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Staying Centered in a Changing World

It’s challenging to stay centered, peaceful, and balanced when the energies of the world change several times each day. Empaths and healers feel the world turn and surge with global events and strong emotions of mass consciousness. We also feel the people around us.

The “light” energy amplifies everything. The energy is challenging, and it’s important to tap into the inner self on a regular basis to find our way.  Otherwise, we lose touch with the inner self, which acts as a light on the path.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Part of the influx of light is known as the acceleration and amplification. It makes time seem to pass more quickly, and we feel everything more—if we continue our soul work. There is a good reason for it. When we feel ourselves and others more, it amplifies everything in our system—the positive and the negative. When our negative emotions and thoughts feel stronger, we want to change them. When our positive emotions become more intense, we seek this state. In other words, the strong currents of emotions and thought can lead to our higher self.
  2. When we choose the inner self, we automatically move into a higher vibration. Higher vibrations displace lower vibrations. When we focus on love and peace, the emotions flow through every level of our consciousness; they flood body, mind, and soul. (This teaches persistence and devotion because the impact and level of higher emotion increases with significant work.)
  3. Every few hours, there is a surge and ebb of global emotion and thought. If we know the surge or ebb of energy and emotion comes from the outer world, we can seek the solace of the inner self. We can focus on love, forgiveness, or simply see a better world. (Anything with a higher vibration will do.) Becoming conscious of the input of lower consciousness helps in understanding how our emotions and thoughts are influenced by others.
  4. We are touched by everyone’s energy. As we gain awareness of this, we can shield, alter our relationships, or choose to release specific people in life. Ultimately, we have to choose people who help lift our vibrations and/or look at others with compassion.
  5. Freedom comes from moderating our impulses and emotions by becoming incredibly aware of energy. Our true source of energy comes from the inner self and the universe. It’s necessary to cultivate it to have the strength and insight to navigate through life.

NOTE: If you are practicing meditation daily, you’ve probably noticed how moods and emotions alter throughout a given day. The lower moods appear, disappear, and return during the day, and it’s helpful to accept and observe them. You also learn that the inner self brings stability, grounding, and focus—as well as peace and love.


Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.

If you would like to seek additional spiritual change and insight into your life, please contact me for information about an intuitive session.

Creating a New “You”



With this year’s energy, we’ll experience duality as a series of beginnings and endings, peace and upheaval, and insight and confusion. Experiencing polarity is part of inner growth, and it’s also part of learning about the inner self. (If we understand our experience is part of a change that will feel exaggerated for a few days or weeks, it’s easier to stay centered.)

  1. Staying centered and regulating emotion is part of moving into a higher reality. It’s impossible not to “feel” lower thoughts and emotions, but it’s also possible to observe them. When we observe them, they stop. From this place of consciousness, we can “see” or visualize what we want to experience. (Feelings and thoughts often come from others. When we are neutral, we can’t “feel” them.)
  2. Focus on the “opposite” to experience a different state of being. Focus on memories of feeling energized when tired. See yourself as strong when you feel weak. Notice how the placement of consciousness affects the flow of events. A higher placement of consciousness calls in happier, more uplifting events. (It doesn’t happen instantly. Stay with the work.)
  3. Meditation connects us into the universal flow. Everything changes in this place because it is the limitless source of love and light. The invisible world is far more powerful than the visible one.
  4. It’s important to focus on our dreams–the sensation of a bigger, better life—and the expansion of life. If we notice blocks and limitations, we can change them. Without the dream of expansion, we don’t move through limitations. (We often accept them as our comfort zone.) Take the time to visualize each day.
  5. Resolve to build positive practices such as meditation and physical exercise on a daily basis, but don’t make it static. If our rules are too harsh, we move into ego and never float into the territory of the soul. It’s helpful to think of practices as supporting our lives and bringing in more joy and energy. Find a beautiful flow with your practice. (Once, I altered my schedule completely by making it the opposite of what I “thought” I wanted. It created an incredible flow, so stay flexible.)

