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Ascension: Heaven on Earth

Image by Griffin Lambert


In the past, we thought of ascension in terms of leaving the Earth to enter a higher plane of being or reaching “heaven.” But many people feel that ascension in our time is really about creating Heaven on Earth, right here and now.

Author and spiritual consultant Jean Adrienne is one who believes and teaches the Heaven o -Earth interpretation. She also feels that this is going to involve massive alterations in our earthly DNA and in our chakra system — changes that only became possible when we began to dream this dream. Why would we choose to stay here on Earth?

From the standpoint of the Higher Self, the answer is a no-brainer. “Alchemy,” says Jean, “teaches that every soul in the Universe, no matter how advanced, envies us for having a body.”

Julia: Let’s start by talking about what you mean by the word “ascension.”

 Jean: The actual definition of the word, according to Webster’s dictionary, is simply “moving from one level to another.” The historical definition from a spiritual/religious standpoint has been that we die and go to heaven, but by definition, ascension of consciousness would simply mean moving from one level of consciousness to another.

So, if we agree that we have been living in Third Dimensional consciousness for a number of years, then ascension could mean moving to the fifth level or ninth level of consciousness. We’ve been given a preconceived notion that it is necessary to leave our bodies behind in order to travel to this better place. But ascension can take place on the physical plane just by raising the consciousness. We can choose to stay in the physical body and ascend.

Ascension doesn’t necessarily mean that people who choose not to ascend will disappear from our experience. It’s possible that they will simply have a different experience. And those who want to ascend without a body can possibly have that experience, too.

However it goes, there will be two different realties. And maybe we’ll reach a point in the future where both realities can co-exist, but where we don’t actually see each other. Perhaps one plane will be invisible to the other. But I think how it turns out for each one of us is an individual choice — everyone will have to choose to do whatever they do. Because this is a planet of free choice. We chose to come here and experience life in a body because we could have body experiences, and these are not available elsewhere.

Alchemy teaches that every soul in the Universe, no matter how advanced, envies us for having a body. There are things one can do in a body — such as having certain physical experiences — that are not possible without one.

Julia: If we are in the Fifth Dimension now, or moving into the Fifth Dimension, what are some of the changes that will be taking place?

Jean: The beginning of this move from one state of consciousness to another state of consciousness is to admit to ourselves the importance of having a body, and then reclaim the aspects of the physical body that we surrendered in our quest for spirituality. We have tried to lighten ourselves for some time. This has been the spiritual teaching: to lighten up, to perhaps even to leave the body by forsaking certain foods or habits.

The truth is that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. We need to claim this and fully activate and feel this physical experience. There is truly no other way to live in the present. If we can’t live in the present, then we can’t live in the heart space or become enlightened. And if we are totally connected between the physical and spiritual, then the present is the only experience we will have. If this connection is complete, we will experience nothing but harmony and growth.

Julia: For those who are just discovering ascension in a body — who have not had intuitive awareness of it in the past — what advice can you give?

Jean: It’s all about intention. The first thing that needs to happen is that one needs to decide to be open and receive this information. As soon as this happens, the rest is history, and it will happen. The more one walks in surrender, the more rapidly it will happen.

Julia: Will changes actually occur in the DNA, as so many are saying?

Jean: I believe so. I think that in order for ascension to take place in the human form, the body must be upgraded to hold a higher vibration. This process can be started by activating additional strands of DNA — the spiritual DNA. It is thought that we originally had more than the two strands of DNA found in our bodies today.

If additional strands are activated, we awaken new abilities, gifts, and powers that have been held dormant. If you unwind the double DNA helix, you can see that it looks like a ladder. Perhaps our DNA could be a ladder into the Fifth Dimension. There are people who perform DNA activation in which they activate the twelve strands of DNA. But this twelve-strand process may just be a beginning, because it is my feeling that there are more strands of DNA even than that. I suspect there are thirty-six strands of DNA. I suspect that the DNA paradigm changed when many of us realized that it was possible for us to ascend in the physical body, and that the DNA strands are the key to ascension. Certainly, everything that we are physically is encoded in the DNA.

We have physical DNA in our cells, and spiritual DNA that is in our energy field. These two energies have to be connected, just as the left and right hemispheres of the brain must become integrated and balanced as we move into the Fifth Dimension. All of our inner knowledge is stored in the DNA. The memory of everything “that is” is encoded in the DNA. When we become authentic, we no longer search outside ourselves for “true knowledge.” It is within us.

