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Quick Visualizations

I love quick visualizations because they work. They also teach development of the imagination and spiritual skills. These exercises are among my favorites because they are effective for almost everyone. (Fortunately, the current changes in energy make visualizations more effective.)


  • Visualize the happiest, best moments of your life when you felt truly loved–when love lifted you into a higher place of being.
  • Visualize and experience how it feels when you receive love and acceptance from someone you love along with a wave of joy. (Think about how you receive love as well. In other words, define it.)
  • Visualize how it feels when you love your life, and life opens to embrace you. This opens to door to a great deal of love.


  • Visualize more abundance in your accounts whenever you think of money. (See more money in your wallet or hand.)
  • Send light blue light to your bills to reduce them.
  • Smile and see money coming to you in a positive, supportive way.
  • By understanding and feeling the abundant nature of the universe, you alter your perception of the events in your life, which can positively affect the flow of prosperity in life.


  • Visualize new people in your life who want to help with your career–and who know how to do it.
  • Visualize emails and phone calls from people who are interested in your work and respond positively.
  • See every answer (whether positive or negative) as a response from the universe. If it’s not the right reply, the answer is on the way.
  • Your career grows by attracting the right people and events that are in flow with the universe’s plan. By focusing on growth (or easy, positive change), you align with expansion, one of the principles of the universe.


  • Visualize the sensation of your body when it is healthy and happy. Send light to every molecule in your body as well as the spaces between the molecules.
  • Visualize having more energy and easily maintaining a better diet and exercise routine.
  • Imagine receiving 2x the rest when you sleep.
  • Imagine feeling happy and energized when you awaken.
  • The physical body loves it when our thoughts and emotions unite positively with it. It may take a few days or weeks to respond, but the body will absorb loving, positive thoughts and demonstrate them.


Obviously, these exercises depend on your spiritual connection. You envision love from the heart, and you create it in life by meditating and cultivating it. Through connection, you develop faith to practice and develop accurate visualization.

By working with the visualizations, you develop a habit of finding and aligning with a higher frequency.

Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.If you would like to seek additional spiritual change and insight into your life, please contact me for information about an intuitive session.

Astrology and Manifestation

I’ve combined the two topics because the energies of the stars and planets tend to impact the methodology of manifestation. The duality of our existence tends to imply the existence of an opposing force and a beneficial force–and the stars often delineate their forms. Awareness increases as one gains in spiritual consciousness, so recognition of the forces can be useful. On November 25, we experienced a partial solar eclipse, and another (total lunar) eclipse comes on December 10, in sequence with Mercury’s indirect and direct motion.

Eclipses are similar to removing the cables from a car battery, and everything — the time, radio and controls – must be reset. It’s normal to feel a little tired or stressed (or very energized) around an eclipse. The lunar eclipse in December involves many planets and will likely impact relationships, foreign affairs, politics and spirituality.

The big question — and all major aspects offer a question–is: do you see life clearly? Are you seeing your shadow and then projecting it forward? What is the balance in your relationships? Is it beneficial or harmful, and why do you think this? It’s wise to see what you believe and why you believe about life because these aspects (and those throughout the year) offer an opportunity to jump out of patterns and into a bigger, brighter future.

Making the leap often starts with personal problems because energy tends to condense there. It’s good to see the opposite of problems or to ask how much energy is needed to change this situation? Asking for the energy is often more effective than the solution.

Light moves quickly, and problems can be resolved in a heartbeat. Asking for energy, light or insight can move one quickly through a “difficulty.” When we are truly ready for a solution, which means a readiness to detach from the identification with a negative state, the answer must come. And answers come from a higher state of consciousness, which transforms every particle of our lives.


Intimacy in a relationship is what we all desire. If we open ourselves to love, then what might be the result? If we are in a true state of being, then our potential as creators is wildly expanded; the world suddenly opens, becoming beautiful.

Intimacy is also the state that is most feared by all of us because it is a reflection of our soul’s relationship with the Universe. Only the dissolution of the ego can lead us into a state of wholeness, yet we fear the loss of our individuality or our personality. We are afraid of feeling another person as much as we feel ourselves, and we fear letting go and moving into a state of greater happiness.

We are so afraid of happiness that we verbalize negativity most about those people we love the most because this sabotages the relationship, moving it into drama. We also save the very worst parts of ourselves (that we would never share with anyone else) for our loved ones in the hope that this person can love what we do not love about ourselves.

We are most critical of the same people, the ones we love most, because we don’t love ourselves enough. We should love them a great deal because the loved ones are volunteering to be a mirror of ourselves. The truth is that if we all loved ourselves enough, then we would be loved in all ways, always.

Our beliefs, limitations and fears about love will be revealed in a relationship. One rule of Tibetan Dream Yoga states that we will never fall in love with anyone who does not punch our buttons. Otherwise, we miss a tremendous learning experience, seeing ourselves in the mirror of someone else. This magical mirror can bring us into a state of true being if we learn how to use it.


Loving another human being is often associated with self-abandonment, loss and pain or another word: Drama. Many of us find it difficult to even contemplate love without pondering painful relationships or our childhoods. With these memories or holograms, we subconsciously recreate the dramas of our past by thinking that the other person does these things to us, thus enabling both our selves and the other person to move into drama or a victim role. No one is doing anything to you*. You are creating your experience all by yourself. The other actors have simply been pulled by the holograms or movies that play perpetually in your subconscious and are colored by your thoughts and feelings. The movie plays constantly because you replay the same thoughts and pictures in your mind continually.

There are three victim roles: the Victim, the Perpetrator, and the Hero. All three roles must be in any drama. The Victim is the person who is hurt. The Perpetrator inflicts the harm, and the Hero must save all. Recognizing how you play the roles is quite simple. When you are the Victim, you will tell the story of an injustice or what someone did to you. (If you believe that someone hurt you, then this is a victim role.) When you move into the role of Perpetrator, you will justify a harmful action toward another from your own victim perspective. (If you are justifying what you did to someone else, this is a perpetrator role.) When you are the Hero, you will fix everything, regardless of cost to self. (When you are exhausted, but everyone else benefits, then you are the Hero.)
You can create change by telling yourself, I am creating this. You can change your feelings by acknowledging your own wounded nature that has created unhappiness. By sending love and gratitude to this part of your self, it can actually be healed. A happy reality can be created by learning to move away from blame and the ego’s need for approval. You can also spend 5 minutes each day visualizing the relationship of your dreams (see relationship exercise

*There are a few karmic exceptions. This explanation of drama is written as it applies to relationships in general.