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A Message from the Wolves



Walk with a wolf and feel the wind, the earth, the sky—an entire world that moves and speaks around you. Flourish in the power of a companion with incredible strength and power. Listen with your soul to their songs at the time of the full moon. Allow their song to move through you.

Hear the songs of creation sung by the whales, dolphins, coyotes and wolves. The songs resonate with the earth, and they come from the time when the earth was new. Once, the tones of the songs had meaning to our souls, and we resonated with the sounds, but tonight we listen through words. (Once we had magic words, too, but they are mainly lost. However, we are moving into a time of remembering who we are and who we once were.)

Here’s the message.

Our words speak of the changes upon the earth. Some changes are beneath the surface of the earth; others affect the energy field. Beyond these changes, there is awakening of your “old” gifts—your ability to perceive how to change thoughts into matter and how energy affects matter. It’s partially what you call manifestation, but it is so much more. It’s about aligning with the clouds, the sun, and the earth to feel the joy of your physical body. It is about the beautiful spirit that runs through every living creature and gives life. It’s about gifts that you have forgotten, which were known at the beginning of time.

You no longer remember the slow passage in time when your gifts were forgotten, and it is not as important as remembering them. Simply feel back into the beginning of time and imagine the act of thinking and creating as if it was very easy. Imagine you have this wonderful ability. Time and practice are necessary to awaken a gift—even when you already have the gift—because humans have largely forgotten them. Imagine that you can create easily, imagine you are in harmony with the waves of life, and your joy and love of life are awakening.

We speak to your growing light–for what is creation if it is not part of awakening?

When you are in your best place, you know this. You have days that flow like clear streams when life moves gently and easily—and your wishes, small and large, come into being. Yet, you forget this state of grace and think you don’t understand why you are here and why life moves in a certain way that doesn’t bring happiness.

Move back into dreams. See your desires with all of your heart. See a beautiful earth, feel love flowing between you and others, and take time to imagine wonderful and good events. When you begin to feel and see the dreams in your heart with all of your being, there is a change. You may think of it as a change in the wind, which pushes a large storm away or the dissipation of clouds to reveal the sun.

The light of the sun and moon is similar to your gift. It is a great light that causes the positive aspects of life to grow, bringing hopes and dreams to fruition. Focus on these two skills – feeling the dreams of your heart and working to visualize them in detail.

Each of your dreams opens a door to your consciousness, awakening other gifts, changing your thoughts, and bringing your emotions into harmony with all that is. In addition, the right visualization will displace old thoughts and emotions with a greater vision of what could be and what will be–if you persist in the work. It is much about finding this deep place within yourself which vibrates with dreams, happiness, and visions. When you find the right desire and development, the old, unhappy dream falls away on its own.

It takes time, and it takes work and practice, More time and energy are often necessary with larger events. Do not lose patience.

Yet, you are needed at this time. At this time, the key to understanding the greater wisdom of consciousness is partially given. As you move into this journey of remembering the dreams of your heart and higher mind, more keys will be given.

Much time has passed since the last giving and remembering of greater gifts, but it is here now. By seeking it, developing curiosity about it, and wondering how it might feel to create harmoniously, you will find it. You also find by meditating on the hidden part of you that holds your dearest dreams and desires.








Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path. If you would like to seek additional spiritual change and insight into your life, please contact me for information about an intuitive session.



The Wolves and Their Message



Juno was the beautiful alpha wolf with golden eyes, who told stories of mankind’s potential and helped in developing my power. She delivered this message through the clouds of the “other” world.

It is time to change your life, to gain awareness of your identity—the part of you that speaks through your soul. It is time to create a balance between the small actions that make up your day and the process of resting and finding beauty in the fabric of your life. As you discover the beauty in your life, you find the beauty within yourself.

It sounds simple, but it is not. True contemplation of yourself and your talents is restful as are the trees as they sway in the breeze, the sunlight through the bright leaves, and the soft motion of water. When you truly see this, nature is responding to you.

