Animal Communication Class

Includes 4 MP3s and 4 one hour classes

Have you ever wondered what exactly your pet was thinking or feeling? Now you can know. Julia teaches you exactly how to speak and hear your pet in her Animal Communication Class.

You CAN understand your pet’s special language through Julia’s guidance and by practicing her techniques. Over time, you’ll come to understand the exact meaning of your special animal friend’s gestures, movements and feelings, and you’ll understand how much of your pet’s behavior reflects you – your issues and feelings.

Julia shares the gift of animal communication, a talent learned from her time spent living with wolves. Through her course, you’ll learn techniques to talk to your pet.

You’ll understand why your pet is affected by your mood, color, music and events while learning techniques to talk to your pet through mental images and words and receive amazing results. All animals and pets speak to us through special gestures and highly individual behavior.

When a pet and human communicate through the heart, resolution of problems and deeper interaction occur.  Note: The tips included in the animal communication class also work with people. The class offers meditation techniques that are excellent for heightening all areas of intuitive communication.

By taking this class, you learn:

  • Intuitive techniques with your pet
  • How to create rapid change in pet behavior
  • The real reason your pet behaves in a certain manner
  • Deepen your relationship with your pet
  • How to use love to alter daily interaction
  • The meaning of your pet’s gestures and actions
  • Develop new skills in only a few weeks
  • And many other secrets

An amazing array of material including four hours of classes in MP3 format, four written lessons in PDF format, 4 MP3s

Animal Communication