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Full “Pink” Moon Forecast


April’s full moon is a pink moon, which appeared on April 11. The term “pink moon” refers to celebrating the color of flowers and the emergence of spring. The chart brings both harmonious and challenging aspects; it brings potential for growth with personal aspirations and inner growth. Additionally there is time for contemplation with five planets in retrograde

The Sun (outer life) is placed in Aries, a fire sign representing individual initiative, new beginnings, and a passionate quest. It conjuncts (close to) Uranus, the planet ruling the Age of Aquarius, group endeavors, and collective consciousness. The conjunction raises questions concerning the relationship of an individual within collective consciousness.  (How do we retain our individual soul values when acting within group consciousness?)

The lovely Moon sits in Libra, an air sign ruling balance with relationships and others. The underlying quest involves alignment with the inner self while speaking from the heart—and listening to the other person. (It’s not easy!) The Moon conjuncts (close to) Jupiter (good fortune), indicating the importance of communication, beauty, and harmony. Air symbolizes thought, and the mind can act as a positive vector, particularly when aligned with intuition.

A T-square brings intense pressure and energy. Moon and Jupiter in Libra and Sun/Uranus square Pluto (underworld, subconscious), creating tension. The T-square brings the substance of the subconscious (personal and global) to the surface. Uranus can act as the quantum field and/or simply bring sudden, unexpected change.

Mercury is retrograde in Taurus, an earth sign. This placement enhances the beauty of nature. It is grounding and loves the practical parts of life. Mercury trine Saturn (limitation, structure, karma) indicates answers through love of spiritual and physical schedules, structure through physical and spiritual discipline, and enjoying the vast beauty of life. (Mercury is about thought, and retrograde planets tend to focus on positively changing our thoughts and emotions.)

Venus (beauty, love, pleasure) remains retrograde in Pisces until Saturday, April 15. Venus retrograde tends to demonstrate how we need and want more love in life. Normally, we may think it doesn’t matter, but retrograde Venus brings emotions and feelings to the surface. Since Venus conjuncts (close to) Chiron, the wounded healer, it is possible to alter our emotions and seek a better vision of love.

Venus squares Saturn through April 21, and this position can cause tension, particularly with the dichotomy of a desire for a love and the outcome of personal experience. Fortunately, it’s possible to heal and create another outcome by noting our experiences—and expanding into new and better possibilities.

Mars (male, assertive) sits in Taurus, the sign of its detriment. Taurus is a feminine earth sign ruled by Venus. Mars loves action, but now it’s earthbound. New projects tend to move slowly and ineffectively with Mars in Taurus, but the placement does give strength and persistence. It also increases our interest in nature, physical strength, and ability to perceive the wonders of the natural world—and create financial abundance.

Mars trines Pluto (subconscious, transformation), which can increase personal power and passion for a specific desire, goal, or plan. It can intensify the need to delve into mysticism—or simply increase the taste for mystery. It’s a wonderful burst of strong, strange energy.

Saturn (time, karma, structure) actually gives a bit of balance and strength to the chart. Saturn in Sagittarius moves harmoniously with Uranus’ constant activity and revolutionary nature. It gives information provided by time and integrates Uranus’ wild ideas into an useful plan.

Neptune (mysticism, illusion) and Chiron (wounded healer) remain in Pisces. Neptune in Pisces can bring confusion about emotions and ideals, but it also engages the imagination. Chiron in Pisces aids in healing the wounds of the Piscean Age.


  1. Mercury is retrograde, which slows communications. It’s not the right time to begin a new project or move in a different direction. It’s best to relax, rest, and remain patient with delays.
  2. There is a tremendous amount of energy, formed by the T-square and retrograde planets. Focus on peaceful, loving, and positive thoughts.
  3. The energies from the Full Moon chart can help with understanding group energy, self-expression in relationships, and perceiving how individuals work within the group.
  4. Mercury and Mars in Taurus slow the general motion of energy. Plan to take walks and enjoy the beauty of spring.
  5. Many of these shifts in energy involve collective energy. Remember that every individual thought/emotion counts in the “field.”


Sabian Symbols, based on the work of Lynda Hill

The Sun is placed on Aries 22, “The Gate Opens to the Garden of All Fulfilled Desires.” The universe is providing beautiful places, gardens, and opportunities, but it’s necessary to open the gate and take decisive action. It’s a lovely symbol!