Your whole world is modulated to respond to you. Of course, it cannot do so if you are not aware of it. In moments of awareness, life changes. You change through this opening of the self.

How do you find yourself? By knowing a great light resides within you, and the awareness that all of life is responding to you.

There are a thousand currents of sounds, colors, and motion that the planet created to give wholeness to you, but you forget to listen to the gentle flow of life. Your current life is a distraction, a river of finding things to do when there is so much to done within you.

The body becomes strong when you use it and nourish it. The soul is strengthened by the discovery of self. Discovery of self leads to self-love, which is quiet and trusting. It only wants to listen, respond, and create from the quiet beauty.

It is time to change and find the true currents of life, which lift you above what you think you know. We recommend letting go of doing—the long lists of actions that perpetuate your day—and to meditate on the greater forces of your planet, which have a different rhythm and pattern than those humanity calls life.

Call upon the part of you that knows more. Think about opening your many gifts, which allow you to feel the songs of the universe. These songs are made of light particles, and they actually add to your life force. They include the story of the earth, messages of your power and gifts, and subtle hints of who you truly are.

The songs come form the sun, moon, planets, and the many songs that animals sing, which are sonic and high pitched. They are heard by your soul. By thinking about them, you attune to them.

Gifts to Consider Opening

  • The slowing of time. Time becomes slower when you are connected to your inner self. When you disconnected, you think you’re doing more, but you truly do less. How do you slow the pace of life? By looking at the leaves of trees, meditating, and knowing there is a way of finding an union between the beauty of life and the accomplishment of tasks that are important to maintaining a particular life in your society. When time moves slowly, the answers will come. (It’s not a race. Races are fun.)
  • Realize you are always talking on the psychic level. Every thought you have is a message that you send out into the world and to other people. It registers in the substance of communication, which surrounds the earth. When you think of someone or something, you are identifying it energetically. Can you do this consciously? Of course, but it’s up to you.
  • Dreaming is one of your gifts, but few know how to use it properly. You confuse “I want” with “I align with my soul to find my true spiritual path”. If you are following your path, there is joy and deep emotion. Dreams are not choosing a life that repeats or fulfilling a goal, but rather they are opening to the soul, which is a wide river of excitement, passion, and oddly peace. (Consider our lives of running for hours, then sleeping beneath the sweet smell of evergreens in soft, green moss as the trees sing around us. Can you match the beauty of action and passion and rest and peace?)
  • Remember who you are. You are a creator, and you came here to create. Nature gave many powers to you as did the Heavens. You are gifted, but you have to remember who you are to use them. All of the plants, rocks, and animals are here to support you. We await the moment of your awakening.







Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path. If you would like to seek additional spiritual change and insight into your life, please contact me for information about an intuitive session.

Message from the Wolves: The Importance of Dreaming


Behind the beauty of the great silver moon, we are here. We travel through forests to secret hidden places, we sing the songs of the earth, and we convey our message. As the soul awakens, these songs and messages come to you, and you will unravel them at the right time and place.

There are great dreams hidden in your heart, which you have not yet discovered. They have to do with your gifts and powers, which are beneath the surface—but like the sun shining on hidden objects in ice, they will soon be released. Power comes when you want to explore your potential, to grow and expand like a flower or a plant by opening your life to the great spirit, the animating force of life.

There is great beauty and skill within you, but you must seek it. This beauty and set of skills are found within you during times of stillness and connection when the universe flows through it. It may come when you glance at the sky, the sun, or changing colors of leaves as they move with the wind.

Awareness of dreams and the inner self also comes in moments of pure love for yourself, the universe, and those with whom you are close. In these moments, life opens, and it changes if you step into it because change is one of the largest opportunities in life.

Mystical moments come because you pursue and want them. The flow of events in your life relates to your likes and dislikes, passionate moments, and lower frequency. Lower frequencies can be rewritten by stepping through them and choosing to see life from a new perspective with all of your heart. In other words, it is a desire, which is embraced by faith and belief in the universe.