I suspect this true knowledge is stored within the DNA, and that as we ascend, more strands will be activated so that we can to access more of our inner, hidden knowledge.

Julia: I understand you also believe that changes in the chakras are part of the ascension process. How does that work?

Jean: I believe we need to move our attention from our higher chakras to the Root and Sacral chakras. This is the place where we begin manifesting idea into form. For years, we were told to focus on the Third Eye and Crown chakras. But I think we have to focus on the first and second chakras now, to bring creation into form — to bring Heaven to Earth.

I’m seeing many people, even vegans, are being called to eat meat, or at least root vegetables, just in order to ground themselves back in the body. And I think that as we move into this grounding, into the physical body and activation of the DNA, there will be additional chakras. If there are twelve strands of DNA, it is only logical to assume that there are twelve chakras that relate to this. And if there are thirty-six strands of DNA, then there may be thirty-six chakras.

The first chakra that becomes apparent through the process of ascension is the high heart or thymus chakra. This chakra has started opening for many people, and they often experience the opening as the feeling of having a heart attack. I see this chakra as lime green. Some people see it as aqua. There is also a new chakra right above the lip. It can be seen from the back of the head at the occiput. It’s called the ascension chakra. Other chakras may be near the spleen, and other chakras are in the energy field but haven’t come in yet. The Soul Star chakra is about eighteen inches above the Crown, and there is another chakra above that one. We don’t know the location of all of the new chakras. This is exciting, and we’ll find out more as we move through the ascension process.

A whole new paradigm for the physical body is being created. We are moving from a body that is controlled by the immune system to a body that is controlled or activated by the heart. We are reacting to emotions when we are in the immune system, but when we are in the high heart chakra we are connected to our inner knowing.

We thought before that we lived in a world run by forces external to ourselves. But the ascension movement is all about a world that’s governed by the high heart.

Julia: I know that many people are having strong physical experiences right now. How does this new paradigm affect our health?

Jean: It is possible to create more perfect health through this synthesis of the body and soul that I talked about before. But it will also be possible to create anomalies of health, if this is what the person chooses to experience in order to learn. It is all about choosing our reality with each moment that passes.

Julia: How does the Crystal Grid relate to ascension?

Jean: None of this could begin to happen until the Crystal Grid was in place. Prior to its establishment, we may have had to leave the physical plane in order to ascend. There are other grids besides the Crystal Grid. There is an Axiatonal Grid that connects the body to the earth’s meridians, to the Crystal Grid, and to the Universal Grid above that.

We are taking on a new vibratory level as we connect to the Crystal Grid. It’s similar to power stations, or like moving from dial-up on the Internet to cable and DSL. We are using the vibratory frequencies at a different pace. The hertz vibration of the body is absolutely off the chart today. Two or three years ago, the average human vibrated at somewhere around 68 hertz. Now it’s not unusual for me to find someone who vibrates at five million hertz!

There is another new paradigm that is open to a lot of conscious creation, one we can’t even perceive, radically different from anything that’s been written about the human species or that we have experienced. It’s hard for us to get out of the box and release enough control to open ourselves to this new paradigm.

Seeing the new paradigm only happens when we release control. We can do that by identifying how control operates in our life. Control is operating any time things don’t seem easy, peaceful, and harmonious. As soon as our world starts to get testy, we can rest assured that we are exerting our will at some level. These uncomfortable emotions are really a signal that we are not tapping into our intuitive knowledge.

When the emotions occur, I tell myself that I am having a Mortal Moment. And the only thing we can do in a Mortal Moment is nothing! Make no decisions, make no choices — because decisions and choices made during Mortal Moments cannot be for our highest and best good. Consider that the Universal law of attraction means that our thoughts and vibrations essentially choose the systems and events that will operate around us. Another way of saying this is, “Our experience of the world is the outcome of our emotions and thoughtforms.” When we relinquish control, everything falls into place. It’s heaven on earth.

The new paradigm is like a new channel on television, and we lose our reception to the channel whenever we go into control. The only thing we can do is take a deep breath, surrender to our higher self, and just let go.

Julia: If one decides to move into the process of ascension, are there important steps to take or changes we need to make in our consciousness?

Jean: We have to learn to let go of fear. We have to examine our thoughts constantly. Thoughts and emotions create, and we can’t give up our responsibility for creating by not paying attention to what we are thinking and feeling.

There are no victims in the Fifth Dimension. Anything that’s uncomfortable is our own creation. To change it, we have to create something new and better in its place, but we can only do that by taking responsibility for our thoughts and emotions.

