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Message from the Wolves


In this brief message, the wolves speak of the new world. I can only say that I learned the art of intuitive communication from them by following similar tips and words. Their words were true, and they never led me astray.

Our name comes from the root word, Lux—or Light. We are spreading throughout the world. We had no desire to become extinct or flourish; it is simply the state of the universe. As speakers of light and bringers of dreams, we have much to say.

The new world is here already, woven between layers of the old world and the substance you refer to as reality. It is like 3 landscapes interlaced. It comes in swirls like morning fog or gentle rain, which disappears in a few minutes. By afternoon, you barely recall the fog or rain.

The realities mingle and overlap like threads in a tapestry. You travel between the ordinary and the new world where life follows the flow of your thoughts. It may occur for a few seconds, minutes, or hours, but there is a subtle difference in feeling—a depth of perception.

You walk between worlds as you travel through your day. In moments of awareness, you perceive the motion into the new world where intuition/thoughts/emotions grow stronger, and the world briefly grows more beautiful and subtle—responding to your wishes and energy.

You will know when you are there for life will look slightly different. Maybe, you will perceive the big changes in the world. Perhaps, you will simply perceive beauty and sensation on an intense level.

There is no real time in this dimension/space. Everything responds to thoughts and emotions when creatures and humans open to this space. Time alters and lengthens, the hours of the day change, and the sun and moon move on a new course.

This reality is not available to everyone—only those who listen and act on the heart. It is not enough to see light or study metaphysics or act intuitively; the key to the next world is something completely different. It is for those who are ready to leave behind the heaviness of this world and wander into possibility.

A great dream, an adventure, is awaiting for you. The dream is new; it is lovely. Everything changes including the geography of the earth, the motion of the continents, and the flow of your mind. Who will go there? Those who truly know light and the rhythm of their soul. It is not available otherwise. It is only through the rhythm of joy and loneliness that you can possibly hear your soul.


We share our thoughts because we want to help:

  • You will have more energy if you draw it from the earth and stars. Ask the earth to nourish your body. Sit with the grass and trees. Notice the shapes. (All of the shapes of nature sustain you.) See yourself as sustained and nourished by nature each day.
  • Imagine that much of history and science is not true. At a higher frequency, the laws change.
  • Learn to pull back your energy from the world. (When you think a strong thought, you immediately feel everyone else who shares the thought. This explains much of world emotion.) Release negative, needy people. They are not needed in your life.
  • Use your power as a creator. Notice the good. Rewrite the negative into a positive form.
  • Focus on your dream of life with all of your heart. Imagine life as lighter, happier, and more fun. (We dream often, and we are dreaming you into our world.)
  • Notice when life feels lighter, brighter, or different. During these times, you touch the new reality. It is very useful to send light, see life differently, or observe beauty.
  • Find the position of the sun and moon. Watch their motion. Observe the changes in light and darkness in the physical world.
  • You learn to transform, create, and manifest by desiring this state more than anything. It is the natural order of creating change through the lens of the soul and the voice of the heart. It is why you are here. It is as simple as knowing that you have the power and deciding to use it.
  • You were born as creators, to create anything that brings balance, harmony, and joy. Use your gifts.


Julia Griffin, Intuitive Teacher and Coach





Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.

Dreaming with Wolves

A close friend recently discovered a 1930 National Geographic with an article about a Finnish shaman, who used the same exercise shared with me by the wolves. The synchronicity encouraged me to share my article  (2003) and dreaming exercise with you.

Eight years ago, I was chosen by the wolf, and began my Odyssey into a world so beautiful and rich that I can only attempt to share it.Somewhere in my voyage, I became a wolf myself. I know what it is to dream with a wolf, to run with a wolf, to be a wolf. I know the incredible psychic power and tremendous strength of the wolf.
Tonight and for all of this week, Sheba the White Wolf has been with me. I hurry to write while I am in her presence, so that my words will be touched by her Truth. Tonight, we will run under the full moon, and I will run easily and lightly. Her strength will carry me effortlessly, and when we are done we will dream together in the great forest where wolves dream and meet to travel into different worlds (See Dreaming Exercise below.)