Without this, there is only a confusion of dreams, fears, and lack of action. Like the waves in the ocean, which can move in many directions, so you are the same with your thoughts, dreams, and ruminations on life.

Yet, you can decide to direct the waves—to free yourself of the waves that are disturbing and limiting. You do this by deciding that you can direct the waves. (Many people can do this with one area of life, but all are needed.) You can move into beauty, stillness, and the direction of your heart through a simple decision to do so.

True decisions ignite intent. When intent is strong, the waves change their course, and this is true of the waves of your mind, body, and sensations. Power comes from following your intent and learning not to waiver from it.

The universe amplifies intention when you are aligned with the universe, and the earth shapes it into form as it does with rocks, flowers, trees, and mountains. Both are needed.

It also requires the development of faith.

How do you develop faith?

It begins by speaking with the universe, by noticing the harmony of nature, and believing in the beauty of your heart. If your intention comes from the heart, then the universe will support you. If you talk to the universe through meditation, it will know you are there. This is quite different from your normal mixture of positive/negative thoughts–or only meditating for what you want. (Wanting and intending from the heart are very different.)

You develop faith by asking the universe to help and by remaining in quiet contemplation with your desire. Quiet contemplation means eliminating conflicting thoughts by remaining in a quiet, centered state while seeing the outcome of your desire. Then, you believe in your desire.

If you’re honest, you’ll notice how the old, conflicting thoughts may flow back into your consciousness. You can use this energy to do new things and see life differently. You can also ask the universe to help and meditate on your heart—the door to beauty and truth.

By staying in this state, you find that life alters. As you connect with the universe daily, you will find it speaks and responds to you more quickly. It becomes aware of you, and, as a result, it becomes responsive to your visualizations, thoughts, and requests. The universe wants to help you.

What is the importance of dreams?

For every situation or possible outcome, there are several possible dreams. The earth dreams of harmony between kingdoms and ways of living with man, which bring union and understanding—and a way of using her resources that creates more energy for all. Wolves dream of walking at man’s side and the understanding of stories, which have been shared for so long. Whales dream of clean oceans and the laughter of waves—with beautiful things washing up on the shore.

Our higher dreams, which offer growth and fulfillment, come from the universe. Every day, we choose between higher and lower dreams. Do you want the same old dream, which is never fulfilling, or do you put your trust in the universe and move into the higher one?

It’s a choice. You cannot do both. Much of the state of the world results from dreaming wrong dreams, but it could be changing in a few months or years. It is about allowing the messages of the universe and earth to run through—and to let go of distractions.

How do we release distractions?

By choosing the actions (both passive and active), which lead to the soul or inner self. Each time, you interrupt the flow of a “normal” day, it leaves room for new dreams, intentions, and hope to flow through you. What if many people dreamed of beauty and harmony for the earth for just one day?

You would flow into the old dreams of the universe and nature, the perfect dreams, which focus on your power and ability to step into abundance and fulfillment.







Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.If you would like to seek additional spiritual change and insight into your life, please contact me for information about an intuitive session.

Messages from the Wolves

Image by Ryan F. Korpi



Through the passage of time, I continue to dream, communicate, and visit with wolves. When the moon becomes ripe and full, the wolves speak and send messages to the world. Many do not listen, but I believe that you do.

We live in cycles of time, and you do the same. Messages move easily through time when the moon is full. Light carries waves of energy—whether it travels through people and beings who are awake or through the light of the planet.

We tell you that the planet is changing, and the energy is moving. Power is coming to those who carry and work with light.

It is not enough to see and feel light; you must transmit it, use it, and send it.  What use is energy if you can’t employ it in seeing life and being a part of life? To feel and comprehend the light is wonderful, but it takes strength and intention to send and create with it.

We have felt surprised that you do not comprehend your power and the gift of using it. On a very simple level, you use energy and combine your energy with everything with which you interact. This includes flowers, trees, clouds, people, movies, or books, and your energy expands, contracts, or grows in accordance with the object of your focus.

