Are you ready to manifest the life of your dreams?

To create peace, love, and abundance in your life?

To create the life you’ve always wanted?

Yet you may feel too stressed and challenged by emotions in life at the moment.
We’re at an all-time high of processing dense energies,
while receiving new light vibrations.

In this New Age, we’re working with light to rise to a new level,
by shifting our consciousness higher.
But we’re also clearing karma while encountering the lower energies of others.

Maybe you’re struggling to find the alignment and balance to get there.

You swing between wanting change and yearning for the old way you lived your life.
The world feels light, wide open—or so heavy.

How do we move through these intense awakening times with more ease and flow,
And shift negative beliefs into a higher form
to find greater peace and harmony?


Manifest Membership

Where empaths, mystics, lightworkers, and intuitives
raise their vibration so they discover their gifts and fulfill their destiny.

If you’ve ever wished that you had the power to:

• Manifest your desires quicker so you can experience more happiness…
• Gain wisdom and confidence to overcome any obstacle in life…
• Access greater abundance and prosperity so you can experience more freedom…
• Clear outdated patterns so you move through life with more ease and vibrancy…
• Train your emotions to match higher vibrations and manifestations…

You’re in the right place.

Because the truth is, you DO have this power.

And there is a highly specific, powerful formula to awaken it.

Connect with the Universe

Connect with the Universe

You might be surprised to learn that there is a way to get the Universe to hear you, and that’s through repetition, meditation, and focus. But you have to meditate and focus on the right thoughts, feelings, and visuals…which I will help you learn.

As you build through consistent meditative practices, your connection to the Universe deepens, and you become ready for the next step…

Awareness of Your Heart + Inner Truth

Awareness of Your Heart + Inner Truth

This connection to the Universe brings an awareness of cosmic wisdom and inner knowing.

You’ve had it all along—all it takes is a reconnection and a remembering.

When you start to listen to this guidance, you immediately feel better, life becomes clearer, and it’s easier to move in the direction of your most incredible dreams.

Act on the Information You Receive

Act on the Information You Receive

As you cultivate awareness of your truth, you are empowered to make better choices and take inspired action.

As this happens, you start to manifest your potential in the physical world.

You begin to feel it, taste it, and see it because you are living in alignment.

Even better? The more you do this, the more you naturally start to release patterns that held you in the same place—sometimes for years.

Become the Person of Your Dreams

Become the Person of Your Dreams

Living as your inner self naturally starts to elevate your energy and your consciousness.

As you rise in this energy, you’ll start to notice subtle shifts.

Maybe relationships become easier. Maybe abundance starts flowing your way. Maybe opportunities appear that never would have come to you otherwise.

What you’ve always wanted begins to come true.

Working with this formula moves you into universal love.
It helps you discover who you truly are.

When you do this, you find your magic. Everything changes in a wonderful way.

But Don’t Take It From Me…

Kind Words from Previous Students

What I noticed is that my life is incredible.

“The items from my daily manifestation exercise are starting to show up in my life….

There is lightness and a sense of opening in my system, and I can feel myself moving toward a new placea sense of momentum building. Setbacks have begun to occur as opportunities for growth and training as opposed to the reason to give up. I am watching long held beliefs and patterns that did not serve me or my marriage begin to disappear.

I appreciate the role that Julia and her work play in my life and intend to continue to take advantage of the support that she offers.”

I’m in such a better place.

My life has become much more centered, and I feel as if I have a clearer picture of what I want in my life and what I do not want. 

Upon speaking with Julia over the telephone she immediately pinpointed where I needed to protect and nurture myself so that I wouldn’t self-sabotage. Julia also helped me see clearly at a time when I could not do that for myself.

I am in such a better place, spiritually, mentally and physically than I was 6 months ago, and I owe that to Julia!


If you are ready to open to the magic that happens when you start living from the heart…

Manifest Membership

One True Self Julia Griffin

How Do I know It Works?

I’m Julia Griffin, an Intuitive Healer and Coach. I’ve helped thousands of clients around the world to successfully heal and transform their lives through my programs and offerings. 

It all began when I met real wolves and realized I had a special gift for communicating with animals. The beautiful souls of these wolves helped me return to ancient wisdom. Later, they taught me the secrets of manifestation.

I lived with wolves for a decade, developing my intuition and skills. As a result, I can hear and see your thoughts, emotions, and gifts. I have a unique ability to help you break through patterns to find your inner self, remember your inner wisdom, and develop your spiritual gifts. I’ve helped people find the love of their life, heal from illnesses, succeed in their careers, and create a happier, better life.

Everyone has heart-felt dreams, and there’s a special way of creating them in “reality”. The method I learned from the wolves truly works. I’ve taught many people how to do it, and you can do it, too. 

Through the insights of the wolves and my many years of teaching these techniques to others, you can manifest a more joyous and peaceful reality. As your dreams come true, you can envision a better world not only for yourself—but for others as well.

What’s Inside?


One class offers exclusive teachings on manifesting abundance and love, exercises to lift consciousness, astrological updates, intention, intuition, and a new, positive life focus. You’ll learn to see life in a totally different “light” through the practice of meditation and class exercises. You’ll receive energy reports (based on astrology and my reading of the inner and outer world) and help with emotions and thoughts, which often surface when you’re about to take a big leap.