It was the wolves who taught me to hear not only themselves but all animals — to recall what I knew vaguely as a child and could not articulate: that all of Nature speaks a single language of the heart. It is we — the humans who regard ourselves as superior — who have forgotten this most meaningful language of all.

The great wolf, Juno, told me stories in this language that became the Wolf Myths. Her words ripped my life apart — and when it came back together again, I was forever changed. Wolves do that. It’s wolf magic, pure and simple. You must live with them to know.

The story is about my wolf Maeko and our short time together.

Maeko’s Story

Maeko’s name is a blend of Maicho, meaning “witch” or “wolf,” and Meiko, the Japanese word that means “beloved.” The choice of spelling is her own. Of the forty-odd pups that Juno bore, Maeko was her chosen one.

When I first learned of Maeko’s existence, I thought that it would be impossible for me to have a wolf. For the first time in almost twenty years, I was living not in the woods but in a tiny town, with city streets and next-door neighbors. I worked during the day, and my lease prohibited a dog.

Nevertheless, all of my friends who had wolves encouraged me to adopt Maeko. Kevin called from New Orleans to remind me that he and Anasasi lived happily in a small apartment. Others called to tell me that having a wolf was a matter of importance in my life.

My children begged.

I talked to my landlords, and they laughed about the lease. Of course I could have another pet if I wanted.
So, finally, Maeko came to me. She was a very handsome wolf, slim and elegant, intense; black and white with a long black tail, a curved nose with a beautiful mask, and deep, golden eyes.

Maeko was nervous in her new home. She escaped three times during the first week. The first two times, she played an elaborate game of chase with my children, but eventually came home.

The third time, she ran for miles. When I finally found her, she was drinking water in a deep ditch. I stopped the car and climbed down to where she was. And I could see right away that she didn’t know if she wanted to be with me or not.

I started to cry. I talked to her: “Maeko, I love you. I asked for you, and you came. It will break my heart if you leave.”

She stared at me for a moment with that deep, intense wolf-look. Then she ran into my arms and licked my face. She followed me to the car and jumped in.

That night it stormed violently, and I could hear her nervously running through the house. “Maeko,” I said to her, “come to me.” She ran into my room and jumped in bed with me. I put my arms around her, and I could feel her heartbeat slow down as I stroked her. She put her beautiful head on my chest, and I could feel our spirits begin to merge as we started the deep bonding process that can occur between a wolf and person.

From then on, Maeko slept in my room, and I dreamed with her in that incredible dream-forest where wolves go each night.

When we walked in the mornings, deer began to appear behind the house, and wildlife in the area flourished. The wildlife and landscape changed to fit Maeko’s inner vision. I loved walking with her before work, through the dew she’d created, watching the sun rise.
Maeko began to learn to hear my thoughts and to send me complex pictures. For example, I could ask her where my son was in the neighborhood, and I would receive a detailed picture of him and what he was doing. These pictures were always accurate.

We hiked with Maeko through Tallulah Gorge and took her to waterfalls and on picnics. She was gentle enough that small children could stroke her, and she won the heart of the entire neighborhood. We became so attuned that I could mentally ask her to sit or go into another room, and she would do it, with never a sound on my part.

Maeko was wise. She even guided me through a financial disagreement with my ex-husband. I was on the phone talking to my attorney about this when Maeko looked straight at me and said, “Give up the money.” I knew that the wolves had never misled me before; everything they’d ever told me had been true. So I did what Maeko said — signed away my child support and relinquished control. After that, I worried about having enough money, but Maeko told me not to, and it turned out that she was right. I had been working sporadically as an animal communicator, but now the readings poured in.

Then one day I began to notice that wherever I went, animals spoke to me. As I understood that my gift was to help the animals and humanity, I became more comfortable with myself as a psychic, and my confidence soared.

