Intuitive Counseling

If you’re interested in getting profound results in self-realization, clearing issues, and creating energetic solutions to specific problems, private sessions are the answer.

Julia Griffin Intuitive Counseling

I fine-tuned this process to make it one of my most powerful tools of transformation. In these sessions, I help you discover how to discern the inner voice of your own intuitive wisdom. You will be empowered by tapping into this invaluable, personal resource every day.

I gently guide you through this amazing process so that you easily resolve the challenges of life, ranging from business enterprises to highly personal issues, as well as developing a skill set to exchange negative thoughts and emotions into positive ones.

This is my special gift, seeing the deep well of a person’s True Self. In these private sessions you will be astounded by my confident direction in learning the all-important principle of understanding your role as the creator of your own life.

Schedule an intuitive counseling session:


Private 6 and 12 Month Coaching

One True Self Coaching

Two 30-minute sessions or two 1 hour sessions each month.

  • Designed to help you identify strengths and talents. Transform limitations into abilities and/or insights.
  • Find your inner power through specialized visualizations and practices. As you master your inner power, you can make substantial change in your life.
  • Become energized. Part of success is possessing vital physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energy. As you accumulate energy, it becomes easier to change your life.
  • “See” everything differently. When you move through life in alignment with the true self, your experiences of life change dramatically. It’s easier to create your desires, find the right answers, experience the good in life and make positive changes.
  • Leave the past behind. Many negative experiences in life are the result of patterns and beliefs, which are based on the past. As you learn to release them and see the future differently, you experience radical change.
  • Create your dream through a plan designed specifically for you. Receive specialized meditations and visualizations based on years of study and practice.
  • Develop a strong inner connection. Learn to “alter” reality through this space. Receive my consistent support in maintaining this place of connection.

Not quite ready? Want to know more?

You can purchase two 30-minutes sessions or two one hour sessions to see if you’d like to work with me.  After completing the sessions, you can continue only through one of the coaching programs.

Awakening Class

Nine-Month Meditation Class

One True Self Meditation

27 one-hour lessons, plus 2 thirty minute private sessions with Julia.

Awakening Class is a nine-month meditation class, designed to teach alignment with the inner self. The series helps you learn to recognize the feeling and resonance of your true self, which teaches greater understanding of your path–or direction in life.

Spiritual study begins with aligning with the inner self.  It teaches the art of attunement to the inner self–a practice that opens the mind, body, and spirit to higher consciousness. The process influences your ability to overcome stress and to move into a beautiful flow of life. When choices align with the inner self. Life moves in a more harmonious way.

From this point, you learn to use higher energies to manifest a better life. Creating positive outcomes through the heart and inner work is known as manifestation.

I teach manifestation, visualization, and attunement to higher frequencies. Each lesson focuses on various aspects of spirituality, including angels, healing, finding answers to problems, expanding consciousness, and connecting with the universe.

Please accept my invitation to learn about the beauty of your true presence and the marvelous energies of the spiritual world.


Thanks to modern technology, I can reach more people than ever! Occasionally, I offer special teleseminars on many subjects from awakening, opening intuitive gifts, and animal communication.

You can be anywhere in the world and take advantage of the opportunity to expanding your consciousness via our Special Teleseminars. This powerful tool for learning will take you step-by-step into mastering energetic exercises and meditation techniques.

Just like a live class, participants have experienced great success in achieving their personal goals. Teleseminars are also recorded on Zoom or MP3s--and made available for future study or review. Your personal growth will continue well after the Teleseminar with my intuitive support.

One True Self Teleseminar Keys to Self-Mastery

Keys to Self-Mastery Teleseminar


One True Self Teleseminar Harmonizing with the Higher Self

Harmonizing with the Higher Self Teleseminar


One True Self Teleseminar Awakening Your Inner Magic

Awakening Your Inner Magic Teleseminar


Counseling Session FAQs

How do I book a session?

Email Julia using the contact form to request a session. Include the days/times that are best for you. Be sure to include your time zone and telephone number. You will receive an email with suggestions for times and dates for a session. Julia will call you directly at the time of the session.

International sessions are available through Skype or you can use a calling card to make the call to Julia for the scheduled time.

How do I pay for a session?

Credit cards and PayPal are accepted for payments.

What type of clients do you accept?

Clients come from all walks of life with a problem and a desire for a solution. Regardless of level of knowledge or background work, everyone benefits from soul work. Those — who have a deeper understanding of soul work — can make substantial gains. They learn to understand their life purpose, the meanings of specific intuitions and rapid acceleration through personal problems.

How long are the sessions?

Sessions may be purchased in 30 or 60 minute increments.

How should I prepare for a session? Do I need anything?

Take a few minutes to rest or meditate before the session. Write down any questions or problems that you want to discuss during your session. Keep a pencil and paper nearby if you like to take notes. Julia will send a brief email summary of your session. (Expect practical guidance.) You are welcome to record the session if you like.

What types of sessions are offered?

Sessions range from personal decisions and insights to create success with work, relationships, financial issues, and/or basic health issues. They include business, career, family members, or other personal issues. Your session may include one or all of these topics, depending on your personal needs.

  • On-going Sessions (weekly or bi-weekly) are for students who desire an exceptional life. Counseling occurs weekly to those who wish to make a significant change, solve a life problem or experience great success in a particular aspect of life–or simply encounter more of their spiritual nature.
  • Single sessions are currently available in thirty or sixty minute increments.
  • Animal communication sessions are available for pets. Animals reflect our environment and personal patterns. Suggestions will be offered so that you can positively alter pet behavior, while gaining understanding of the pet. Pet readings can be booked for 15-30 minutes.

For more information, please contact Julia