In each course, we study the many aspects of manifestation. Manifestation is the art of creating miracles or successfully realizing your desires in the material world through the awakening of your inner, spiritual nature. As you learn the application of manifestation in your day-to-day life, you quickly awaken your capacity of creating joy, contentment, prosperity and harmony in your life. This material is particularly useful in the changing times as mankind begins to adapt to their potential as a co-creator.

MP3 Programs

Julia offers recordings of many of the teleseminars she has offered. For example…

Animal Communication

Animal Communication MP3 program teaches the art of communicating with your pet. You’ll understand the reasons for your pet’s behavior and learn how to alter it. Much, much more included in four hours (4 MP3s) as Julia shares what the wolves taught her and how to apply it in your life.

Live Teleseminars

Julia periodically offers a live teleseminar. She shares tips, exercises and insights for daily life to help develop your personal skills with manifestation.

Each course and teleseminar teaches the key components for creating lasting, inner transformation.

You will learn the art of:

  • Altering your thoughts, feelings and actions.
  • Transforming your current reality though spiritual understanding of universal laws.
  • Learning how to consciously create your reality through repetitive action, visualization techniques and laser focus.
  • Experiencing the flow of awakening
  • Believing in your ability to alter your present and future.
  • Developing your inner connection to divine knowledge and truth through your One True Self. Through this inner connection, you can truly create lasting fulfillment and happiness.
  • Mastering meditations, exercises and repetitive imagery necessary for developing a devoted practice.

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