The Full Flower Moon is one of the most beautiful moons of the year when flowers adorn the earth, and the mountains turn blue on the far horizon. The Flower Moon appears on May 5 at 1:34 pm ET, along with a lunar eclipse and meteor showers. Eclipses bring intensity, increase sensitivity, and reveal hidden truths; they also create alteration in electrical patterns. Obviously, the energy is strange for a day or two. Fortunately, many of the planets are placed in earth signs, which give stability and strength.

Sun (life) is placed in Taurus, an earth sign, with a focus on abundance, beauty, and the earth. Ruled by Venus, the sign is concerned with creating beauty and form in the physical world. Strength, vitality, and stubbornness are associated with Taurus. Moon (emotion) in Scorpio, a water sign, heightens emotion, intuition, and intensity.

Sun (life) conjuncts Mercury (intellect, communication), heightening intelligence, quickening thought, and heightening communication—including speaking, writing, and debating. Sun conjuncts Uranus (quantum field, sudden change), and it brings feelings of excitement, change, and rebellion. It can give unexpected changes and/or open consciousness to a higher vibration.

Moon (emotion) opposes Mercury (mind, communication), which causes conflict between emotion and thought. Emotion may override thought processes, and hidden thoughts may surface, which cause confusion and imbalance. Moon trine Mars (action, energy) aligns thought and action in a harmonious way; it also gives strength and courage. Moon opposition Uranus (sudden change, quantum field) causes emotional distress with domestic life, heightens sensitivity, and causes difficulty with impulses. (Fortunately, the volatile aspects pass in a few days.)

Mercury (thought, communication) in Taurus is grounding, logical, and practical. However, Mercury is retrograde until May 15, which causes confusion and conflicts with time, schedule, and plans. Mercury sextile Saturn (time, karma) gives excellent focus and a clear mind. Mercury conjunct Uranus (sudden change, quantum field) stimulates the mind and heightens mental abilities. It also brings higher awareness and experimentation.

Venus (love, relationships, beauty) in Gemini, an air sign, brings curiosity, glibness, and skill with social events. Venus sextile Jupiter (expansion, good fortune) aids with social engagements and the expression of personal vision and passion. Venus trine Saturn (karma, limitation) helps with building new friendships. It heightens creativity, passion, and love. Venus square Neptune (illusion, deception) increases sensitivity, artistic ability, and self-expression, but it can lower self-esteem.

Mars (action, energy, male) placed in Cancer is sensitive and emotional, sometimes preferring passivity to action. Mars squares Jupiter (good fortune, expansion), which gives courage and initiative to take risks. It can also lead to excesses of emotional or physical energy and cause overwhelm. Mars sextile Uranus (quantum field, sudden change) brings innovation and a desire for change. Mars trine Neptune (illusion, mysticism) gives the ability to see the connection in all things. It heightens sensuality and creativity. Mars opposition Pluto (underworld, transformation) gives passion for achieving desires. It delivers powerful energy, and it’s important to avoid competition.

Jupiter (expansion, good fortune) sits in the last degrees of Aries, remaining bold and bright. It encourages action and moving in the direction of desires. Jupiter squares Pluto (underworld, transformation), giving a strong desire to succeed with goals and dreams. It heightens the desire to achieve, but it’s also possible to take on too many projects at one time.

Saturn (time, karma) is placed in Pisces, a water sign, that rules karma, endings, and collective emotional energy. Saturn is known as the taskmaster, which encourages perseverance and hard work. Its purpose lies in teaching us to learn to live in accordance with the soul—and to release and discard those aspects of life that do not serve us.

Uranus (sudden change, quantum field) is placed in Taurus, and its sudden bursts of energy may create earth changes. It also suggests that we may find answers by delving into nature, learning to easily access the quantum field, and contemplating the beauty of the planet. It begs the question of learning what we can create for the future that resonates with the earth—and enhances it as opposed to destroying it.

Neptune (mysticism, illusion) is in Scorpio, an intuitive water sign. It connects our emotional and mass consciousness into a sea of energy that can support or upset. The highest emanation of water is the emotion of love.

Pluto (underworld, subconscious) sits in Aquarius but is moving retrograde. Pluto retrograde focuses on subconscious programs and motivations that block and prevent progress.




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