In another, you’ll receive a transmission of healing vibrations of love, unity, and peace—along with techniques to apply them. Individual class members can ask questions, receive short intuitive guidance and/or a brief reading (usually reserved for private clients).

Guest Speaker classes feature well known teachers, authors, intuitives, and healers, who deepen your understanding through their insights—ranging from angelic work, prosperity, working with empathetic abilities, developing gifts, the flow of love and light, and more.


In this training, you’ll receive energy reports (based on astrology and my reading of the inner and outer world) and help with emotions and thoughts, which often surface when you’re about to take a big leap.

Each month I will tap into the energy of our collective consciousness to see what’s most present and channel Universal Love to help us move forward.

These sessions will help you align your heart with your highest potential and offer a space for healing, rejuvenation, and realignment.

And you’ll receive my support throughout the process. I’ll answer questions and deliver mini readings for the class. (Remember, I can see and transmit energy.)


  • Create a daily spiritual practice that supports you and your needs.
  • Learn how your soul feels and sounds—and act on its guidance.
  • Learn to listen to the voices of nature, including the moon and planets.
  • Learn how you read energy through people, places, and circumstances, and align with more positive outcomes.
  • Develop intuition through practical, simple exercises.
  • Manifest a life that is in alignment with your inner self.
  • Discover and awaken the powerful, beautiful parts of you.
  • Connect with members who are committed to spiritual growth.

Can’t make a class? Don’t worry. You can catch up at any time thanks to unlimited call replays.

One of the most challenging aspects of a spiritual journey is the fact that some people in your life may not “get it”. Inside the Manifest Membership, you’ll find a group of aligned souls who are on the same path as you and ready to support you every step of the way. Our membership group (hosted on Mighty Networks) is a place to ask questions, get inspiration, and share your insights among the group as well as receiving support and guidance from me.

As an intuitive I am aligned with my students and groups, always receiving information from the Universe. I’ll share this wisdom, tailored to the energy of the group, as directed and inspired. Usually, I only offer these types of insights to my private clients, so just one class is worth the entire membership.


Join Now as Founding Member and Get All of the Above for Just…

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of results can I expect?

The results you will receive in this membership are as unique as you are.

If you commit to the practices, attend the calls, and show up wholeheartedly to the work you can expect:

  • Increased compassion and self-love
  • Alignment with your authentic desires
  • Discovery of who you truly are beneath your negative patterns that are holding you back
  • Enhanced emotional well-being, peace, and joy
  • The ability to accurately manifest

And perhaps most importantly…

Greater confidence and a sense of what’s possible for your life as you begin to attract new and better synchronicities, relationships, and opportunities,

What if I can’t attend a call?

The energy of the group is extremely powerful and by signing up you engage with the collective. This means that even if you can’t attend a call, the insights and positive vibrations generated will still be transmitted to you.

On a more practical level, there are unlimited replays of every call so don’t worry if you miss one!

Can I cancel anytime?

The initial commitment as a Founding Member is six months. (And you keep this rate as long you remain in the group.)

After the initial six months, if you choose the month-to-month payment option you may cancel anytime.

If you choose the pay-in-full six-month option, you’re choosing to commit to yourself and your work for six months.

Will it work?

It will work if you stay with it and practice a few times each week.

If you stay open to the process and do the work, you WILL change.

Your life will improve.

What if I’m new to this kind of work?

The membership is a wonderful place to begin! You’ll learn how to manifest what you want, receive amazing insights, and learn simple exercises to apply in your own life. 

What if it works so well my manifestation comes faster than I thought?

That is absolutely a possibility! We are always growing, learning, and changing so the question becomes…

What’s next? How can life become even better than it already is?

Life has never been better

I have been working with Julia for the last 4 or 5 years. During this time, I have been transformed.

I was consumed by worry and frustration. I was not enjoying life. 
My business was failing, my relationships were also failing, I was failing.

Now, I talk to Julia every other week for ½ hour, her listening to me and her gentle suggestions, have turned me around. 

I have a sense of purpose now. I am fulfilled in my work and my relationships. My business is having a record year. My friends and family can count on me.

Life has never been better.”

You’re ready to activate your inner avatar and manifest the life you deserve if…


  • You’re ready to claim your power to change your life and create something better. You want a big shift, and you’re ready to change.
  • You’ve been trying tons of different modalities, visualizations, practices, and teachers but you haven’t gotten the big change you wanted.
  • You’re ready to invest a few hours a month in a community of like-minded people led by a practiced intuitive who’s helped thousands of people just like you.
  • You’re ALREADY investing time and energy in practices that aren’t working for you, and you’re open to trying something new that DOES work.
  • You’re ready to live the life you know is waiting for you when you release patterns and learn how to live as your inner self.
  • You’re ready for information that I only share with my private clients.
  • You’re ready to connect with higher consciousness in your everyday life. Find answers within yourself.
  • You want to discover the inner power that you’ve had all along.


New Member Bonus: 10% discount on select courses and private readings.

A place on the first invitation notice of all special events and classes.

Four special videos about creating peaceful emotions and moving beyond life’s limitations.


Final Note

The Manifest Membership is designed to heal whatever unwanted patterns and blocks you’re experiencing—fast.

Because otherwise, why bother?

I want you to know:
What you desire is possible for you, and I want to help you create it.

I look forward to seeing you inside the Membership!