We have to give up our base of Third-Dimensional fear. We have to move away from judging anything as either bad or good. Whenever we have any kind of judgment, we are opening ourselves to a lower vibration. It’s truly a matter of knowing that everything is, and everything is as it should be in this moment. We must learn to live, moment by moment, in the now.

As you truly ascend, you remember who you really are. You remember that you are the Creator. At this point, it’s important to put your attention on creating — creating your vision of Heaven on Earth. Begin to create what you want your reality to look like, as best you can within the old Third-Dimensional paradigm. Then — let go! Say, “My reality is this or something better.” You are turning it over to your Higher Self and allowing your Higher Self to work with the vision.

We can create more wonder than we can possibly imagine. We are learning to become adept at this through the ascension process. We should create as much as we can, especially lots of joy and happiness. Remember, we can create joy and happiness. We can have a full cup. And when we have received a full cup, we must remember to give generously so that we can continue to receive generously.

Jean Adrienne is a healer and teacher. She holds a degree in psychology from Florida State University and also completed the University of the South for Ministry Program. She is a Usui Reiki, Karuna Ki, and Seven Rays Master. .For more information, please visit Jean’s website at







Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path. If you would like to seek additional spiritual change and insight into your life, please contact me for information about an intuitive session.



Full Moon Forecast: The Hunter’s Moon


October’s Full Moon is called the Hunter’s Moon by Native Americans because it’s the last moon before the arrival of winter.  The Full Moon appears on Wed, October 20 at 10:57 am. (Energy and emotion are heightened by the full moon, and they are helpful in the creation and expression of dreams.)

The Sun is placed on Libra 28, and the Sabian Symbol for the degree, according to Lynda Hill, is “A Man Alone in Deep Gloom. Unnoticed, Angels Are Coming to His Aid.” In metaphysics, it’s said, “At our darkest moments, there are more for us (in the invisible world) than there are against us.” The symbol may speak of alleviating the heaviness associated with the past 2 years, or it may speak to us about our personal battles. In either case, we cultivate the light of the unknown through meditation, faith, and alignment with the inner self. Through small perceptions, we ignite and engage the larger and higher forces of the unseen world.

Sun conjuncts Mars (assertion, overall energy), which brings strength, energy, and self-confidence. It gives a push, increasing our ability for action and motion. Sun trines Jupiter (good fortune), and it bestows self-confidence, optimism, and a positive attitude. Sun squares Saturn (limitation, time) asks for patience and determination to overcome limitations of the past. (It’s important to push through old, negative feelings and repeat a task many times—if necessary.)

The Moon is a placed in Aries, a passionate and active fire sign. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac; it encourages self-expression and new beginnings.  Fire brings passion and desire, which are particularly powerful when combined with a spiritual purpose such as self-improvement or development of inner gifts.

Moon opposes Mars (action, energy), meaning our moods and emotions can conflict with right action. It’s important to find a “neutral” point whenever possible and release irritations. The aspect particularly asks for spiritually aligned goals and actions to avoid egoic expressions.

In past months, retrograde planets prevented achievement and/or slowed expression of desires and projects. Currently, Mercury (communications), Jupiter (good fortune), and Pluto (subconscious, transformation) are direct. It’s a bit like receiving a burst of energy from the universe.

Mercury (communications, mind) is direct in Libra, encouraging beautiful expression of the inner self through beauty and harmony as well as speaking, writing, and communication via the internet. Mercury trines Saturn (karma, time, structure), encouraging attention to detail, planning for the future, and grasping the importance of long-term goals and dreams.

Venus (love, relationships) is in Sagittarius, a light-hearted fire sign. When Venus is in Sagittarius, life becomes fun, fiery, and exciting. The placement encourages optimism, exploring life, and responding to our inner desires to feel the sensations and motion of life. Venus squares Neptune (mysticism, idealism) increases sensitivity, awareness of beauty and the sublime, and difficulty in discerning between illusion and truth.

Mars (action, energy) in Libra prefers action through the air waves including internet, broadcasts, speaking, and intuitive work—particularly with a beautiful, harmonious tone. Mars trines Jupiter is a wonderful aspect, bringing a wave of positive energy. However, this aspect tends to work best with a positive kind attitude, and it can also create success and ignite desires.

Jupiter (good fortune) and Saturn (limitation, karma) are in Aquarius, the somewhat erratic and unusual sign ruling electronics, the quantum field, the collective, and big change. Jupiter and Saturn square (tension) Uranus, which contains similar energy to the sign of Aquarius—but is currently in Taurus, an earth sign ruling the financial area of life and the physical aspects (trees, flowers, oceans, etc.) of the planet. The aspect grows stronger until December 23 for the third and last time this year.

