Julia, her kind and insightful guidance, loving and supportive sharing of her wisdom, have been the foundation of the many positive changes that came to be in my life.

Julia and I started working in 2014, when I was still struggling to get through my Doctorate degree and, honestly, I had little faith that I’d finish it. I also was painfully single, living in an old rental I grew to resent because of the difficult moments that I experienced there, with very few true friends, no realistic or actionable prospects for work, stability, or any kind of fulfillment – personal or professional. Worst of all, I constantly felt the pressure and fear to have to return to the place I ran away from. Julia’s personal sessions and the two Awakening courses taught me to see and connect to the light and love within and around so much so that the changes were quick, hard-to-believe, and almost too-good-to-be-true – and, honestly, that’s what I really love about her work!

I probably could write pages about each of the biggest positive changes and dreams-that-came-true with the help of Julia’s work, but I think it will suffice to mention that I completed my degree soon after we started working together, received my green card, bought a really nice and spacious place of my own, worked at two great jobs, got four promotions in two years at my current job, have been in a stable and fun relationship, and travelled to where I thought I’d never be able travel on my own terms, regaining my full mental and emotional freedom to be all that I am, live where I want to live, do what I am good at, and stay focused on what truly matters to me!

I cannot find the right words to thank Julia for her support, guidance, and love! And I cannot recommend her work highly enough! I truly hope that your experience with Julia will be as miraculous, affirmative, and rewarding as mine!


It surely was the most beautiful healing journey

I was gifted my sessions with julia by an angel friend
What followed was nothing short of miraculous
It surely was the most beautiful healing journey
Back to my
One true self
I am eternally grateful to God the universe julia and my beloved friend sharon

Anna Trzebinski

Julia is what I want to be when I grow up.

I have taken her classes for a number of years now, and spoken with her privately regularly throughout that time. I can hand-on-heart say she is one of the kindest, most gifted, most inspiring people I have ever worked with. Her intuition still manages to surprise me with its accuracy every time we speak; and the techniques I have learned from her are at once unique, fascinating and powerful. Her dedication to what she does and to her students is humbling, and it’s a transformational experience just to share energy with her. Thank you, Julia!

Kate S.

It really is fun watching your dreams happen

In my last testimonial I had been contacted by some people that worked to get new products on QVC and an inquiry about my product from Japan (in just one week of listening to Julia’s CD). The QVC deal came through, however the funny thing is that although the Japan inquiry died I ended up with a distributor in New Zealand and Australia! Very interesting. As I continue to listen to Julia’s mesmerizing voice and practice my visualizations my realized potential increases. Last but certainly not least is the improved relationship with my husband. I can not encourage you enough to make this investment in your future. It really is fun watching your dreams happen.

Nan Lockwood

Houston, TX

Sure gives great results!

Just got a call from another court reporter wanting me to work with him. That’s the second one, totally unexpected since I sent a resume to him at the beginning of March and hadn’t heard anything.  I think I need three full time court reporters as clients for me to be fully employed. Looks like I have two now and an interview with a third scheduled in about 8 days.

Thank you for everything! I love the manifesting exercise and it sure gives great results!

Testimonial from TJ

Manifested desire

Just 2 months ago, I desired $10,000. I  now have the total $10k.

Testimonial from Goddess

Some money just to ‘have fun’ with

I attended Julia’s manifestation class on a Sat.  The following Monday I spoke with an organizing client of mine in TX and she said she would like me to come again and do more organizing for her soon.  On Friday, I got a check in the mail from a company that I had sold my stock in over a year prior.  They said that there had been an oversight in the sale and enclosed a check for over $500!  The next week a friend sent me some money just to ‘have fun’ with.  Wonder what next week will bring…

Testimonial from M.

Watched me grow… in to an accomplished artist

I have just returned from a very successful first Art Guild Show. I believe my daily meditations and angel contacts brought about the ease and success of this endeavor. Even though it was hard work, and tedious detail, nonetheless it seemed to flow inexorably to a right conclusion. Julia has watched me grow from a person who painted in a closet (literally) in to an accomplished artist with work as far away as Japan. I thank her and the other angels daily, and am glad the monthly classes are available. I’ll be there!