Moon sits on Libra 22, “A Child Giving Birds A Drink At A Fountain.” The symbol combines the images of a child, birds, which represent air, and water (the fountain). A child has a pure heart and innocence. They also the inherent beauty and “invisible” energy of the moment. Birds often represent spirituality, and the fountain represents emotion. When our heart is pure, the universe speaks to us through nature — and invisible messages.

Mercury retrogrades at Taurus 5, “A Youthful Widow Kneels at an Open Grave to Receive Eternal Life.” Opening the heart to love and life means releasing grief and disappointment. It also involves opening to hope and grace.

Venus is on Pisces 28, “A Fertile Garden Under the Full Moon.” In many ways, this symbol is perfect, reflecting the fertility and power of the spring moon. Nature spirits are strong, and the earth is awakening. The life force of the planet rises.

Mars is on Taurus 23, “A Jewelry Shop Filled with the Most Magnificent Jewels.”  The symbol refers to abundance of all good things including material goods, riches, jewelry, talent, and more. It speaks of self-worth, joy, and things that shine.




Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants, and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and creating alignment with their inner path.


Manifestation, A Key to Self-Discovery


Manifestation is part of awakening. We become aware of how we create our lives as we grow in consciousness. (Everyone is already manifesting, but it’s mainly unconscious.) If we imagine a loop of tape playing and replaying, we might wonder why it continues to play, or we might decide to change the tape. That’s the basic substance of manifestation.

When we realize that we have the power to change the tape, then we alter the direction of our lives. If this realization comes with awakening (and a higher level of vibrations), we know it’s important to create a life in alignment with the inner self. As we expand into light and love, we naturally want to create and experience more “good” in life. Ultimately, it’s beneficial to ourselves and the people around us because everyone benefits from a higher frequency.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Meditation is one of the keys to the realization of the heart’s desire. It brings alignment with the inner self, which quietens thoughts and stills emotions. It also gives connection to the universe, the biggest source of love and light.
  2.  Manifestation alters our perception. It teaches focus on the positive sensations and images of what we want to create. When we focus on the good in life and see the positive, we move into higher vibrations where more possibility and opportunity exist. By focusing the mind, we learn to alter our perceptions.
  3. Many of our perceptions are based on experience and belief, which occur as part of our encounters with life. It doesn’t mean that life always responds in this way, or the outcome never changes. It simply implies that we need to see and feel life differently–and believe that we can change it in a positive sense.
  4. Working with manifestation teaches discernment. Over time, we learn the value of “things” lies in their resonance with our heart. If our desire doesn’t align with the heart or our inner self, it won’t bring joy. But repeated experiences teach the difference between the desires of the inner and outer being.
  5. Focusing on a positive vision teaches control of lower emotions and thoughts. Part of any manifestation lies in the substitution of one thought and image for another. (We can’t change and/or control everything, but we can influence a great deal. Also, we can change our emotions and thoughts.)
  6. The practice teaches a great deal about inner power as well as the changes that occur when we connect with the universe and the inner self. We can use the same practice to alter other people’s lives–and the world. (Everyone and everything is happier in a higher frequency.)
  7. The heart space expands when we step into creating the vision of the inner self. We feel more love and peace. And the world becomes more beautiful.



Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants, and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and creating alignment with their inner path.



7 Tips on Manifestation


Manifestation becomes increasingly important as we move into the New Age. Everyone is already manifesting their life, and life opens and expands when we consciously create by focusing on the images of our heart and inner self—as opposed to reflecting and amplifying the imagery of the people around us, the media, and mass consciousness. (Additionally, karma is mitigated as we “erase” old patterns and move into a higher space of being.)

