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The New Moon appears on September 25 at 5:54 pm ET.  The New Moon appears as a resting point, a place of stillness between the cycles of waning (reduction) and waxing (expansion).  Stillness is a point of reflection and meditation—which provides connection with the inner self. It nourishes, sustains, and resets physical and spiritual aspects of the self. In these quiet periods, we reestablish our link with the Divine.

According to astrologer Lynda Hill, we are exactly conjunct the Super Galactic Center, a massive dark hole. Hill says, “In short, it, to me, is about connecting with the Mind of God, about changes and ascension in consciousness and bring about and accepting changes and the knowledge that we can, and do, create our own realities, our own lives.” (The Super Galactic Center sits on Libra 3. Its Sabian Symbol is, “The Dawn of a New Day Reveals Everything Changed.”)

Six planets are retrograde, which can feel like unchanging weather when the perfectly blue sky and golden sunshine stay for days when rain is needed—or a week when it rains incessantly.  It can also feel like a whirlwind—a period of swirling energies moving our lives between high and low. (Three planets will move into direct motion in October, which should improve the weather.)

The New Moon Chart feels like life–at the moment–with an assortment of beautiful, encouraging, or spiritual aspects, a clouding of discernment about truth and illusion and/or confusion about direction in life, and strong influences that come and go. (Eight oppositions are found in the chart, and our thoughts and emotions may swing from one point to the opposite point during the next few days.) Fortunately, positive aspects with Pluto, the planet of transformation, can easily alter our perspective and push us forward.

Sun and Moon are in Libra, an air sign focusing on art, mentality, creativity, and balance. Libra is ruled by Venus, which gives charm, social skill, and the desire for harmony and avoiding conflict. Symbolized by the scales, Libra rules relationships and partnerships and likes to see life from both sides.  Part of the challenge of Libra lies in weighing karma and intuition before making a strong decision.

Sun (life), Moon (emotion), Mercury (thought), and Venus (love) are conjunct or close. Sun conjunct Mercury (mind) stimulates mentality, curiosity, and quickens the mind. Moon conjunct Mercury heightens emotional intelligence and aligns emotion and thought. Sun conjunct Venus (love, beauty) brings love, peace, and beauty. Moon conjunct Venus heightens love and caring; it can improve relationships.

Sun opposition Jupiter (expansion, good fortune) brings optimism and success, but it also clouds judgement with a tendency to plan and work in excess. It’s best to stay with ideas and concepts, which are truly important to inner growth. Moon (emotion) opposition Jupiter accelerates feelings of generosity and kindness and amplifies the desire for social interactions. Emotions become more intense, and there’s a need to share or confide our feelings—although it can cause misunderstandings.

Mercury (thought, communications) in Virgo places emphasis on the physical body, mentality, and order. Mercury is retrograde until October 2, slowing travel, communications, and electronics. Mercury conjunct Venus (love, beauty) gives greater awareness of love and appreciation for others. Mercury square Mars (action, energy) gives energy as well as a desire to push through life. It heightens temper and misunderstanding. Mercury (mind) opposition Jupiter (good fortune) brings many big ideas and plans, but it’s best to stay focused on a single purpose. Mercury trine Uranus (sudden change, quantum field) can give brilliant insights and realizations. Mercury opposition Neptune increases imagination and creativity, but it may also cause insecurity. It encourages releasing past disillusionment and seeking/creating new, realistic ideals.

Venus (love, beauty, relationships) in Virgo is about creating practical, steady aspects in relationships of all types. It helps with honesty, discernment, and integrity.  Venus squares Mars (action, male energy) can cause impatience and anger in relationships. By placing focus on personal pursuits such as art, creativity, or beauty, it’s easier to remain balanced and happy. Venus opposition Jupiter (expansion, good fortune) Venus brings time and opportunity for social pleasure. Venus trine Uranus (sudden change, quantum field) aids with abundance, opens consciousness to new ideas, and helps with meeting influential and/or compatible people. Venus in opposition to Neptune can give feelings of dreaminess, open the heart, and give awareness of the romance, beauty, and loveliness in life that we truly dream about.

Mars (action, male) is placed in Gemini, an air sign, which translates the energy of social stimulation and people around us on a mental level. Gemini holds a vast level of talents, versatility, and thought. The problem lies in deciphering the material into beliefs and actions. Mars is a warrior, and it has difficulty without a focus. It’s important to commit to a few ideas and goals, which are in alignment with the inner self. Mars trines Saturn (time, karma), increasing persistence, taking long term desires into completion, and devoting time to necessary tasks. Mars square Neptune (illusion, mysticism) muddies the water of emotion and thought. It’s difficult to see clearly, and it’s important to refrain negative attitudes and speaking poorly of others.

Jupiter (good fortune) is in Aries, a fire sign that favors new beginnings, passion, and bold motion with projects and plans. However, Sun (life), Moon (emotions), Mercury (thought), and Venus (love, beauty) oppose Jupiter, which temporarily discourage big action and courageous motion. Jupiter rules expansion, and it’s best to temper any type of extravagance for the period surrounding the New Moon.

Saturn (time, karma) in Aquarius, an air sign, squares Uranus (sudden change), which causes tension and conflict in politics, environment, and many other subjects. It influences disagreement and heightens clashes within groups who have varying points of view. It also concerns our choices for the future and the changes that occur when we blend the old and new.

Uranus (sudden change, quantum field) sits in Taurus, a sign that rules the earth, nature, and physical form. Uranus encourages thoughts about future change that supports and helps the earth. Currently, it seems to demonstrate imbalances and the need for sustainable action.

Neptune rules mysticism, illusion, and the idealistic aspects of our nature. Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Venus oppose Neptune (mysticism, idealism), which can create optimism, sincerity, and openness. It can also heighten creativity.  It also brings confusion and lack of clarity.

In this chart, five planets trine Pluto, and it’s a wonderful gift, which can give the power to move through the retrogrades, confusion, and slow pace. Pluto is the planet of transformation, the subconscious, and power. It can bestow tremendous energy and resourcefulness.

  • Sun (life) trine Pluto brings intense, helpful experiences and an overall increase in power and energy.
  • Moon (emotions) trine Pluto helps us to recover from the past and puts us in touch with our true, feelings, which align with the inner self.
  • Mercury (mind) trine Pluto helps with negotiation, meeting the right people, and sharing profound or deep ideas.
  • Venus (love, relationships) trine Pluto adds intensity and passion to all types of relationships.
  • Uranus (sudden change, quantum field) trine Pluto opens our consciousness to the truth of inner mysteries and the possibility of positive change


Julia Griffin, Intuitive Healer and Coach

Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path. If you would like to seek additional spiritual change and insight into your life, please contact me for information about an intuitive session.


  1. Belinda A Frank

    Very encouraging really, and a bit overwhelming. Feels like I’ve been doing this for eons. Now we are on the door step, open the door and walk inside. A brand new Light awaits us.

    • Julia Griffin

      Thank you for your comment, Belinda. Yes, it is a bit overwhelming, but there are many good aspects. And yes, a new form of light is waiting for us.


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