What I noticed is that my life is incredible

I am happier than I have ever been. In the middle of the worst economy in decades I left a very solid job that I did not love for a risky start-up and the company is doing fantastic. The items from my daily manifestation exercise are starting to show up in my life. I am making more money than I have ever made and have every reason to believe it will at least double in the next 12 months.

There is lightness and a sense of opening in my system and I can feel myself moving toward a new place – a sense of momentum building. Setbacks (which I still encounter- as I expect every one of us always will from time to time) have begun to occur as opportunity for growth and training as opposed to the reason to give up. I am watching long held beliefs and patterns that did not serve me or my marriage begin to disappear.

I appreciate the role that Julia and her work play in my life and intend to continue to take advantage of the support that she offers.


My heart bursts with joy and gratitude

Julia is a very gifted intuitive and has helped me manifest my dreams that I am living right now. I first started to work with Julia in Oct 2008 and participated in her manifestation ecourse. It was exactly a year ago and I was going through a painful process of losing everything I owned. Out of survival, I started to wait tables and feel depressed. Julia helped me stay focused on my vision and dream that lived in my heart. She leads a powerful live group mediation each week that she records and provides in a mp3 format to listen to on your own. During these meditations I could see and feel myself living in Thailand on the beach while working on my mission to inspire and empower others. I’m writing this right now from my balcony in Koh Samui, Thailand on the beach while I research and write about all of the healing programs on Samui. I get daily message from people around the world thanking me for my inspiration. My heart bursts with joy and gratitude for Julia and my life that I’ve created.

Elicia Woodford

epowerme.com | samuihealing.com , Oct 2009

It has been such a nurturing experience working with Julia.

After focusing on the tools she teaches for a few years now, I’ve seen my life gradually change in quantifiable ways:

I am making more money than I’ve ever made in my life

I’m finding an internal intuition that is gentle and comfortable becoming more and more apparent

An internal voice that is quiet and still, yet I can hear it better

I sense a greater force working with me, that leaves me in gratitude and in AWE

I value myself more than ever and sensing that my value is easily recognized by others

This is sooooo Powerful!!!
Still observing!!  Can’t wait to see more!!

Denise Gant

Her group lessons are particularly potent

as they move the class through a series of exercises and of-the-times astrological and energetic insights. Using visualizations rich with language and color, the exercises are precise tools to clear patterns, shift perspectives and raise frequencies. Each class comes with a full pdf transcript – which leaves class members with a library of tools to call upon as they build their own consciousness-attunement skillset. They’ve helped me tremendously over the years. I’m forever grateful for these resources and her ever-gracious presence. 

Denise Garlow

If you can imagine it, then Julia can help you manifest it!

Julia’s commitment and dedication to knowing herself has opened the doors for many others to do the same. With her gifts and talents she is able to open the mind to the possibility of its Biggest Self and with that everything opens to the possibility of transformation – body, finances, careers, etc. If you can imagine it, then Julia can help you manifest it!

Deana Guadagno

Sautee-Nacoochee, GA

Dramatic increase of the level of my game

Julia has created 3 different series of CDs for me during the past year. Each time I have grown tremendously from the affirmations and exercises. I asked Julia to put together a tennis CD full of affirmations and techniques for me to use to help improve my game. Listening over and over again to the positive statements about what I need to do to be mentally prepared really improved my tennis game. I finished a season and my team mates commented on the dramatic increase of the level of my game.

L. O.

Atlanta, GA

Everything fell into miraculous place

I’ve been working with Julia for years now.  I’ve participated in private sessions, workshops and events with Julia and have always come away with great learning’s and new inspiration.  Julia recently began manifestation workshop and monthly events online/teleconferencing which I delighted in attending.  I’d like to bear witness to my results!