The energy invites us to apply our knowledge about awakening and the inner self into “real” life while releasing what holds us back. It’s about creating life in a whole, new way. It’s transformation on a higher level.




Julia Griffin, Intuitive Healer and Coach


Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.




Angels, Invisible Helpers

Part of discovering a new perspective or higher frequency lies with inner work. When we confront problems, we can find our center, visualize a color or different solution, or ask for universal help by calling on our angels.

At some point on our spiritual journey, we gain an awareness of the reality of the “invisible” universe, the light which lies beneath every material form. We realize the invisible universe speaks the language of love and of the heart, and, as a result, our lives are forever altered. Then, we receive invisible helpers, often known as angels. We also open to the expression of our spiritual gifts. The angels are always around us, but their help or benevolent intervention increases through communication.

The angels mysteriously bring solutions, answers and encouragement. They teach us to alter our thoughts, feelings and emotions so our lives change. As we reach toward more light, the angels are truly a short cut to the realization of a happier life, for our negative thoughts, emotions and actions reduce our frequency, acting as karma that blots out the available light beamed to us daily through the Universe. Therefore, let us learn to become more active with the angels so our lives become reflections of happiness, success and joy by moving into unconditional love, the underlying substance of all miracles in the quantum field.

Recognizing Your Angels

Angels tend to speak softly and gently. Their voices fall on the ears like sweet rain, a breeze or the swaying of trees. The fragrance or scent of roses may accompany their communications. You may see beautiful visions like vacation postcards or a solution that appears in a flash of light. Their presence is uplifting; it is like the rays of the sun through a cloud. The angels bring solutions in impossible ways with non-linear solutions, so remain open to their voices, their waves of freedom and higher vibration.

Angels have one purpose: to bring freedom from the limitations of life through love by lifting us to a higher plane of consciousness. They see the beauty, potential and possibility within each of us and are always delighted to respond. Angels have many functions, including increasing our spiritual abilities such as telepathy or clairvoyance, increasing the likelihood of positive events, solving impossible problems and helping us to raise our frequency to a higher level. But the angels cannot help unless we petition them through letters, names, visualization or meditation.

Visualizing many angels around you as you work, plan your schedule or future is always helpful. As your abilities increase, you’ll receive intuition or higher information about steps to take, potential possibilities, a message to “stop here”, change directions or make a phone call. Angelic guidance is subtle, so it’s best to ask for help and guidance as opposed to direct questions. Angels often answer “yes” or “no” through doors opening and closing, books falling from a shelf or a repetitive feeling or words.

The angels also tend to give answers that make us happy in the moment, which may or may not be totally correct. For example: Asking if this is the right job or the right partner for life may lead you astray. It’s better to ask for a high light and love level for your job search or the feeling of the direction of the right partner.

In addition to asking for help, we must learn to recognize both their presence and their answers, through the act of discernment and limitation of the lower mind. The lower mind always associates spiritual growth with fear and limitation, for this part of the mind focuses on survival and self-protection (not growth or healthy boundaries.) Initially, the lower mind and intuition may be a source of confusion, so ask for hints and help at repetitive intervals. If the voice sounds sharp or insistent, if so you may be hearing your ego, not your angels.

Talking to Your Angels

Asking for Help:

  • When you have a specific need, ask for more prosperity or the right relationship or health—the more detailed and frequent your request, the better. Why? Because human beings think hundreds of thoughts each day, and many of the thoughts cancel one another out. When your request is frequent, the angels know you mean it. NOW is also a good word to add to angel letters, prayers and visualizations. To the angels, you are saying: I want this NOW. I’m willing to go through my fears and move forward. Give me a push.
  • Stay open to unexpected answers. Your answer may come through a friend. Money can appear in a number of ways, not just work. You may meet Mr. Right at a business conference. A magazine can open to the right prescription or natural supplement for you. (If you’re not sure, then ask for a repeat, such as, “Okay, angels. I think I got the message but would you repeat the sign more loudly so I’m sure?”)
  • When you don’t know the sought-after answer, ask the angels to clear the energy around you. Ask for clear vision and the right answer at the right time. You can say, “Angels, you see life from a higher perspective, please clear all of the lower energies in my field. Raise me to higher level of consciousness so that I make the right decisions; receive the right inspiration and move forward easily. (The angels are wonderful at lifting your spirits out of the doldrums!)
  • Sometimes, we are in unbearable situations. We have to wait to change jobs, make more money or change/find a new relationship. When this is the case, you can ask the angels to clear the energy around you, the energy of the people around you, and the weight of the problem. A good affirmation is: Angels, I know you have all of the right answers. Please share your clear vision with me. Give the courage to move forward through this situation. So be it!”
  • Angels can clear attachments from other people or dark energies. Archangel Michael is usually the best angel for clearing negativity. You can ask for protection for your children, car, home, income and pets. Suggestion: Put a bubble of light around all of the above each morning and night.
  • ALWAYS, ask for answers that come delightfully, joyously and easily. Otherwise, the angels will “punch” our buttons so we move very rapidly, but we will experience pain or dramatic circumstances as a catalyst for change.

Julia Griffin, Intuitive Healer and Coach


Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.

7 Signs of Spiritual Growth


1) You feel the universe. From time to time, you experience a wave of peace, love, or light. You may also receive an answer, which resounds with your inner knowing or feel a subtle response from the heart space.

2) You receive and give more easily. You open to new experiences and gifts from the universe, which may come as prosperity, love, or in another form. You feel more loving and generous. You take advantage of the right times to give–and do it generously.

3) Your inner vision improves. You feel or “see” energy. You’re drawn to others by their light and the goodness of their heart. You use the feeling of energy to navigate through more of life.

4) You begin to see what makes your energy expand or contract. In other words, you know what activities, people, or things (like food or places) increase your energy. You make more choices based on energy and less on preferences such as appearance or popularity.

5) Occasionally, you simply know how a stranger feels without thinking about it. You feel compassionate and wish the best for them. (Compassion and intuition come from the heart.)

6) Your boundaries become stronger or change altogether as your world view alters. Speaking from the heart about your needs, desires, and feelings is part of spiritual growth. It involves speaking about your true feelings–and how you deal with the energy in your world.

7) You accept the “unknown” factor, the mysterious element of the universe. You realize meditation leads to a deeper connection, which leads to the expression of your inner gifts. It’s impossible to know exactly what will happen or when–but it’s okay. You’ve learned to trust in the beauty and wisdom of the universe.


Julia Griffin, Intutiive Healer and Coach

Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.



Planetary Change: Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse



Every full moon raises the tide, including a current of emotion. This full moon will feel particularly dramatic because it is accompanied by a lunar eclipse–and marks the last of a series of active planetary change. Fortunately, we have the support of the stars–and increased strength, which comes from sustained effort during the past phases of Uranus/Pluto shifts.

In the big picture, it’s good. We’re releasing old patterns, finding the inner self, and discovering a new way to navigate through life. With spiritual work, the navigation comes from the heart. We listen within, feel our intuition, and take a step. As more of us join together, the energy will carry us to a higher dimension. (What is the dimension? It is the higher frequency of living within the heart while committing to spiritual truth.)

When many people join together with this intention of living in the heart by actively pursing their inner vision, the world shifts into a higher frequency. At the moment, we’re receiving an universal wave of energy that accelerates our desire to encounter the inner self and find our inner vision. As we put this impulse into mental, emotional, and physical form, the planet will life into a higher level of duality.

Without duality, we wouldn’t have a body or learn how energy works on a physical level. On a higher level of duality, positive energy counts more. It’s easier to manifest good things and create abundance, health, and joy for everyone.

