Spring blossoms around us, the moon grows full, and we speak when light comes at night while stars flicker in the sky. Great beauty surrounds you. Breathe in the power of trees, budding plants, and the resonance of spring–stop your busy life and take it in.

Recognize how gaining energy from earth gives power. You have great power when you meditate or connect to the universe from your inner self. At these times, you receive instructions for your direction in life, but you must listen.

We have long spoken of your power, but power is only useful if you know how to apply it. Every person is given the gift of light and higher consciousness; it leads to opening the heart and making beautiful dreams come to life. It is through your heart that you perceive the secrets of the self and the universe, particularly if you listen to your heart.

Another form of power is manifestation—the act of combining your power with universal power in accordance with natural law. We will tell you about the best methods of manifesting, which is a gift from the universe, a way of changing your life. You have had this power since the beginning of time, but many have forgotten their ability to use it.

When used properly, manifestation reveals your dharma, your path to your soul. It is not simply creating a specific lifestyle; it is about learning to talk to your inner self and to create with it.

  • Choose a desire that is close to your heart—one that gives joy, purpose, or opens your life to new horizons.
  • Use visualization to see it clearly. Add details, meditate, and see it clearly. See yourself living in this beautiful world that lives within you. Make it very real and hold the image with deep focus.
  • Realize the importance of claiming your power to create and visualize a new reality. Do this for 15 minutes or more.
  • Use your imagination to make it more real than your current reality. Make your dream come to life so you come to love life.

 When wolves use this technique, we see safety for our children, the joy of running beneath the moon, a way of finding food, and the power of the earth beneath our feet as we run. We also dream of sharing more of what we know—and what you have forgotten.

You came here with the power to affect weather, to ignite joy in your heart, to see the world as a planet of unbelievable beauty. You came with great magic that is waiting to unfold. By altering your thoughts and feelings, you can change the weather, communicate with others over a great distance, see the past and future, and perfect life through strong and powerful visuals. You can also change the flow of energy throughout the earth, bringing back harmony and peace.

We are only speaking of a few of your gifts or powers. We ask you to focus on your heart, your inner self, and your potential. See life differently, and it will change for you.


How do we find our power?

By meditating, communing with the earth and seeing yourself as powerful. Part of having power is collecting energy through positive thoughts, eliminating people who bring down your energy, and calling on the universe often through whatever means you have. It’s also helpful to have faith and see yourself as happier.

What is the best use of power?

Ask permission from the universe before you use it for yourself or others. You can use manifestation daily and see yourself with more energy and more successful manifestations. Take the work seriously and learn to speak with your heart. You can learn how to correct aspects of your life that go in the wrong direction.

What is the best way to manifest?

Go into your heart, have faith, and do the work.

What should we see for the earth?

See new forms of energy that don’t destroy the earth. Imagine being at peace with the animal population, see new trees and forests, and imagine everyone discarding war and fighting. Learn to speak from your heart with meaningful words, gestures, and energy. Let the change begin with you and your energy. Move into the heart and move through life with peace and focus.



  1. Patricia Marshall

    Thank-you Julia, I love your information and messages from the wolves; they are deeply encouraging
    and uplifting!

    • Julia Griffin

      You’re welcome, Patricia. Wolves are encouraging and uplifting. They believe in us!

  2. Anuradha

    I see indeed a process of dying and resurrection, very emotional
    it is about our DNA, our devine heritage-
    thank you Julia, you brought the woolves very close to me, here in Austria
    love Anuradha

    • Julia Griffin

      You’re welcome, Anuradha! Thank you so much for letting me know the post is helpful!


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