  1. Manifestation responds to our light level. When we connect with all of our heart and from a place of love and light, the universe answers. It requires a commitment of the self to create a dream. (All dreams and desires should aid ourselves and the world by raising the frequency of the world around us.)
  2. Desiring greater abundance, happiness, peace, and success come for the soul. The inner self longs for expansion and expression; it thrives on positive change. By understanding the placement of the desire as an expression of the inner self, it can be easier to commit to the practical aspects of the work, which include meditation, visualization, and devotion—and many small changes in physical world.
  3. Awakening heightens the desire to manifest. It opens awareness to the negative inner dialog and conflicting emotions, which repress all deep desires. It gives access to the heart where love and dreams abide. The heart opens and flourishes, expressing greater love as the process ensues.
  4. The process is quickened by “experiencing” the desire. We substitute the domain of the desire for the current experiences of life. For example, we might see ourselves in a large, beautiful home while washing dishes or looking in our closet. We might imagine perfect health when it’s difficult to complete specific exercises or complete a long walk. We can see great abundance when viewing our bank account.
  5. Our overall frequency is heightened by the “work”. If we turn to the universe for help, open our hearts, and see a better reality, we tune into a higher broadcast of energy that eventually supersedes our current experience of life.
  6. Believe in the power of the universe to amplify and create desires. Communicate and cooperate by seeing the manifestation in great detail, accompanied by happy, calm emotions. (Everything in the physical world has a specific appearance, weight/height, density, and sensation. Add this to the overall equation.)
  7. Keep the silence. Desires manifest more quickly when we remain quiet. Other people affect our desires with their emotions and thoughts, which can limit their manifestation. (This practice teaches thinking before speaking, which is an important “human” lesson.)

Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants, and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and creating alignment with their inner path.

Planetary Change, New Moon Forecast



The New Moon appears on October 30, and it brings a great deal of mystical energy. It is an intense lunation with Sun, Moon, and Mercury closely placed in Scorpio. The combination of New Moon, Halloween, and three planets in Scorpio brings a strong surge of energy, particularly when positioned with Halloween–the time when the doors open between the astral and physical world.

Sun (outer life), Moon (inner self, emotions), and Mercury (communications) are placed in Scorpio, the sign that rules birth, death, and sex—all different forms of transformation. Scorpio delivers psychic perception, magnetism, intelligence, passion, and determination. In combination with Halloween, the New Moon will heighten our psychic and intuitive powers.

There is a strong emphasis on emotion with Sun, Moon, Mercury, Neptune, and Chiron placed in water signs. Fortunately, Sun, Moon, and Mercury trine Neptune, bringing a mystical note to the chart. Neptune rules the imagination, dreams, illusion, and mysticism. The challenge lies in stilling unruly emotions and focusing on realistic dreams. But this aspect can make life feel very dreamy and lovely.

Mars (assertion, overall energy) sits in Capricorn, a practical earth sign, and it squares Uranus (spiritual change, quantum field) in Aries. Squares often cause tension, and it can feel as if we’re being pushed and pulled between our spiritual aspirations and the frustrations of physical life. Mars square Uranus can indicate instability and quick, impulsive action, but it can also create positive change for more evolved individuals by pushing them into active pursuit of the spiritual path. (Uranus also represents the quantum field where marvelous changes take place in an instant. With Uranus, they often can feel awkward on the initial level, but they are truly for the best!)

Venus (love, material possession, beauty) affects how we feel about our experiences in life.  When Venus is placed in Sagittarius, there is an emphasis on travel, nature, and philosophical pursuits. Venus squares Neptune (idealism, illusion), which can mean misreading other people through optimism and idealism–and not in a practical sense. For the next week or so, it’s helpful to have boundaries in relationships and refrain from financial excess.

Jupiter (hopes, success) in Libra continues to its influence on partnerships, balance, and beauty. With Jupiter in Libra, there’s a need to continually seek balance between the spiritual/physical worlds and the “real” and mystical experiences. This theme runs through the entire New Moon chart.

One beneficial aspect involves Jupiter squares Pluto. This helpful square can aid in finding the strength to move through weaknesses; it focuses on finding our personal power and strength. Pluto involves the will, and Jupiter rules dreams, good fortune, and benevolence. Both planets can positively affect prosperity. It heightens the possibility of creating desires in reality as well as increasing our potential for a happy, positive life.

Saturn in Sagittarius squares and creates tension with Neptune. The square can cause confusion, making it difficult to focus the mind on the task at hand and to waver between our goals and an aspect of current “reality.”  It also blurs boundaries and makes it difficult to draw lines in relationships. Saturn trines Uranus, which brings a balance of change and stability. In other words, we experience a change followed by a period of adjustment.

