desired manifestation. (If you change the manifestation, the topic of dialog usually alters.) Negative emotions may also follow. The emotions and inner dialog always existed, becoming apparent as resistance as the soul work ensues.

If the student continues with self-observation, then it is immediately noted that the negativity heightens then lessens through this state. The next step is to change the dialog by projecting positive imagery and altering the wording of the dialog. If this is accomplished, the student notices a physical pattern around the dialog. For example, traveling to work or balancing the checkbook may ignite the dialog, then explode into a number of events – such as failure to complete important work, lack of exercise or poor diet, emotional encounters with other people.

At some point in the soul journey, it becomes clear that neither life nor other people are responsible for the state or situation of our lives –the problem lies within. Most conscious individuals will agree that most difficulties revolve around negative imagery and self-talk. By beginning with imagery and negative dialog, progress is made.

Then, the real task begins. As fear and anger (which surround every block in life) are cleared, the physical life begins to change. I teach students to send light and love to their negativity, so that the gift beneath the darkness is found.

A willingness to change usually becomes evident. The seeker wants to meditate, exercise, change his or diet or friends. The realization comes—the toxicity in life becomes almost unbearable. (This refers to an aspect of life—not all of it.) And the toxicity is the sacrifice needed for the desired manifestation of a beautiful and joyful life. When the student is ready to surrender the people, places and actions that intensify the negativity within themselves, life begins to change and open.

Change often comes in stages. The stages are different for everyone, but they begin with self-observation and responsibility for self.  Physical reality is a projection of self, and every difficult situation is composed of energy, whether through speech, habits or activities. I’ve also noticed that diet, location, and friends receive more attention over time.

Movement toward the True Self automatically moves the student toward love. It is through love of self that one meditates for long periods or eventually changes actions. The desire for all that is beautiful and true is part of the journey.  This desire leads toward surrender of toxic habits, which surround resistance to the desire. Each movement, away from the old life and toward the new, leads the student away from the old life and toward the new.

Eventually, an entirely new set of positive habits takes the place of the old. And in the place of frustration and unhappiness, fulfillment comes through the perception of the beauty and power of the True Self. This expression of love, beauty and joy becomes apparent in both the internal world of self and the outer external world of reality.


If you would like to try this practice, here are the basic steps.

1)      Focus on the heart chakra. Imagine pink light as love radiating into and out of you. Then imagine a screen 3-6 feet in front of you. Now project your desired life. You can focus on an aspect or your entire life. You should make it believable. Practice 10 to 15 minutes, twice daily.

2)      As the image begins to become believable, you will either feel happiness and greater energy or you will notice negative thoughts and feelings. In either case, the negativity will come up at some point – perhaps when you are faced with a challenge or offered an opportunity.

3)      Observe the negativity and its form. Notice when it happens and any triggers. Take notes.

4)      Send light and love to the negativity. Learn to change the feeling or thought whenever you can. Then, focus on your desired manifestation.

5)      Over time, you’ll realize that you’ve always had the “negative feeling”  Start telling yourself, it’s nothing new – you are learning how to clear it and move forward. Notice if any activities, people or places accelerate the feeling. If so, eliminate or change any of these whenever possible.

6)      Add new positive habits – juicing, new friends, and yoga, walking or time in nature. Notice when and how your energy increases. Keep adding practices that increase your energy.

7)      Stay with your manifestation exercise. As you change, life will change. You will discover a significant and important presence within yourself – One True Self. As you strengthen your connection with this presence, life will continue to change in a positive manner.

For more information or to purchase Julia’s MP3 manifestation exercise, please visit

Resonance and Reality

We are all co-creators. The difficulty lies in gaining consciousness of our abilities. Our fields open when we view a flower, child or star, and our energy contributes to the configuration of that field of beauty. Part of its beauty is imbued by our vision, through the sensory reflection of the object at hand. Unknowingly we create in each moment through our resonance, through the meshing of the fields of material objects meeting in ethereal form.  A brief impression is formed as an electromagnetic memory, forgotten until once again revisited in later time.

Every material object on the earth is composed of light that vibrates at a lower frequency so that it has a recognizable shape, appearance and dimension. Its vibration is known as resonance. Resonance is the vibration rate of a crystal, a plant, a television broadcast or a person. We interact with resonance by amplifying or diminishing a frequency.

When we vibrate emotionally with a disharmonious broadcast or argue with an angry person, then we amplify the disharmonic resonance. By intentionally sending love or detachment to the broadcast or person, a disharmonic resonance can be altered or weakened. The same is true with a harmonic resonance. Resonance is strengthened through identification and interaction.

It’s helpful to remember our role as a co-creator when life is flowing easily by noticing our sensory data (the happy, pleasurable response that we have in life); expressing gratitude; and sharing our harmony with simple kindnesses with other people. Service through our soul’s work is also important. It is a way of sharing light. These simple acts amplify the “flow”. Through self-observation, we can become more aware of positive co-creation.