If you focus on growth, the inner self, and the heart, then you grow by accumulating energy through light, which comes when connected to nature, the divine, or the loveliness of life. Yet, many people seem to have forgotten this, so we remind you.

There is no point in becoming busy if you lose who you are. This state of beingness with aspects of life, which are great and lovely, is the reason for living on this planet.

Love grows, light grows, and your intuition grows when connected to this space, the part you who loves to live and delights in life. Choose the things that make you grow and make you remember the loveliness of life. When you are full of energy, it is time to focus with intention on whatever your heart desires. (It is not about “wants”. It is about light and feeling life.)

When you feel light and life, you can focus your consciousness like a beam of light on whatever your heart desires and speaks loudly about. Imagine a thousand people in a single area aligned with this act at one time. It is not difficult to create change in this way.

You know when you’re aligned with your heart because you feel alive and free and whole. Negative feelings and thoughts fade away, and you feel very good. (Old patterns of feeling cranky or irritable or angry begin to disappear, and you find positive ones in their place.)

The good feeling comes from the universe, and it grows and expands. It is a state of harmony and balance. While it is wonderful to get and receive things that you visualize, it is more wonderful to grow in connection with the world and all that is.

If you cannot find this feeling, take time to sit outside.

  • Call on the trees, the earth, and the sky to help you. (They have always been your allies.) Ask the feeling of life to flow through you and feel its sweetness. Notice that you have called in light and power.
  • Now, go to your heart and ask for help as you focus on the beauty of your inner being. Images that come through strongly with great beauty come from the heart. Focus on this.
  • When your focus grows dim or your dream fades, ask the universe to tell you more. When the universe or the heart whispers in your ear or sends a vision, know you’re hearing your intuition—which is true and real.

Note: Many people focus on a goal for a week or month—or think a change would be nice. But very few people bother to intend a change with sharp vision for a year or more.



Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.

Full Moon Message from the Wolves



We are with you. We find you from all of the places in which we live – the valleys, mountains, forest, and other hidden locations. As the moon grows full, we send messages of harmony, light, and growth.

We sing the original songs of the planet, which makes specific forms of life grow and exude energies that are needed by all. The original songs came into being as higher beings began to habitat the planet. By this, we mean you, wolves, whales, dolphins, and other forms of life that carry song, rhythm, and dreams—for many dreams are hidden within the earth.

The dreams, which are hidden in the earth, relate to your soul and your ability to manifest. Many of the dreams that have flickered through your consciousness come from this place. We tell you that the earth is holding dreams from you, which are hidden but live in your heart.

By wanting them and thinking of them, you call them into being. Each of you has hidden powers that create change. You call it living in the flow when they come alive and move through your physical body.

The earth is currently sending energy to help with the awakening of dreams. Once the earth was a place of living energy grids that made dreams and wishes come true. It made the body strong and vital; it gave hope and prosperity.

Part of the awakening at this time is aligning with this enlivening energy. We know what this energy is and how to find it. However, truth has to be discovered. Telling it rarely conveys it, so we say think of your dreams that are hidden in the earth, and ask the earth to reveal them. (We also sing songs for you that arrive while you are sleeping or resting because the body is more open to them at this time.

If you wanted to become powerful, if you wanted to awaken your gifts, what gifts and dreams do you most want?

Focus on this thought and learn about the earth—the value of fire, water, air, and earth. Focus on a tiny flower or a thunderstorm. Think of the earth as pulsing energy centers and ask how you can connect with these energies. (You don’t need answers. Asking the question will provide the truth. You are the answer.)

Why do you think we sing to you?

We sing to you because we need your creative powers, your ability to see and project the good in life. All animals and plants want to join with you to create a beautiful life.

The current light level and increase of light to come will allow this.

We don’t know if many people will move into this space or if it is a specific group or just a few people. It is currently undecided. There are fixed futures, which are unmovable, and there are unknown futures, which hold many possibilities. (The answers come from who or what you tune into, but it doesn’t mean that this is the outcome. It is a possible outcome.)