This aspect helps a great deal with bringing order into our lives after experiencing a heightened state of consciousness, which often seems upsetting—at least, initially. It allows time to create a structure in the physical world for the results of our inner work.


  • The New Moon will provide a great deal of energy—particularly emotional energy. When we feel emotion intensely, it’s important to think about changing our lives in a positive sense and meditating on universal love. It’s also helpful to know emotions are like waves; they rise and fall.
  • Take time to dream and imagine wonderful things, but keep them in perspective. When thinking about dreams and desires, consider the time and energy needed to put them into physical form. (Aspects with Neptune can cause lack of realism and a bit of escapism.)
  • Awakened individuals will become more intuitive and psychic with the passage of the New Moon. The placement of the planets and aspects with Neptune expand our mystical qualities. (Make notes and listen to your inner voice.)
  • Mars square Uranus, and Saturn trine Uranus can help with the manifestation of dreams. Both aspects call in the universal quality of awakening and the path of the soul. (Stay flexible and release resistance to change.)
  • Jupiter and Pluto are in a beneficial position to boost prosperity. Meditate on identifying personal potential and power. Visualize prosperity!

Sabian Symbols

This reading is based on Lynda Hill’s interpretation of the degrees of the zodiac. I often look at this part of the chart before looking at the aspects in a chart and reading the forecast because it presents a story through imagery.

Sun and Moon at 8 degrees Scorpio, “The Silvery Moon Shining across a Beautiful Gem of a Lake.” It’s a lovely symbol, representing the yin aspect of life. The lake (water) represents emotion in a calm, still state that reflects light. The moon reflects the sun, creating a balance on earth.

The symbol represents positive change and good fortune, which occur when our emotions and mind are correctly aligned with the feminine. It’s a wonderful oracle for a new moon.

Mercury sits on 10 Scorpio, “A Fellowship Supper Reunites Old Comrades.” This degree brings up the idea of soul contracts, people from past lives, and memories from our past. (The sign of Scorpio can bring up old memories, people from the past, and repetitive situations for clearing and transmutation.) With its close proximity to the Sun and Moon, this process may be part of the New Moon energy.

Venus at 16 Sagittarius, “Seagulls Fly Around a Ship Looking for Food.” This degree can refer to dependence of the sea gull on the sailors and ship. It can refer to finding or taking sustenance from others. It is the symbol for Venus, which can refer to love and loving relationships. It implies the need for boundaries and noticing when others feed on your energy or take too much from you.

Mars at 24 Capricorn, “A Woman Entering a Convent.” It’s a very interesting symbol for Mars, which refers to action and assertion. Typically, a woman enters a convent for inner contemplation and to escape pressure from the outer world. It may indicate a need to move into a higher spiritual state before taking action in the outer world—particularly with Mars square Uranus, which tends to expand impulsive action.

Jupiter is on 11 Libra, “A Professor Peering over his Glasses at His Students.” The image of a professor and glasses invoke thoughts about the rational, logical, and intellectual world. Truly, seeing someone means putting aside the rational world and looking through the heart. Sometimes, it’s important to put aside “reality” and look for the softer eyes of intuition—and the heart.

Uranus sits on Aries 22, “The Gate Opens to the Garden of All Fulfilled Desires.” This degree is included because Uranus is responsible for many of the spiritual changes experienced in the past 4 years. In metaphysics, the garden refers to spiritual world in which everything is perfect and aligned. All of our desires are met at a higher level of consciousness. Perhaps, it refers to the “change” that follows group awakening when we will find ourselves in a whole, new, beautiful world.

Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants, and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and creating alignment with their inner path.







More About Manifestation


Manifestation is important because it teaches about how we perceive and live life. When we focus on a heart felt desire, we invoke the universe and the inner self.