For over 8 years I’ve been slowly preparing myself for my life time dream- to own my own bead store and glass studio.  I planned and moved and saved… holding out the hope but really not sure of the how.  When Julia started her manifestation workshops, just 4 months later, everything fell into miraculous place and I am now the owner of Jumping Mouse Beads- my bead store in Ellijay, Georgia.  I truly believe it’s a place built by the angels and for the angels to come and play.  Take the course-  if you dare to have your heart’s desire and dreams come true!

Kathy Benson

This works!

Just after joining the prosperity group, I listed a desire for a new job by the end of February. The job manifested in March. This works!

Testimonial from J.M.

Pretty awesome!!

I went from owing the IRS $42,000 in taxes -to I am now getting a $5,000 refund! Pretty awesome!!

Testimonial from K.

I now have a new business

Thanks to Julia’s gentle insistence that I keep actively choosing to align with my Higher Self, I now have a new business that is far more inspired than my rational self would have ever dared dream of. Announcing the newly created A Place of Good, LLC.

With deepest gratitude, Denise Garlow

Life has never been better

I have been working with Julia for the last 4 or 5 years. During this time I have been transformed. I was consumed by worry and frustration. I was not enjoying life. My business was failing, my relationships were also failing, I was failing. I talk to Julia every other week for ½ hour, her listening to me and then her gentle suggestions, have turned me around. I have a sense of purpose now. I am fulfilled in my work and my relationships. My business is having a record year, in the middle of this recession. My friends and family can count on me. Life has never been better.
As I continue to work with Julia, I wonder, how much better can it be?


I am in such a better place

I have been involved with Julia’s prosperity class for about 6 months now. When I first became involved, I immediately felt a surge of positive energy and pink light. My life has become much more centered and I feel as if I have a clearer picture of what I want in my life and what I do not want. In her meditations, Julia’s voice transforms me to a wonderful, peaceful place where everything is possible. I love her meditations, they are beautiful and so helpful.

Upon speaking with Julia over the telephone she immediately pinpointed where I needed to protect and nuture myself so that I wouldn’t self-sabotage. Julia also helped me see clearly at a time when I could not do that for myself.

Julia is living her dream and she truly helps people realize theirs.

I am in such a better place, spiritually, mentally and physically than I was 6 months ago and I owe that to Julia!


Wonderful and inspiring

I so appreciate Julia. The monthly prosperity seminars are wonderful and inspiring. Her attention to detail and the tools she gives you to do your work are amazing. She is very supportive and will go the extra mile to help keep you on task. She is a blessing to those who choose to commit to do the work to realize their one true self and to manifest their desires.

Helen Eisner

Post Falls, Idaho

Just awarded $25,000!

Julia’s exercises are amazing! My first time writing grants and our organization was just awarded $25,000! I contacted a foundation about the possibility of a grant. They turned me down and suggested I call back next year. Within two weeks, they called back and requested that I submit a proposal.


Julia is an exceptional resource and teacher

At a time when I had many questions about my life, my inner being somehow directed me to find Julia. After reading about her experiences and connection when she worked with wolves, I felt drawn to Julia’s work. To my amazement, Julia’s influence in my life went beyond what I thought was possible.

Julia’s insights led me to study with her. As I investigated the sources of my fears and anxiety about my life, I became stronger knowing there were forces within and without myself that could help me. As I followed Julia’s guidance in visualization of healing thoughts and especially the power of the color of light, I noticed changes in my mental and emotional health and focus. 

Importantly, as I study, the right people and circumstances keep showing up!

Life’s ever-changing landscape is magical and revealing if we take the time to connect with our unseen guides and the power of light. It is not a journey easily undertaken by oneself. We need experienced guidance, and Julia is an exceptional resource and teacher. Many thanks go to her for helping me gain the confidence that I need to face life’s challenges. 

