Wolves and Animal Communication

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Video editing by Richard Olson, www.TalkToMeGuy.com
All photographs of wolves by James Fisher, The James Fisher Gallery

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Julia & the Wolves as Teachers

When my spiritual awakening began, the wolf appeared – the first time as a spirit wolf, later as real wolves with long tails and shiny teeth. They became my teachers, guides, companions and an object of my passion. I’ve lived with wolves (and my children simultaneously), spent hours with them and learned to speak their language.

From the first encounter, the wolves spoke in a loudly in a clear voice that was audible to me. It was as though a human spoke into my ear. They told of my future and events that would come to pass. The wolves also communicated in an energetic or intuitively universal language. When I listen to animals or hear the thoughts of humans, I “connect” through the intuitive language that was taught by the wolves.

The wolf remains an integral part of my life, for their teachings are wise and vast. The secrets of co-creation in the time of the alignment of the planets are known to them. The wolves have knowledge of the earth changes and the coming times that they wish to share. As their messenger, I decided to share their teachings as “The Wisdom of the Wolves”.

In the next few weeks and days, videos of the wolves and their wisdom will be posted on this page, and brief recollections or stories will shared on Julia’s blog.

You can learn from Julia’s experiences with the wolves by signing up now for Animal Communication Classes.



Save the Wolves

Adopt a Wolf

As a wildly beautiful part of nature, the Wolf is part of us. Wolves are threatened in many states and actively hunted in Alaska. The Wolf is said to be the “Great Teacher” and was revered by the Native Americans. When a species is hunted, injured or eradicated, the great circle of life is affected. We kill a part of ourselves.

Many readers dreamed of the wolves after reading my last article (spiritofmaat.com/apr10/wolves_wisdom.html) We must take action if we desire to continue to interact with wolves.

There are many ways of helping the wolf. Please make a donation to one of the wolf sanctuaries to provide food and care for a wolf (wolves) Sanctuaries are educational and environmentally sound facilities that house wolves and often offer public tours to learn about wolves. Wolf Sanctuaries provide an environment for wolves to live safely.

The Wolf Sanctum, Inc (501(c)(3) non-profit) is offered as a source for donations and “adopting” a wolf. Many of the wolves that I have known and know reside(d) at the Sanctum.

From Liz Mahaffey, Director of the Wolf Sanctum

We can speak of conservation in scientific terms…and we certainly should, for a sound healthy eco-system is a critical key even for human survival…but we need to shout conservation for those things that touch the very core of the human spirit. If we don’t take action, then – pretty soon – the only wolf that your readers may ever see will be in their dreams or photographs…

The current bill’s ambiguous language evidently contains a clause that would allow wolves to be killed in a “biological emergency” although there is no definition to clarify what a “biological emergency” may be, and leaving a loophole usually means someone will use it. A biological emergency could be translated into someone being able to kill a wolf to prevent the death of a chipmunk? One of the states proposed passing a law that would entitle its residents to shoot a wolf on sight. Meanwhile in the Rockies, hunting permits are being issued to legally hunt and kill wolves back to “just above” endangered species levels. The aerial shooting continues in Alaska.


Vote for The Protect America’s Wildlife (PAW) Act (H.R. 3381)

There is a proposed “bill” in the Senate that may help. You have the right to voice your opinion. This bill may ban or limit aerial hunting of wolves.

“Updated version of the Protect America’s Wildlife (PAW) Act (H.R. 3381) was introduced on July 29, 2009 in the US House of Representatives (Rep. George Miller, D-CA) and, for the first time, in the US Senate (Sen. Dianne Feinstein D-CA). This bill, which is still in sub-committee and pending a revision process, could potentially ban aerial wolf hunting this year.” See Friends of Animals for the complete proposal and more information: friendsofanimals.org.


Animal Communication Course

Animal communication classes are fun! The wolves taught the art of intuitive speech to me, and I will share many of their basic techniques. You will also learn techniques for changing yourself so that your pet’s behavior improves, as well as how to connect and communicate with your pet.

Through intuitive communication, you’ll learn to better understand what your pet is trying to say; the meaning of your pet’s physical behavior; tips for changing behavior; and how to work more effectively with your pet. The tips included in the animal communication class also work with people. The class offers meditation techniques that are excellent for heightening all areas of intuitive communication.

In this class, you will learn how to:
· Speak your pet’s language and communicate clearly
· Create a meaningful heart connection with your pet
· Find your totem
· Understand the meaning of your pet’s behavior and how it relates to you
· Work with your pet for positive change and behavior
· Understand how your pet helps to create your reality
· And much, much more

So that you learn the application of the techniques taught in class, the animal communication class is composed of 4 one hour sessions that include: lesson in PDF format, and MP3 recording of class.

Animal Communication