  1. Everyone is already manifesting the material of their consciousness  through their experience of “reality.” We are limited by our perceptions and beliefs about life as well as the people in our lives; however, it’s possible to transcend those limits and create big, happy visions. Basically, this involves awakening and rewriting our inner script of beliefs, thoughts, and emotions. When we rewrite our perception of reality, it changes.
  2. Everyone wants financial prosperity, loving relationships, a healthy body, and a deep spiritual connection that provides accurate answers. Meditation and visualization can lead us to the right steps, and the practice completes much of the work on the invisible plane. (In other words, an occurrence or dream takes place much more quickly. We find the right job quickly instead of applying for ten. We visualize meeting the right people, and they appear.)
  3. Action is more effective when accompanied by meditation and visualization. It also requires less effort. Athletes and millionaires use these techniques of visualizing their desired reality in detail. The alteration in overall energy is even more profound when the visualization is prompted by a desire for connection with the inner self. Both practices create results, but universal connection alters everything in our lives.
  4. We meet our resistance within our self. We discover an opposite self, who doesn’t want the manifestation, takes steps in the opposite way, and wants to stay the same. We rewrite the “program” or pattern through visualization, observation, and learning to think and feel new thoughts and emotions. (We also learn to change our personal identity from the person who can’t to one who can.)
  5. Life becomes more exciting through these discoveries. As we learn to change lower patterns into patterns of success, we become enthusiastic about life. We naturally make small adjustments such as altering traffic, wishing good things for others, or seeing more beauty in life. (This changes our world—and the world around us.)
  6. Our vision of our reality and the world changes. We begin to understand how our ‘reality” responds to our thoughts and emotions. We also learn how to change our perception of life because we understand the seeing the “goodness” is part of what brings it into our lives.
  7. We naturally live on a higher vibration as a result of participating in manifestation. We begin to see problems as areas of life, which require a higher frequency, meditation, or inspired action. We also begin to “know” that other people are doing the same thing. It’s how we meet our True Self through meditation–and connect with others who align with the universe in the same beautiful way.

Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants, and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and creating alignment with their inner path.


Connecting with the Inner Self



There are many methods of moving into a mystical connection. Its value lies in universal support and the discovery of truth and laws, which are larger and more powerful than simple physical rules. The universe is infinite; it offers thousands of solutions (if we are open.)

We tend to accept limitation, smallness, and the constraints of time—mainly because we are programmed to believe in unhappiness and rules that support it. When we actively imagine, express, and experience a different reality from the space of the heart, a new reality embraces us. Sometimes, it brings impossibly beautiful answers.

  1. Seek out the mystical connection between the inner self and the universe on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter if it works or not. Compliment yourself for making the effort. Seeking is part of the answer.
  2. The universe works at a different rhythm from “ordinary” reality. When we think, feel, or hold a visual image, we shape life with its energy. It’s possible to ask to feel the right type of energy to create a desire, calm emotions, or see life differently. It’s also possible to ask for the feeling of an opportunity and to change the energy of the day into a higher frequency. (Creating a habit of seeing and feeling the opposite of a situation helps in altering the flow of events.)
  3. Consider the unknown. When we manifest, it’s much like putting together images, emotions, and thoughts into a visualization or feeling. The universe is much larger; it is filled with undiscovered goodness. It’s possible to ask for the goodness of the unknown—the great mystery—to flow into your life. Contemplating the unknown brings expansion, which is associated with spiritual growth.
  4. Sometimes, situations do not initially bend to visualization. They may involve the development of boundaries, seeing life from a different perspective, or going in a different direction. In this case, there is often a new vision, understanding, or new field of discovery.
  5. Sending light and healing to others develops your capacity to access the inner self. It’s good to practice daily. In time, others will feel it, and we will feel more universal love and light. Giving and receiving are related; it’s good to practice both at different times. (I find it useful to imagine receiving love through the heart chakra.)
  6. Notice how your reality responds to our efforts. The bird songs may change. Our pets may respond, or we may perceive a feeling of harmony. Sometimes, there is an appearance of more light. Notice how life changes when sensing a connection.
  7. Take time to notice your work. It’s easy to become discouraged if we don’t pay attention to the good results of our small intuitions and intentions. When we notice how the universe is works with us, it’s encouraging. We want to move more deeply into the mystical world because your experiences carry us to a higher point.

NOTE: It’s through our mystical connection that we create a new and better life. If we don’t create through the inner self, we either repeat the past or create through the vision of the lower self. When we project the feeling of the inner self, visualize our heart’s desires, and connect with the universe, we have happy results!


Julia Griffin, Intutiive Healer and Coach


Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants, and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and creating alignment with their inner path.