You ask about your power and how to find it. A good way to begin is by imagining you have power because you do. The second part is about seeing positive outcomes and changing your perception to believe they could happen instantly.

Why are the songs important?

The songs pass from one animal generation to the next because it is part of how truth moves and enlightens. They come from the original species on the planet.

The combination of the songs and dreams is part of determining who you are at this point in time and space. It’s your choice to move into the magic of nature and the beauty of your soul. The songs carry codes that help you in traveling to this place of being.

While you sometimes forget about the animals of this planet, we do not forget about you. We feel your pain and joy. We feel your soul. We are dreaming that we will meet you at a particular point in time and space when the world becomes joyous and free.


Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.

New Message from the Wolves

Juno, an alpha wolf


For several years, I sat with the wolves on the green earth and listened to their messages, which came in images, sound, and waves. Sometimes, I sat on the earth with them for an hour or more before I heard or felt them. Eventually, their messages came with clarity.

Sitting in stillness on the earth brings about profound changes. The inner dialog of the personality ceases, the voice of earth is louder, and the inner self begins to speak. When listening to the inner self, a connection with the universe occurs. Everything changes and begins to become clear.

By moving into this space, you can hear and feel their message.

Here’s the message.

From hidden places om the mountains, forest, plains, and near the sea, the wolves speak. Our message is carried by waves of light, which are cast by the full moon. These sounds are known as sonic waves, but you can feel and hear them. Their messages are carried to those who listen

Just as the earth speaks in a hundred voices, which are rarely heard, so our words and thoughts flow to you. You can listen to the wind, notice the change in shadows, or feel the flow of life—or you can continue with a hurried pace and never know the power of the words and messages that can touch the soul. It’s a choice.

See the beauty of summer with its bright green leaves, the play of light and shadows, and the many sensations of the earth that are expressed as fruit and flowers. Hear the rain and listen to the beat of the sun. Remember that everything is a part of who you are—as well as the great collective consciousness of earth where every soul is connected and feels the vibration of life.

The earth is changing in a way that is new, but it also awakens the ancient you, the part of you who once walked the earth with deep knowing and power. In the beginning, you were aligned, and the earth shaped the material world to reflect the shape of your thoughts and dreams. (This story is found in many myths and philosophies through the realm of time.)

As the density is replaced by light, you will find that your dreams come true more quickly and accurately. In the meanwhile, have faith by believing in the possibility of goodness, beauty—and most of all, your own ability to create your dreams, which elevates your gifts and brings joy into your life.

Let us return to the subject of creating for it was what you born to do. By seeing happiness and joy, you invite these qualities into your life. By seeing a better life that expands your abilities and the quality of your life, you develop the habit of believing that the universe responds to you—which is true.

Higher visions pull in energy. Living in the same way each day limits energy. The universe likes expansion and growth. It likes wider visions. It likes change and seeing life from many perspectives. When you express your gifts, the universe expands your life.

It is a beautiful equation and relationship to have to the world. Just think of world as responding to your thoughts, visuals, emotions, and prayer. How powerful you are!

Simply begin with a visualization. Take a small or large problem, irritation or confusion, or a simple state of not knowing, and see the opposite. Make a clear image with a strong emotion. Feel the desire in your heart, and feel it with all of your might. Focus on it as often as you can. See it as having already come true. Do it as often as you can—even for a minute or two.

You’ll know when you have it because you will feel happier. Life will suddenly feel easier. It doesn’t mean that every dream comes true easily, but it does mean you’re traveling in the direction of your realization.

Every dream opens gifts of the soul through its realization. It opens and awakens aspects of the self that have lain dormant for some time. It is part of how you master time and space.  It also opens the heart to love.

Use your power. Power comes from inner knowing, and it flows through you when you connect to the universe and the earth. In this way, the old wisdom, which has been here since beginning, grows within you and blends with your conscious and super-conscious knowledge. In some ways, it is what you call awakening—the recognition of almost infinite truth.

You find your power by focusing, meditating, and practicing. It comes in no other way.  (You know when you have it correctly because it resonates with the heart and your overall being. It is a strong vibration; it is the soft, warm vibration that comes from inner work!)


Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.

My Story: Wolves and Manifestation

Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and counselor


When I began spending time with wolves on long afternoons beneath the spring sun, I found myself lingering on images of happiness, small desires like a beautiful garden, and funny little ideas about what I wanted in my life. It wasn’t long before I realized that I truly wanted these images of happiness in my life.

Around the time of my discovery, the wolves began lying around me in a huge circle. Twelve wolves would look soulfully into my eyes, and a feeling of power flowed into my body. As they watched me with their golden eyes, the small desires became living images with deep color, sharp lines that reflected the shape and details of the desire, and wonderful sensations accompanied the image of the desire.

In a few weeks, the images seemed real. The dream of my desires — when held by myself and the wolves — began to seem more real than aspects of my current life. Soon after this transformation, the dreams of my small desires appeared in physical form. It’s logical to think that the wolves might have ended the process after my small successes, but they wanted to go deeper into the hidden fabric of my consciousness.

There was a deep joy that accompanied my accomplishments, and I also felt pulled by the consciousness of the wolves. I wanted to understand more. I noticed that the wolves only worked with me on specific desires; they rejected images and ideas that they said were not connected to my soul. Over time, I learned that desires of the heart bring light, growth, and understanding, and they are amplified by love and light.

Spending time with wolves was magical. Wolves love to run, play, and splash in streams. They play games with pine cones and sticks like huge puppies who are fascinated by life. By playing with the wolves, my body naturally grew stronger.

During this time, we went more deeply into my hidden desires, and I learned it was not always easy to create. I faced the contradictions within myself –the push/pull of desires that have been hidden away because of past experiences and/or conflicts within personal consciousness. These desires – the ones, which led to the development of my inner self – required a greater expanse of consciousness and elicited the necessity of discovering truths about myself and life.

As I traveled more deeply into myself, I found that I could easily project imagery to others, and their small desires came true. It was a wonderful feeling, and, yet, I couldn’t share the process or tell anyone. (Who would believe me?) I also discovered how my small wishes for calls from friends, a change in schedule, or a beautiful day manifested almost effortlessly.

As the next two years passed, I became more intuitive. With the wolves’ help, I learned how to read animals through the support of the wolves. Intuitive feelings grew stronger as did my senses, and I “knew” more about life, myself, and other people.

I noticed how bird song, the motion of trees, and the clouds in the sky often changed when I moved into intuitive state. The sensations of feeling alive became intense when I meditated—and even more so when I focused on a desire.

In the next few years, I would learn how I blocked my desires through emotion, thoughts, and beliefs as well as the repetition of specific problems. I traveled through a series of studies to learn how move through them until I could achieve this for myself and others. The wolves helped me to create shortcuts, greater belief in myself and my own powers, and a way of connecting to the universe, which opened my heart to light and love.

This method of following the soul and the hearts’ desires leads to much change. I released many aspects of myself and altered the way that I saw life. (I also learned how to clear myself and others of the past and energetic problems.)

Part of the process is becoming a different person who is willing to find new truths and accept that we truly do create our lives.

Obviously, this is a very brief explanation. Here are a few notes below to help you in beginning your own practice of manifesting