The recognition of resonance is one of the challenges in co-creation, as we often fall into state of self-forgetfulness. Life appears as it does because of our resonance on subconscious, consciousness and collective level –it doesn’t just happen.

We resonate or vibrate with the image of our bedroom, create images of the room, interact with the bed or closet, then wake-up day after day in the same room. It happens because we are good at co-creation, particularly when it involves repetition and agreement from a large group of people (i.e. the bed is usually in the same place in the morning, unless you are dreaming.) Another agreement concerns small materializations, such as keys or checkbooks, which are acceptable if not mentionable. We may have noticed that materializations, healings and quantum change often appear around people with high frequency fields or at indigenous power points.

The main point about resonance is that it matters. The objects, scenes, people and beliefs involved in resonance affect our energy and ability to access the quantum field. Energy is needed to shift our attention or the way that we assemble our “reality.” Resonance lowers our energy by creating karma or heightens our awareness into greater consciousness. Resonance can be altered by detaching from inner dialog; becoming present in the body or meditation. Meditation can also shift it. Our energy level is usually a good gauge of the result of our activities and thoughts.

Energy is needed to move on the time/space continuum line. The particles in our field move into new frequencies and patterns during the act of conscious co-creation. For example, imagine moving to a different location but also taking a perennial garden (plants that live for years) with you.  You are ready to change locations but want to keep a portion of the garden. It takes time and energy to dig the plants and move them into the new space. Usually, you would take the most valuable and loved plants and leave the rest. Part of the old garden travels with you, but you find additional plants for the new garden – in time, it becomes an entity, a composite without a line of distinction between the old and new plants. The same motion occurs with conscious co-creation; time and energy are necessary to move a scene of life so that it more closely represents the garden of the soul.

One path to the soul’s garden is co-creation, which is actively creating the blueprint as the mainstay of our practice in material reality. Whatever we choose or wherever we go, it eventually becomes clear that the path of heart and dedication to balance bring more satisfaction. Manifestation or co-creation begins with a single desire – it can be a physical desire but the act of co-creation, if practiced correctly, leads to a higher frequency and connection with Divine.

Nothing changes in physical reality – I mean really changes – without that alteration in frequency. The “attractor factor” and the movie, The Secret, were marvelous attention-getters for the mind, but the part about the heart was omitted. My theory is that the folks in the movies and book found their higher frequency state—whether they share it for money or love. (This is easily seen in all of the new manifestation and money programs. I think that this e-zine is about heart so I write for it.)

This is the point that is most misunderstood. The connection, the resonance and the infinite love are the real gifts, and the changes in the appearance of matter are street signs or indicators that we are traveling in the right direction.

By resonating with a material object while in a higher frequency, it generally materializes. Yes, manifestation can be used to create a car or house or relationship, but the big shift is the heightened frequency that accompanies divine connection. Resonance, energy and frequency are important parts of manifestation.  A heart-felt desire can change our resonance and increase our energy level. A true desire often gifts greater alignment with our divine blueprint.

It is our birthright to experience health, love or abundance, but it is through use of our free will that we choose resonance with any of these states. Karma or memories of the past usually offer a set of lower vibrations that serve to conceal any other possibility, at least initially.

Any state or action is preceded by a hologram, which is a living visual image accompanied by feelings. (Imagine taking a glass from the cabinet, then filling it with water. Imagine the phone ringing and answering a call. In both cases, you must visualize and integrate sensory data.) The present is altered by the data of new holograms. Often, we have to repeat the image of a desire many times before the alteration of “reality” because it takes time to create resonance with it, as well as releasing images, thoughts and beliefs that created the present life.

There are also patterns of the ego that comprise part of the new visualization. In every manifestation, there is always a small part of us that is concerned with appearance, social position or power and also lacks alignment with the heart.  In alchemy, this part of manifestation is known as nigredo or “black night.” Self-observation allows the understanding that the lack of manifestation comes from within the self. It is time to change old patterns, beliefs and actions.

The fascinating part is the shift from nigredo to albedo or “whitening” — the purification stage, which is alignment with universal principles. The nigredo and albedo blend in the marriage of opposites, of the soul and the ego. Vulnerabilities, beliefs and fears are exposed and comprehended. A new purity of purpose and self is distilled from the darkness of old reality.

Awareness and vibration increase with movement toward the alchemical rubredo or “red” is the new maturity and rebirth of the new self within the creation of the “new reality.” It encompasses the opposites and is a resolution of conflicting behavior and beliefs. The word “eureka” would apply to this state of gestalt realization.

Rubredo is like Dorothy’s red slippers and The Wizard of Oz. The journey is cool, and we learn about fear, power and finally love. We understand that Oz is wonderful and magical and anything can happen. But it doesn’t have the ring of the love like home does – and with a click of the red slippers, we quickly see the real importance of the journey was the recognition of the value of the heart and love. In a single phrase, co-creation is about finding evolution through love.