This week’s astrological challenge:

Sun, Mercury, and Uranus are in Aries, the sign of beginnings. They are conjunct (sit closely together.) Uranus is one of major forces in this chart; it asks to contemplate the universe and let it flow through us.  With Sun and Mercury in the same sign, our lives are flowing in the direction of change. If we focus on spiritual change–and communicate it–we follow the the energy of the chart. (Aries is a fire sign, and three planets placed in Aries can make us feel irritable, angry, or frustrated. Don’t give in to these emotions.)

While the Uranus square Pluto aspect is not exact, the square will feel accentuated throughout the weekend and maybe for a longer period of time. The placement of Sun and Mercury in Aries (in the same sign as Uranus) amplify the square with Pluto in Capricorn. The lunar eclipse will make it feel more intense. On the positive side, the planets are pushing us through our blocks. Without blocks, we receive more light.

There are many mitigating factors in the chart, which should make it easier to move through the mix. The Moon is placed in Libra, offering balance, contemplative thought, and a sense of harmony–which may be difficult to accomplish in the midst of change. Nevertheless, Libra loves harmony, beauty, and art, suggesting the importance of focusing our minds on higher pursuits. This sign is ruled by Venus; it is nurtured by kindness, gentleness, and positive relationships.

Mars and Venus in Taurus are quite helpful with the full moon energies, particularly if we make an effort to spend time outdoors. Taurus is an earth sign, ruled by Venus. When we feel the beauty of physical life, we feel gratitude. We feel present–and alive.

There is a Grand Trine in fire between the Sun, Jupiter, and Saturn. It helps with finding good fortune, moving past the limitations of time, and aligning with positive in life. Mercury also forms a Grand Trine with Jupiter and Saturn. Again, we can use our thoughts to lift up dark emotions or soar out of past patterns.

There are additional trines as well as difficult aspects in the chart, but we’ve practiced maneuvering through these aspects through the past few years. The best idea is to staying focused on uplifting thoughts, letting go of the past, and remembering emotions are not always real. If we stay intent finding more of the true self, we can gain a great deal.


1) Stay open and balanced.  By concentrating on Libran qualities as stated above, we can move the mind through emotional challenges.

2) We are working on tapping into the higher self–not on getting our way or pushing ahead. With a focus on Aries, it’s easy to feel frustrated or irritated. It’s not a race. The inner self reveals itself at the right time.

3)  Mars and Venus in Taurus, a grounded earth sign, help with the full moon energies. Plan to garden, walk, or spend time in nature. It’s such a beautiful world when we take time to truly see it.

4) Let go. Everyone is letting go of something. It’s the only way we can change. (We use the energy spent in laziness to exercise. Everything converts into a higher form.) It is a good time for clearing emotions, feelings, and patterns, which are not in alignment with the inner self.

5) Listen to your heart. Visualize what you truly want. The Grand Trines can help with the realization of your dreams–if they truly come from the heart.

Sabian Symbol Reading

Sun is in 14 Aries “A Serpent Coiling near a Man and a Woman.” The snake often represents transformation, the shedding of the skin to reveal what is beneath the surface.  In spiritual work, this is defined as releasing the outer self and moving deeply into the inner self. (The outer or lower self sees a world of limitation and illusion; it is often defined the trappings of the ego. This symbol asks what is “real” in our personal, and what is not real.)

It can also symbolize the “fall”, the revelation of duality, which comes from shedding innocence. Conversely, it could mean using duality to move into wholeness. The merging of the soul and ego (duality) is the goal of alchemy—and spiritual transformation.

In a full moon forecast, the sun and moon are often in an opposite or opposing position. Moon in Libra 20 is symbolized by “A Jewish Rabbi in a Tiny Room Full of Manuscripts and Books, Performing his Duty.” It can also refer to the arcane, enlightened wisdom hidden in texts and/or ancient knowledge. Additionally, it can reflect adherence and faith when abiding with spiritual law.

