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A Simple Path

My pursuits narrow as I travel the spiritual path, and I often leave favored diversions behind.  Sometimes, I’d rather hear the mountains roar or alter the landscape of my garden, than travel outwardly into the world, where life overflows with activity. Once I loved movies and novels, but now the television sits without cable, and most works of fiction lie undisturbed.  Admittedly, the symphony or an art exhibit might tempt me, but my meditation practice continues to lead toward “stillness.”

Happiness comes to me through the flight of the hawk, the movement of the trees or the words used in this forum. My friends and family bring love, the elusive state of fulfillment — and I find my desires in the outer world become more elusive. The intrinsic values of life — a hug, the warmth of a friend, the illumination of a spiritual text, or the flash of light found in a child’s aura — bring great pleasure. All of these fleeting experiences possess the ring of authenticity.

My journey leads toward the most simple pursuits, for they elicit the insights of my soul.