New Moon Forecast



With all of the beauty surrounding us, it feels like a time to dream and enjoy the slow days of summer. But the planets have a different plan—one of review and revision. With squares and oppositions, think tension and having two thoughts at the same time. 

Ultimately, it’s not enough to see the abundance, beauty or love. Everyone holds a dream of a better world. When we put our vision and light together, we create it. (Sometimes, manifestation involves throwing out illusion, discarding old habits, and seeing life with more light. In this case, the planets ask for it.)

The New Moon appears on Saturday, June 4. It’s a volatile moon with a great deal of action. The Sun, Moon, and Venus are exactly conjunct (closely placed) in Gemini, which is ruled by Mercury. It focuses on rapid motion, short journeys, conversations, and quick communications. It holds a quick, intelligent pulse.

Sun, Moon, and Venus form a number of tense angles throughout the chart. The three planets oppose Saturn in Sagittarius. Saturn rules time and karma with a focus on long journeys and philosophy when placed in Sagittarius. Sun, Moon, and Venus (personal life, emotions, pleasure and beauty) prefer the quicksilver motion of the moment. (There are additional squares presented later in this reading.)

Mercury in Taurus (higher mind, communication, electronics) opposes Mars (overall energy, assertion, male energy), making it easy to misread emotions and/or overreact. Mercury also trines Jupiter (good fortune) and Pluto (underworld, subconscious, resources), providing the possibility of increasing resources through use of the higher mind.

Mars in Scorpio trines (harmonious) Chiron, providing the opportunity to clear old resentments, patterns of lower emotion, and move into a new, emotional landscape. Jupiter (benevolence) trines Pluto, aiding with manifestation of positive things. (Mars retrograde in Scorpio can cause the surfacing of old wounds and patterns—or drama.)




The Grand Square: Feeling the Pressure and Creating Something Better

Squares build tension. Oppositions can bring two entirely, different feelings to the surface—almost simultaneously. Obviously, the planets and signs influence how we feel the pressure.

Jupiter in Virgo wants a practical, perfectionism approach to life. It encourages routine and pragmatic thought when creating success. It desires order and a specific type of thought.

Saturn in Sagittarius encourages spiritual pursuits. Saturn is time, limitation, and karma. It suggests overcoming the heaviness of life through devotion and study in this position. It seeks the horizon, the expansion of life to overcome limitation.

Neptune in Pisces involves imagination, visions, illusions, and spiritual ecstasy. We can use our imagination to create a better world, or we can avoid our problems by believing in illusion. Our spiritual visions may lead or delude into another world.

Jupiter squares Saturn, asking for integration of the spiritual pursuit and practical life. A Zen saying states, “Before the revelation, I chopped wood and carried water. After the revelation, I chopped wood and carried water.”  It omits the truth that seekers know—carrying wood and water is quite different after the revelation. (Practical and spiritual life meet in a beautiful, fine line.)

Jupiter (expansion, benevolence) opposes Neptune in Pisces, which gives beautiful visions of the inner world. Neptune can epitomize nirvana, the idealistic dream of bliss. It can also lead us in the wrong direction when we hear the ego and/or become lost in our imagination and illusions. The need for practicality in the physical world and the glimpses of the New World need balancing, reviewing, and authentication. (It’s not enough to “see” and feel things. We must explore and see they are true. This can require time and reflection.)

Saturn (time, karma) squares Neptune (idealism, imagination, illusion.) It asks for differentiation between imagination and truth in the spiritual sense. Devotion often leads to visions, hunches, and hints. It takes time, discipline, and reflection to ponder their truth—and discern between the ego and soul.

It’s also important to remember the presence of the Grand Trine between Mercury, Jupiter, and Pluto. A Grand Trine is very harmonious, giving the ability to manifest more easily. It indicates the power of using the higher mind, which is activated by connecting with the heart and focusing higher thoughts.

The Grand Square reveals where our thoughts and emotions are not aligned with the higher self. But the Grand Trine gives the ability to transcend this–and perceive the divine.