Sun and moon together ask us to contemplate spiritual law while focusing on the presence of the inner self. In the “beginning”, life supplied our needs abundantly because we were in a state of wholeness. Part of the lesson on earth is merging the duality of physical/spiritual existence. It’s necessary to abide by both spiritual and physical law. (Interestingly, movement into the inner self expands the limits of physical law through miracles–or exceptions to the denser methodology of physicality. Energy begins to reflect our state of mind and expands along with our consciousness.)

Mercury is placed in 9 Aries, “A Seer Gazes into a Crystal Ball.” (This Sabian Symbol appeared in the new moon chart, emphasizing its importance with our current transition into higher energy.) The symbol speaks of the combination of mental concentration and intuitive awareness needed to “read” spiritual information. Focusing on beauty, goodness, and happiness can lead to spiritual flashes and develop intuition. (Everyone is currently receiving flashes of the future. The reading and understanding of the information is up to us.) With Mercury in this placement, it’s important to share our vision and thoughts—perhaps more often usual.

Venus sits in 22 Taurus, “A White Dove Flying Straight and Fearlessly over Troubled Water.” The Dove represents peace and hope. Trouble water likely represents the emotional state of mass consciousness. The Dove (with a leaf) can indicate the presence of land, the edge of a siege, or a troubled time. As a messenger, it can send love and hope to others as a reflection of our personal vibration.

Mars placed in 3 Taurus, “Natural Steps up a Lawn Blooming with Clover.” Clover has long represented good luck, fortune, or abundance in material form. The steps can refer to actions or integration needed to attain the field of clover. The simple, pleasurable feelings associated with lying in a field of clover or grass are often associated with the presence of the inner self.  (By following these feelings, we rise by stepping up into a higher place of being.)

Jupiter sits in 12 Leo, “An Evening Garden Party of Adults.” This degree denotes the pleasurable feeling of intermingling with friends in the spring or summer. There is air of relaxation, interaction, and a sensation of togetherness. (This happens when people join together in a higher vibration, too.)

Saturn placed in 4 Sagittarius, “A Little Child Learning to Walk with the Encouragement of Parents.” In many ways, we are learning to walk in the new energies. Everything works differently; time passes at a different rate. We feel everyone else. Sometimes, we perceive their emotions and thoughts. The symbolic “parent” can range from books, angels, and spiritual teachers. Life is changing rapidly. We are evolving to a higher level of spiritual maturation.

NOTE: Every point in the astrological wheel is symbolized by one of 360 Sabian Symbols. Marc Edmund Jones and Elsie Wheeler channeled and assigned the points in 1925. They are called Sabian Symbols because they are believed to be the ancient matrix of the alchemists of Mesopotamia. For those who want to see more of the “inner” side of astrology, they offer a point for reflection and meditation.


Julia Griffin, Intuitive Teacher and Coach


Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.

Creating Abundance


Everything is energy, and money is energy too.  Our spirituality and inner consciousness play a part in the abundance that we receive in life.  Our energy level and receptiveness to abundance affect it, as well as our expectations and beliefs.  

When we raise our frequency through meditation or a state of love (as opposed to fear or lack), it’s easier to find the steps that lead to the realization of our hopes and desires. Love, hope and faith are qualities that aid in creating higher forms of energy for the realization of dreams.

Manifestation is more than meditating.  When we hold a desire through conscious visualization, we create an image on the level of higher creation, of higher knowing. Our desired future reality is not present. It is invisible on the material plane. Initially it exists only as the particles of our being that have been projected into the future through our conscious focus. Over time the particles of energy coalesce to shape our future reality.

Thoughts, feelings and visualizations affect our experience of reality. By changing our inner visuals, we shape the future. By staying focused on the positive, we can change our present experience very rapidly.

