Message from the Wolves

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We ask that you travel with us through the thick forests of ancient trees where we once roamed with you. That was another time, but it has remained in our dreams. Before the forests were destroyed, we lived there even when we were hunted and left the forests to watch the initiations of your soul. We have never left you–and we are pleased to commune.

We will help you in these days when all seems confusing and strange. We will speak to your spirit and whisper sounds that will awaken your real memories. There is a part of you that is exactly like the earth; you are created from the same pattern. You call it a blueprint. It is a map, a symbol.

It is also a key. When you remember the blueprint, your body awakens. What is in your body? Every organ has an emotion, a spirit. The earth is in your body; it is part of its composition. The earth is in your food, absorbed through your feet, and its minerals are drunk through water. You breathe with the trees and clouds although you have forgotten. When you remember these things, you are stronger.

There is also a song and a blueprint in your heart. The blueprint in your heart combines body and spirit. By listening to the heart, you open up to the universe. You begin to remember your power and how to create.

The earth has a dream that is long and winding. You know the dream because it is awakening, and every particle of the earth is singing. You can sing the song too. Your body knows it. Your body has memories of incredible strength, of running and jumping and climbing. You can awaken these. Once your body lived for eons – you can remember this or the times that you wished to leave life. Leaving life is one thing that you cannot do. Even when you try to destroy it, your spirit still returns to life, seeking shape in physical form until you master it.

Once you knew that everything had meaning. Every animal was a power; every stone had a message; and every plant spoke, infusing your body with its spirit when you communed with it or touched it. Everything on this planet is a part of man. It is a spirit that takes shape in a physical grid with a symbolic meaning.

All things speak in their separateness but are parts, fibers of One Fabric that sings a single song.

This is the time of the Beginning and the Ending. We say that you are beginning again and to begin by remembering. When you see the future, you see roads, houses and buildings. We would prefer that you see “life” as a projection of forests, green spaces with clear streams and adequate time to play. Do you think that what you have created is beautiful – more beautiful than a blue sky with white clouds or a tree’s limbs outstretched into the sky?

Perhaps, you can remember how it feels to have joy, wonderful surprises, and a sense of abundance. Try to remember the magic, adventure, and pleasure of human form. We suggest making the effort to see it in your mind.


Moving into Harmony

This is a conflict between the evolving self and the old self with its ancient patterns that are ancestral, imagined or karmic. Oppositions in human nature are experienced as emotional trauma, through life times or eons of repetition. (Very few traumas are experienced by evolved human beings result otherwise.) They recur simply because you believe in them. As a matter of fact, many have forgotten how to create life without trauma.

You can begin by focusing on and believing in the life that you want. It is written in your heart. Go to your heart space and imagine a wonderful life. Feel your goodness and the beauty of the world.

Imagine thousands of people feeling the same beautiful, uplifting image during the same few days. One person’s picture of beauty is vibrated out, igniting the next person’s image until they are all united in a web that everyone feels and believes. It is easy to see that the positive feeling is intensified, magnified and transmitted into your images of the future.

This is how the world changes from a different perspective — a different flow of consciousness.


Remember too that it is love that joins all forces and defies the impossible odds. It is love for your life, the planet and its creatures that renews your physical and spiritual being. Know that love has many forms. All of them have boundaries in the physical. Love is strength, it is not weakness.

In closing, we say that life is very different from how you see it. Energy is energy, and very few of you understand it or how it takes form. When you say that you dislike something or it is wrong, then you amplify it. It is better to suggest a new form for the underlying energy. For example, if you dislike the monetary or environmental systems, then suggest a new solution and actively see or share it.

There are many multi-verses or versions of life in the future, but only one blueprint from Mother Earth. Like an architect’s drawing, the plans can be altered but are drawn for a single space at a significant time or moment. Each time that you visualize and feel life from a higher perspective, you engage a universe that supports you and move closer to building and aligning with the Earth’s divine blueprint.

In the meanwhile, we sing from the forest, the mesa and prairie. We sing a song to dance the particles of your being into life so that one day you too will hear the sounds of our voices as words or will learn to speak through waves of energy. We pray for the day when both your bodies and souls awaken. We will stay by your side while waiting for the time as you continue to remember and evolve.



Julia Griffin, Intuitive Healer and Coach

Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path. If you would like to seek additional spiritual change and insight into your life, please contact me for information about an intuitive session.



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