Sun, Moon, and Mars square (tension) Pluto (underworld, subconscious). Sun (life) square Pluto (subconscious, transformation) inflates the ego and need to control along with a larger lesson of discovering why we have the need and surrendering it to the universe. Moon square Pluto reveals emotional power struggles and conflicts, so we can move beyond them. Mars square Pluto gives strength to ambition and assertiveness. Again, it’s important to direct the energy in a positive sense.


  1. Overall, the chart has many mystical aspects, which deliver waves of positive energy and open our souls to the benevolent forces of the Divine.
  2. The direct motion of three planets, including Mercury, helps with motivation and attainment of desires and goals.
  3. There are aspects and placements such as Venus in Sagittarius and Sun trine Jupiter, which are uplifting and optimistic.
  4. As with every chart, there are conflicting messages and feelings, which are expressed through aspects with Saturn (time, limitation, karma). Overcoming the feelings of the past is always part of creating a better future. Also, it’s good to deal with conflicting feelings and shining light on them







Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path. If you would like to seek additional spiritual change and insight into your life, please contact me for information about an intuitive session.

5 Tips for Manifestation

Image by Julia Ardaran


Altering your reality begins with changing your consciousness. When you put your consciousness in a different place, the flow of events changes.

1) Everyone creates their life through the placement of consciousness–and through their vibration rate (frequency.) Our lives move on the line of our personal projections and beliefs. Every difficulty, problem, and negative situation comes from visualization, consciousness, energy, and frequency rate.

2) Reality changes from the perspective of frequency. (A low frequency is difficult; a high frequency brings insights and freedom. Low frequencies are associated with negative thoughts, emotions, and patterns. Higher frequencies and positive thoughts/emotions allow for new solutions and breakthrough moments.) Moving into a higher frequency means changing our consciousness. Our perception changes when we move into a higher frequency. It’s impossible to see reality in the same way. From a viewpoint of expanded consciousness, we feel differently. We see the situation in a new way.

3) Meditating daily through visualization and positive emotion evokes a change in consciousness. When we change our consciousness and send positive emotions to a different version of reality, it changes the conditions around us. Matter reflects our inner state. When we change, life alters.

4) Daily meditation allows connection with the higher self and the universe. These are the big vibrations, which bring huge changes over time. It’s impossible to feel worry, fear, anger, or sadness when we connect to the universe. The universe also guides us through intuition as we hold the visual. We receive insights about direction, imagery, and the feeling of the successful outcome.

5) The process teaches us about the inner self, which feels enlightened and energized by the practice. The process also teaches us about the part of the self, which feels blocked or doesn’t want to make the shift. (It’s best to send love to this part of the self and observe whenever possible.)

6) Faith is part of the process of altering our reality. We see reality in a new way through meditation. We attune our visualization through intuition. Eventually, we believe in the part of the self, which creates the happier reality–and it comes to fruition in real life!

The Details:

1) Begin with a prayer. Imagine you’re connecting to the universe, God, or a higher being. Ask the universe to support your effort. Feel the connection.

2) Meditate on the inner self, the presence that is always with you and has answers. Imagine light pouring into your being, lifting you into a place of higher vibration and knowing.

3) Intend the change. Feel the intention, the desire in you to experience new, peaceful, more aligned aspects of life. Feel the harmony and quiet joy.

4) Visualize the desired intention in great detail. Imagine you’re living in the image of your desired life. Visualization tells the universe where you want energy to go, how you want to feel it, and how you want to experience the shift. It goes beyond wanting or wishing. Think of it as a commitment to yourself.

5) At all times, believe it is working. Don’t focus on how long it takes or why it might not work. Focus on the feeling of connection—and how the new reality feels. (Deepen your spiritual connection whenever possible. When you move more deeply into your spiritual consciousness, you find a way, which is not apparent in normal reality. Trust this part of the process.)


Julia Griffin, Intutiive Healer and Coach





Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.

Creating Change through Visualization

1) Begin with a positive and courageous attitude. It doesn’t matter if you tried and failed in the past. Your perseverance coupled with practice will change your life. In time, you’ll recognize patterns of lower emotion and thought. You’ll transcend them with positive imagery and thought. The beliefs will alter with practice. (It’s good to know this is a particularly good time for creative change. The planets and New Year support it. Many people are awakening and changing at this time, and their energy lends support with your efforts.)