Doria Ware

Money came to me easily and effortlessly

Thank you so much for the reminders concerning manifestation, etc.  I recently experienced a wonderful spiritual enlightenment. Since my car, 1996 Honda Accord has 288,400 miles on her and I travel 25,000 miles a yr. I decided it’s time to get another car.  I went thru major fears about money – how in the world can I pay for another car now????   Well, I changed my fear thinking, wrote on an index card the specifics of what I wanted/needed in another car.  Placed this card under my pillow along with several “$1,000 bills” and let go of the “how” this new car was coming to me.

In less than a month, money came to me easily and effortlessly for the down payment on my car and I obtained a terrific loan at 4.5% interest!!  As of one week ago, I’m the proud owner of a 2006 blue Toyota Corolla and I absolutely love it and the wonderful gas mileage!!  I sold my Jet Ski the next day after purchasing my new car and my ole car is currently for sale and I’m sure it will sell soon!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful insights and bright Light with me and others. Love , Light, Abundance and Many Blessings to you!

Testimonial from “Hopeful”

First time in months, I have a true surplus
of business funds

Two months ago, my desire was to have 4 or more full paying clients each month in my personal work as a unique expression of my gifts. This week, I received 2 messages from perspective clients, two of which converted into full paying clients.  I also seem to have broken through the ceiling of my normal bank account level, and, for the first time in months, I have a true surplus of business funds. The class works!

Testimonial from E.M.

Increased my income by $800 a month without working

By listening to  Julia, I have increased my  income by $800 a month without working. Her teaching on angels is invaluable, and incredibly reliable.

Testimonial from CC

No more duality… just love.

After practicing your meditation, I went to sleep and in the morning when I woke up, and looked out there was just love outside, the energy was love. No more duality and fear in the air, just love.


Life is incredible… happier than I have ever

After spending at least the last 6 months doing 2 things- incorporating Julia’s advice and teaching into my daily activities and thinking I was getting no-where — I got an opportunity to stop and take a hard look at my life.

I am finding the happiness inside

Julia has walked a path with me that no other person in my life dared. She has been a teacher, guide and friend through the conception, birth, and death of my only child. I am now fully engaged in my life and I am finding the happiness inside. Julia is mentoring me through the acceptance and awareness of my gifts as they show up. Her faith in my growth is remarkable – she knows just when I need some tough love.

She constantly reminds me of what I have to offer the world, for that I am ever grateful.

Always a mom

How to work through fear

Your Prosperity Class has changed my life forever. The meditations & exercises have opened my heart & soul to healing. I still become afraid sometimes but because of our classes I now know how to work though the fear. I feel joyful & more sure of myself ! Thank you for everything you do.

Donna E.

Has brought so much meaning to my life

I decided to create my own radio show for the purpose of interviewing individuals who are living out their life purpose to find out how they attained their Bliss. Every guest on my show teaches, inspires, challenges and guides both listeners and myself to higher levels of awareness.

One such guest that I have had the pleasure of interviewing twice is Julia Griffin. She is a gifted teacher, coach, author and speaker. She shares her knowledge of alchemy, angels and manifestation with integrity and clarity. I’ve been attending her teleclasses for several months and through the work she suggests, I continue to expand my ever-increasing sense of awareness in my abilities to manifest abundance and joy.

Inspiring others through my radio interviews to seek out answers, to find empowerment, and to act on passions has brought so much meaning to my life. I strongly encourage anyone to follow up on a whim or a question – they just might experience their own Bliss.

Blissed-Out Interviews

Blog Talk Radio

$6,000 for a car in only a few days

I asked Julia about manifesting a car a few days before class, as my old car had been wrecked. She suggested that I pick a car and that we place on the desire list since I didn’t have the funds for a car. But before the desire ever hit the list, I was given $6,000 for a car in only a few days. I purchased a very nice (new!!!) Toyota Yaris and now only need to manifest the payments for the remaining amount.


An incredible coach

You are an incredible coach whose patience, insight and understanding surpasses any of those I have ever met.


Goes beyond merely teaching

Julia is a wonderful and gifted psychic teacher that goes beyond merely teaching. She has been an anchor and a guide for me over the past several years. I don’t know what I would do without her loving support and aid.