Christmas came, and Maeko was thrilled by the excitement. She wore a huge French silk bow and was very careful with it. She greeted visitors at the door. And she loved the Christmas tree. She would lie under it very, very carefully.

After Christmas it snowed, and we walked with her through the fresh snow. My mother, who dislikes animals, fell in love with her and took pictures of her throughout the day.
Maeko died nearly a month ago, thirteen months after she came to me. Her death was mysterious and quick, and was accompanied by the “light show” or violent thunderstorm that often follows the death of a wolf. I will never be the same.

We wrapped her in her favorite purple blanket, and my friend, Adam, took her far into the National Forest for me. My children and I cried for three days. Then on the third night we all dreamed of her running in the forest. She was close to us, and we could feel how happy and strong she was.

I am devastated without her, for I cannot be who I truly am without a wolf. But there will be other wolves, and already I feel the next one. He is calling.

I have only one regret. I waited three years to take Maeko because I was afraid of having my heart broken. So perhaps her greatest gift to me, besides her tremendous wolf love, was to teach me how foolish it is to wait for any kind of love.

Dreaming with the Wolves

Sheba the White Wolf is here, and she is helping me to describe the place I go when I dream with the wolves. She believes that you, too, can travel there if it is your desire.

You might burn a little white sage and call upon the energy of the Four Directions before you read this — or just call the Spirit of the Wolf, and ask to go there. Sheba says that is all you have to do. She says if you can’t dream it, just imagine it.

Dreaming Exercise


  • There is a forest where all wolves dream. It is a primeval forest that we all know in a part of our mind. You have been there before. Your soul knows this place. Go to this place in your mind, and in a little while, if you let yourself really see it, the wolves will come.
  • You have known the wolves in other lives. Once, they lived with you, and you ran free and wild with them under the moon. Your body knows this. Let your body remember this.
  • Look around. We are in a vast forest. The trees are huge. They have never been touched by man. These trees are from a different time and place. They are reminiscent of cedars or hemlocks, but they are neither. They are trees that live in this special place, the Place of the Wolves. You can come here only if you are invited. The wolves are calling you because I have asked.Feel this place. Look around and see that the earth is clean and the sky is blue. The sky will darken as the wolves come. It will turn into twilight, and we will travel through the half-world. The half-world is a space in time. You will come to know it.Feel the earth beneath your feet. The earth is warm and the debris on the forest floor is cool and clean. There is moss in the damp places and around the edge of the trees. Feel its softness. There also are rocks beneath the forest floor. Feel their strength.In a little while, you will run. Let your feet and legs feel the rocks, the hard and soft places of the forest floor. Your feet will guide you through the night.


  • The sky is darkening, turning a purple blue. As the first stars are rising, you hear the first wolf howl. A waxing, crescent moon is beginning to rise in the west (the moon will change after the first time, but see it as a quarter crescent the first time).The wolves are beginning to howl. You can hear and feel your wolves. This pack of wolves is your own, unlike anyone else’s. Feel them. Feel the pull of their power. Soon they will be with you. The fine hair on your neck and body will begin to stand up.


  • The first wolf comes to you. It is an Alpha wolf. If you do not know its name, then ask — or wait until you know within. If you do not get a name this time, you will another time.Your body will change in the presence of the wolf. Remember how running and jumping felt when you were fourteen or fifteen? How it felt like flying? Remember what it is like to be incredibly strong.


  • The forest that you are in sits on a long wide ledge. Walk out to the edge with the wolves. One or two wolves may join you, or the entire pack may come. Below, you can see a valley. Above are the mountains and the moon.Hear the wolves howl. Watch as they lift their noses toward the moon. Let the vibrations of their howls travel through your body.Now it is time for you to run.


  • Run with the wolves. And as you do, you may find a space that is like a crack. If you do, travel through it. If not, just run through the forest. The forests will change as you run. The rest is up to the wolves. You will go where they take you.

