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Moving into the New World

Image by Theodore Rosenburg

Everything works a little differently in the Age of Aquarius. Its energies heighten our intuition, connect us to others, and increase sensitivity. These changes relate to awakening, but we can create more effective change by examining the underlying forces and making small alterations in consciousness.

  1. We’re learning to work with problems in a new way. In the Piscean Age, life often changed if we meditated, prayed, and talked about problems. In the Age of Aquarius, there are many layers in the paradigm. The first solution involves moving into a neutral place of being and focusing on universal love. When the mind is empty, we can send light to problem and focus on the feeling of a state higher consciousness for a few moments by sending a color or positive feeling to the problem. The second step is teaching the mind to stay away from the problem except in moments of meditation and/or positive envisioning. (In short, we send higher vibrations to a problem as opposed to talking and/or thinking about it.)
  2. Energy responds to original thoughts, the heart, and positive visualizations. We can think beyond our habitual reality, use the imagination to create a better personal world, and energize it by sending love and light. We can only receive what we envision—and what we think that we deserve. (Positive feelings, optimism, and increased physical energy follow the right visualization or a jump in the imagination.)
  3. Empathy and boundaries work together. We can empathize with a person’s placement of consciousness, but we can’t allow them to consistently pull on our energy field. (In other words, send light but keep a distance.) We can ask the universe to make it clear about who we should have in our lives. It’s also a way of telling the universe about our desires for future relationships.
  4. There’s a growing realization that answers and change come from the inner self. Communion with the inner self, through meditation or reflection brings insight about the self. It’s also the best formula for the changing our personal world and influencing people around us. Our efforts to express the inner self truly lift the world frequency–and create space for growth and change.
  5. We’re learning about universal love – the force that brings healing, answers, and respite from the outer world. Universal love and personal love are very different, but we’re learning how to combine the two. Personal love often comes from experiences and beliefs, which not always true; universal love is about the light and “force” in everyone. Our highest level of love comes from the inner self. When it is intermingled with universal love, it becomes a powerful force for good.
  6. Working with nature and the physical body is part of anchoring change. A growing awareness of the physical body can intuitively guide us to the best diet, exercise, and rest plan for the day or week. Emotions and sensations (feelings of the physical body) teach about the alignment of consciousness. (We also feel changes in energy field, magnetism, and solar flares through the body, which teaches about periods of rest, activity, and focus.) Nature responds to us more quickly when we’re aware of the body. With practice, we can notice how the natural world around us responds to our mood.
  7. With the appearance of intense duality, we’re learning the art of centering. In the center, we don’t go up or down. We feel the heart space—and our inner being—which is how we stay centered. It’s also the place where the universe whispers solutions and lifts us into a higher state of being.

Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.If you would like to seek additional spiritual change and insight into your life, please contact me for information about an intuitive session.

Ten Ways to Shift Your Energy

“Shifting your energy” means moving to a high frequency, from a lower vibration to a higher one. A lower vibration can be painful, confusing or a cluster of circular thoughts that lead to nowhere.  In every person, a place of inner guidance exists. By opening the gate to the inner self, we can find sanctuary and inner peace.

Human beings learn by forgetting and remembering, like a two-step dance on a path that moves right and left, until we remember that the center lies in the heart. Then we remember the central path, the One Path that all of us walk. The Navaho called it “The Beauty Way.”

Here are a few techniques to help in shifting into all that is true and beautiful about you:

1)      Begin by noticing the pattern of thoughts. What is the difficulty? Is it familiar or is it new? Find the beginning and the end thought of the pattern of thought and feelings. How do they travel around in you? When the first or last thought surfaces, remember that it is only a thought or feeling. It will pass and return. Observe and accept the thought and feeling when they return.

2)      When the feeling or thought passes, remember that you have often had very different feelings in your life. You have probably felt elated, happy, prosperous or healthy in the past. Remember who you were. Remember the times that you had answers. (You ignite energies that will move toward a larger answer when your energy is focused on more positive times.)

3)      Disconnect from collective consciousness. Consciousness, as a whole, reflects and amplifies negative thinking. Avoid the news and outside stimuli. Watch videos or read books that are uplifting.

4)      Meditate whenever possible, even for a few moments.  Meditation is a practice of connecting with the Universe as a statement of Oneness.  It creates wholeness within.

5)      Note that old patterns or change can cause repetitive thoughts or lowered energy levels. If you are honest, it is clear that the same thoughts are repeated many times each day. Make a practice of choosing your thoughts whenever possible.

6)      When experiencing a lower state of consciousness, it can be helpful to raise self-confidence by expressing love for the self. If this seems difficult, then radiate love (pink light) to the inner self, which will respond with a corresponding wave.

7)      Create an image of resolution. Notice that lower emotions, such as anxiety, fear or pain, disappear in that image. You will not feel the lower emotions when resolution comes.

8)      Work with color, sound and exercise. Choose a color to send to your problem or feelings because energy responds to energy, and sacred sounds, such as Hindu chanting, also help. Exercise opens the body so that energy flows and accumulates. (It’s common not to have a lot of energy when experiencing a problem or doubt.)

9)      Low states of energy are often associated with other people or places. It simply means that you are resonating with their emotions, as opposed to the inner self. Ask that any attachments or energy links are broken. Bless yourself and the other person.

10)   Remember that it is a journey. Sometimes, the road is rocky or the mountain is steep. Other times, we drink from the stream of fulfillment or sleep in the verdant valleys. The journey is always good, even if it does not always feel that way. And we are always learning how to hold a higher vibration so that life becomes more beautiful.