The Full Flower Moon appears on May 23 at 9:53 pm. It’s called the Flower Moon as flowers cover the earth in late May in the Northern Hemisphere. The Moon occurs during Wesak, the Buddhist celebration of the highest level of spiritual blessings in the world. It’s a wonderful time to see and feel the beauty of life, particularly with beautiful conjunctions with Venus (love) and Jupiter (good fortune and expansion). Sun (life), Venus (love), Jupiter (expansion, good fortune), and Uranus (spiritual/sudden change) trine Pluto (subconscious, transformation). A trine is a harmonious aspect. Pluto can strengthen power and will, particularly when we’re willing to discover and release old patterns, which brings lasting transformation.

The Sabian symbol for the Moon, Sagittarius 3 is “A Little Child Learning to Walk”, which refers to moving through challenges with help from others. Through our focus on inner work, we learn to receive spiritual guidance for support and growth. The symbol speaks of receiving positive energy from divine sources as we grow and learn.

Sun is in Gemini, which is symbolized by twins. It rules the mind, quick thought, communication, and social activities.  Moon is in Sagittarius, the sign that denotes the spiritual quest and optimism. This Full Moon is a time of heightened thinking, communicating, and reflection on the walk of the spiritual journey. It’s wise to focus on mindfulness and to find a flow of directing our thoughts in the direction of important goals and desires—as well as spiritual growth.

Sun (life, light) in Gemini speeds the mind, communications, and social activities. Gemini is versatile and easily moves between many topics and interests. Sun conjunct Venus (love, relationships, beauty) gives a feeling of harmony and ease. It heightens our interest in art, companionship, beauty, money, and social activities. Overall, it increases optimism and feelings of self-confidence. Sun conjuncts Jupiter (expansion, good fortune) increasing hope, optimism, and good fortune.  Sun conjuncts Uranus (sudden change, quantum field) may cause unexpected changes, which ultimately lead to greater inner understanding and independence. Sun trine Pluto (subconscious, transformation) causes a feeling of intensity, increases passion, and can bring inner/outer transformation.

The Moon (emotion) presents oppositions and squares, creating a need for greater reflection, understanding, and compassion. Moon opposition Venus (love, relationships) may cause strong feelings, needs, and expectations in loving relationships. It heightens the emotional undercurrent. Moon trine Mars (action, energy) heightens attraction and desire. It gives courage and initiative. (It’s also an excellent time to seek physical vitality and exercise.) Moon opposition Jupiter gives faith, hope, and belief in emotional investments. Moon square Saturn (limitation, karma) may restrict relationships and limit meaningful communication. Moon trine Neptune (mysticism, illusion) encourages artistic, spiritual, and creative work.

Mercury (communications) in Taurus is practical and methodical, and it focuses on the physical world. Mercury square Pluto (subconscious, transformation) asks us to take a step back and consider the subconscious processes that influence the conflicts and patterns in life. It asks for awareness on a deeper level.

Venus (love, relationships) in Gemini is bright, breezy, and fun. It brings spontaneity and intellect into relationships. Venus is wonderfully placed in the chart. Venus conjunct Jupiter (expansion, good fortune) is favorable for increasing income, enjoying social outings, and experiencing love. It heightens creativity and artistic endeavors. Venus conjunct Uranus (sudden change, quantum field) can lead to unexpected events, new experiences, and changes in life. Venus sextile Neptune (mysticism, illusion) increases sensitivity, creativity, and artistic ability. It also increases our ability to see beauty and experience peace. Venus trine Pluto (subconscious, transformation) adds intensity and passion to life while increasing our ability to love and feel affection.

Mars (energy, action) in Aries is bold, brave, and impulsive. It encourages making strong choices and decisions. It can also increase impatience and self-centeredness.

Jupiter (expansion, good fortune) in Taurus rules abundance and material gain. Jupiter moves into Gemini on May 25, altering the flow of energy into thought, the mind, and communications.  Jupiter conjunct Uranus (sudden change, quantum field) is the magical aspect that opens the world (and our consciousness) to awakening and spiritual change.  Jupiter sextile Neptune (mysticism, illusion) can bring harmony, ease, and good fortune. Jupiter trine Pluto (subconscious, transformation) brings expansive opportunity and enhances the ability to positively transform life.

Saturn (limitation, karma) in Pisces, water sign, speaks of the karma of the past age, including the tendency to incorrectly understand emotion. Saturn sextiles Uranus (sudden change, quantum field) gives endurance, self-discipline, and openness. It aids in making positive changes.

Uranus (sudden change, quantum field) is in Taurus, which speaks about the earth and earth changes in recent times. Uranus sextiles Neptune (mysticism, illusion) represents spiritual awakening and the desire to find answers in the world behind the veil. Uranus trine Pluto (subconscious, transformation) deepens understanding of the self, broadens our perception of the world, and helps with transforming our lives.

Neptune (mysticism, illusion) in Pisces represents the strong waves of group emotion that everyone experiences through lower or higher consciousness. Neptune sextiles Pluto (subconscious, transformation) asks for questioning the accepted way of living life. It heightens creativity, imagination, and the ability to connect with others.

Pluto (subconscious, transformation) is currently retrograde in Aquarius, a sign ruling electronics. The placement hints of many changes that may take place in our world in the coming years.

Julia Griffin, Intuitive Healer and Coach

Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path. If you would like to seek additional spiritual change and insight into your life, please contact me for information about an intuitive session.



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