One day this dream may seem as real to you as anything you have ever known. When that happens, you will know the power and strength of the wolf.
NOTE: As you run with the wolves, the living objects of your vision may appear intensely red or blue, or glowing. This is normal. Wolves see in red and blue — red to hunt, and blue as their normal vision.




Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.

A Message from the Wolves: A Time of Change



We, the wolves, have walked by your side for eons, holding the vision of your inner abilities—your power. It is time to change your beliefs of how life works. You see it as a timepiece, a linear progression of planned events, and set of rules, which never changes unless you learn how to manipulate them. But it is a time of change, a time to dream.

Dreams come in waves, and the universe moves in waves of love, illumination, and possibility. Your own powers are amazing; they transcend the linear motion of time and space. They have to do with how you see life and what you believe about it. It’s far more than a set of physical rules, which are mainly dictated by specific levels of duality.

The laws of physicality change when you transcend to a higher level. The things referred to as small miracles–parking spaces, a small windfall, or unusual kindnesses from others—compose the fabric of materiality at a higher level of frequency. Not surprisingly, you see and feel life quite differently in this space.

For a very, long time, the animals of the planet have visualized your powers coming back into form, but nothing changed. Now, the earth is changing, and she is taking you along with her higher vibrations. Anyone can see this—if she/he cares to look.

Higher vibrations awaken the extraordinary sense of dreaming. Dreaming means finding your universal connection, believing in it, and listening to its direction while imagining a different “reality.” Reality has many shapes and forms; you must find the best one for yourself.

Life was meant as an experience of beautiful, wonderful dreaming, but everyone forgot the gift by believing in the lower aspects of life instead of remembering the magic. Many of you are awakening, and this involves believing in your gifts and acting within the guidance of your power.

When dreaming, it is most important to remember the earth by adding images of grass, sun, water, and flowers. You are composed of earth. The stars, moon, and night sky are beautiful. By remembering the earth, you strengthen your images and help to bring your dream into form.

At this point, everyone has a place in the physical world in the lower form. We might call this “work”, and we might call your dream of future “abundance” because everyone longs to play in the grass and flowers, to walk by water, or gaze at the stars without worry. There is also another self, which many are currently creating—the vision of the awakened self, who brings the two parts of the self together.

Beyond this, there are many shapes and forms of possibility for the earth. It can feel beautiful and supportive—if you allow it.

We will add that it is easy to wish bad things and difficult to create good things. This will change in time, and the trend will reverse. So, we ask for your patience with what appears to be a difficult task. Rejoice when “reality” responds to you. Remember the invisible world. And remember that we tell stories about mankind every night. We see you in awakened form.

One day, we will speak together, and you will hear our voice. In the meanwhile, hear our words. Listen to the earth and perfect your dream of happiness.


What is dreaming? 

You confuse dreaming with watching images of movies and television. You think the images are real. The art lies in projecting similar types of images for yourself and aligning with the inner self. (Many of you spend more time watching imagery of an imagined life as opposed to creating a magnificent life for yourself.)

What will bring the new life of the planet into being?

You call it love. We call it connection with life and the planet. It is feeling into the wholeness of the world and calling it “good.” (It is happening anyway, and it will pull you along. We say, “Go with the flow. Let it pull you along with it.”)

What are the two parts of the self?

There is a part who walks in the outer world. This part of you has awareness of your activities and can feel into the moment. It is the outer self because it partakes in the current world. The new self bridges all realities and senses dimensions; it is magical and powerful. It is who you are becoming.


Julia Griffin, Intutiive Healer and Coach

Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.



Earth Changes



As a child, I learned the patterns of clouds, seasons, the motion of the moon, and meaning of dew on the grass. Nature spoke in an immutable language of signs, which never changed—and spoke of the future in a thousand ways. But the earth is changing, and the signs no longer hold their former wealth of information.

The sun and moon rise in different locations. There are unseasonable patterns. Fall comes early, perennial plants bloom in fall rather than spring, and storms and fires fill the continent. Globally, we’re experiencing solar flares, rising oceans, and a fluctuating magnetic field. The planet is taking on the matrix of a new pattern.