Examples of positive thought/visual forms could include:

  • Review money positively in your mind.  See double the amount of money in checking or savings accounts, or see the balance increase in believable increments.
  • Notice worry and see abundance in their place. Negative energy attracts more of the same. Let go of thinking/feeling that bills take away your money. Imagine always having enough money for bills or money immediately flows in.
  • Use memory. Review times when money flowed in easily. Remember the feeling of ease and happiness.
  • See checks or payments flowing in. Recall the feeling of increasing funds. (With personal business, remember how others value and love your work. See others benefiting and gaining from your work.)
  • Increase awareness of happiness and goodness in your life.
  • Hold this thought: any expense equals the inflow of cash.
  • Imagine a wonderful surprise – money comes in whenever you think about it.
  • Send pink light or love to the money in your wallet, checkbooks and accounts.
  • Express gratitude for any money that comes your way. See small amounts as an indication that more money is already on the way.

The Process

 Each time that we focus on our desired future, we breathe life into it. Meditation clarifies the steps in physical reality and the emotional/mental sphere. It intensifies our ability to see, feel or perceive the steps. The steps involve the awakening of a new use of talents, gifts and soul attributes. Our focus on the manifestation exercise, and its ensuing steps, is part of the movement of co-creation, as the Universe is essentially developing parts of our soul personality that have lain dormant.

We have the power to partially create our desired future through meditation, and we may experience aspects of it during our daily life. When opportunities or encouraging words flow toward us, we may feel our desired future reality and truly believe that it will occur. (It’s also important to hold our vision when life appears to move in the opposite direction.)

As a manifestation comes more closely into being, (and we are all moving in that direction) we must take action. Spiritual work teaches us to take new actions, to express our soul personality in a new form. Expansion of our talents and abilities is the natural outcome of creating abundance through a spiritual focus.

We tend to exclude the most important steps while making for the parts of work and life that are less important. The funny part is that – deep down – we always know the next step to take.

When beginning soul work with prosperity, it’s helpful to meditate for a few minutes, to work with self-confidence and feel positive about our work. If there is confusion or a feeling of a block about the next step, it’s good to work in ten or fifteen minute increments and then put the work away. It’s important to praise ourselves whenever we take a step.

We should treat ourselves lovingly when we move toward change. Everyone lacks confidence, skill and knowledge at first. It’s how we begin. As we let go of self-judgment or negative thoughts, we move toward the mastery of inner skills which can transform our challenges into an exciting adventure.

NOTE: If you would like to go more deeply into the abundance visualization process, you can purchase six months of my prosperity classes at:

Julia Griffin, Intuitive Healer and Coach 




Julia Griffin is an intuitive healer and coach. She helps others to align with their soul and inner purpose.


The Summer “Shift”


This week’s summer solstice intensifies our feelings. With the sun passing from Gemini to the feminine sign of Cancer, emotions can deepen and pour over us. Remember strong passions, feelings and quests are like storms. They blow over – they don’t last forever.

Any strong state actually attracts the opposite state. For example, courageously moving forward attracts the inner state of doubt and fear.  Gentle sunshine often follows violent rain. It is the actual pairing of opposites that brings growth – there would be no garden or flowers without sunshine and rain, the male and female intertwined.

Let’s look further into the paradigm. Fire and water are opposites. Fire represents spirituality and water symbolizes emotion. When we move toward a spiritual or passionate action, we feel our emotions. We may feel enthused or experience old self-defeating patterns such as worry or anxiety. But we can’t move toward a desire without feeling emotion.

In metaphysics, self-mastery comes through discerning emotion.  Emotions come in waves .The sensation of emotion is not necessarily true. Feeling an emotion doesn’t make it real. We must discern emotion through the heart to discover if it resonates with the inner self. When others offer truth, it becomes colored with their beliefs or point of view.

Additionally, we feel the emotions of the others – our loved ones, mass consciousness and the people who live in our area.  As our intuitive abilities grow, we typically receive more of these energies and have to learn to block or navigate around them or simply become aware enough to identify them. (It’s wise not to discuss situations that bring up prejudice or limited points of view from other people.)

By raising our frequency through meditation, exercise or positive contemplation, we can rise above the lower forces.  This is easily accomplished when the “outer weather” remains pleasant, but it is more of a challenge when the planetary currents change.