  1. It’s useful to discover where we hold patterns, feel lower emotions, and react. This is usually associated with problems and drama. Mars trine Chiron can help with healing and forgiveness.
  2. Opposition and squares with Jupiter indicate the need to combine the practical and spiritual. It’s essential to live and grow in the physical world. The High Priestess, which is associated with Virgo, changes the physical world by making alterations in the spiritual world.
  3. Squares with Saturn show the importance of living in the moment (Sun, Moon, Venus) and enjoying earthly pleasures while balancing this with long term spiritual devotion.
  4. Squares and opposition with Neptune concern looking intently at our perceptions and beliefs about the spiritual world. Sometimes, our intuitions and visions are not real; other times, they lead to the highest, spiritual truths. It takes time and reflection to understand and separate illusion and truth.
  5. All of the squares, oppositions, and trines have to do with manifestation. We’re clearing what’s in the way in manifesting a better personal and global world. It’s important to see clearly and apply spiritual truth to everyday life.

Sabian Symbols

Sun, Moon, and Venus sit on Gemini 15, “Two Dutch Children Talking and Studying Lessons Together.” The symbol features two children, who are similar with time to talk about their personal lives as well as their studies. It implies companionship, intelligence, and a pleasant sharing of information. (Everyone, who is awakening, is learning about life, the universe, and personal karma. When we share correctly, we learn more. And we share the illumination of our inner light. )

Mercury is placed on Taurus 21, “A Moving Finger Points to Significant Passages in a Book.” The symbol of a book suggests seeking reliable sources of spiritual information and to seek outside of our own consciousness. Sometimes, we feel a spiritual push to re-read a passage, or it ‘jumps” from the page. This type of information can act as an oracle, supply missing information, or lead us in a specific direction.

Mars is on Scorpio 28, “The King of the Fairies Approaches His Domain.” With Mars, the energy can act in two different ways. We can truly approach our magical dominion of personal power—or become lost in personal delusion. It’s a choice, but it also speaks of discerning between illusion and the clear voice of the spiritual self.

Jupiter is placed on Virgo 15, “A Fine, Lace Handkerchief”, symbolizing heirlooms, quality, and the sentimental value of the past. It speaks of personal lineage and connection to family as well as special occasions.


Julia Griffin, Intuitive Teacher and Coach

Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.

Planetary Forecast: Magical New Moon




Dare to dream and to do. Be bold and courageous, but look before leaping. (New Moon appears on April 7.)

It’s an exciting, magical chart with Sun (life, outer self) and Moon (inner self, emotions) closely placed to one another—and Uranus (sudden, spiritual change.) Uranus in Aries brought in the energies of the New Age. When Uranian energies align with the sun and moon, our personal yin and yang, we experience the impetus of spiritual energy coursing through our lives. (The Sabian symbol for the sun and moon is a “Magic Carpet.”)

Spring incites new beginnings as does the sign of Aries. It’s the beginning of the astrological wheel, symbolizing the power to make changes, new patterns in life, and alter the physical with the use of light. This sign can attract and shape change—particularly the motion into the spiritual nature.

Venus is also placed in Aries, suggesting the importance of listening to the heart. All signs and planets are somewhat dualistic. Venus can represent the beauty and adornment of the physical world, but the planet can also illuminate true love, which comes from connection. (Aries can represent the immaturity and egoism of a new soul as the beginning of a cycle. Ruled by Mars, symbolizing energy and assertion, Aries can push life into a higher sphere.)

Mercury sits in Taurus, which is ruled by Venus. It’s a powerful earth sign, which helps with physical grounding, connecting with nature, and practical, pragmatic thoughts. Mercury rules communications, so it gives a balanced way of speaking and thinking about our dreams—and our spiritual life. (Tapping into the frequency of abundance is a spiritual gift, and Mercury in Taurus urges reflection on the relationship between abundance and spirituality—as well as practical thoughts.

Mars in Sagittarius encourages the pursuit of quests, spiritual knowledge, and travel. The goal is seeking wisdom and keeping our eye on the target of inner and outer growth. Mars is conjunct (close) to Saturn, which represents time, karma, and limitation. With both planets placed in the same sign, it’s possible to move through karma and limitation very quickly—if we make the effort.

Mars is conjunct (close) to Saturn, which represents time, karma, and limitation. With both planets placed in the same sign, it’s possible to move through karma and limitation very quickly to transmute the past into a beautiful, new life. It will require meditation and personal insight, but it is wonderful when the planets are so helpful.