Part of the new pattern is the return of the wolves to California. (When I first met them, their numbers were smaller. They said the resurgence of their population was associated with a positive change as well as the turning of the planet and stars.) The four-leggeds and the creatures of the ocean also send waves of songs to support us.

In alchemical writings, there are notes indicating the elementals (the creatures ruling the kingdoms of fire, air, water, and earth) respond to the moods and thoughts of awakening human beings. As we awaken our energy level soars, and the acceleration of consciousness amplifies any imbalance in the emotional, mental, or physical realm of humans. As our energy increases and expands, nature acts as a balancing force by releasing emotion through storms and flames.

With many people awakening at this particular time, the planet’s reaction is not surprising. Earth is likely reflecting the oscillation of emotions and thoughts of many people at one time. As we increase our consciousness and light, our feelings and emotions often become more intense.

I’m sharing my thoughts below, which are simply based on observation.

  1. Storms and rain can reflect our inner condition; they can also clear our inner and outer condition. (Think of the garden in mid-summer after a wonderful rain.) From my experience, it is possible to calm a storm or experience it in a less intense manner.
  2. Fire purifies and changes a landscape. With the many fires in the United States, it could be helpful to imagine the landscape after days of rain–or to see new life in the place of the flames. (Note: it’s more helpful to see and imagine rain than to wish for it.)
  3. Some of our weather may be manufactured by others. We could imagine gentle, balanced weather–or devices that don’t work.
  4. We hasten the seasons and the feeling of an accelerated year by sending children to school in early August. Advertisements such as Halloween in August make time seem to move more quickly. When we buy and prepare months ahead, we actually visualize cooler weather and other events such as Christmas and snow! It’s always a wonderful time to slow and become present.
  5. Mass beliefs such as associating harsh winter with global warming increase the likelihood of the experience. If many people believe this, we’ll certainly experience it. Obviously, it’s also possible to visualize and create a milder winter. On another topic, pollution obviously exists, and we have to see this truth. But we can also imagine a planet without pollution, including clear skies, clean water, and solutions for current problems.

If Nature is reflecting our beliefs, thoughts, and emotions, there is a possibility of creating a better reality. As far as I know, few people, with the exception of indigenous people, experiment with this. Please share your thoughts and insights.


Julia Griffin, Intutiive Healer and Coach

Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.

Animal Intuition, Mythology and Astrology


Caroline Casey and Carol Gurney speak to us about the world of animals–the magical point where our consciousness and the impressions of animals meet and merge together. (Go to: Animals have a deep, innate understanding of nature, and they participate in our lives on many levels. Today’s speakers delve into a place of possibility where animals and humans participate together through thoughts, emotions, and dreaming.

caroline casey

Caroline Casey, renowned astrologer and mythologist, will discuss wolves, coyotes, and the Uranus/Pluto square. We talk about Native American myth, animal dreams, and the value of beauty when transforming the mythology of one’s personal dream of life. All of the Kin(g)doms–plant, animal, mineral–play a role in evolution, and Caroline suggests methods of opening our minds to receive this transmittal.

Carol Gurney Photo 2015

Carol Gurney is known internationally for her ability to speak to animals. She is an extraordinary teacher and will share some of her secrets, which she  learned while communicating with animals. Carol shares stories about dogs with a purpose, people who hear animal communications easily (and don’t always know it), and what is needed to become an animal communicator. She also explains the value of tapping into the animal world–and how it expands our consciousness.



Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and coachJulia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.



Missive from the Wolves


Each night, when the sun is quiet and the stars roar, we sing with the dolphins, whales, and coyotes. You call these sounds “sonic.” We call them magic. All sounds have power, force, and impetus.

Our magical sounds sing to your soul and remind of who you were when you first arrived here—when the world began. At that time, you dreamed of what you wanted, and it appeared. There was only abundance and wholeness.