Here are a few tips:

Emotion is rhythmic and magnetic. It pulls in energy. When experiencing an emotional state, ask if you would like to “pull in” more of the same or change it.

Notice how long the emotion stays active. Does it involve minutes, hours or days? Can we decipher the underlying message? Is it about self-love, self-doubt or procrastination?

Interrupt waves of emotion through meditation, self-observation and exercise. Notice perpetual responses or reactions. Listen to the words and go deeper into the feelings.  Accept the emotion and look at it for five minutes.

By identifying the first time we felt an emotion, we can find the root of it. We can also notice the stimuli to find the beginning of the reaction and then imagine a solution or a different life.

Spend time understanding the height and depth of emotion. When positive emotions run high, we’re typically active. After a certain amount of activity, it’s good to limit it by resting and contemplating a calm future. When our emotional state is low, it’s helpful to take small steps toward a goal.

Both steps lead toward balance and grounding. Extreme emotion, whether positive or negative, depletes our energetic balance over time. Staying centered in the heart is the goal of the equation.

When an emotion remains negative, it’s good to question if it revolves around a situation or an old pattern. If the emotion is familiar, then send it up to the light.

Use memory to recreate pleasant states of emotion. Memories contain vibration. They are photographic vibrations of another time. Recall beauty, happiness or love. We can concentrate on these times with all of our heart. By doing so, we call these vibrations into the present.

Highly emotional states often occur just before a major shift. If it’s a new situation, then it’s good to ask what we can learn.  By making learning exciting, we move forward more quickly.

Julia Griffin, Intuitive Healer and Coach





Julia Griffin, Intuitive Healer and Coach. Read articles and find out more about her work at



Finding the Lost Language of Love

Relationships are important because they teach us about ourselves, and the real relationship between our ego, soul and the present moment. With the thinning of the akasha and the ending of Kali Yuga (the time of great darkness on the earth), we’re more sensitive to other people. We often “pick up” or respond to their energy without knowing it.

Regardless of our awareness, there’s a tendency to resent others when our energy is affected by their presence. When we return to the lost language of love, the inner communication of the heart, life slows down so that we find our balance and see life through kinder eyes.

1)      The goal is to visualize the highest and best reality for everyone while seeing their flaws and tendencies accurately. It’s helpful to recall the positive qualities of a person, to identify their best characteristics by remembering what we like about them, which raises the overall vibration.

2)      When someone says hurtful or upsetting words, it’s important to notice our reaction. If we’re honest, then we know that we always have these feelings. It’s not just the other person. It’s our perpetual response. Sending light to our feelings and asking to experience life differently is often helpful.

3)      When faced with drama, do the opposite. If we engage, then try gentle withdrawal. If the other person usually withdraws, then step forward and continue the discussion softly. Remain kind.

4)      Omit the blame. Forgive others for how they make us feel.  On some level, we’ve chosen to be part of the situation, and we can either look at it as learning experience or as a victim.

5)      In truth other people can make us feel good or bad, particularly if we’re not paying attention to our inner voice. For example, if someone is angry, depressed or physically ill, we usually feel tired after speaking or visiting with them.  Forgive it all by learning when and how we can best interact with others. It’s our responsibility, not theirs.

6)      Share the truth in fragments and pieces. When the other person is calm, make an observation from a detached point of view. Share a small piece of insight about the pattern. Do it from a place of love. No one can take it all in at one time.

7)      Understand that everyone becomes temperamental when overwhelmed or tired. Rest often and wait before speaking. Go for a walk or practice yoga or meditation. We can remind ourselves that emotions and feelings don’t last very long.

8)      Loving all aspects of life and seeing the light of other people (particularly in karmic relationships such as husband, wife, parents or child) is part of the path of the soul. Beneath the surface of everyone and everything, there is light. The light brings great freedom and joy.

Juila Griffin, Intuitive Healer and Coach





Julia Griffin, Intuitive Healer and Coach