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Understanding Emotion



When life changes, we feel emotion. Emotion is a wave, which takes our feelings to a lower or higher point. It’s a normal part of spiritual growth, and it’s called oscillation, a reference to the motion between waves of thought and emotion. When we are centered in connection, we are aligned with the heart. Through this practice, life ceases its motion; it is anchored by unconditional love. It is one of the benefits of devotion and meditation.

  1. Emotions change. Much of our interpretation of emotion has to do with our feelings of “good” and “bad.” As we surrender memories and patterns, our feelings change. When we learn to how to move to a higher frequency, many of our emotions alter, becoming more positive.
  2. When we are centered, we generally feel less emotion. We feel neutral and positive in a general sense. We feel love, which supports us and carries us through life. (We can experience more of this by focusing on pink light or love in the area around us.)
  3. Our imagination influences our emotion as does visualization. We generally tend to verbalize our problems and focus on them through images in our mind. Negative emotions are often amplified by giving them a “voice.” Much of this practice is programmed in our society, but it’s not a good use of our energy. It’s helpful to imagine receiving positive emotional support from others or spend time visualizing a happy, desirable reality.
  4. Emotions are contagious. We can feel the positive or negative emotions from others. We can vibrate above their emotions, change the “mood” by speaking of positive events, or separate ourselves from the other person. We can also center in the heart, which teaches about our eternal connection to the divine.
  5. Life responds to our positive vibrations. The trees move, birds sing, and nature responds when we connect with our higher self. Life moves in a beautiful flow. People on a higher vibration will reflect our higher state.

Everyone feels negative and positive emotions. We change the pattern by staying centered when we feel lower emotions and/or changing our behavior. We invoke positive emotion by focusing on beauty, love, and joy.

It’s also important to love both sides of ourselves–the good and bad. It’s how we eventually find the “center” through acceptance and self-love. It’s also how we master the waves of oscillation, which grow stronger as we move more deeply into the light.







Julia Griffin, intuitive healer and owner of One True Self, began her work fifteen years ago under the tutelage of real wolves. Following their direction, Julia sees and reads energy, including animals, plants and people. She works with people in session to find their resonance with the soul, clearing patterns and alignment with their inner path.If you would like to seek additional spiritual change and insight into your life, please contact me for information about an intuitive session.


Self-mastery begins with a decision, the determination to move forward no matter what. With all of the spiritual world and light-workers talking about the new world, it’s important to know what it entails on personal basis. Here’s the truth – self-mastery is not like a treat at the end of a class. It comes from devotion and dedication.  Words can be read many times without an impact, and sometimes it’s easier to learn from stories, so here’s a personal example.

After contemplating my life, I’ve decided several times in my life that I truly wanted a big shift. The first time I decided to believe all I’d read in metaphysics – if one really desires a change, then it’s best to begin with envisioning it. For one year or more, I sat with my eyes fixed on the faraway mountains until I found the zone of spiritual connection.  Then, I focused with all of my might on my desired reality as if I lived within it. (Believe me – I wasn’t sure it was working.)

After about six months, life started to change. Small fragments of manifestation appeared in the way of material objects, funds and opportunities. Encouraged by the shift, I focused more. But I found a canyon waiting for me to traverse. This deep, dark place echoed all of my fears. I wanted to stop, to never move forward, or lie in the bed with covers pulled over my head.

When I stopped trying, the angst ceased. Life flowed into a comfortable pattern, and I felt temporarily happy until the discontent returned, with constant low level agony. The old reality felt unbearable, and the new one seemed terrifying. What could I do?

I often remained sleepless through the night, leaning on timeworn meditations and praying for help. One day, it occurred to me that no one could help me until I helped myself. I realized all spiritual change requires a big jump. It takes courage, determination and dedication to the inner self.

To me, it felt as if I would lose everything if I took the jump – all security, everything familiar – and I’d walk about with my nerves raw. Everyone would see my vulnerability plainly.  But at some point, I decided not to stop. No matter what, I’d go forward. At worst, I would fail and start over.

Surprisingly, finding the strength was all that was needed. When I made the resolution, heaven sent help through kind friends and neighbors. Each time I stepped forward, I saw the patterns of hesitation, the wrong reactions and the agony of confused emotions within myself. Over time, I learned to accept and love my feelings – whether right or wrong – and to conscientiously make an effort to change them.

With each leap or successful manifestation, my spiritual connection heightened. But I also discovered my inner workings created the circumstances – in some way – of both my problem and desire. Higher consciousness always lessens the feeling of blame or confusion and leads to compassion. (It’s actually the real reason for any manifestation, but the changes in character seem to happen automatically, along with the realization of the desire.)

If one truly seeks spiritual change, the shift begins with the dedication – the feeling of “I’ll keep moving toward love no matter what – even when it seems frightening or difficult.”  Teachers help – they can look into your soul or persona and point the way – but no one can meditate or exercise or make the change for you.

Determination means following the intuition on the True Self on the path, to keep going even when one step is difficult. It’s making the same decision on a daily basis, by not slipping into apathy or letting go of the practice when life becomes better. (This will happen.) When the same decision is made repetitively, life changes — for the better on a spiritual quest.