When you remember this state, it stirs in your cells. It awakens the spiritual message in your physical fabric. You can hear nature speak. You feel her caress, and you sleep with the sensation of all of her loveliness.

The planet is changing. We knew this two decades ago when our numbers began to increase. Before this time, we thought our time of exiting the earth was near. But we came back. Our numbers grow, and our songs roar louder.

Perhaps, you wonder at the state of the world. It is the reflection of many thoughts, and there is very little dreaming. Dreaming means aligning with the soul and seeing life as it could be in its highest form. It means giving up resentments, anger, and fear—and embracing the inner self, the substance of the soul.

Dreaming is how humans create their world. We will say you are most talented at repetition, but you rarely dream big or bother to ask the universe for a whole, new life. It takes bravery and courage to dream in a new way. We ask you to contemplate the path of true dreams.

Ask what your heart wants. When do you feel wild and free? When do you make time to dream with the stars or the trees? They know a great deal about your hidden dreams. (Nature knows everything for there is no “veil.”)

You should know you create from images, and most of them are not very positive. You spend your days and nights absorbing images or holograms from electronics. You repeat them in your emotional output, mental images, and propel yourself through life with thoughts and feelings, which are not your own.

You believe the big lie about living in a particular way, which will bring income, success, and the right relationship. It would work better if you simply dreamed by allowing your mind to wander when walking through a forest or performing everyday tasks.

We will give a simple hint. See things done before you do them. Take the time to visualize and feel the visualization. Practice focusing on a happy outcome—and know unhappy emotions indicate something is wrong. Dream another dream, live it in a new way, and don’t copy other people. (It’s a good way to get lost.)

Currently, much of life—as you know it—is falling away. Everything runs on specialized rays or paths of energy. The lower energies are disintegrating, and the higher ones are taking on new forms.  On a higher level, reality changes more easily. It shapes itself to the vision and dreams of those on a higher frequency.

We do not know who will change or who will not. We do not know the outcome of the change in energies on this planet, but we have a dream. We, the wolves, beckon to you to find us. We ask you to change your focus from what is wrong with the world to the exquisite place where you and nature dream together.

You knew this in the beginning, and you found it easy. We pray you will find your way by remembering the path.

In the meanwhile, we hold your memories until you can step into them. We send up prayers with our nightly howls. We await your arrival.


Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and coachJulia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.

The Wisdom of Animals


Recently, I “read” an older cat and dog. The information they shared was quite interesting, and I wanted to share with you.

Both owners had the same question. How could they help their aging pet? How much longer did the pet want to stay with them? The cat was wise, wonderful, and magical. The dog was incredibly loving with a special ability to make others happier. 

Generally speaking, an animal’s decision to leave or stay is based on their level of health and their owner’s feelings. In this case, I received remarkably similar answers.

The cat and dog wanted their owners to see them as young and imagine them without infirmities–or at least more youthful. They gave highly specific answers,which (I feel) are insights about aging in general.

The Answers:

1) They asked for their owner to remember when they were youthful and active as well as how the owner felt and acted at that time. They gave specific details and suggested reviewing particularly times. By feeling and recalling a more youthful state within ourselves and the animal, we call the energy into our space.

2) Both animals felt life times were growing longer, and animals and people can remain young for a greater period of time. They suggested aging was partially a projection of images and beliefs. When we believe someone (or an animal) is old or weak, we project a mental state or specific energy at them. If we see an animal as younger, we help it to regain its health.

3) We have timelines of believing when animals and people are old. With many people on the planet projecting images at one time, we have a subconscious agreement about the number of years identified as old age. When we erase this concept, it’s possible to increase vitality and live much longer. The shift in the energies on the planet support this.

4) When we see physical infirmities in an animal, it helps if we don’t focus on it. If our pet’s appetite is waning, see it with a healthy appetite. If it is weaker, see it as stronger. We can help our pet to create a longer life. Obviously, we can’t change everything, but the animals think we can change a good bit.