Additionally, the sun and moon form a harmonious trine with Saturn, which should give clear vision when we contemplate the present and future of our thoughts, feelings, and the energies that comprise our lives. Sun, moon and Venus also trine Mars, giving an energetic boost to our efforts.

The Challenges

All charts contain challenges. While the planets lend positive support, the square (tension) between Neptune (illusion, idealism) and Jupiter (good fortune) remains. It is the part of the long process of seeing through what we believe and feel (illusion) to find the “truth.” We may feel disillusioned or uplifted. Neptune also rules the imagination, and part of moving through obstacles involves this part of the mind. It’s essential to see life differently when we want to experience a change. It’s helpful to meditate on the fabric of our ideal life—and see it in detail frequently. (Otherwise, the past repeats.)

Pluto is almost exactly square Sun, Moon, and Uranus, suggesting we’ll continue to experience the dredging up of old subconscious material—which might we prefer to forget. The positive side of the square is the presence of the Sun, Moon, and Uranus, who want to transmute into a brand, new (and probably unfamiliar) new life.


  1. Wherever Uranus sits in an individual charts, we’ll have surprises. Our interpretation of the new feelings and changes depends on the placement of our consciousness and willingness to step into the flow. (it’s important to remember how powerful we truly are. Hold the best possible vision of all the components of life.)
  2. Pluto can reveal subconscious patterns in surprising ways. Stabilize, center, and see success. Stay willing to release patterns and perceptions.
  3. It’s possible to dream up a new, brighter life–and find the best way to create it. Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, and Uranus (a lot of planets) will support personal expansion. It’s also a wonderful time to work on abundance with Mercury in Taurus.
  4. Use the imagination to see a better world and life. Express willingness and keep your heart open to change. The world changes through us and with us. We influence one another. Stay tuned for big messages, and feel the capacity for growth.
  5. In multiple ways, the chart represents the new energy descending into our physical world. The magical carpet and beauty of a new life feel wonderful, but taking the “ride” surrendering our image of how life should be—and may involve accepting another universal plan.  (Sometimes, the plan is harmony with our construct of the world. Other times, it’s not. In metaphysics, this is called going with the flow. Letting go, trusting, and seeing where the universe leads us.)

Sabian Symbols

Sun and Moon are on Aries 19, “A Magic Carpet Hovers Over the Depressing Reality of Everyday Life.” A magic carpet gives exactly the right energy for seeing life from a heightened perspective. A magic carpet can take us anywhere. Where does our soul want to go?

We can also view other, beautiful realities before making a decision about where to land. Take time to dream up a wonderful life–and imagine several scenarios.

Mercury is placed on Taurus 3, “Natural Steps up to Lawn Blooming with Clover.” It’s another, lovely symbol, reminding us that rewards appear when we step up to our own higher nature—and the possibilities of life. Clover is magical; it grants wishes. It is also green, indicating fertility and growth. And number four (four leaved clover) represents balance and harmony in all spheres, including the physical world.

Venus sits on Aries 3, “A Cameo Shows the Profile of a Man that Suggests the Outline of His Country.” Our individual lives affect the outcome of the whole. There is a special and specific alignment between the inner and outer self. When we find this through spiritual alignment, our lives harmoniously affect the whole. (Dharma or our purpose in life is part of this.)

Mars is placed in Sagittarius 9, “A Mother Leads Her Small Child Step by Step Up the Stairs.” Parents—and those who are responsible for others—use patience and caring to urge the development of skills in youngsters. The same is true on the spiritual path. It’s important to help when we can. (On another level, feminine energy has emerged during the Age of Aquarius. As it grows in strength, it’s important to ask how we can use our energy to nurture, strengthen, and help others to develop their inner gifts.)

Jupiter (retrograde) sits on Virgo 15, “A Fine, Lace, Ornamental Handkerchief”.  It’s interesting symbol because Jupiter rules good luck and beneficence, and the degree is symbolized by keepsakes, which represent emotion. Fine handkerchiefs are kept and used for special occasions, usually those evoking emotion. There is also a feeling of beauty, security, and joy—the value of lovely things, which remain untouched by time.



Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and coach

Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.