2) When you have a wonderful day and/or a successful practice, compliment yourself. Notice your good work. Notice how you feel. In time, this will help you to discern when you are/are not connected. This teaches volumes about connection with your heart. Build yourself up for making the effort. (If you miss one day, compliment yourself for the previous six days of practice.)

3) Whether or not you feel connected in meditation, believe it is working. Every time you practice meditation, you are literally collecting energy and light. The energy builds over time. Trust in the effort. An opportunity for change will come if you stay with the practice.) Believe the universe is working with you.

4) Everyone has created a big, positive change—at least once. Travel through your memories and choose one of these times to revisit. Relive the memory and feel the burst of resolve and courage, which resulted in accomplishment. You can use this energy again (simply by remembering it.)

5) Do work with your intuitions. Intuitions can be grouped into areas–true and false. Keep a list. Refrain from acting on the “false” intuitions, and act more on the “true” list. (It’s important to know you will receive new intuitions and dreams whenever you reach a higher energy level. It takes time to discern true from false—and the same is true with dreams.)

6) Spend time with people on a higher energy level. Find friends who encourage you and believe in you. When others see the good in you, you feel and believe it. (You don’t discuss your manifestation, but you do enjoy the friendship.)

7) Raise your vibrations by listening to lectures or meditations by teachers on a higher level and/or reading spiritual works. It’s good to read a few spiritual words before bed and visualize awakening in a rested state. (If you experienced a turbulent day, you can actually see everything as better in 48 hours. It usually works.)

If you truly practice visualization, you’ll learn how to project positive energy. You’ll learn to change your inner visuals of negativity to the positive, and you can do it for others. More importantly, you’ll find the sensation of your inner self, which always sees life in a very different and more perfect way.


Julia Griffin, Intuitive healer and coach





Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.



Planetary Change: November New Moon

Through the beautiful weather of late fall when trees are loud in color—yet, flowers continue to bloom—the New Moon appears on Sunday, November 15 at 12:05 am.

The New Moon is quieter than the Full Moon when energies are at their height and intensity. This moon phase moves our consciousness into the void, the place between worlds where we can contemplate life and focus our energies for the next cycle. This month’s moon follows Friday the 13th, a day that was once sacred to the goddess, adding to the depth and stillness associated with this phase. (Friday is ruled by Venus, and thirteen represents the void that follows the cycle of the completion indicated by the number 12.)

It’s a feminine moon with eight planets in earth and water, and the forecast brings a slight lift in the current energies, which can often feel heavy and dense. Aspects with Sun, Moon, Jupiter, and Neptune provide a positive boost of energy. (We’re in the last phases of 2020’s heavy and often difficult energy.)

Sun (life), Moon (emotion), and Mercury (communication) in Scorpio intensify deep emotions and increase intuition.  Aspects with the Sun and Moon lighten the chart, adding optimism, a gentle flow of peace, and the opportunity for self-expression through art and other media.

Sun and Moon trine Neptune, the planet of illusion and mysticism, which heightens creativity and our ability to step into the unseen world. Sensitivity and emotions are increased. Dreams are particularly important and may reveal spiritual and/or conscious themes

Sun sextile Jupiter (expansion) boosts confidence and brings feelings of happiness and optimism. Sun sextile Moon sextile Jupiter increases positive feelings, clears the mind, and gives alignment with positive side of life. Uranus heightens curiosity, unusual encounters, and creativity. (It also causes difficulty with routine.)  Moon sextile Uranus brings unusual encounters, changeable moods, and increased intuition.

Mercury (communications) in Scorpio adds to the overall intensity and gives depth to emotion. However, thoughts tend to lack clarity as Mercury squares (tension) Saturn (limitation), which may cause tension when we oscillate between past memories and the desire to move ahead with a new thoughts and aspirations. There’s also confusion between Mercury (personal mind) and Uranus (the higher mind); their opposition may make it difficult to incorporate larger, universal thoughts into the present moment.

Mars is direct—at last—after 2 ½ months of retrograde, which include heavy feelings and stifled emotions. Frustration, anger, and lack of motivation will slowly lift in the next few weeks, and overall energy will increase. Mars remains square Jupiter (expansion) and Pluto (subconscious, transmutation). Both aspects increase drive for success and desire for achievement, but they are often viewed from the ego’s perspective—as opposed to the good of the “all”. Fortunately, this tendency is softened by Mars in direct position.