5) Notice what makes your pet feel happy. Focus on this, Play games, talk to your pet, and find fun activities with your pet. Laughter, play, and excitement extend life.

NOTE: I feel these “new” points of view have a great deal to do with the changing energies. We can learn a great deal from our four-legged friends.


Julia Griffin, Intuitive Teacher and CoachJulia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.


Solstice and the Coming of Light

The Cosmic Calendar brings a rare alignment (every 13,000 years) with the center of the Milky Way. This alignment brings the waxing moon and comes on the winter solstice, December 21, a date that the Hopi, Mayans and Mauis believed to be the ending and beginning of Time. The ancient civilizations spoke of the center of the Milky Way as the Womb of the Great Mother, a place of rebirth.

 Many ancient chronicles speak of this time as the ending of the dark age of lower emotion and the tuning of time to a higher frequency. The frequency, created by the intercourse of the sun and Milky Way, will affect the course of the earth. Spiritually, it is considered a doorway into the higher self, a multi-faceted aspect for self-realization.

 Additionally, the planets will align with the Mayan pyramids, a position that bestows feelings of harmony, health and well being. Among the Mayan pyramids, the Great Pyramid represents the nine levels of consciousness in human development. When the universe aligns with the Mayan pyramids, it denotes a boost in personal consciousness. Metaphysically speaking, the pyramids should hold and amplify the positive energies because of their shape, which represents harmonious interplay, and their alignment with power grids deep in the earth.

The Hopi speak of the transition as walking into the 5th world. According to the Mayans, there is an eight minute window for self-transformation in a higher world, available to everyone who desires to take the step during the window of December 21-23. (You can ask for your eight minute interval to come at the most convenient and best time.) Many teachers have written about this time, but there is very little real information about the spiritual shift.


 When alignments come into play in the sky, there is a tendency to feel our personal lack of alignment with the higher self, as well as the needed adjustments for change. In this particular event, we should soar above our ordinary (daily and somewhat dual) consciousness. With a doorway presented into the “womb” of the galaxy, there is an opportunity for rebirth into our spiritual nature.

Astrologically we’re presented with an alignment of Sun, Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius, and this brings a philosophical desire for spiritual knowledge in the area of Life, Higher Mind and Higher Love. The Mars and Pluto sit in Capricorn, representing old world values with politics, economics and the past. Saturn sits in Scorpio, representing transformation of time worn values into a new form. Six of the planets come together in close-knit signs, indicating a specific force.

Transformation usually comes when we really want it, when we’ve tired of the novelty of hanging on to the past for whatever value it once held. A real leap comes with spiritual knowledge, comparable to the gestalt grasp of knowledge.To aid in the quest, let me list a few examples. Once I decided to meditate for one hour every day, and the reward was a glimpse of the underlying light in every material object in the world. Another time, I walked into a pen with a wild wolf. The Universe promptly shared the secret of animal language.

It was impossible to plan for a desirable outcome. I simply saw the door and walked through it. Without always knowing the direction of the leap, we briefly land in another world. It’s not necessary to stay there. The importance lies in grasping the view, returning to “normal” life and integrating the information. Personally I believe these forays into the universe lead toward love and light, the understanding of the multidimensional aspects of an universe that can appear flat, boring or disheartening. When we take these leaps, we benefit and the world benefits. They may be part of the reason for our very existence.


These are good questions to use for meditation or self reflection during the three day passage of the alignment of the sun and Milky Way.

1) What spiritual truth or power would you like to embrace or understand?

2) How would you like your life to look? Easy, gentle, peaceful or more exciting? (Tell the truth.)

3) Is the shift important enough to you for taking time to stay quiet and meditate for some time?

4) What does the universe feel like to you?

5) How do you want to feel loved?

Julia Griffin, Intutiive Healer and Coach





 Julia Griffin, Intuitive Healer and Coach, is known nationally for her ability to enlighten others to find their True Self and become conscious co-creators through practical application of Universal Law.