Before I writing, I walked outside to gaze at the full moon. Numerous owls called to me from the trees, and I saw does with their new fawns. Far in the distance, I heard coyotes. The whole world was singing, and I felt grateful for their beauty. I am never sure what the wolves will say for these messages. But when I listen with my heart, their message becomes clear.

Once we –the plants, animals and mankind – spoke one language, known as the language of the heart. We also sang a single song, which was called creation. No creature on the earth has the capacity as does “man” to create. So in the last hours of this final form of the earth, we call to you to remember your amazing ability as a creator.

The wolves speak now, from their hearts, to the souls of man and woman. Once you heard us as easily as you understand language now.  Our hearts spoke, and, together we made great discoveries on the planet called Earth. Once you loved Earth and understood that its substance and your substance were one. Once we spoke an infinite language, which celebrated the song of the earth. That song was called “creation.” Tonight, we will whisper tones of the song, so you can remember who you are; why you came here; and the all you once knew.

Once you saw in color and auras, and knew immediately if a plant or tree was good for you –if it nourished you and how best to use it. Now you use colors as décor, not as power. And it is power, not color, which we wish to discuss.  Power is necessary to create, and power is needed for discernment. When you believe that good or bad things are happening in the world, you relinquish your power.

Perhaps you will ask: is science not truth or is religion or even metaphysics truth? And we say nothing is truth unless you know it to be so in your heart, otherwise it is only the patter of words and images. Even a common bird sings more truth in its song. The grass, the trees and the animals grow and live in a truth, which is closer to real truth than most of the writings on the planet. (That is not to say that real truth has not been written, mainly we say it is not read or valued.)

Once, you really listened. When the birds sang, you knew the meaning of the song. You could hear the day altered by the sounds of the wind through the grass or trees. The movement of the ants or the growth of a plant spoke to your heart. Once you really felt life –the joy of an icy stream and the pebbles beneath your feet. Nature spoke to you hourly, and you read messages in the clouds.

There are many, many versions of the future. Every day, you choose your truth through your thoughts, not your heart. Man is a creature divided –his mind and heart are separate. We hoped, when the ages changed, you would begin to remember your mind-heart. A mind-heart means the heart and mind are connected, so you no longer speak in two tongues. “Two tongues” means one voice is ego; the other is the heart.  One voice means a centered heart. But many, many of you did not remember the connection –you began to dream with fear, not love or joy or hopefulness.

So we come now, with our simple words, to remind you of who you really are. Today, tomorrow, the next day—you will create the future by what you read, what you believe and what you say. You are very powerful. You can create great destruction or bring down the grid of sky crossed energies, connecting every home and office. You can destroy the earth—particularly if you spend more time thinking about earth disasters, governments and violence than the power of contemplating the beauty of a walk, the woods, the stars or the call of a hawk, which turn your eyes toward the sky.

How simple our words must seem to you.  But you have forgotten that the world turns each day on the axis of a great song, the song of creation, which is sung almost every moment by the wind, the sun, the insects, the birds, the whales, the dolphins, the wolves and coyotes. We take turns singing the song, but each of us repeats the same song. It is time to remember and listen through your heart!

While we understand our words will not be completely understood by many, we ask you to listen with your own heart and remember these teachings. We know our vision is far-fetched to you. Nevertheless, we call to the part of you which once sang the song of creation, and we ask you to remember with the inner fiber of your being. This song is written into your DNA and can never be completely forgotten.

How will you know when you are truly creating? The creatures of the forest will come to your side. You will see deer in subdivisions, birds, or other animals–either by number of time of the day—who accompany your meditation or deepest thoughts. Then, you will know you are aligned with truth because nature is speaking to you.

We dream that you return to the time of great creation and find love and freedom in nature. We love you and patiently await this time. . All of nature loves you, regardless of what you do. We remain hopeful.

We call upon you in these last hours of the old world–a timing of tuning into the new world–and ask you to sit under the stars, to meditate in the morning when dawn touches the world. We ask you to walk through the forest barefoot or to play in a stream. Perhaps, our advice sounds simplistic or perhaps it sounds true. However, when you express love for nature, she can return your love. You will know when you have mastered the lesson, for you will begin to see and feel beauty in your life and your creations.

In closing, we remind you:

  • Sit in nature and dream or meditate. Nature amplifies the thoughts of your heart, putting them into form. Ask the birds, trees and water to shape your heart-thoughts harmoniously and quickly.
  • Look at the stars before you sleep. Remember you and the stars are one. Ask the stars to guide you in your dreams.
  • Ask for awakening and ask for understanding in your role as a creator.
  • See the earth whole and healed. Throw your spirit into the earth’s beauty by gazing at a sunset or a flower. Allow the beauty to radiate throughout your being.
  • Simplify your life. Do less. Dream more. Walk more. Sing.
  • Remember: all of the parts of nature are singing and talking with you. Listen.
  • Live in your body and heart.
Julia Griffin, Intuitive Healer and Coach

Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path. If you would like to seek additional spiritual change and insight into your life, please contact me for information about an intuitive session.



  1. Susan Spiegel Solovay

    Thank you dear wolves, and thank you dear Julia. Your message touched me deeply. I feel your wisdom and am reminded to go outside and get quiet, and hear the true song of creation. And envision harmony and peace ahead.

    • Julia Griffin

      You are so welcome. I’m glad you’re going outside to listen. Envisioning peace and harmony helps the planet – and all of us. Thank you!


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