About the e-Courses

What are the basic differences between these classes and those taught elsewhere?

Why would I want to take these classes? How do I know if they are right for me?

What is included in the classes

Is real-person guidance provided?

What if I miss the calls or the calls won’t work with my schedule. What happens if I’ll be away on business/vacation during part of a class?

How long are the e-courses?

What happens if I have a question?

About Ongoing Support

Do you provide support for those who have completed earlier seminars?How do ongoing teleseminars differ from the e-courses?Will I be able to ask questions?How is payment handled for the ongoing program?

About Julia

What is Julia’s background?Why is she teaching these classes?

About Julia’s E-Courses

Q: What are the basic differences between these classes and those taught elsewhere?

A: Julia’s Animal Communication E-Course, Prosperity E-course and live teleseminar are based on universal laws that will teach you to become a conscious creator. Learning to meditate, visualize, and substitute positive thoughts, emotions, and feelings for your present negative reality is how you begin to communicate with the True Self. You also learn to discern right action and create positive change.

Many other classes teach the principles of universal law but do not teach practical skills. Our classes teach you to how to find the correct subjective applications for your life. (In animal communication classes, Julia teaches how to talk intuitively from your heart to your pet.)

Julia is a practicing intuitive who guides you to enhances your understanding to make sure a given exercise works for you or if your desire is in alignment with your True Self.  You’ll also learn how to alter the exercises and meditations to make them work for you.

Many teachers don’t comprehend (or know) manifestation is a process involving meditation, repetition, and discernment over a period of time. Beyond principles and techniques, Julia’s courses focus on the process itself. This step is usually not available in other manifestation work.

Q: Why would I want to take these classes? How do I know if they are for me?

A: If you want dramatic, positive change in a few short weeks, then these are the right classes for you. Rapid change is a reflection of the inner life. Julia’s courses and teleseminars are appropriate for beginner, intermediate and advanced students. (You learn at your current level of consciousness and can listen to the classes many times.) All students will gain access to the skills and techniques to change their reality immediately. IF you are drawn to the classes, you probably received inner guidance to study with Julia.

Q: What is included in the classes?

A: The manifestation class includes six comprehensive lessons on MP3 and in written form with self-study questions, journal work, and manifestation assignments. You can also invest in hiring Julia to intuitively review your journal work or for a session.

The Prosperity MP3 classes teach the basic laws of prosperity and energy, as well as learning how to create this reality on a personal level. You can listen to the MP3s to meditate, learn or develop your skills. There’s no set program although it’s best to listen sequentially in the beginning.

The Animal Communication MP3s compose a sequential series. It’s best to listen in order and then study or review your favorite parts of these lessons. The class is written so that you intuitively pick up the information that’s important for you and your pet.

The ongoing LIVE Teleseminar, an in-person session  providing support to all who are working with Julia on Manifestation, current energies and development of skills and techniques, which require practice and refinement. Related course materials, where applicable, are sent by email to those enrolled in this program.(Sign up for newsletter to receive notification of classes.)

Q: Is real-person guidance provided?

A: Julia personally explains each lesson and leads you through specific meditations in the MP3 packages. The Ongoing Teleseminars are live classes, and Julia often channels for the group on the line; however you can always listen later and email your questions. Julia supports her students with frequent emails and updates.

Q: What if I miss the calls or the calls won’t work with my schedule. What happens if I’m away on business/vacation during a class?

A: All conference calls are recorded and may be accessed at a later date. You can read the lesson and listen to the conference call on the website at your leisure. We encourage participation in the conference call, particularly the live meditations and the question and answer sessions.

Participation is not mandatory. The call number and pin for the conference call will be sent to you by email each week of the class, and the recorded class will be available a few days later.

Q: How long are the e-courses?

A: The live seminars are usually one hour in length and occur on a regular basis. The Prosperity Teleseminar consists of 8 MP3s and you can listen when convenient, preferably in ½ hour or 1 hour segments. The Animal Communication classes are in one hour segments.

Q: What happens if I have a question?

A: Each lesson is accompanied by a conference call that includes a question-and-answer segment. Questions also may be emailed directly to onetrueself@gmail.com

About Ongoing Support

Q: Do you provide support for those who have completed earlier seminars?

A: Julia periodically provides a Live Teleseminar. It is available to all but it is especially helpful for students who have completed earlier course work or private consulting.

Q: How do ongoing teleseminars differ from the e-courses?

A: Rather than specific course materials, Julia consults her guidance to provide an intuitive “reading” and a guided meditation for the group. Participants are encouraged to share their own process and results, providing “case in point” information for the group members in how to create and fine-tune manifestation in order to achieve the highest success.

Q: Can I ask questions?

A: Absolutely. If you are enrolled in an ongoing program, you also may direct specific questions concerning course materials to Julia by email.

Q: How is payment handled for class programs?

A: Payments may be made through paypal or Julia’s website.


About Julia Griffin

Q: What is Julia’s background?

A: Julia Griffin is an intuitive healer who has successfully transformed the lives of thousands of people through her manifestation and meditative techniques. She teaches these techniques in her group classes, one-on-one sessions, and now e-courses.

Julia has a deep understanding of energetics based on extensive studies and her own successful practice. She is an alchemist, astrologer, herbalist and Reiki master, and is able to communicate with plants and animals. She lived with wolves for nine years, while developing her intuitive abilities. Julia is a contributing writer for Spirit of Ma’at, and she publishes a weekly newsletter.

Q: Why is she teaching these classes?

A: Julia seeks to share her knowledge with a group of people who want to deepen their understanding of how they create their personal “reality” and how they may connect into their own energetic potential to create their desired life. There also is power in a group consciousness. The group consciousness of these e-courses increases the potential for expansion and accomplishment for each class member.