Venus (love, relationships) is in Libra, a sign ruling beauty and balance. Venus forms contradictory angles and aspects for next week or so. Venus, opposes Mars (action, energy) in Aries.  The aspect intensifies emotions associated with relationships, heightens passion, and can spark anger/frustration. Venus square Jupiter increases the desire for excess, which is reflected in overspending, overeating, and self- Venus square Saturn causes tiredness and a desire to retreat and rest. Venus square Pluto increases tension and intensity in relationships, particularly with the issue of power.

Jupiter (expansion) conjunct Saturn (limitation) expands opportunities and desire for growth. Saturn creates barriers for growth, but Jupiter helps with overcoming them. Actually, it’s a time when dissatisfaction can become positive—if we decide to change. Jupiter sextile Neptune increases harmony and good fortune. Opportunities often appear under this aspect.

Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto continue to affect our lives through COVID, isolation, and the difficulty of the structures in the outer world. Fortunately, it begins to change in January 2021. The energy lingers for some time, but it begins to fade as we move into another cycle of time and energy.


  • A slight, positive shift in energy begins with the New Moon. Aspects with Sun and Moon encourage creativity, prayer, and meditation. Sun/Moon trine Neptune places emphasis on dreams, signs, and messages from the unseen world. Intuition is expanded through aspects with Uranus.
  • Mercury (thought, communications) is affected by its placement in Scorpio, making it difficult to separate thoughts and emotions. Mercury opposes Uranus (sudden change, quantum field), meaning we travel between the clear thoughts of the higher mind and the static of the lower mind.
  • Mars (energy, assertion) is direct, slowly clearing the frustrated feelings of the past few months. Also, our physical energy will increase substantially in the next few weeks. Mars squares Jupiter (expansion) and Pluto (underworld, collective consciousness), which can increase the desire to succeed and/or push forward with goals.
  • Venus (feminine, relationships) forms many different aspects in this chart ranging from overly indulgent to intense emotion to the desire to escape from life. (I imagine we’ll experience the many influences over the next week or so.)
  • Jupiter (expansion) conjuncts Saturn (limitation, karma). Although Saturn is associated with karma, it can also act as the teacher. It creates hurdles and blocks, which build skills that are necessary for success. Jupiter enlarges these skills, giving optimism and drive to create a new and better life.


Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.

If you would like to seek additional spiritual change and insight into your life, please contact me for information about an intuitive session.

Message from the Wolves

Early in the week, I slipped away for an hour to visit the wolves. I felt the marvelous connection with my spirit and the earth. Once again, the wolves have words to share. I hope you will allow their wildness and purity flow through you.

Please speak to my heart and share your wisdom.

When the heart is awake, the being is awake and filled with light. Answers pour in from the Great Source, which is mainly unknown in your world.

In your world, you nurse lower vibrations by constantly reliving negativity as soon as you feel it. The mind repeats it over and over because you are as yet untrained.  Like a restless child, you repeat your problems and desires to all who will listen without awareness that you are amplifying them.

The easiest way to turn your world around is to think the opposite. If you feel tired, see yourself as wildly energized during the day yet sleeping soundly at night. If you need abundance, imagine yourself with abundance now. (It’s also helpful to think about what you would do with abundance!) See the sick as well and whole. See the planet flourishing in her new light. See enough for everyone. Seek balance and love.

This is how you use your inner vision, which is the power to which we often refer. It’s very odd but few people are willing to invest in developing this state of power and knowledge. If you move into your inner vision, you can align with the new frequencies, which are the key to opening your gifts.

Please share more about the new frequencies.

The earth is changing, the planets are in different positions, and new light strikes the earth. The ley lines and energies of the earth are changing, moving in new patterns, and a new cycle is at play. Things are not as you see them.

It is all changing. You are changing as well, and your power is growing. Soon, there will be new frequencies for solving problems. (Actually, humans tend to see problems before changing them. Seeing problems can actually mean that you are about to move into powerful spiritual change.)

What is the best way to move through this time?

Spend your time in a different way. Focus the mind on illumination, see tasks completed before you begin, and use your consciousness to pull in solutions.

The earth is generous, loving, and balanced. Work to create this type of balance within yourself. Believe in the new energies.

NOTE: This type of change involves altering one’s state of mind and seeing solutions in place of problems. It’s okay if they don’t work immediately. It takes time to find the right vision. Begin with the moment and perceive life as you would like it.

How can we best use our power?

By understanding how you move through life. It is not a reckless meandering toward goals and intentions and/or fixing your mind on specific intentions—for none of works unless it invokes the inner self. (Many say they are spiritual but have never truly connected with their inner self and listened to their heart. Their actions would be quite different if it was true.)

