Art by Sherry and Ron Byrum

The Waxing Moon beckons with golden light, surrounded by stars and clouds—the substance of dreams. Her light shines on the emerald earth, and a coyote calls in the distance with haunting tones. Owls rise from the trees with fluttering wings.

The Full Moon appears on Monday, July 3rd at 7:38 a.m. ET with Sun in Cancer, a fertile water sign, and Moon in Capricorn, an earth sign ruled by Saturn. This lunation marks the fertile phase of summer when plants (and desires) grow and germinate in abundance.

It’s a beautiful, helpful chart with planets in fire, water, and earth. Air, which represents clarity and thought, is lacking. Nevertheless, aspects support spiritual growth, give courage and sensitivity, and push us forward on our path.

Sun (life) is placed in Cancer, a feminine sign, representing the mother, the sea, and home, and high emotion. Cancer natives are intuitive, nurturing, and creative; their qualities include moodiness, hyper-sensitivity, and devotion to the people they love. Symbolized by the crab, they move backwards and sideways—sometimes lacking a clear directive—as their energy waxes and wanes.

Sun (life) conjuncts Mercury (mind, communications), which sharpens the intellect. It heightens intelligence and poise, aiding communication on all levels. Sun sextile Jupiter (good fortune, expansion) brings good luck and happiness. Sun trine Saturn (limitation, karma) aids in overcoming limitation and restriction through patience and persistence.

Moon (emotion) sits in Capricorn, the sign of the goat that likes leaping from one point to the next while searching for success. Capricorn Moon adds practicality, ambition, and discipline to the mix. Moon opposition Mercury causes difficulty to find inner balance between emotions and the mind. (Meditation with a focus on inner stillness helps.) Moon trine Jupiter brings happiness, self-growth, and peaceful emotions.

Mercury (mind, communications) in Cancer combines both emotion and mind. In this placement, emotions may feel very strong. Sometimes, it’s difficult to know if decisions and thoughts come from emotions or the logical mind. It is a good time to communicate from the heart where mind, emotion, and the inner self find a beautiful balance. Mercury sextiles Jupiter (expansion, good fortune) gives confidence and the ability to flow between details of the present and desires of the future. Mercury trine Saturn (karma, time) brings the ability to apply lessons from the past and create a better structure for the future. It helps with creating healthy, harmonious boundaries.

Venus (feminine, beauty, love) in Leo is passionate, warm, and dramatic. There’s a strong desire for affection and praise as well as attaining the heart’s desires. It also aids with acting and speaking from the inner self, which can increase self-love and inner understanding. Venus conjuncts Mars (assertion, overall energy, male), bringing harmony between the female/male aspects of the self, which may improve relationships with the opposite sex. Venus square Uranus (sudden change, quantum field) heightens sensitivity and artistic ability; it can create impulsive reactions with others and cause arguments. (The square causes confusion about the people who we love (Venus) and brings strong reactions (Uranus). It’s wise to wait before reacting.)

Mars (assertion, overall energy) is confident, creative, and bold. It seeks self-expression, passion, and courageous action. Mars in Leo increases physical vitality and enthusiasm for life. Mars square Uranus (sudden change, quantum field), which increases volatility such as recent riots in France. (Evolved individuals may experience it as sudden anger or frustration over an insignificant event, but it fades quickly when we focus on the inner self.) Moon trine Jupiter (expansion, good fortune) gives happiness, emotional growth, and greater self-understanding. Moon sextile Saturn gives patience and self-discipline.

Jupiter (expansion, growth) in Taurus encourages expansion of our earthly life, which includes putting our thoughts into physical form. Jupiter sextile Saturn (limitation, karma) brings true growth on many levels, particularly through a cautious, meticulous attitude.

Saturn (karma, limitation) is in Pisces, a water sign, and it’s interesting to note the current issues such as ground water, rising sea level, and absence/presence of rain. Uranus sits in Taurus, creating an odd combination of electronics and focus on the earth. (Saturn is currently retrograde, giving an opportunity to review our choices.)

Uranus sextile Neptune (mysticism, illusion) brings spiritual awakening, interest in the good of humanity, and the future. Uranus trine Pluto (underworld, transformation) gives a sense of personal potential and power with deeper understanding of the self.

Pluto is placed in Capricorn through its annual retrograde. Pluto in Capricorn tends to give power to world politicians and emphasize societal structure.




  1. JJS Farmgirl

    Exquisite share of all the warp and weft threads of this week. Thank you!

    • Julia Griffin

      You’re welcome, Jill. Thank you so much for writing and letting me know!


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