  • See the opposite of your current situation. If you want a new job, see yourself with a wonderful job, surrounded by helpful people. See a big salary and the hours that you want to work. If you want a new love, focus on the joy, closeness, and beauty of another person. For prosperity, see money flowing into your life, and release the perpetual belief that there is not enough. (Problems and desires actually increase our ability to manifest if you use the opportunity.)
  • Commit to the process. Spend time every day with a ten-minute focus on the desire. Make it into a beautiful living image. Let the feeling flow through you. Recall the image whenever you experience the old feeling of “not” having your desire.
  • Work on your energy level. High energy and a high frequency are associated with manifestation. Where do you lose energy? How do you gain energy? Do you feel stronger and happier after a conversation with a friend or drained? Notice the same with exercise, work, and attitude.
  • Meditation helps. A connection with universe is part of the fuel of creating any desire. Intuition is definitely heightened from meditation, and it always points to the next step. (Right action comes from meditation.)
  • Notice contradictions. With big desires that take time, it’s normal to experience a part of the self who doesn’t fully embrace the dream. Observe this part of the self and send light to it. Observation stops the negative internal dialog.
  • Oscillation is normal. Oscillation is the way that our emotions and thoughts flow between the manifestation and our old life. (We may feel fear or anxiety when experiencing this state.) It’s helpful to focus on the heart chakra, which is the center of our being.
  • Awareness is crucial to create change. Notice thoughts, feelings, and changes in the body that indicate motion in the right or wrong direction.
  • Every desire requires a change in our perception of life. You may alter your schedule, throw away unneeded items, or change the way in which you live life. Find a person or teacher to help with clearing when needed. Don’t stay stuck!
  • Focus on courage when taking opportunities, moving in the direction of your dreams, or realizing that your life must change. It’s how you move into a desirable outcome. (Visualization eliminates many steps and opens the door to opportunity, but you must step through the door.)
  • After manifesting your desire, move more deeply into your inner work. Focus on another desire. It’s a part of an evolutionary cycle, which you will discover through repetition and persistence.


Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.


A Message from the Wolves


On the night of the full moon, the wolves speak. Their messages carry through the waves of the wind as high-pitched sounds that are heard by the soul.  The messages are not for everyone – only those who are awakening and truly alive.

The Message

Everyone has the ability to have an intention, a desire of the soul that burns or carries like the waves of water. A true intention comes from the soul and heart; it comes into being from repetition and desire. Its sound is one of love and longing for the universe to speak through their being by igniting their gifts.

It is not enough to want or long for the shape of a desire. The desire must become part of you like a song of your heart. It is time to create and feel the true rhythm of life when nature responds to you.

How do you move into the true rhythm of life and make intentions into true life?

True intentions are different from wanting things or aspects of life. They relate to growth of the soul, understanding of how nature works, and finding the truth of your heart.

There is a beautiful place of stillness in your heart when you discover this truth. You must have faith in yourself and the flow of life. You must return to the desire many times in the way that the tide of the ocean returns to the beach—moving out into an infinite line at the horizon and moving back into the physical presence on the earth.

You must believe that your thoughts and emotions travel on the air and move outwardly into the universe. The universe breathes life into them—just as it breathes life into you. When you move into your true desires, your energy level increases, and life moves in a way that is known as the flow.

When you are out of the flow – besieged by lower emotions and thoughts – recognize that this is the part of you who doesn’t know how to create in this new way. But this old part of you is learning new ways, particularly when you make an effort to observe and change.

Whenever you decide to master this because you have important intention, life alters and moves into the flow. It is part of what you came here to learn; it is part of mastery of life. (It is not who you will become when a desire is fulfilled. It is who you become as you pursue a desire.)

What is changing at the present time?

Nature is changing, and it is wise to know that the pursuit of many things, which you don’t truly want, is fading away. As nature moves back into her true form of abundance, the feeling of lack, scarcity, and competition will fade away.

Nature is coming back and altering herself, but the time for seeing this is not now. It is better to feel it and align with it through the slow passage of time by noticing how a flower grows, remembering that bees return when we “see” them, and the fact that trees hear and feel our thoughts. Actually, all of nature hears your thoughts – particularly when you are meditating or in alignment with the rhythms of earth.

The elements—fire, air, water, and earth—long to help you with your quest. Meditate and let the wind carry your most beautiful and profound thoughts. Ask the earth to take your sadness and lower emotions, and let it return as a flower or a more beautiful form. Feel the fire in your heart and develop passion for your intention. Let the water cleanse your emotions and allow purity to flow through you.

Look at the evening stars, which are bright in the heavens, and feel the universe send energy to you and your life. Watch the sun rise and set.

Know that the universe loves you. It is your time to create your dreams. Take time to align with your intentions. Believe in yourself and your ability.


Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.