If you know the song of your heart, then you know when you are connected and when you are not. You also know when your intent comes from your heart as opposed to a mental concept, espoused by another, or a detour that occupies space and time. (Love and light are the result of the inner self – although there are many expressions of this in life.)

At this point, we will cover the new earth frequencies and frequency in general. Everything vibrates; the speed of its vibration creates its appearance, weight, density, etc. This is a known fact.

Parts of your existence are fixed (temporarily). For example, you use particular forms of currency, the earth vibrates at a certain rate, which is increasing, and you think that you live for a specific amount of time.

The earth’s frequency is increasing, which lifts your vibration. Vibration is essentially a measure of frequency. Think of frequency as the colors of the rainbow or the 7 rays of the rainbow. When you align with a color so deeply and thoroughly that is the only thing you can see and feel, you receive that frequency in your life.

However, the higher, new frequencies have not be mastered by the people on your planet. Here are a few examples of what you know. Various colors of light bring healing, sound frequencies can be devastating or healing, and emotions affect your life (far more than you know.) When you are on a higher frequency, life takes on a higher form.

It becomes more pliable and plastic. It responds to your thoughts and emotions more easily. It you’re your thoughts, feelings, and desires into form at a more rapid rate.

How can we find  new frequencies that bring solutions?

Solutions are found through problems. When problems are painful, the right course of action involves evoking universal energy through visualization, contemplation, and connection. In this process, there is the opportunity to move into a higher level of being. At this point, new energies and frequencies are extended to you.

How can frequencies help the world now?

You begin with yourself by aligning with higher frequencies such as peace, love, and power as well as the inner knowing that you do have the power to turn the world into a place of higher frequency with less struggle. It comes with calm and recognition of life.

It does not mean that you do not see the ugly, painful, or wrong on your planet. It means that you learn to stop going over and over the events with your mind, and you exude a higher vibration, which can bring solutions and answers of which you never dreamed. (It’s the practice of vibrating above collective energies and moving into different frequencies.)

This is called the power of the quantum field. It is also why we speak so often of the power of faith and believing. It cannot work without this. We believe, and we know.


Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.

If you would like to seek additional spiritual change and insight into your life, please contact me for information about an intuitive session.

Finding Light and Love in Challenging Times

It’s more than a pandemic. The world is shifting, and it’s part of a reset of the planet and life. I’m reasonably sure that this shift is part of a collective initiation as we come together in higher consciousness through a place of stillness and intent. In many ways, this time resembles a leap into higher consciousness, which occurs through reception of light (and hard work on the self). Initially, nothing works in the right way, and everything feels juxtaposed. 
Sometimes, it’s a struggle to align. Old ways and habits no longer serve. Only intuitive focus leads in the right direction, and it comes from the heart, which requires proper use of the will. It’s a continual task to raise consciousness, focus on the heart, and see possibilities instead of doubts.

Let’s take a look at using light in a challenging time. After all, love and light are the answer.

  1. Your energy will oscillate, moving up and down with various stimuli. It’s okay. Simply create an image of yourself and loved ones as happy, healthy, and abundant. Rest for a few minutes and focus on yourself. (Coming back into consciousness awareness of the self often creates a higher frequency.) You will move through this time, and your life will improve. There’s an unique opportunity to find stillness, see the beauty of nature, and create deeper bonds with the universe.
  2. In challenging times, we are called to express kindness and courage when life is difficult, to have compassion for others when we are in pain, and to share our gifts generously whenever we can. This means listening to the heart and using our skills to  manifest more love and light. (What might happen if we all spent 10 minutes each day with an intent of creating a more beautiful, harmonious, and abundant world?)
  3. The world is not coming to an end. There are many people, who live in the light and hold beautiful visions. Wonderful possibilities remain for the world. By seeing and imagining them, you can bring them into being. Practice substituting thoughts such as these for unhappy thoughts.
  4. People can feel your love, and you can feel their love. It’s easy to open the heart to send pink light and imagine the people who you love. See them sending light and love to you. You can do the same for them. It’s a metaphysical way of raising frequency and moving into the universal love vibration.
  5. Whenever possible, speak kind words and encourage others. See them without their troubles
  6. Use each day to improve you. Notice the tone of your voice, the way you move and speak. Let your inner awareness of the self help you. Focus on the heart and see the beauty of life. (When tasks seem overwhelming, I like to imagine that I’m performing them as an act of service for the universe, which improves both mood and outlook!)
  7. It’s not a punishment. It’s an opportunity for self-mastery and to see life in a kinder, different light.
  8. When it feels like this time will last forever, you’re picking up on mass consciousness. Life is changing, and the planet is healing. Somewhere along with the way, the universe heard the desires for quiet time, rest, and a break for the planet.
  9. Abundance is an universal quality, one that is expanded through focus of mind, emotions, and consciousness. It’s important to see the universe as the source of abundance, a flow of light and physical energy that supports every aspect of your life. It also creates the possibility of generosity, helping others, and supporting positive change. When your abundance flows it, see it for others and share it when possible.
  10. When you become completely present in the moment, positive feelings from the universe flow into your life. The energy is changing, and the vibrations are very strong. Open your consciousness to possibility of big change, and trust the universe to take you to a new destination.

