We are all creators who came to this planet to create a harmonious reality; however, we sometimes forget that the focus of our attention determines the placement of our energy. The focus of attention and energy creates more of the object of our focus. When attention is placed on the joy, love, and abundance, we tend to create it. If we focus on lack of love, prosperity, or joy in our lives, we naturally create more of an undesirable state. When we speak of our negative feelings of an unhappy state of mind, we create a vibration with our voice, which is a sound or frequency that reinforces the appearance of the undesirable state.

The attraction factor of energetic outcome could be called concentration or intent. The creation of positive or negative outcome is achieved through repetition of the focus of the mind, particularly through the experience of strong emotions or sensations. An intense thought pattern will eventually evoke an emotional state. This will create either physical tension or relaxation in the body. The emotional and physical responses will determine the creation of a positive or negative outcome.

Emotions are feelings, and thoughts, pictures; together they create holograms or powerful mental/emotional images. It is impossible to perform any action without a hologram or image with feeling and sensation, and we “program” ourselves with our holograms, so that they become almost automatic, like tying our shoes. In other words, our reality is perpetuated by holograms (or images), which are often subconscious.

When we choose to focus on positive holograms, reality is naturally altered in a lovely way. An act of will is necessary to create the possibility of this beautiful, joyous reality by retraining the focus of the mind and emotions. It can take time to reprogram holograms, but we can know that our new images are working through the occurrence of positive synchronicity and uplifted emotions. Each moment we have the opportunity to choose what we think is “real”: a wonderful reality or a depressing one. The choice of focus in each moment eventually determines the reality of our experience.

Keep in mind that much of our world, according to esoteric texts, is an illusion or reflection of our thoughts, actions and words. The “real” part of our world is a reflection of the higher parts of our nature. Our perception of the positive aspects of the world relies on our own attunement to our higher nature or true self.

Meditation, which is the reception of higher spiritual energy, can also lend insight into the truth of our inner selves, the path of inner knowing or wisdom. This place of inner knowing deepens our faith and belief in a positive outcome. Through sensing this beautiful place “within”, the possibility of a beautiful “real world” can become a viable reality that we not only experience but can also share to enliven and enrich others’ experience of the world.

We must want “something” so intensely that we are willing to commit to daily meditation, constant visualization and observation of the self. We must watch our thoughts; learn non-reaction to the negativity of others, or the apparent illusions of daily life.. Someone always reflects our doubts and fears, whether in a magazine article or in a friend’s conversation. Vigilance is necessary to refuse this “appearance” of negativity. Most importantly, we have to learn to hold, without wavering, the hologram of the desired outcome. If we hold the image long enough, then we are able to transmit or impress our higher imagery and thoughts into the world at large, eventually impressing reality into a more beautiful form.

As we move toward our goal of manifestation, many desires will come into play. These desires will reflect the duality of our nature. A few of the desires will reflect the envisioned manifestation, and some of the desires will be in direct opposition of the goal. Ironically, we must give up one thousand desires to manifest one desire of the heart. (Everyone wants to give up at some point.) A devoted meditation practice is part of success. By forming a firm resolution to continue with this practice, you will find that in a few weeks that your mental images will begin to change in a positive sense.

Life will move into the flow, improving in both feeling and form. If we stay with meditation and visualization, a more desirable life will emerge.

Julia Griffin, Intuitive Healer and Coach

Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path. If you would like to seek additional spiritual change and insight into your life, please contact me for information about an intuitive session.



  1. Dianne

    your emails are a blessing and a spiritual reminder and awareness of what is around us. I look forward to all your emails and the quirky and amazing pictures your send. Your wonderful words and messages from the wolves are so grounding and a reminder that there is love and peace out there. Also as I live in the Southern Hemisphere of this crazy world we live in right now (Australia)
    Warm Regards

    • Julia Griffin

      Thank you so much, Dianne. Yes, there is a world of love and peace out there! I’m glad to have followers in Australia.

  2. Lisa

    I, too, look forward to your emails! They are full of realizations and reminders of what I know is possible, and bring me back to the possibility of that beautiful world unfolding eventually or in an instant…

    • Julia Griffin

      Thank you, Lisa. That’s wonderful. So lovely to hear from you.


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