Additional notes

  1. Use your light as protection in public places. Radiate it around you.
  2. Write an angel letter and ask for help with specific problems.
  3. Continue to believe in your dreams. They are there for a purpose.
  4. Mention the good qualities of the people whom you love.
  5. Thank your pets for absorbing lower energies and helping you at this time.
  6. Send light to the future and take time to visualize a more beautiful, harmonious world.
  7. Remember how important you are in this pivotal time. You are much more powerful than you think!


Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.

If you would like to seek additional spiritual change and insight into your life, please contact me for information about an intuitive session.

7 Reasons to Manifest More

Manifestation is a way of focusing the mind and emotions on a visual while connecting with the universe to realize a desired result. It must come from the heart to bring true satisfaction and relief from a lower condition. It must vibrate above fears and old projections about life–and it must take you into new realizations of perceiving life. Otherwise, you’re merely recreating old experiences and patterns, which eventually bring dissatisfaction. (True manifestation is the creation of new experiences and ideas that bring insight into the soul.)

  1. Positive manifestations begin with the heart and its desire. The heart chakra receives and distributes unconditional, universal love. In this space, you begin to find the feeling of the desirable life, which expands through visuals and aligned thoughts. The desire becomes the north star, the compass point of consciousness that leads to greater realization.
  2. Every visualization develops through intuition and meditation. It’s how you hear the universe and the language of the heart. By following intuition, you receive a positive feeling that is different from habitual emotions–and eventually leads to new, better results.
  3. The practice of manifestation leads away from comfortable routines that limit life; it leads to new opportunities, expressions of life, and a creative outlook. By holding the visualization, you tell the universe that you want a different, higher frequency, and the universe whispers directions through the heart. By learning to hear the universe through the heart, you open to colors, sounds, feelings, and a new way of thinking.
  4. With every manifestation, there is a part of self that resists the new “way”. By learning about this part of the self–and discovering its beliefs, fears, and lower vibrations–you learn how to create a new way of believing in yourself and the universe, a new way of speaking to yourself, and a method of finding and acting on your inner power. (It’s so much more fun than staying the same!)
  5. Many desires take practice and work to manifest. You may manifest part of your dream but experience parts of it as uncomfortable and/or out of alignment. This is actually wonderful because you are learning to discern between the desires of the inner self and who you think that you are. When you take action and work on a dream, you find what parts of you are in alignment with your dream and which parts of you need work and/or refinement. It’s a journey into self-discovery.
  6. The practice, work, and reprogramming lead to the discovery of the inner self, the part of you who always loves you and knows the way to higher frequencies and better solutions. In the beginning, the actual manifestation in physical form is the reward. Eventually, the discovery of the true self becomes a beautiful and meaningful journey. You learn who you truly are.
  7. All of the gifts of the universe (in material and spiritual form) lead to the recognition of the goodness of the universe. When you learn to manifest a particular gift, you can replicate it for others, teach and share the process, or simply share the light. It’s impossible to manifest positively without a higher vibration. Your work and efforts shine through, bringing a higher vibration to those around you.


A Few Tips

  1. See the opposite of a difficult situation. Visualize and feel harmony, possible solutions, and divert your attention from the problem.
  2. You can recall memories of happier times, physical vitality, and mental focus to change your feelings and outlook on life.
  3. Focus on the beauty of nature, the flow of life, and love of others to move into gratitude, which attracts an array of positive vibrations.
  4. When possible, see positive outcomes for others. Send pink light (love) to yourself and others. It raises your vibration.
  5. Remember that the universe loves and supports you. Make time to tap into this larger and more wonderful world.


Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.

If you would like to seek additional spiritual change and insight into your life, please contact me for information about an intuitive session.